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Welsh UFO Sightings 1978

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1978. For sightings from other years please click HERE

1978 ?
A R.A.F. man and 12 colleagues saw a UFO from their base in Wales. He was in a position to check if it was an aircraft or satellite, and it was not.

So far I've had little luck finding details about this sighting - the Australian UFO bulletin mentioned it as an attempted abduction, but I'm inclined to say that was likely a misreading of the February 1978 Express article below, conflating two separate events.

Daily Express February 23rd 1978


"The witness does not know the exact date, but has pin-pointed it to a bright cold morning in 1978. Could be spring or autumn because it takes place between 7 and 8 am, and it is light.

Jeffrey Jones, living at 18 Eigen Crescent, Mayhill, Swansea was up at 7 am to get ready for work, where he had to be by 8. He glanced out of his window, which overlooks Swansea Bay and noticed a very bright white cigar-shaped object, which he described as being like a burning magnesium flare. The object was positioned over the bay, roughly in line with Blackpill, moving very slowly on a level course from his right to left, or from west to east.

The moment he had consciously noted his attention was on the object, it stopped moving. At this point he bemusedly thought, “Oh it knows what I’m thinking”, removed his gaze to continue getting ready for work, at which point it started moving again, continuing to drift slowly eastwards. He knew this was taking place because when he again focused his attention on the object, it had moved its position, and again stopped as if it knew it was being looked at! This process was repeated several times over the course of 20 minutes, during which time, Jeff spent about 15 minutes leaning on his windowsill studying it.

Finally he had to leave for work, by which time it had made it to Briton Ferry, having crossed the bay. As he walked down Mount Pleasant Hill towards the city centre, Jeff could still see the object over towards Briton Ferry. He told no one in work what he seen but when he got home in the evening, he mentioned it to his brother and parents and wondered if there might be something about it on the TV news. Sure enough, on the evening news it was reported that people in Bridgend and Newport had made reports of UFOs, and he wondered if it had been the same object that he had seen that morning.

One night after 11 PM, a family who lived opposite his house, 18 Eigen Crescent, Mayhill, were sitting chatting in their living room. 19-year-old Jan was the first to see a flat silver disc hovering over the roof of Jeff’s house across the street. It was small enough to be able to land in Jeff’s front garden if it had wanted to. She called her sister and brother-in-law. As they got to the window they all saw the object shoot straight up into the sky. They excitedly ran across the street and banged on Jeff’s door to tell him what they had seen. They spent the next few nights watching out but did not see anything else."

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams, 27th July 2015.

MUFON #1349
1st January, 7:00

Witness was bringing in washing from the garden when they saw two oval UFOs, one approached from the west and the other from the east. They silently rocked from side to side, moved in sequence and changed colour. Eventually they shot off in different directions. The sighting lasted around 30 minutes.

"Two oval shaped - red / white (alternating)stoppin | I was in the garden bringing the washing and looking at the sky when i saw a redobject approach from the west then another object approach from the east- bothred in colour, when they met they stopped adjacent to each other and went fromside to side (rocking back and fore) for about 10 mins then stopped and changedcolour -white- then back to red. they would then either change direction and onego north and one go south or shoot off in original pathways and always return tomeet side by side and repeat sequence and colour change. i realised these couldnot have been anything else other than ufos. they were at high speed, fasterthan i have ever seen. when rocking from side to side they were too close tohave been aircraft with blades or wings. lost sight when ufos shot off inopposite directions to each other. no noise heard. the size from the groundaspirin size/oval."

Wednesday in January 1978, 11:45
Rhewl, Vale of Clwyd

11.45 AM. Cold and clear, blue sky. No wind.

Mrs Alice Thatcher and a friend were travelling by car along the A525 Ruthin to Denbigh road and were passing through the village of Rhewl, to the north of Ruthin, when they noticed to the right [presuming they were travelling north towards Denbigh] what they assumed to be a helicopter flying very low. They then realised there were no rotor blades, no wings and the object was noiseless.

