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Welsh UFO Sightings 1979

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1979. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

World's End, Denbigh Moors

Margaret Fry wrote about this case at length in Who Are They? It involved an 18-year-old boy named Stephen who was driving home from his girlfriend's house on his motorbike, at about midnight, when he saw a bright white light in the sky. The light was slowly descending, then he looked around and found himself a few miles ahead of his previous position, his motorbike laying on its side and dawn breaking.

After this missing time event Stephen suffered nightmares and eventually began trying to seek out answers, ultimately contacting Margaret Fry and undergoing hypnosis with Alan Hilton in 1994. This lead to him remembering a contact encounter with a "tall very thin man with a long face, pointed eyes, no hair and a very long bluish/yellow body was looking down at him. This creature appeared to have no clothes on; his body was more like a transparent fish. Not a ghost Stephen emphasised, for the body had substance, it was matter but the sort you can see through, like clear Perspex or whatever."

The creature had long, very thin arms, with three fingers to each hand. Stephen floated inside a room and laid on a table, with three small creatures standing alongside. They had similar faces to the tall being and very thin bodies. One shone a light into his eyes, as though to examine the inside of his head, while further in the room was another creature with two long arms like an octopus with glow-worm like lights at the ends.

"These arms kept reaching out to near his body, and it then came into his head, he was there for genetic purposes. He felt still more terrified wondering what they would do next. He became aware of a long central column up the centre of the room he was in, which had some sort of electrical activity at the top which was rotating, there also appeared to be compartments leading off from this room, which had doors that moved up and down to open, there appeared to be no motivating controls or engines etc. in this room he was in, he tried to concentrate on these details to calm himself, he could not move. He then noted another Being standing behind a screen, he could only see him from the shoulders up, and he appeared to be controlling things."

At that point Stephen's fearful agitation became so pronounced Alan ended the session. Since then Stephen has recalled some more detail.

Here is Margaret Fry's full account:

"Then aged about 19 years Stephen was on his motor-bike on the A5104 just past the Horseshoe Pass and Bryneglwys to the cross roads of A5251/A5104. It was about mid-night and he had just dropped his then girlfriend home, and was returning to his own house, when he saw a bright white light in the sky, it was gradually and slowly coming down. He then saw it slowly receding, and looking around was puzzled.

The area is a very lonely mysterious looking place even in daylight with absolutely no houses, not even scattered farms, for miles. It is near an area called World’s End and for good reason, it seems like it, it is so isolated. However there is a very secret Military base set several miles into wooded area further up this local road.

Now Stephen looked around and found he was no longer coming to the cross-roads, but a couple of miles past them, it was no longer pitch dark, dawn was breaking, and his motor-bike lay on its side by the roadside, this road is very narrow anyway. This occurred whilst Stephen was still 18 in 1979, but he does not recall the month, he was now standing puzzled in the road past a hamlet called Pen-y-stryl, when he got home he noted it was 5.00a.m. His Mother was quite upset, saying she had waited up thinking he had had an accident, he then went off to bed.

At the time Stephen worked for the Water Board laying pipes, this was the reason why he was on that lonely road, not many people, even local people take it at night, there are other longer but less lonely roads. Stephen had been working in the Military campus, and therefore used this road frequently and thought nothing about using it at night. He told me that the Military base was so secret, that Military guards ensured that all the Water Board men did not stray into areas where they were prohibited.

After this puzzling incident of time loss, Stephen started having nightmares, which he tried to shove to the recesses of his mind. At times he had tried to tell his family or friends of these missing hours, but they all derided him. He later met another girl, they got married, mortgaged a house, had two children, and in the stage his life is at when I met him, he has a wife, two small children and had just been made redundant, the usual story today.

A few years after this incident Stephen, who had tried in vain to shove vague memories into the background, decided his Life was not going in the right direction, so he decided to do something about it. He knew these memories connected to a UFO, a light that came down to him, so he decided to try and find some UFO books to read. but this proved difficult. Then in 1993 quite by chance he heard a Radio talk, during which listeners were told that victims of UFO abductions could call BUFORA’s phone number, and contact the Victim Support Group.

