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Welsh UFO Sightings 1975

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1975. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

January 1975

Nick Thomas was with his sister travelling by car one evening along the coastal road on St. Brides Bay. They observed for about 20 minutes a massive fluorescent ball offshore from Abereiddy. The sphere changed form into a perfect rectangle and shot off at incredible speed to the horizon. They reported the sighting to Randall Jones-Pugh.


BUFORA V6/N1 (May / June 1977) reported that Randall Jones-Pugh had interviewed two young men "who on a clear night in January 1975 found some cattle they had gone to collect by tractor, huddled in a tight group at the bottom of the field. They saw a light shining through a hedge, which rose, moved in their direction hovering briefly 30 feet away and 3 feet above ground. Shaped like a rugby ball 18 inches long, it moved slowly away at an angle."

Milford Haven

The Western Mail of February 27th 1975 reported:

A new twist to the UFO mystery came last week with the sighting by two Pembroke Dock teenagers of a strange white light over the Haven. This and another independent sighting were reported to the police.

Sixteen-year-old Ted O'Mara, 25 Church Street, spent Tuesday night of last week at the home of his friend, 14-year-old Roy Roberts, 23 King Street. After watching a soccer match on television the boys played cards before going to bed. Roy said this week: 'My bedroom overlooks the Haven and while we were playing cards - at about 12:45 a.m. on Wednesday - it was suddenly filled with a very bright light. We looked out of the window and saw an object spinning across the sky.'

Ted O'Mara recalled that the object was high over the Haven Bridge when they first observed it. 'It was a cone of light, red on top and spinning so that we could see that there were three other different coloured lights on it, blue, green and orange. The sky was clear and the night was still, and when we opened the window we could hear a whirring noise, like the humming of a top. It seemed to be hovering when we first saw it, but it suddenly moved off at fantastic speed, the fastest I've ever seen anything move in the sky, towards Milford Haven and westward. We watched it for a few more minutes and then there was a faint flash, like distant lightning, and it disappeared.

Neither boy was sure of the object's height, but Roy said: 'As the outline, in the shape of a cone, was so well lit, I got the impression that it was not very high. If it had been moving at a great height the outline would not have been so clearly visible to the naked eye. It was a beautifully-clear night, with no cloud.'

Another sighting was made by Miss Heather Kiff, a member of the staff at the Mentally Handicapped Unit at the South Pembrokeshire Hospital, who saw the object as she was going home shortly after 12:50 a.m.

The police at Pembroke Dock said yesterday that they had received no other reports concerning the mysterious object. It was only last summer that the police themselves were involved in a UFO sighting at nearby Pembroke. Three officers on pre-dawn motor patrol duty in the town spotted several strange objects moving at great speed across the town. The objects were also seen by a number of boys camping out on Monkton shore. On the north side of the Haven there have been recent reports of UFOs at Hook and at Clarbeston Road.

Tuesday 1st May
Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys

The Price family - Mr Price (44), Mrs Price (38), and their two sons (13 and 3) - were travelling by train across central Wales when they saw two balls of orange / white light, one atop the other, over a hill. The family watched the lights remain stationary for 15 to 20 minutes, and about midway through a third object joined them to form a triangle. The report was featured in NUFON #37 of June 1977.

NUFON #37 June 1977

MUFON #96629
Monday 30th June, c. 21:00

Witness was travelling by car from Presteigne towards Llandrindod Wells, through Penybont Common. They saw a craft 'shaped like one cereal dish on top of another' moving from behind a small mountain and hovering over the road. It was about 300 feet away, and was revolving with lighted windows. Witness watched it for about 15 seconds before it shot back quickly in the direction it had come from. The sighting was reported to MUFON 43 years later on 27/11/2018.

"Traveling through pennybont common from prestiegne towards llandrindod wells | we were traveling in a car from prestiegne on the road through pennybont common towards llandrindod wells.The craft shaped like one cerial dish on top of another moved from behind a small mountain and hovered over the road we were traveling on.It was about 300 feet away and revolving with lighted windows it was quite obvious that it was a ufo type craft ,we looked at it for about 15 seconds when the craft then shot back quickly from where it came.It was about 9pm just going dusk.I have never been near the site from that day."

July 1975, 01:00
Carmarthen Bay

Tyrone Davies was an officer of the MOD Police Force at the Proof and Experimental Establishment at Pendine, and lived with his wife in the police house at Woodend Estate. This Saturday night it was hot and he was unable to sleep so he decided to get out of bed and get some fresh air. He looked out of his bedroom window and saw multi-coloured flickering lights coming from some kind of craft hovering above sea level in Carmarthen Bay.

His initial thoughts were that the lights came from a search and rescue helicopter carrying out a sea rescue in the bay. Being a police officer he was curious as to what was happening and he continued to watch.

