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Welsh UFO Sightings 1982

Welsh UFO Sightings Welsh UFO sightings from 1982. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

1982 or 1983, 06:20

Year is approximate.

As dawn was breaking, a 52-seater coach was picking up miners on the way to work at Merthyr Vale Colliery. The bus, which had travelled from Pontlottyn with about 18 miners on board, approached a bus stop in the council estate in Fochriw, to pick up a further 9 miners. The nine miners were standing in the middle of the road staring up at a huge dull grey metallic cigar-shaped object, hovering motionless to the south, over the mountain towards Pentwyn. The 18 miners on the coach got out to see what their workmates were looking at.

For several minutes they all watched the object, hovering approximately 900 yards away from them, at a low altitude,with the low sun glinting off its metallic surface. After about ten minutes the driver called them all onto the bus as they had to go to work. They all climbed aboard and drove away, turning right, out of the council estate and away from the location of the object.

One of the witnesses, Mark Allen told investigator Richard D. Hall that he estimated the size of the object was the same as three articulated lorries parked end to end. It is possible, however that the object could have been disc-shaped viewed end-on.

Source: Richard D. Hall - 'The UFO Sightings in Fochriw, South Wales' an article in 'UFO Truth Magazine' Issue 19.

Thursday 7th January, 18:30

Two sisters saw a UFO as they drove the Newtown to Welshpool road. "As we approached a bend in the road an object, which looked like a flying saucer, suddenly appeared in the sky above trees in front of the car. It had a ring of orange lights with blue lights below. We couldn't believe our eyes. The object rotated slowly across the sky in front of us but by the time we had stopped the car it had disappeared over the tree. It was so clear that it couldn't have been an aeroplane like some of my friends have suggested. I never used to believe in flying saucers but now I have definitely changed my mind."

Mid Wales County Times and Express 16/01/1982

January 1982
Port Talbot

Date is approximate. Darren H. was 8 years old and lived in St. Thomas, Swansea. He was called by his mother to come upstairs to look out of a bedroom window one evening. Looking out into the dark, Darren and his mother watched a large ball of light, about the size of the sun towards Port Talbot. It was stationary and on its lower left quarter there was another white light which appeared to be spinning. There was no noise. After watching it for a while, during which time it remained stationary, it then seemed to descend slightly, rose again and blinked suddenly out. Darren does not know the date of the sighting, but links it to the time when Peter Davison first appeared as Dr. Who, his first series being from January to March 1982.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams, 12 May 2015.

January 1982, c. 01:00 or 02:00
Colwyn Bay

Alex Brereton, then a 17-year-old pupil at Rydal Penrhos independent school, was woken in the early hours by a noise. He first thought it to be an aeroplane but, he later told the press, it sounded more like the noise flying saucers made in films. He looked out of the window to see 'this white rocket that was bright'. To make sure he was not 'seeing things' Alex put on his glasses.

The large object had stopped moving, but still had flashing lights. Then it flew away very quickly, appearing to change shape. Alex said, "I should have awakened someone I suppose, only I didn't think."

Eric Mills (35), an amateur astronomer from Llandulas, commented, "The fact that it was moving suggests it might have been a satellite. They are going round the Earth frequently - every few minutes in fact. They are the most frequent cause of sightings. Satellites can be very bright and sometimes they turn, so they appear to be flashing. Alex might also have seen Venus which is still reasonable high in the sky and is very bright. A lot of people see it and imagine all sorts of things. Or it could be a meteor which comes from outer space and gives a lot of light as it dives into the Earth's atmosphere. I think if there had been any visitors they would have let us know they were around. If they are intelligent enough to travel so far they would be equally intelligent to communicate with us, apart from flashing lights."

Source: Daily Post, 12/02/2016. (

Thursday 25th February, night
Bedwellty Mountain

Sharron Davies was driving with her family across a particularly dark and lonely stretch of moorland near Cefn Gola when the following incident occurred:

"We were driving over Bedwellty Mountain when these really bright lights appeared above the car. They were reflected from the bonnet and lit up the whole inside. The lights seemed to be revolving around a large circular object which was about fifteen to twenty feet in diameter. It hovered a few feet above us, keeping pace with the moving car. The strangest part was that there was absolutely no sound coming from the object at all."