He did phone this number, and got Mrs. Phillips, Ken’s wife who told him he was out and to ring again in the evening, but this slight set back put him off, he was feeling very nervous about approaching anyone. So virtually a year went by before he plucked up the courage to ring Ken Phillips’ number again. This time he got Ken, who kindly explained he was too far to help him, but to contact Margaret Fry in his area, giving him my telephone number. This time he decided it was now or never so rang me immediately. Even so it took many sympathetic phone calls before Stephen could bring himself to come to my house, he could drive and had a car, I can’t, he was then living in Holywell, so I had to encourage him to come over and I wouldn’t eat him, I was just an ordinary elderly lady with grandchildren etc!

We talked of his children. Eventually he came on the 2nd November 1994. Stephen had reached a stage where he felt he had to have hypnotic regression to lay his fears; he was still having periodic nightmares. I rang and asked Mary Nightingale a professional hypnotist I know, but she was too expensive, Stephen was now out of a job. At this I contacted my good friend Alan Hilton, he was due to visit me on the 6th November so we agreed for Stephen to come to my house on Wednesday the 7th November at 11.30a.m.

Stephen arrived promptly and after tea and a relaxing conversation agreed to a gentle hypnotic session. He was very apprehensive and Alan had to give him relaxation and reassurances, eventually the sessions ended past 1.00pm when I suggested lunch, and change, but by now Stephen only wanted to talk about a release of memories, he wanted to do drawings. Stephen is perfectly normal but a somewhat shy person. This is what transpired that night in 1979.

He remembered dropping his motor-cycle on the side of the road, he then encountered a thick black wall, but the next recollection is of lying on a table absolutely terrified, a tall very thin man with a long face, pointed eyes, no hair and a very long bluish/yellow body was looking down at him. This creature appeared to have no clothes on; his body was more like a transparent fish. Not a ghost Stephen emphasised, for the body had substance, it was matter but the sort you can see through, like clear Perspex or whatever. This Being had long arms, which were very thin, and at the end of these were long thin fingers, three fingers to each hand, the knuckles were very prominent.

He noted all these tiny details, as he was too afraid to take in the whole. He realised he had floated into this room; now he noted there were three small Beings standing alongside by the table he was on. They too had similar faces and very thin bodies. One of these little Beings held what appeared to be a gun ray, with lights coming from it shining into his eyes. He felt this was to examine the inside of his head, rather Stephen’s impressions of the Beings he saw in 1979 than his eyes. Further into the room he now noted was a Creature which had two long arms like an octopus. At the end of each of these were lights. Artificial light I queried? No, said Stephen more like our glow-worms, the light was part of its body.

These arms kept reaching out to near his body, and it then came into his head, he was there for genetic purposes. He felt still more terrified wondering what they would do next. He became aware of a long central column up the centre of the room he was in, which had some sort of electrical activity at the top which was rotating, there also appeared to be compartments leading off from this room, which had doors that moved up and down to open, there appeared to be no motivating controls or engines etc. in this room he was in, he tried to concentrate on these details to calm himself, he could not move. He then noted another Being standing behind a screen, he could only see him from the shoulders up, and he appeared to be controlling things.

This line of thought was not pursued by the hypnotist, as Stephen was now very agitated about a tunnel of honeycomb he could see, there were various things in it, but he became vague and tailed off, at this point Alan felt the session should come to an end, as his patient was obviously distressed. He asked if he could see his motor-bike and Stephen said vaguely ‘its at the side of the road, there is a black wall.’ At this he brought him out of the trance. I have had a number of conversations with Stephen since, sometimes he remembers some small detail further, he also wants further sessions, as he goes through patches when he still has nightmares, then for a while he forgets and his life goes on in an even keel. He now has a job, his house was repossessed, and he is living in rented accommodation. In other words life goes on, but Stephen still has ghosts to lay, he knows this, so the sessions are not over.

I think this new network of National Victim Support will eventually be of great support to people like Stephen, as professional psychologists and hypnotists are gradually in small numbers joining it, but I was encouraged by what Professor John Mack said to me, ‘don’t underestimate yourself, life and your experiences with this work have made you a professional, you help these people, lend a sympathetic ear, so a Counsellor is every bit as important as the professional’. Regretfully I have to say it is now 2004 and Professor John Mack’s National Victim Support has not progresses at all in the UK."

Tuesday 2nd January, c. 17:30

At approximately 5.30 PM in Pritchard Street, Tonyrefail, Michael Bloxsome was just leaving a friend’s house and saw an object in the sky.