It was cigar-shaped - "like a cigar, plump in the middle" - with what one witness described as "silver with red markings," the other as "orange struts (about 3) sticking out at an angle of 45 degrees from the base of the silver body." The object gleamed in the sunlight as it travelled slowly across the sky in an arc, apparently coming down into the field or woods ahead to the left [Coed Orllwyn?]. When this point was reached, however, nothing was to be seen.

Another witness, who requested anonymity, was working in Rhewl and viewed the same or a similar object from a kitchen window for at least two minutes. Witnesses remarked on the intensity of the sun's rays as they were reflected from the silver body of the object.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 7 No. 3 - Sep-Oct 1978 - Colin Bord. BUFORA classified the sightings as C3b.

Friday 6th - Saturday 7th January
Swansea Bay

Late evening. Husband and wife, Bill and Evelyn Saul, of Southdown Road, Aberavon, were at Margam around midnight when they saw an object in the sky.

Bill Saul: "I saw this brilliant phosphorescent glow travelling swiftly towards the Swansea area. My wife thought it looked rather like a tadpole in shape and I would agree. I hadn’t reported it to anyone until this morning. There are always some people who treat it as a giggle and I waited to hear if anyone else had spotted what we saw."

Bill was in his early 60s and is the steward at the Masonic Lodge in Forge Road, Port Talbot.

Source: South Wales Evening Post, 9th January 1978.

Saturday 7th January
Swansea Bay

Two Aberavon steelworkers who were fishing near the Port Talbot Tidal Harbour, Cliff Dudley, aged 40, of Verdi Road, Sandfields, and Terry Crowley, of Farm Drive, Sandfields saw a UFO five times in the space of an hour between 6 and 7 pm.

Mr Dudley said: "On the first two occasions it was just like a flash of light travelling in the first instance from the west going across Swansea Bay towards Porthcawl and then in the reverse direction. The third time it was below low cloud travelling more slowly and was an oval fluorescent shape. On the fourth and fifth occasions it was too fast to distinguish any shape. I had not reported it before but having read of sightings of UFO in the area I thought it right to report what I saw as it might help anyone investigating to set some pattern to whatever is happening."

Source: South Wales Evening Post, Wednesday 11th January 1978.

South Wales Evening Post 11 Jan 1978

Monday 9th January, 19:15

Five people were in Addison Road, Melin, Neath. One of them, 20-year-old Gary Jones, of Walters Road, Neath, was repairing his car and saw an object in the sky.

Gary Jones: “It had three main lights which were flashing. It looked like an aeroplane at first, but it couldn’t have been because there was no noise.”

He described the UFO as having a straight bottom with the sides rising to a triangular shape. It was white in colour. Within minutes of the object moving off in the direction of Jersey Marine (south-west), another came into view travelling on the same course. Similarly shaped, it hovered in the sky before following the path of the other UFO.

Source: South Wales Evening Post, Tuesday 10th January 1978.

Monday 9th January, 20:30

Windy and cloudy. Young Gary Jenkins had been visiting his grandparents and was leaving to walk home - a distance of 3 miles. His grandfather was seeing him off at the front gate. It was a very blustery evening with fast-moving clouds. The wind was howling but there was something different about the noise, it was not a noise that Gary was familiar with. He questioned his grandfather who just said that the noise was the wind but Gary disagreed with him.

Upon that a very bright white light rose up from the hills behind the house. It gradually rose up to about 30/40 degrees and lit up everything around the witnesses. Gary's initial thoughts were that something was going to explode because the BP chemical works was in that direction. Gary ran in the house to call his grandmother to come and see. The light went the same way that it had appeared, gradually decreasing. Gary heard an unusual sound going overhead but did not see anything due to the cloud thickness.

Source: SUFON Files - email from witness, 23rd January 2019.