Her husband said, "We were all terrified, and the children were crying. My wife was screaming at me not to stop the car."

The lights disappeared as suddenly as they had appeared and when they reached Aberbargoed they stopped and looked back. The lights were still in the sky hovering above the hillside. Mr and Mrs Davies' final comments on the experience were, "What we saw must have been from outer space. We've never seen anything like it before - not even in books or on the television."

Source: BUFORA UFO TIMES No. 15 September 1991 - J. C. Brogan.

South Wales Argus 27/02/1982
Weekly News March 20th 1982

Following the press coverage another family came forward with their corroborating sighting. Lorraine Anslow, along with her husband Terry and children (Stephen, 21 and Ellen, 17) saw a UFO from their home in Goldcliff, Newport. The large UFO hovered silently in the sky and had very bright green and red lights. Mrs Anslow said, "we were not really frightened, but we wondered what on earth it was."

South Wales Argus 02/03/1982

Wednesday 17th March, early morning

Police Constable Stephen Gamlin, stationed at Blackwood, together with a fellow officer were on early morning duty. They reported seeing blue and white flashing lights circling low in the sky over Blackwood. PC Gamlin said that he watched the object turn; it headed towards Oakdale, its lights turning red.

At the time the Blackwood Police Station received a call from another person in the area who had witnessed the same phenomenon and a few days later a family called at Blackwood Police Station to report that a similar UFO had been over their car. It was seen by all the members of the family.

Source: Western Mail, Saturday 20 March 1982.

South Wales Argus 18/03/1982

Mr Frederick Jackson, of Dorset Crescent, Liswerry, saw some red, white and green lights as he was walking down Spytty Lane. (South Wales Argus, 23/03/1982) He said: "I am no stranger to aircraft because I worked in the RAF for seven years and my son is a pilot. I am sure those lights were not from an aircraft and I am pretty sure they were the same lights seen over Blackwood."

Thursday 18th March

Less than 24 hours after PC Gamlin's sighting, 16-year-old Anthea Bailey of Turnpike Road, Croesyceiliog was out for a walk when she saw a revolving circle of flashing lights in red, blue and white.

"It was some 300 feet above the ground. I can only describe the way it was travelling as a stuttering sort of movement. I could see it for approximately three minutes. Then it circled over police headquarters and went off. There was no way it could have been an aircraft."

Cardiff-Wales Airport reported that at the time of the sighting there was no aircraft in the area.

Source: Western Mail, Saturday 20 March 1982.


Thursday 18th March

As the object moved out of Anthea Bailey's sight another was soon reported hovering over Beechwood Park, Newport. The witness, Mrs Monica Joyce, said: "There was a bright light in the sky which gradually got larger. It appeared to be the size of a car headlamp. Then it hovered and swooped. My daughter Nicola and I could actually see underneath it. The grey object was shaped like a cone with the pointed part at the top. It had about five red, amber, white and green lights. I am a very rational person, but this was a fantastic sight - a chance in a million."

Source: South Wales Argus, Saturday 20 March 1982. South Wales Argus 16/04/1982

Tuesday 23rd March, sunset
North Gower

At sunset, Lillian Kearon, who lives in Lon Teifi, Cockett, Swansea, saw an object over the Loughor Estuary to the west.

"The object was in the sky for quite a time, but the peculiar thing was it was stationary. I don’t think it was a UFO but I can’t explain what it was. My husband and I were looking west over the Bury estuary. It was the first sunset we have seen this year. As I sat looking I saw what I thought was a hawk in the sky but my husband said – ‘It’s too big for a hawk.’

As we carried on looking I realised it was not moving. It looked a bit like Concorde but it was stationary. It seemed as if it was over towards Llanmadoc. It stayed in exactly the same position for about an hour and it was still there when it became dark. My husband said it resembled the Zeppelin and I thought it might have been an RAF or Navy plane but it didn’t have any lights on."

A neighbour and his friend also saw the object, she added. A Swansea West police spokesman said that they had received no reports of any sightings.

Source: South Wales Evening Post, 24 March 1982.