“I saw a round object in the sky, like a ball, glowing orangey and it was moving to my right, not on a vertical path coming down but travelling level. I saw it for three to four seconds, when it burst horizontally (like a child’s firework rocket), showing orangey glowing sparks and then it disappeared from the path it was travelling.”

Source: Western Mail, 3rd January 1979.

Tuesday 2nd January

John and Carol Jenkins and their 14-year-old daughter Susan, of Gorse Place, Fairwater, Cardiff, saw an object which Carol described as being a colourful, star-shaped, changing from green to red, yellow and pink and moving back and fore, ;hovering' - probably over the sea, in the direction of Cardiff Docks.

Mr Jenkins noticed this bright, moving object and called his wife and daughter. The object was apparent for some considerable time.

Source: Western Mail, 3rd January 1979.

Friday 12th January, shortly after 21:00
Ely and Hengoed

Reports of 'flashing lights' in the sky and of 'a very bright star' darting about were made to the Western Mail.

Source: Western Mail, Saturday 13th January 1979.

Thursday 25th January

Mrs Florence Jones, aged 72, of Mundeg, Trelewis, said she saw a dark object with a circular flashing light near her garden.

Source: Western Mail, Friday 26th January 1979.

Thursday 25th January

People living on the eastern and western sides of Cardiff reported seeing a 'brilliantly coloured' object in the sky which appeared to hover for 15 minutes before disappearing.

Source: Western Mail, Friday 26th January 1979.

Thursday 25th January

Late evening. 25/01/79. Location – Denbigh, North Wales. PC NEVILLE HUGHES observed a UFO after responding to a call from a Denbigh family. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source – FSR V25 No 2 Mar/Apr 79.

Friday 26th January, 20:45

A member of the public, Keith Jones was about to go into the restaurant where he worked near Denbigh when he observed a UFO at an altitude of 100-150 feet. He went inside and asked his employer to go outside and look at the object. They watched a stunning aerial display by the UFO for several minutes before calling the police. A short time later two uniformed police officers, PC BERWYN JONES and PC NEVILLE HUGHES arrived at the scene where they too witnessed the UFO. The object was disc shaped with a dome underneath. There was no noise and it was described at being too low and too bright to be an aircraft. The object was last seen heading in the direction of Ruthin.

UFO CLASSIFICATION – CE1 (CLOSE ENCOUNTER 1ST KIND). On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source FSR Volume 25 No 2 Mar/Apr 79.

NUFON #117 Jan Feb 1986

Earthlink V3/N1 winter 1978/79

Awareness V14/N1 1985-6

BUFORA v9/n1

Monday 12th February, 18:45

An object was seen over Bangor described as being like a 'huge orange moon.' BUFORA classed it as a C3b.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 9 No. 2 - May 1980 - C. Bord.

June 1979, c. 22:15

'I was walking home along Gelliwastad Road after meeting a few friends, when I noticed in front of me coming over the darkness of the Graig mountain, a white light travelling approximately north-east, and virtually parallel with Gelliwastad Road. I stopped to watch this white light as it travelled from horizon to horizon [SSW to NNE] in the time it takes tolook. I would estimate that it took about 6 seconds. My observation was not affected by alcohol as I am not a drinking man. It was a warm and clear night with the stars clearly visible, and on the date of the observation, the street lights were of an older and less bright type.'

Source: Michael Hopkins 2018.

July 1979, 15:30
Singrug Farm

Mr. Roberts of Llansannan had a school taxi contract with Clwyd LEA. One day in the summer of 1979, about 3:30pm, he was driving along the A525 with two teenage girls - Lynda and Heather Ledsham - and a younger boy, Mark Carhill, when they saw a gathering of landrovers and farmers watching the sky by Singrug Farm. Mr. Roberts stopped the taxi and they all watched two low flying bullet shaped objects 'playing tag' for over half hour. RAF Anglesey were contacted and said it had nothing to do with them.

Margaret Fry wrote the sighting up for NUFON #117 (Jan/Feb 1986) and Awareness V14/N1 (1985-6):

NUFON #117
Awareness V14/N1

Margaret also wrote about the case in Link to the Stars:

"Linda Meecham for years worked in my son-in-law's business, firstly printing, and then Mini bus services.  She was known on T.V. for Car Rally racing, this was her interest.  All this was yet to come when I first met her as a teenage schoolgirl. 