Wednesday 11th January, 18:30

A group of children and young people saw an object in the sky above Tintern. They were just about to enter the village hall for a meeting when they all saw what 14-year-old Alan Carter from Tintern described as a disc-shaped object moving quite slow in the sky. Flashing red, white, blue and green lights could be seen coming from it. The object was clearly visible for a few minutes before it eventually moved away behind a hill. All of the group saw it, including Alan's mother and another adult who was also with them at the time.

Source: 'Unknown Gwent' - Alan Roderick 1986 citing 'South Wales Argus'

Wednesday 11th January
Killay, Swansea

Bob Morse of Goetre Fawr Road, Dunvant, was one of three adults and four youngsters in Killay who saw a UFO during the evening. He described it as having two red lights and occasionally emitting a blue arc from the bottom. He said that with the aid of binoculars it could be seen to be spinning as it travelled.

“It was silent and moved in an arc from Killay towards Three Crosses.”

Source: South Wales Evening Post, Wednesday 11th January 1978.

Wednesday 11th January, 18:30

31-year-old Glyn Thomas of Pine Grove, Cimla, Neath, while walking along Cimla Road during the evening, heard a bleep and on looking up into the sky sighted a cigar-shaped object moving towards Skewen and Swansea, which he described as being red with blue cockpit and a white flashing light.

Source: South Wales Evening Post, Friday 13th January 1978. BUFORA classified this sighting C3c.

Wednesday 11th January, c. 20:00
Kilvey Hill, Swansea

An object was sighted at about 8 pm by 13-year-old Hannah Hayward, of Heol-Trefor in Penlan. "I saw three big white lights over Kilvey Hill, followed by an explosion which left a green triangular effect."

Source: South Wales Evening Post, Saturday 14th January 1978.

Friday 13th January

Andrew Jilson, aged 14 was outside his house with a few friends in Mary Street, Neath during the evening when he saw an oval-shaped object in the sky.

“It was about 10-15 feet long and appeared to have a tail. There were two lights on, one was bright while the other a dull colour. I looked through my binoculars and saw three burners like on a rocket on the back of the object. For about a quarter of an hour it went back and fore in a straight line.”

Source: South Wales Evening Post, Saturday 14th January 1978.

Tuesday 17th January

16-year-old Angelina Lambardi of Neath Road, Landore, Swansea was travelling by bus with some friends after school towards Morriston when they saw a round object gleaming in the sky.

“My friend said it was a plane”, said Angelina, “but I told her you don’t get round planes.”

The object was round she said, with a bump on the top and was very high in the sky, shining brightly. She and her friends observed it for several minutes as it hung apparently motionless in the sky.

A spokesperson at Swansea Airport said that they had not picked up anything that was not identified but added that their radar was not constantly manned.

Source: South Wales Evening Post, Wednesday 18th January 1978.

21st January, between 18:30 and 19:00

Kevin was staying with his sister in Dyfed when he and his brother went to collect some milk from their sister-in-law's farm, about 500 yards from where they were staying. They were retuning downhill when they noticed a gigantic yellowish white light heading towards them from the left at tremendous speed, making a whizzing noise as it passed them. The object was very low with a trail and it left some scorch marks on a hedge on the right-hand side of the road about 15 feet away. The sighting lasted only a few seconds.

Awareness V16/N1

Between 1st and 4th February, 22:30
Felindre, Swansea

Dark, stormy night. Abrielle Jones was driving her elderly friend Vikki home from attending a psychic meeting. It was around 10.30 pm when, just outside the village of Felindre, north of Swansea, on a steep bend the car suddenly went dead. The engine and all the lights failed. After a few minutes the car started and the lights came back on. As they drove home over the mountain they noticed a single light in the distance.

It came towards them and zoomed in through the windscreen, flashing and darting around the interior for what seemed like several minutes. It was a golden coloured orb, an inch or two in diameter. It went round behind them around the back seat and Abrielle was shouting to Vikki, "Where is it? Can you see it?" Eventually it exited through the passenger window and disappeared into the night.