Wednesday 31st March, early morning

An object was seen above Caerleon by Steven Jones of Ponthir. He described the object as being white coloured, cigar-shaped and exhibiting a flashing light that burst into bright fragments.

Source: BUFORA UFO TIMES - No.15 September 1991 - J. C. Brogan.

April, 23:30

Steven Garton, a 26-year-old member of the Territorial Army Reserves ,and his wife, Angela, saw an object hovering over Little Skirrid Hill, about three miles from their home, and their neighbour also saw it.

"I'm trained to recognise aircraft flying at night and I was surprised by the sound it was making. It sounded like a jet engine but with a deep whirring noise as well. There were three white revolving lights on it and we watched it move around the hill, disappear behind it, reappear and move slowly towards us. It was the combination of the three white lights and the fact that it was moving far too slowly to be a normal aircraft that convinced me it was a flying saucer and I reported it to the police."

A spokesman for Gwent police said the sighting had been reported to the RAF.

Source: Western Mail, Thursday 15 April 1982.

MUFON 98163
15th May

Witness was living in Fairwater when they saw a black or dark grey spherical object spinning in the sky, hovering next to the Pearl Building. They reported the sighting to MUFON on January 29th 2019 but believe somebody wrote a letter into The Unexplained magazine about the same thing they saw.

"The object was faceted and appeared to be spinning, hovering next to the well known pearl building in cardiff | Cardiff, south wales, early 80´s - no later than 1983 i lived in fairwater, a suburb of cardiff.I was child at the time and had a history of seeing things; we had previously lived in house that you could call haunted. we only lived there a short time due to phenomenon - and it was was two years to the very day that we moved in that we moved out, oddly enough. the house we moved to was bereft of any strange goings on. i think my sighting took place in 1982/3. sorry i cannot be more exact - but there is corroborating evidence which could nail the date - see below. in the distance in the city centre i could see the pearl building - not a skyscraper but i think at the time tallest building in the city. the ufo was spherical and appeared to be spinning. it appeared black/dark grey, or certainly a dark colour. reason i think it was spinning is that it looked faceted, the light reflecting as it spun. i was getting into the car with my father when i saw it and was amazed that he either did not see it or if he did, chose not to mention it. with my history of seeing things, i chose not to mention it. we drove off and that was that. i never saw it again. in the uk in the early 80´s was a part-work magazine called "the unexplained". my family used to get this, but not *religiously*.. if we got it we got it.... military history magazines were really what we were into, especially my father. at some point years later i found an intact issue: i say intact - if you were to put them in the binders, you had to remove the cover - but the inside back cover had reader´s letters. to my amazement, somebody had written in, describing the very same thing i saw. of course i cannot say if it was the same incident or whether same phenomenon was visible to certain observers at different times. unfortunately, that issue is now lost to me but it most certainly exists. the magazine concluded in 1983 - so if it was the same instance, this would help pinpoint my experience. for this reason, in answer to the question "total number of witnesses" i will say 2."

Not actually a sighting, but this piece from the Western Mail (12th June) about a UFO seeking honeymoon in Pembrokeshire made me smile!

Western Mail 12/06/1982

Sunday 11th July, c. 21:15

Tegwyn Jones, along with her husband Harry, of Llangurig, Powys, saw a round object in the sky. It was about the size of a small car and changed colour from yellow to orange with a black line around its centre. Mrs Jones reported the sighting to the police, and told them she had also seen a man taking photographs of the object.

Western Mail 13 July 1982

The article was also summarised in APRO Bulletin V31/N1.

12th July, 23:25
Pentre Halkyn

Margaret Fry wrote about the case in Who Are They? -

"I got to know of Mrs Irene Williams through a mutual acquaintance who had lived in Crowborough, Sussex and retired to Pentre Halkyn.  We spoke for quite some time on the phone before meeting.  When we did meet in l986 I found Irene was one of the most sensible, happy, outgoing, well-balanced middle-aged ladies one could ever hope to meet.  Her husband was retired and they were a compatible couple, they had a large family of sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren living around their area who frequently visited, plus a teenage son, for whose friends they kept open house.  Irene was well known in Pentre Halkyn and lived in a large old farm house dating from the l6th/l7th century called The White House, Irene took part in village life and  her Church activities. ...

