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Welsh UFO Sightings 1974

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1974. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Llyn Peninsular

"In January l974 Gwynfor Jones who is an Agricultural Contractor was working in the Llyn Peninsular near Whispering Sands at Garn Fadryn (North Wales). He had to replace some fencing. The grass on this slope was 5/6 inches high, when he got to the top he looked down and could see 4 distinct squares in the grass, forming a square. He went down to examine them, as he knew no one ever went on that hill. They looked as though the grass had been charred away. He called the farmer to look at them and he was equally mystified as no farm tractors or any other implements went on this hill; neither could any people without his knowing. In any case he said, people never thought of going there, it led nowhere and was private property belonging to the farmer."

Margaret Fry, Link to the Stars.

Wednesday 23rd January
Llandrillo, Clwyd

This was the night of Wales' answer to Roswell - the Berwyn Mountain crash. Strange lights were seen in the sky from about 19:30 onwards, and then at 20:30 there was what felt like an explosion. Some say it was an earthquake with accompanying earth lights. Others are convinced it was the crash of an alien craft. Police and mountain rescue were soon on scene, but whether that was the result of the worried phone calls jamming switch boards or something more sinister remains much debated. I'll do a full blog post on it in due course.

Saturday 26th January, 18:00

V4/N5 of BUFORA briefly mentioned it.

Monday 4th February
South Stacks, Holyhead, Anglesey

A plane like object washed up on shore. It was nine foot long with a wingspan of five feet. It had a black aluminium body and the remains of an aerial. Both the RAF and Aberporth Range Establishment were sure it was not one of their vehicles.

DEFE-24-1948 102

Friday 15th February
Pen-y-Bryn, Llandrillo

Gamekeeper Geraint Edwards and a friend were driving on the way to the pub at about 6.45 pm and something attracted their attention towards the south-east, so they stopped for a better look. They noticed a rugby-ball shaped object with pointy ends, all red and motionless in the sky, about 60 - 100 feet above the horizon of a mountain. It took off suddenly 'like lightning' horizontally behind the mountain and out of sight.

Source: Documentary - 'Britain's Closest Encounters' 2008

Monday 8th April, 03:40
Monkton, Dyfed

BUFORA V4/N10 classified the sighting as "possible helicopter".

Sunday June 14th or 21st, 10:50
Tynant-Beddau, Glamorgan

Over a period of ten days the chief witness, a housewife, sighted fourteen bright lights travelling silently through the sky. The first of these was observed from a bedroom window, others were seen on brief skywatches purposely to find them. A visit was also made to a nearby mountain where eight lights were seen in a few hours and a comparison was possible with two aircraft which flew over (the lights were different and these were heard). 

There were other witnesses to these latter sightings (her son and daughter-in-1aw), the most spectacular report was of a brilliant white star-like object, very low and large in size. It seemed to be surrounded by a fuzzy halo and gave an impression of revolving. It was in view for five or six minutes silently gliding out of sight over a mountain. This was witnessed by all her family and her next door neighbour (7 in all) and all were highly impressed by it. 

It should be noted that the witness is an oil paint artist so presumably has a flair for detail, but inconsistencies (particularly in dates of sightings) do occur.

Report 74-034 from BUFORA V4/N4. V4/N7 concluded the sighting was of satellites.

Wednesday 14th August (approximate date), 02:00
Near Abergavenny

A professional artist (name witheld) was motoring near this town when he saw an elliptical object, sharply outlined against the sky. He immediately drew a quick picture of it, after first stopping his car. After about five minutes the object became transparent, and then vanished. Throughout the duration of this sighting, this object remained completely stationary. (Awareness V3/N4.)

Saturday 17th August, 22:30

Sighting listed in BUFORA V4/N10 as being investigated by Miss J Randles who found insufficient data to draw conclusions.

Thursday 26th December
Hook, Haverfordwest

SEARCH FOR A UFO..... A party of villagers from Hook, near Haverfordwest, made a thorough search at the weekend of an area beside the Western Cleddau River where several people saw a red object fall from the sky a fortnight ago. 

But there was no trace of any UFO which may have fallen in the area. The red ball was seen on Boxing Day by Mr Cyril Hughes, a garage proprietor, who immediately stopped to investigate. 

Since then, several other people said they saw the glowing object in the sky and a member of the international organisation interested in unidentified flying objects, Mr Randall Jones Pugh of Roch, near Haverfordwest has investigated the phenomenon and will prepare a report for the organisation. 

The search party covered a large area of woods, mud flats and fields at the weekend, but the glowing object remains a mystery.

From the South Wales Evening Post, Monday January 6th 1975. BUFORA V4/N10 concluded this sighting was a bolide.

For more like this please click the image below:
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