When they arrived at Vikki's cottage on the mountain top they were surprised to find it so late, it was now around 12.30 am. They had around an hour and a half unaccounted for. Abrielle went inside while Vikki turned all the lights on (she had recently been widowed and was afraid of the dark). When Abrielle went to go home, her car was again dead. Vikki told her to stay the night but Abrielle insisted she had to get home to get her kids up for school in the morning and so she walked home over the mountain in the storm.

Abrielle gave us the month of February. After consulting weather records, we found that there were gales in the area in the period 1-4 February, so this has assisted us in dating the event. The fact that they had experienced missing time strongly suggests that we have an abduction case here.

Source: SUFON Files - Abrielle Jones interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams, 21st March 2017.

Between Carmarthen and Newcastle Emlyn

Two company directors were driving between Carmarthen and Newcastle Emlyn one bright morning. They saw a large cigar shaped machine at least 20 foot long. It made no sound yet was flying as low as the top of a bus. The story picked up media interest around the world, in addition to featuring in the UFO journals like BUFORA V7N1.

Daily Express - 13 Feb 1978
Earthlink V2N2
Australian UFO Bulletin Feb 1978


'Strange quartz-like crystals' fell from the sky during a severe hailstorm. BUFORA investigated.

BUFORA V7N1 June 1978

Wednesday 8th February

14-year-old Rebecca Griffiths, who lives in Woodfield, Eaglesbush, saw an object over the Cimla area of Neath at 5.45 pm. It all started with the dog barking at the front door of her house, and Rebecca went to the door and looked in the direction the dog was looking. She saw a pink light in the sky and immediately called her mother to the door. They both watched the object moving at a terrific speed in the direction of Morriston.

Her mother, Hilary Griffiths later described the object as having an oval shape, and making no noise. The dog was barking furiously and so maybe could hear something the human witnesses couldn’t. Mrs Griffiths said the family lives away from other houses. “We are on our own in a field,” she said. “None of our neighbours saw anything.”

Source: South Wales Evening Post.

Monday 27th February, c. 20:00

Cyril Parry and his wife, of Waun Baglan, Trimsaran, were seeing off some friends just after 8 pm when they happened to glance up and saw a disc-shaped bright light above some electricity pylons. Mr. Parry said the light changed from a bluey colour to a dimmed red and then it disappeared up into the sky, moving faster than a plane.

“It was rather like a sun-lamp. There were three of us who saw it, then is disappeared upwards and outwards,” said Mr. Parry.

Source: South Wales Evening Post, 28th February 1978.

Tuesday 2nd May, 21:50

9.50 PM. David Cox, the local manager of the Sun Alliance Insurance Co. Was driving through Townhill with his wife. As they were proceeding along Powys Avenue, they saw an object in the sky.

David Cox: “We saw a light travelling quickly from my right towards Penlan from town. It was fairly high up and moving at a fairly high speed” [should be left to right as he was heading west – as described further] At first he thought he had also seen a red light on the craft and believed it to be a plane – or it might have been a helicopter when it stopped in the sky above Graiglwyd Square, and hovered.

“It went slowly up and down and backwards and forwards. It appeared to be like three of the five balls of the Olympic sign, and gradually it hovered and dropped and disappeared behind a house.”

Closer to home, in Warwick Road, Derwen Fawr, they saw the object again, which was a dull white light, hovering over the Clyne Valley, Killay and Dunvant. At about 10.13 PM the light “just went out” and the object disappeared. Air traffic control at Swansea Airport said there were no aircraft in the area at the time.

Source: South Wales Evening Post, Wednesday 3 May 1978.

Tuesday 2nd May, 21:55
Sketty, Swansea

A witness saw an object described as an 'elongated star' in the sky over Sketty, Swansea. BUFORA classified the sighting C4b.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 7 No. 4 - Nov-Dec 1978 - Clive R. Edwards.