So to say Irene wanted anonymity is quite incorrect, she wanted people to know, as she felt everyone should realise Aliens were coming to our planet Earth.  Some years before her husband who had worked in a factory on the Coast had gone outside during a tea break.  A large bright green cigar shaped craft passed very low and slowly over the building, he called out to his work mates, but all they did was deride him.  I don’t suppose it even occurred to Irene to contact a newspaper, and I certainly never suggested it, as I knew the pressure people could be put to with publicity of this sort.  Irene certainly wanted all her acquaintances and any people who were interested to know about her experience. ...

Irene then told us all that on the l2th July l982 at 11.25 pm. she had been caring for her son’s dog whilst his family went on holiday.  The dog was sitting in the front porch room that was like a conservatory.  She went to call him in when she was rooted to the spot in terror, for hurtling towards her was what she took to be a meteorite. It abruptly stopped over a tree above the bungalow roof of her neighbour.  Her neighbour’s bungalow was opposite at the top of the steep incline, at the bottom of which was the Williams house. It was making a deep humming sound, was round and virtually yards from Irene.  The Object had two rings. The inner ring was dimmer with self-coloured raised knobs dotted about it.  The outer ring was much brighter, although it defused no light.  Irene tried but her feet seemed glued to the ground, she was so staggered she could not even call out to her husband.  When she found she could move, she raced up stairs and looked out of the window, but the Object had gone.

For weeks after this event her eyes were sore and she could hardly keep awake, it affected the dog in the same way.  When she described this in the Village Shop a Mrs. Jones said that she too at the same time saw a very large bright green eight-sided Object with hexagonal myriads of lights on it, hovering over the village.  Also a Mrs W... had seen the same object floating over the village in broad day light in May l982.  I met this Lady and she said she had remembered the date as she had gone to get her dog from an animal sanitary, and had been taking it for a walk."


South Wales Argus 14/08/1982

Summer 1982 or 1983
Langland, Gower

The witnesses are unsure of the exact date but know it was in the summer months of 1983 – possibly 1982. A couple (C and W), who live in Langland, were very interested in UFOs and related subjects, and ‘W’ in particular is a very spiritual person. Together with three male friends, Peter, Cus and Mark, they decided to walk down to Langland Point to conduct a skywatch. It was around 11 pm when they set out under a clear sky.

At the headland which is situated on the west side of Langland Bay they stopped by a bench to watch the sky. It wasn’t long before they saw a light high up moving west to east. Then along the coast to their right, i.e. to the west on the far horizon at the end of the Gower Peninsula they could see three lights in the shape of an equilateral triangle, one red, one blue and one yellow – all three primary colours.

Suddenly it moved almost instantly to a position on the southern horizon towards the Devon coast, and then it shot straight towards the at incredible speed, instantly taking up a position straight in front of them about 100 yards off the coast and hovering ten feet above the surface of the sea. Its lights were reflecting on the water below it.

Watching this from their elevated position on the point they all shouted ‘wow!’ and one of the men screamed as he dived down under the bench. They could hear an electrical hum like you sometimes hear power cables making. They could also make out other people screaming and calling out, down on Langland beach behind them. The craft was estimated as being the size of a large house.

‘W’ described it as a triangle with each coloured light at the corners and he could make out the left side of it, which was identical to the side facing them, so in essence, a three-sided pyramid. Suddenly a smaller version of the main craft shout out of the top, and ascended about 200 feet into the air, moving to their right (west) towards Caswell.

It too was making an electrical hum, but of a higher pitch. Half-way along the cliffs towards Caswell, still 100 yards off the coast, it shot out a beam of white light over the golf course. ‘W’ shouted, ‘Wow, give us another one!’ and as if on command it repeated the flash in the opposite direction, seawards. Following this it moved off upwards into the starry sky and out of sight.

Another identical small pyramid then came out of the top of the larger craft, as before, but this time the small craft went the other way – towards the east at an angle of about 45 degrees, heading for a point high in the sky in the direction of Bristol. They watched it until all they could see of it was a red dot.

They then saw around half a dozen of these red dots high in the sky, coming from different directions and all heading for the point where this latter object had disappeared high up over the Bristol Channel to the east.