Linda and her younger sister Heather were returning in the school-taxi service.   On the Denbigh road between Bylchau/Llansannan the taxi-man Mr. Evans stopped the car and they all got out by Singrug Farm to watch two black and white bullet-shaped craft lazily playing tag with each other.

Soon a small knot of farmers had joined them from the surrounding hills, they watched these low flying objects for ½ hour, when they went up horizontally very slowly and out of view.

Summer 1979

Early hours - warm summer night. Paul von Hillier was driving a truck, delivering to Aberaeron. He was driving through Talley on the B4302 when he thought he saw a light go across the windscreen in the distance. He thought it might have been a reflection of car headlights. He looked in his mirrors but could see no car behind him. He had his driver's window down and could see just blackness outside. Then he saw a bright object fly high across a field, and stop above woodland in the distance.

"I thought it couldn't be a helicopter, too dangerous flying in the dark with pylons everywhere."

He forgot about it as he carried on with his day's work. At home that night he was eating his evening meal when a report came on the TV news about a UFO which had been sighted over West Wales.

Source: Facebook: UFO Sightings in Wales - posted 11 July 2020.

Summer 1979
Denbigh Moors

Mr and Mrs Bruce Mee, along with various patrons of their pub the Sportsman's Arms, saw a honeycomb shaped craft hovering over the pine trees by Brenig reservoir. Margaret Fry's investigation report was included in Awareness V14/N1 (1985-6).

Awareness V14/N1 1985-6

This case also featured in Margaret Fry's 'Link to the Stars':

"Bruce Mee and his wife were the Publicans of the highest Pub in Wales, the lonely Sportsman's Arms which stands l400ft above sea level on the mainly uninhabited Denbigh Moors of North Wales.  Just below this whitewashed ancient Eating house are sweeps of pine forests, and in between them Llyn Brenig, the long, long reservoir that services Midland towns, much to the resentment of the Welsh who had to sacrifice a peaceful pretty village in a valley to create this engineering feat.

Returning home one evening on the still lonelier, higher local track, they saw below them a strange lit-up white craft, shaped like a beehive hut, with short legs.  This was touching and hovering right on the pine forest below them.  Driving slowly over the cattle grids in the winding upper lane, they kept a wary eye on the craft, until they got safely indoors, when they invited Staff and guests to come out of the Pub to look at it.  The Pub is on higher ground than the forest, so they all got an unusual view of this UFO, for they were all looking down on it.

Thereafter they periodically came out to see this absolutely still Object, eventually after a couple of hours it had gone, no one observed its going.  A few weeks previous to this a Publican friend in another lonely spot in this rural mountainous area of North Wales, had one of these UFOs land by his pub building."

Trallwn, Swansea

Warm evening. Clear sky.

Eira Morgan was at home in Heol Hafdy, Trallwn when her neighbour Pat Farnworth called her out to see something in the sky. Eira went out and saw many white star-like lights high up in the clear night sky. They were moving around in all directions, some singly and some in pairs. They would move a bit, stop, and change direction erratically.

Many other adults and children were out in the street, including Eira's 11-year-old son, Julian, watching the extraordinary performance high above them. Pat went back indoors to phone the police. When a police officer arrived in his panda car shortly afterwards, Eira said he went into Pat's house with her to take a statement. When he re-emerged, Eira, who was still in the street, and others, told the police officer to look up, as the lights were still there. He did not but said something like 'ignorance is bliss', got back in his car and drove away.

Eira said that Pat had told her that the officer said that the report will be sent to the MOD at RAF Rudloe Manor.

BUFORA investigator Kerry Blower has said they were probably satellites but the witness testimony discounts this position.


NUFON #156 - August 1992

Source: SUFON Files: reported by Eira Morgan, April 2015 / Date confirmed: BUFORA UFO TIMES No. 19 Summer 1992 - Kerry Blower.

Wednesday 8th August

When i was younger, i remember sleeping in the back garden one hot summer night. it was colder than i expected & so i had trouble falling asleep. i was therefore on my back with a blanket wrapped around my body, but looking directly up at the stars. there was a whooshing noise & a large black triangle flew over me & the house. it was bigger than the house, had no lights & made no sound except for the woosh as it displaced the air as it quickly flew over. it freaked me out so i quickly ran inside the house.