Wednesday 24th May, 19:00

A single witness observed a cigar shaped object moving from the SW and travelling above the bay.

Thursday 25th May, 00:05
North Wales

Many people observed a bright fireball moving out towards the Isle of Man. Residents at Wylfa described it as a huge ball of green fire streaking in an arc round the headland.

NUFON #50 July 1978

Thursday 25th May, mid morning
Rhiwlas, Bangor

Several pupils at Rhiwlas Primary School spotted a sausage shape with a dome on top coloured silver, red and white. It was in view for several minutes, moving slowly, before just disappearing in a clear sky. Then it reappeared with two flashing lights and moved out of sight behind buildings.

NUFON #50 July 1978

Thursday 25th May, 22:45

A bright dome-shaped light was seen in the sky over Bangor. BUFORA classified it C3c.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 8 No. 2 - April 1979 - C. Bord.

Saturday 27th May, 21:40

Two round silver objects were seen in the sky over Abergavenny.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 8 No. 1 Jan-Feb 1979 - K. Lewis.


May 1978
St. Brides Haven

A red, ball-like UFO frightened swimmers and holiday-makers one sunny afternoon at St. Brides Haven, a sheltered cove one mile from Ripperston Farm. The sphere, which appeared flying low along the coast from the direction of Stack Rocks, caused bathers to run from the water and visitors to desert the beach in panic.

Source: 'The Welsh Triangle' Peter Paget, 1979.

May 1978, 03:00

BUFORA V10/N1 (February 1981) reported a 'white beam' had been seen in Cwmbran at 03:00 one morning in May 1978. They classified it C4c.

Monday 24th July, 23:30

A light which was described as coloured and manoeuvering around was seen over Barry.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 8 No. 1 - Jan-Feb 1979.

Tuesday 25th July

A UFO was spotted over Chepstow Racecourse. The principle witness, Tony Rostenburg, a 32-year-old managing director of a catering firm, was staying overnight together with his staff at the racecourse in preparation for the weekend's 'Chepstow Spectacular Show'. It was early morning and Mr Rostenburg was the first up. He described his experience: 'I saw this thing, so I decided to get the others to take a look at it. It was just like a ball with three lights on it. I could see it distinctly as it moved sideways up and down and it was spinning clearly. There is no way an aircraft could have looked or moved like that.'

The UFO hovered over the course for five minutes while Mr Rostenburg aroused the other members of staff, and they also witnessed the strange, spinning saucer. Fifteen-year-old Stuart Denks said: 'Seeing is believing. It was real and pretty frightening.'

Finally the UFO took off and vanished at high speed up into the clouds.

Source: The Welsh Triangle, Peter Paget 1979.

Wednesday 9th August
Milford Haven

Two teenage boys, Robin Morgan, aged 17, of Meyler Crescent, Milford Haven and Paul Duffey, aged 17, saw a 'monster' late one evening in a school field. They said it was 12 feet tall, was clad in a black robe, with light radiating from a white head. Both had a clear sight of it before they ran away to Milford Haven police station to report it. They both denied that their report was a hoax, and said that they were 'very frightened' by what they had seen.

A Milford Haven police spokesman said that the boys were extremely agitated when they reported their sighting. Police searched the field but saw nothing.

Source: South Wales Evening Post, 14th August 1978.

Tuesday 15th August, 01:00
Dyffryn Ardudwy

Robin Luth was camping near the dam in Dyffryn Ardudwy and saw what was described as a rotating multiple coloured oval disc in Cwm near Llyn Bodnant [actually Llyn Bodlyn - E.W.]. It was visible for 20 minutes emitting bright blue light.


August 1978
Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire

Allison Richards from Kidderminster, Worcestershire was on holiday with her husband Stan and her daughter, aged 12, in Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire.