All the time, the big object was still in position about 100 yards off the coast, and about ten feet over the waves. Then it moved steadily to their left (east), then further out to sea and finally speeding off at an angle into the night sky to become another red spot before disappearing.

The five friends stayed there for about another half hour when they saw what they presumed was the first small pyramid go over them at a high altitude from west to east, again heading for the point in the sky up channel.
Source: SUFON Files - witnesses, ‘C’ and ‘W’ interviewed by Steve Drewson, Gaynor Vine and Emlyn Williams at the home of the witneses, 4 February 2016.

Monday 13th September

Frederick Jackson of Dorset Crescent, Newport, saw two stationary UFOs to the north of the town. They were flashing red and blue with brilliant white lights, and were seen by other witnesses including Police Sergeant Kenneth Perrett of Dorset Close. He said:

"They didn't move, and they did appear to be different to the stars surrounding them. I reserve judgement on what they were, but they were certainly up there."

South Wales Argus 08/10/1982

Tuesday 14th September

David Mason, a 32-year-old printer, was watching television when he saw a bright light from the window of his Cwmbran home. He called his wife, Angela, and together they went outside into the back garden. Mr Mason said the light was 'as bright as the sun and about half the size of the moon.' The couple watched for 15 minutes as it hovered more than a mile away, just above a hill range that surrounds the town [to the west]. The white light then sped off northwards along the ridge at speed and disappeared.

The Masons called the police and two officers arrived to record details of the UFO sighting. This was the last contact that the couple were to have with officialsover the case.

The police report into the Cwmbran incident was forwarded to the Ministry of Defence in London, where operational staff in the air division examined the case. An MOD spokesman said that following these inquiries 'we are satisfied that there were no defence implications.'

Mr Mason says he was surprised not to have had any further inquiries from officials. 'I do not understand how the Ministry of Defence could have investigated the case without contacting me with further queries.'

Source: The Observer, 4th March 1984.

Weekly News

Monday 20th September

Paul and Beryle Spreadbury were driving to their Ponthir home when they saw an object that looked like a glowing cottage loaf over Cwmbran. The object moved slowly at first and then shot off. They reported the sighting to Gwent Police.

Source: Western Mail, 20 September 1982 / APRO Bulletin V31/N4.

Monday 20th September
Llanvihangel, Gobion

Time not known. Cloudy with clear patches,dry.

A passenger in a car travelling on the old A40 near Chart House, Gobion, near Abergavenny saw a beam of green light approximately the size of a searchlight beam, about a mile away to the east.

Thursday 23rd September, 04:00

Police Constables David Holder and Graham Banks saw a strange light in the sky while they were on a patrol in Goldwire Lane, Monmouth. Chief Inspector Keith Harris of the Monmouth sub division of Gwent Police gave details of their report to the Western Mail.

"It was about the size of a star and flickered blue and white with occasional red flashes. It was briefly seen to split into three white lights and then back into one light. It was moving from left to right, up and down and in both clockwise and anti-clockwise circles. They watched if for approximately 20 minutes. Then two red lights were seen to fall from the object towards the ground. Later they saw it move upwards very quickly, rising at approximately 45 degrees. It then disappeared. Two or three minutes later they saw a bright flash of light in the ground area where the two red lights appeared to have fallen."

A minute or so later they saw a bright blue light at the spot. It then soared into the air and moved off to the north-west. Sighting lasted around 30 minutes.

Source: Western Mail, Friday 24 September 1982.

Daily Express 25-09-1982   The Sun 25-09-1982

Mirror 25th September 1982
Sunday Mirror 03/10/1982

South Wales Argus 16/10/1982

Other contemporary coverage included articles in the Daily Star, Daily Express, Express, Sun, and the South Wales Argus.

Ron Tredrey, an amateur astronomer living in Whitchurch, Cardiff, believed he saw the same object through his powerful binoculars which were mounted on a tripod. He said:

"I saw what at first appeared to be a star of medium size. Then I realised it was changing colour in the way that no star could possibly do. [It] was pulsating white, blue, and, occasionally, red. It was below a big bank of cloud. It began to move and when it did so the light intensified greatly, so much so that it was even reflecting on the cloud behind it. The white light got very bright and there were two red lights then one either side. As an astronomer I am naturally interested in satellites and I know what they look like. It was definitely neither a satellite nor a high-glying aircraft."