"Then there was a sudden movement, the craft in question with lights still flickering started moving slowly above sea level across Carmarthen Bay before finally coming to a stop above Laugharne estuary [Taf Estuary]. This journey took approximately 25 minutes to complete. I observed these lights for approximately 20 more minutes. Then suddenly the craft lit up (like someone in the dark switching on a powerful torch). This light took off at great speed, climbing upwards into space, leaving a tail of light in its wake. The journey to space took only a few seconds before disappearing from view."

The following day Tyrone made some enquiries with negative results.

Source: SUFON Files - witness correspondence 2018.

July, midnight

Mrs S. Birchall of Llysfaen was putting the dog out just after midnight when she saw a large golden star like object. It was about two thirds of the distance between Betws-yn-Rhos and Rhyd-y-Foel, nearer the latter. Through binoculars the object seemed to be turning and had flames spreading out behind it like hair. The Fountain Journal #1 (Easter 1976) published details of the sighting:

Thursday 10th July, c. 13:00
Ewloe, Clwyd

Mr and Mrs Taylor were driving home to Manchester along the A55 on a sunny afternoon when they saw a very tall figure in a silver suit with a face mask. They went public with the encounter in 1977 after hearing Pauline Coombes describe her sighting of, to their minds, a very similar being at Ripperston Farm.

The figure seemed to be around 7 foot tall and appeared to have climbed down a nearby steep embankment. As they passed it looked at them and then picked something up from the roadside. They spoke to Pauline Coombes via BBC Radio in April 1977, and their case was investigated by Ron Sergeant, Simon Dee, and Paul Whetnall, among others.

NUFON 41 October 1977
NUFON 41 October 1977

Tuesday 22nd July

SUFON summary:

"In July 1975, Trevor P., then aged fourteen, was accompanying his parents in the viewing of a cottage in the Machynlleth area of Mid-Wales. Trevor decided to go for a ramble up the 250-foot Wylfa Hill nearby while his parents were busying themselves. On reaching the top of the small hill the boy saw a strange object resting on the ground a short distance away from him. He darted behind some boulders to observe it. It had a brilliantly illuminated hemispherical dome, which was transparent; this was resting on a silver coloured base which had large lights about its circumference. The whole thing was about forty feet across. Inside the dome Trevor could see a 'big metal' unit or irregular shape. Also inside the dome were two moving forms - large, odd-shaped pieces of jelly-like substance. These were a whitish translucent colour containing many white discs and were about seven feet tall. They were constantly changing shape. Trevor took all this in in less than a minute.

He then saw an opening appear in the base and one of the jellies 'floated' towards this and emerged from the UFO. Trevor ran off down the hill, babbled excitedly to his father and then ran back to the scene of the extraordinary events. By now the UFO was 'closed' again with both jelly entities inside and a constant noise was coming from it. The UFO's lights began to flash at an increasing rate until the colours seemed to 'blend' with the colours of the surrounding landscape and the whole object became invisible. Trevor ran back to his father shouting 'You won't believe me - come on!' and urging him up the hill. On the top the father was unable to see anything unusual but he did hear a strange noise. Trevor subsequently suffered unfortunate after-effects: the following day his speech became impaired; three weeks later his left eye became blind, then this changed to his right eye and became almost total before easing. He also underwent a personality change and up to 1978 at least was still undergoing psychiatric treatment."

BUFORA bulletin #78 (1983) included a full report on the incident:

Flying Saucer Review also covered this case - I have the clippings on a memory stick *somewhere* so will edit them in once I track them down!

October or November 1975, c. 22:30

Clear sky. The witness said this event occurred in the early winter of 1975, so may be October or November.

David Harrison, a bus driver, had just finished his shift and had left the Crossville bus garage in Aberaeron for his home in Pen-Y-Fron, Talsarn, riding his moped. At Cilcennin, heading south-east something in the sky to his right caught his eye. He stopped his moped for a better look, and saw an object at two o'clock at about 45 degrees elevation. He described it as cigar-shaped, and it had a row of circular lights along its upper half, which pulsated blue and yellow. The object was moving slowly on a horizontal course, in the direction of Aberaeron, from left to right. There was no sound and no navigation lights were displayed, which made David realise that it was not an aeroplane.

After watching it move slowly along for ten minutes, the object then suddenly shot upwards at an angle to the right, disappearing from view.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 23 August 2017.

Tuesday 25th November

Three men travelling home from work. As they drove from Manmoel they saw a bright, flashing light above Rhiw Hill. The glow then flew eastwards at an incredible speed.

Source: 'Folklore of Blaenau Gwent' leaflet via SUFON.

Late 1975

Peter Paget included a letter from C.B. Griffiths of Rhymney, Gwent, in UFO UK:

"Late in 1975 while watching a TV film in a darkened room, my wife spotted something in the sky through the window. A lovely red glow filled the room and then I saw a beautiful red circle of light with a blue surround. Outside it was clear cut like the setting sun. No sound, no sparks. Then it just seemed to switch off and disappear."

For more like this please click the image below:
Weird Wales


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