One day she decided to go for a walk with her daughter along the coast path leading to Stack Rocks. She said that after the two of them had been walking for what seemed like hours, they noticed that the coastal path was much eroded and in quite a dangerous condition.

They looked down onto the beach and saw a number of strange black boulders strewn over the beach as if the tide had washed them up. They thought that maybe the objects were black tree stumps.

They carried on with their walk and noticed several small caves in the cliff face. Then they saw what looked like a huge black mushroom, without a stalk, floating on the surface of the sea, just off the beach.

Allison thought, "What on earth is that?" and her daughter shouted out in alarm. Looking up, she saw "....something resembling a huge plate, dull metal in colour, with a 'lump' projecting from the middle."

She grabbed her daughter and started to climb over some barbed wire fencing into a field. In the field some horses were huddled together in one corner. Allison felt that she wanted to ride one away due to her fear - "I felt so frightened and unable to comprehend what it was that we had just seen."

They ran for what seemed a long time and then collapsed on the ground with exhaustion. Stan then found them and while she was telling him about what had just happened, she noticed a man on the other side of the beach, who was wearing blue jeans and a denim top. He had dark hair, and "looked a bit like a hippy." We decided to catch up with him and ask if he had seen the UFO."

But no matter how fast they ran towards him, he still kept the same distance away from them. They gave up and headed back to their car. Then Stan noticed that the man was now in front of them. The 'hippy' walked towards them. Allison noticed that "he had the most amazing veined eyes." He said nothing, just shook his head and smiled. Now feeling strangely threatened they jumped into their car and drove away as fast as they could.

Allison suffered from intense pains in her head for a number of years afterwards, and discovered five small indentations on her left leg, below the knee cap, which had not been there before. Her daughter is still traumatised by what she saw, despite the experience taking place over twenty-five years ago [2008].

A couple of years after the incident, Allison was visited by an MOD official, who interviewed her about what had happened. He showed her some maps and seemed very interested in what she had to say.

The family returned to the area a few years later and were surprised to discover that there was no sign of the small caves or the black boulders. The walk along the cliff path to Stack Rocks took a fraction of the time that it had previously. It took them thirty minutes, not hours.

She contacted UFO investigator Randall Jones-Pugh who met her at the site, and told her that the horses and the field were part of Ripperston Farm.

Allison sadly passed away in 2008.

Source: 'Haunted Skies' Volume 7 - John Hanson.

27th August

A red ball was seen in the sky. The basic details of the sighting were included in NUFON #57.


Summer 1978
Loughor Estuary

One summer evening in 1978 around 7 PM, Susan Daborn was walking back to her flat in Chestnut Avenue, Gorseinon. She was with her children and friends. Her friend’s young son drew her attention, telling her to look across the sky, where she saw a large object surrounded by four other smaller shapes, really bright, so much so that it hurt to look at it.

The object was over the Loughor Estuary, to the west of her position, and may have been as far away as Llanelli. She did not report it or tell anyone for fear of ridicule.

"We were walking back to my flat which was in Chestnut Avenue, Penyrheol, Gorseinon.. It was a lovely summers night, and quite warm it was around 7 o'clock. My friends young son told us to look across the sky and we saw quite a big shape which was surrounded by 4 other smaller shapes, it was really, really, bright and made our eyes bad just to look at it. I'm not sure whether it was across Loughor estuary or whether it was further over towards Llanelli way, but from where we were standing it looked like it was over Loughor, we wanted to keep looking at it but it was making our eyes really sore to watch it we were mesmerised as we couldn't make out what they were. When we got into the flat we thought we'd better not mention it to anyone as they would think we were' barking'. At the time my father in law was very interested in anything to do with ufo's and he told me to make a drawing of what we'd seen which I sent to him(he lived in Winchester at the time) and he reckoned it was a mother ship surrounded by 4 smaller ships. We were going to phone into Swansea Sound radio station at the time to report the incident but decided against it for fear of being ridiculed and so it was left at that."