Western Mail 27/09/1982

September, 19:00

Mr. R.L. Marshall of Pistyll Farm, Llanarth, was a passenger in a car travelling along the A40 near Chart House when he saw a beam of green light. It was about the size of a searchlight beam, and it was approximately a mile away. The sky was cloudy with patches and it was dry at the time. (South Wales Argus, 29/09/1982)

Thursday 30th September, 20:30 - 21:00

Stuart Blake was at a friend's house in St. Augustine Road, Griffithstown and watched with the naked eye and binoculars for 35 minutes, flashing discs in the sky, moving over Cwmbran. His friend, Jason Rees also saw the objects. He reported the sighting to Gwent Police.

About 9 PM. Mrs Doreen Phillips, of Gower Green, Croesyceiliog, saw a bright blue light in the sky which was said to be static and shimmering. She reported the sighting to Gwent Police.

Source: Western Mail, Saturday 2 October 1982 / BUFORA UFO TIMES No. 15 September 1991 - J. C. Brogan.

South Wales Argus Western Mail, 02/10/1982


Thursday 30th September, late evening
New Inn

Mrs Mary Gauntlett, her daughter Joanna and a friend watched a narrow green band of light moving across the sky. She reported the sighting to Gwent Police.

Source: Western Mail, Saturday 2 October 1982 / BUFORA UFO TIMES No. 15 September 1991 - J. C. Brogan.


Thursday 30th September, 21:30
Bristol Channel off Newport

Good visibility. The witness was outside Pontnewydd Infants School, and saw an object with white and blue flashing lights over the Bristol Channel at an elevation of 35 - 40 degrees, 20-50 miles away. It was moving in a straight line backwards and forwards.


South Wales Argus 07/10/1982

South Wales Argus 12/10/1982

Saturday 9th October, 22:30

Michela Rigden (16 of Lamados, Milton Terrace) and Lloyd Johnson (17 of Commercial Row) were walking along Milton Terrace, returning home from Pembroke Fair, when they saw a bright orange light in the sky above Cleddau Bridge. Realising it was too high to be a street light, Michela ran home and got her sister Tracey.

When they returned the light had changed to a bright white colour. It disappeared behind a cloud but kept re-appearing for about five minutes, during which time a crowd of about nine stood at the top of Sloggett's Hill watching.

Michela, a pupil at Pembroke School, said: "I didn't believe in UFOs before, but I do now. It wasn't a helicopter. I've seen helicopters at night before!" She said she was a little frightened now, though hadn't been at the time, and had now bought a book about the phenomenon to read.

Source: West Wales Guardian, 15th October 1982.

Thursday 14th October

British Transport Police officer Peter Griffiths was patrolling Newport Docks in his patrol car, and saw to bright lights pulsating, one to the north and one to the south. After watching the lights for five minutes he saw the one to the south to red and green before changing into a red glow and then moving towards the other light and eventually disappearing into a cloud.

Source: South Wales Echo, Friday 15th October 1982 / Western Mail, Saturday 16th October 1982.

Wednesday 20th October, 11:00

Staff at Morriston’s Driver Vehicle Licensing Centre spotted a large object landing in a field.

"It was a great big silver thing, about the size of a house, and had sparkles all around it," said Mrs. Rosalind Young, of St. Lawrence Court, Penlan, Swansea.

Mrs Young and her colleagues, who worked on the 14th floor of the DVLC complex, spotted the mystery object at 11 am.

Source: South Wales Evening Post, 23 October 1982.

Wednesday 20th October, 15:00

3 PM. John Ferris, a photographer of heol Maes-Y-Cerrig, Loughor was sipping coffee in a city centre store restaurant when a young woman pointed up to the sky and drew his attention to an object.

"It was an oval shape about the size of a small house with what looked like flames shooting out from the top.” It ‘fired’ over the Townhill area of Swansea. I grabbed my camera and fired off the last shot on the film with my zoom lens. I didn’t think anything would come out. It was a very overcast and dull day and whatever this thing was it was very bright. I’m mystified. I don’t know what it is, but I know it is a shot in a lifetime. Someone else must have seen it."