Source: SUFON database.

Friday 14th September, night
Oakenholt, Clwyd

A beam of light shone through the witness' bedroom window and she suddenly felt dizzy. She then felt herself being levitated through some form of tunnel and encountered two aliens in a field. A huge craft hovered nearby and a beam of light lifted her inside. The interior of the craft consisted of one large room with three other alien beings and an almost human appearing girl of about 19 years of age. The room contained a portrait of an older being, apparently a leader. After a 30 minute other worldly trip the beings showed her an alien zoo with many bizarre animals. The beings communicated with the witness and then said goodbye, whereupon she then found herself back in her bed again.

Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1979 case 2234, citing Jenny Randles and Paul Whetnall. /

Saturday 15th September
Llangoed, Anglesey

An object was seen over Llangoed described as a red/orange oval. BUFORA classed it as a C4b.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 10 No. 2 - April 1981 - C. Bord.

November or December
Clyne, Neath

Late one evening in November or December, young married couple, Peter and Angela were getting coal in before going to bed at their home at Maes Pwll, Clyne in the Neath Valley. Angela spotted an object hovering motionless at an elevation of about 30 degrees over the river nearby to the north-west, but not high enough to be higher than the mountain on the opposite side of the valley.

She was outside the backdoor of her house which faces north and the object was at a 45 degree angle to her left. She called Peter who also saw it. It was a cigar-shaped object and had lots of multi-coloured lights along its lower part which pulsed and changed colour. They watched it for about 20 minutes. It did not move at all in that time and there was no sound. They felt scared by the experience. The object then shot off to the south-west, down the valley ay high speed.

Source: SUFON Files - witnesses interviewd by Emlyn Williams, 9th December 2015.

Monday 3rd December, 15:30

A black and white oval-shaped object was seen over Llandudno. BUFORA classed it as a C3c.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 10 No. 2 - April 1981 - C. Bord.

UFO Research Newsletter V6/N11 1980

Thursday 6th December

Gwyn Evans, 21, of Gwendoline Street, Treherbert, was driving to Swansea with a friend when they saw a UFO about 150 foot above the car, estimated to be the size of an articulated truck. A spokesman for Cardiff Airport said they had not any other reports of a sighting. Gwyn told the Pontypridd Observer:

"I was driving along the Neath by-pass towards Swansea when I saw an object overhead. It was oblong shaped with lots of lights. We could not believe it at first. I have never seen anything like it before. There were loads of lights, reds, ambers, and oranges. Wwe slowed down and unwound the window but there was no noise coming from it at all. ... I'm open-minded. All I know was that it definitely was not a plane otherwise we would have heard the noise."

Pontypridd Observer 14/12/1979

Monday 17th December

Shortly before Christmas, Terence Jones of Brongwendraeth, Carway, saw what he thought was a UFO. He saw flashing lights in a circular shape that seemed to be coming down to the ground, then it went up straight at a speed no aircraft could attain. It looked quite big and had red and green lights. He called out, and his sister, Mrs Janet Owens, who lived next door, also saw the object. The sighting was reported by Randall Jones-Pugh.

Source: South Wales Evening Post, 10th January 1980.

Late 1979, c. 21:00
Trecenydd, Caerphilly

Shape of Object: Long, Thin like a metal bar. Possibly cylindrical.

Colour: Unknown but 'Flashed White' multiple times.

Other: Made no noise, incredible aerial manoeuvres.

My mother talked to me about a sighting that she witnessed in Trecenydd, Caerphilly late 1979. She recalls seeing a flat metal bar shaped object that was hovering in the sky. She described seeing the object for a couple of minutes that had a white flashing light, much like a camera.

It was about 9pm, she saw the object performing aerial manoeuvres that had it going up and down and around the sky in a way that would not be possible for modern aircraft at that time, possibly not even today. The object made no noise which was something she also noticed during her observations.

After a couple of minutes the object seemed to have disappeared from sight, one minute it appeared to be there, then the next it was gone. She recalls this sighting very well as she was just recently a mother with her 2nd child who was still a newborn baby at this time.

My mother does recall an incident being reported on the TTFN RADIO SHOW sometime later describing something similar to what she had witnessed. This person was most likely a teenager who lived in the Yorkshire area of the UK.

Source: SUFON database.

For more like this please click the image below:
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