Source: SUFON Files.

Friday 1st September, 20:00 - 22:30

This case has its own dedicated blog post HERE.

Shortly after 8 PM in Llanerchymedd, Anglesey, several villagers including a man hunting rabbits watched a bright white light descend slowly behind a new housing estate. Other independent witnesses saw a large silvery sphere above a field, and watched the cows panic and neighbourhood dogs start barking furiously. A woman and her young daughter looked out and saw three tall men in grey uniforms with caps or helmets attached to their suits walk across a field. She ran to the village to find some other witnesses.

c. 21:15. David Mark Hesketh (aged 11), was playing football with others next to fields at the rear of the Maes Athen Estate [this is a small development, the street is called Church Street in the south-eastern quarter of the village - E.W. of SUFON]. One of the boys suddenly shouted that a helicopter was landing in one of the fields. As David went for a closer look, he could see that the object was unlike any helicopter he had ever seen. It was bullet-shaped, coloured white all over, but had a red glow around its edges: a band of red light appeared to go across the object. At the same time, Carmen Burford (aged 12) was babysitting at a flat on the estate and spotted what would be the same object though she described it as being cigar-shaped.

In the meantime, some of the boys had run to the estate and told a Mrs Owen and Mrs Parry what was happening. Mrs Owen went inside her house to go upstairs and get a better look at the object. Mrs Parry went to the field to see for herself. When she reached there, she saw a spinning white light she thought was a helicopter coming in to land at RAF Valley. She went to tell her husband and then returned to the field. As she approached, the boys started to shout that the object was going to land, but although she ran the last few yards, she failed to get a glimpse of the object as it went behind some trees. She then went back indoors.

David Mark Hesketh then noticed that some horses two fields away were running riot and saw two quite tall men, 6 feet or more in height. One seemed to be waving his arms about above his shoulders. Meanwhile Mrs Owen had reached her bedroom and claimed to have seen three men in the same field, each dressed in a one piece suit with a hood covering their heads. She shouted to the boys to get the police and David (Mark) ran to do so. In the confusion, no one noticed what finally happened to the strange-looking men.

Jeremy Burford and three others were driving outside Llanerchymedd c. 22:30 and saw a purple star-like object which made a close pass at them.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 8 No. 1 Jan/Feb 1979.

Sunday 3rd September, 22:00
Hendre Eynon, Dyfed

A white and red round light was seen at Hendre Eynon on the St. David's peninsula in the north Pembrokeshire area of Dyfed.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 8 No. 5 - November 1979 - S. W. Banks.

Sunday 8th October, 22:40
Penysarn, Anglesey

The chief witness was travelling in his car along the Penysarn by-pass, in the direction of Dulas [heading south]. As he came onto the by-pass, out of the corner of his eye he noticed a strange light quite high up to his left. This passed over the car in the direction of Carmel, then remained stationary. The witness then stopped at a friend's house and three others came out to watch. At first, nothing was seen and two went back in, but then, from the general direction of Carmel, a small orange speck appeared in the sky, growing in size.

The other two were called out again to watch the object, which was like two saucers joined at the rim by a black band. Not all that high up and at first just hanging in the air, it then began to move slowly towards the startled witnesses. Suddenly it reversed direction and veered slowly off to their right, tilting as it did so. As it performed the tilting manoeuvre it appeared to change shape, taking the form of a triangle with its point uppermost and showing two square protrusions near its lower points.

Apart from the black band, it was orange in colour and although having a distinct shape, there was was an orange glow around it. No sound was heard. Finally, it shot away rapidly in the Rhos-Y-Bol direction and was lost in the glare of the lights from the Shell tank farm near Rhosgoch.

The investigator comments that he didn't consider the witnesses were jumping 'on the Llanerchymedd band wagon.'

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 9 No. 1 - March 1980 - K. Babb.