Ferris used 35 mm black and white film with his Pentax ME Super camera with 210 mm zoom lens. His photograph was enlarged 170 times to show Pantycelyn Road, Townhill, with the object just behind it.

Swansea police said they had no reports of any UFO sightings, but Gower weatherman John Powell said conditions were right for a ball of lightning. It had been a stormy day.

Source: South Wales Evening Post, 22 October 1982.

South Wales Evening Post, 22/10/1982

Thursday 24th October

About two hours after the UFO sighting in Cwmbran, John and Rosemary Clarke, of Frome Walk, Bettws, reported to the police that a saucer-shaped object with red, green and blue lights had travelled from east Newport towards Cwmbran.

John Clarke said: "I first thought that it was an aircraft at around ten thousand feet, but having been trained in aircraft recognition while serving in the Army, I realised that it was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was a huge saucer-shaped object, perhaps two hundred feet across, with a blue flashing light and a steady green light at the top."

His wife, Rosemary said, "It was the astonishing size that impressed me."

A few minutes afterwarsa Mrs Marion Mason of West Rodien, Coed Eva, Cwmbran, was driving home when she sighted a long oblong shape in the sky. She told police she saw an object shaped like a flying saucer with a number of lights travelling from Thornhill towards Tycoch, i.e. southeasterly. It had two small lights on each end and a small red light at the bottom. It then appeared to return and disappeared.

Source: Western Mail, 25 October 1982 / BUFORA UFO TIMES No. 19 September 1991 - J. C. Brogan

South Wales Argus 25/10/1982 Western Mail 25/10/1982

BUFORA published a report on the various 1982 Gwent sightings in their September 1991 (UFO Times #15) edition, written by J.C. Brogan:

BUFORA UFO Times #15
BUFORA UFO Times #15
BUFORA UFO Times #15

Pentre Halkyn

Margaret Fry mentioned this case in her 'Who Are They?':

"It is a fallacy to imagine contactees are maladjusted people, most are very ordinary human beings.  Here I should say that because so many people in Pentre Halkyn had seen UFOS, to mention a Council worker who one morning saw a green coloured craft sitting on the Church roof in November l982; so the villagers certainly did not disbelieve what happened to Irene [Williams], extraordinary as it was."

10th November
Pentre Halkyn

From Margaret Fry's Who Are They? -

"Irene then told us of how on the l0th November l983, a Thursday, she had been working very late on some needlework.  So as not to disturb her husband she decided to sleep that night in the spare bedroom.  She did not settle down well, so got up and went to look out of the window.  The house is large and at the base of a steep incline., as described previously.   It having been built centuries ago, all the windows were slightly bowed, leaded and very small. 

She was startled to see a man looking in at her, she irrelevantly thought he had to be on stilts to be level with the first floor window.  She noted he had a roundish face, light olive complexion, curly dark short hair, and clothed in an over-all mid-blue boiler type garment.  She said she felt a bit startled but not afraid, and then he immediately transferred, or should one say teleported into the room, she did retreat towards her bed, but she asked him if she could touch him as she had to make sure she was not dreaming. 

He said “put out the light”, then he approached her with two fingers in a V sign which he brought close to her eyes, then he vanished.  The room turned dark again and she contemplated that he must have been the reason why everything seemed light when he appeared, and she could see his features so distinctly.  Only then did she get into bed and fall asleep.  In November at 3 am it is dark, and not only Irene, but other witnesses have related the same effect, including myself.

Mrs Irene Williams never saw an Alien again.  What she did get was what she believed were telepathic messages from Space people.  She said she realised that as she had never left North Wales her perceptions of other places which they told her of, could have been too narrow and she could at times misinterpret some of what she received.

She was told of the severe earthquake that took place on the 5th July l984, the core being at Porthmadog and felt throughout Clwyd.  She told everyone of this in June l984 well before the event.  Incidentally throughout the 38 years I have investigated UFOS, I have noted UFOS intensify in the area of earthquakes, shortly before, during and after.