BUFORA V9N1 March 1980 BUFORA v9n1

Tuesday 24th October, between 04:00 and 05:00

Alun Morgan, of Heol Caegurwen, Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen, a member of the local Carmel Chapel, and the caretaker of two nearby factories, was on his way to work one morning. He noticed, over the nearby Penllerfedwen Mountain a UFO which 'suddenly rose into the air and seemed to vanish.'

He recalled it as being cigar-shaped with blue flashes emanating from the sides, end and top. Then, on other occasions since and early in the morning he has noticed similar manoeuvres by the samwe type of object.

Corroborating his story is a woman from the Garnant area who has reported seeing the same shaped UFO, also at about four in the morning, and another resident, Mr D. Pritchard, of Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen.

Source: Herald of Wales, Saturday 28th October 1978.

October 1978

PC Neville Hughes and two uniformed colleagues (one of who was a sergeant) observed a UFO whilst in the grounds of North Wales Hospital in Denbigh.

UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 3 Officers. Source – FSR Vol 25 No 2 Mar/Apr 79.

Autumn 1978, 13:00
Llandualas, Clwyd

The sky was overcast with moderate easterly wind. The witness was idly gazing from his window when he saw a break in the clouds, through it he could see a large disc silently hovering or moving very slowly. The object was metallic and a mellow bronze colour. Within seconds it was once again covered by cloud.

NUFON #61 June 1979

November, daylight

Dr. Hamilton was driving through the city when he saw a huge triangle with 14 pulsating lights around its edges. It disappeared into low cloud in the direction of Newport. (BUFORA Bulletin #11, 1983)

The sighting came via Bill Ritch from Cowbridge, who wrote a letter into the bulletin with further info on triangle sightings -

BUFORA bulletin #11 1983

Thursday 9th November

Bernard and Jill Simons, of Odo Street, Hafod, Swansea, watched several objects for over an hour. Their attention was drawn to it by their children, and they reported it as being a "mysterious object that appeared to be hovering over the Caereithin area of Swansea, changing colour from blue to green then green to red."

The Simons were determined to keep an eye on the changing light believed to be emanating from the object, which was still there an hour later, and lying slightly lower over the horizon. Watching for another ten minutes, the light was then joined by a further series which approached from an opposite direction making eight in all. The second series seemed to stop and begin to divide, moving in various directions at "unimaginable speed".

Bernard Simons: "We’ve got nothing that moves that fast."

The lights then came back together and were joined by a third source, he observed, while the second and third lights moved gradually away and vanished. Then the original light followed and disappeared. There was no sound noticed.

Shortly afterwards, what was thought to be the same phenomenon was sighted in Dunvant and nearby areas, then over Bishopston, Gower.

Source: Herald of Wales, 11th November 1978.

Winter 1978
North Wales

Sightings mentioned in Canadian UFO Report V5/N1 from winter 1978/79. A couple were so frightened by a 'huge saucer-shaped ball of fire in the sky' that they rushed inside and locked the doors, while a woman in Bangor used a telescope to watch a brilliant aerial light with what appeared to be 'slits, or window-type things, on the side of the object, and through these slits I saw brilliantly goldy-copper lights shining'.

Friday 8th December, 14:50

An object was seen over Wrexham, described as a red ball. BUFORA classed it as a C3b.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 8 No. 3 - June 1979 - C. Bord.

Thursday 21st December, 19:00

An object was seen over Wrexham described as a cylindrical object with a ball. BUFORA classified the sighting C3b.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 9 No. 3 - November 1980 - Colin Bord.

31st December, 18:30 - 19:30

Sightings of strange aerial activity were logged from all over the UK, officially the result of Cosmos's 1068 booster rocket re-entering the atmosphere. Welsh sightings included Welshpool and Connah's Quay at 19:00, and Abergavenny, Pontypool and Castleton in the minutes immediately afterward. Both BUFORA V10/N1 (Feb 1981) and Earthlink V4/N2 (Jan 1981) published full reports on the event.

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