Irene told us that the Space people had told her if she wanted proof of their landing at Pentre Halkyn mountain, she should go and look for three square prod marks their enormous craft had made on landing.  Irene had been going up to the mountain since childhood, but she waited until the Spring, as it is dangerous to venture up there in winter.  She searched in vain several times then asked her husband to accompany her. Together they looked but did not find the prod marks till April l984.  I do not recall now exactly when they told her they had landed. ... The last time Irene spoke to me over the phone, she was very excited.  She had just returned from America where on an internal flight she had looked down through the plane window and seen a perfect circle in a field below.  She said “do come over, I have so much to tell you and what I am getting about these corn circles”.  Unfortunately, for various reasons I was not able to get to Pentre Halkyn, and I did not then hear from Irene for some months.   This wasn’t unusual, as these telepathic messages came to her spasmodically, sometimes after quite some time.  Then an acquaintance who knew Irene came over to tell me she had developed cancer and died.  Cancer claims the lives of every second and third person in North Wales and people here blame the Chernoval disaster and fall out.  But I have also noted that people who get too close to UFOS or encounter humanoids invariably ultimately, if not sooner develop cancer, as I have myself."


Stephen Field was driving along Greenmeadow Way towards his home on Gileston Walk, St Dials, when he saw a very bright green light. He said:

"It shot across the sky at tremendous speed changing in colour to a vivid blue very quickly. It was definitely not an aircraft. I am the holder of a private aircraft licence and have eleven years experience of gliding. I have never seen anything like this before. It was about the size of a tennis ball but it was impossible to tell the height of it. It was travelling slightly east of north in the direction of Pontypool. The sighting lasted for only a couple of seconds."

South Wales Argus 03/12/1982

Late December
Three Crosses, Swansea

Around midnight. Kim was returning home in Three Crosses after a night out with friends in Swansea and was driving her car up Tirmynydd Road, heading north into Three Crosses across the northern edge of Fairwood Common.

She was just passing Gelli Hir Farm, which was on her left, and spotted some lights away from the road on the right, on an area of rough ground. She thought it was the farmer, who she was friends with, working with some kind of machinery, so she stopped the car near the lane on the left which heads down to the farm, and got out of the car. She crossed to the right-hand side of the road for a better look and walked onto the common.

She could see lots of white lights close to the ground, with thin beams pointing down onto the ground. The beams were easy to see as the lights were shining through a mist. Whatever the object was that the lights were on, was moving slowly back and fore over the ground, and as she approached, it rose vertically without making a sound to about the height of a house. It was then that she realised that what she was looking at was not a farm machine at all, but something else entirely.

She was now able to see it from below, and the bottom surface was covered in tiny white lights like stars, matching the stars in the sky. It was only because it was turning slowly that she could make it out at all. It was of an irregular shape, not square but had angular sides. It had a row of white lights visible on one edge. She could not see how deep or tall the object was, but she didn’t hang around to study it in detail.

She turned to walk back to the car as a feeling of uneasiness came over her. She walked quickly back, without turning around to look at the object. She got in her car and drove the rest of the way home, a short way up to the top of Tirmynydd Road, near the Poundffald Inn. She looked in her mirrors but could not see the object. When she got home, she went straight to bed.

The next morning she mentioned it to her husband, who had returned from his night shift, who told her not to tell anyone in case she was ridiculed. She told her mother and brother about it but did not report it to the authorities.

Two or three weeks later, her mother phoned her to say there had been a sighting of objects by a kids football team and there was a drawing of it in the Evening Post. This would be the article reporting the sightings of 19th January 1983. So this helps to date her sighting in Three Crosses.

Her mother and brother themselves had a sighting in 1985 in Port Tennant (see separate report).
Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams, 29 January 2016.

1982 or 1983, night
Clydach, Swansea

Phil Prevel was walking his dog in Clydach and was walking through a small field on the edge of some woodland when he saw a dark hooded figure like a monk with his hood up standing on the other side of the field where the woods started. It was standing stock still. Phil did not attempt to attract its attention by calling out, but just continued his walk. The dog was unaffected by the apparition.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 2016.


Two ramblers saw a disappearing triangle and a driver saw a blue light in the sky, no dates given beyond 1982.

The Cambrian 09/11/1984

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