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Welsh UFO Sightings 2021

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 2021. For sightings from other years please click HERE

Tuesday 5th January, 14:23

2.23 PM. Light cloud.

A woman at home, witnessed an object in the sky over Denbigh, to the north-west.

"It was just after 2 pm in Denbigh and whilst washing the windows I noticed an object which appeared stationary and looked out of place. After 45 minutes I had a ringing in my ears and looked and the object was still there but had changed position. I got scared so I cam away from my window. I looked again at 15:00 and the object had gone."

The witness took two photos, which appear to show a bright disc-shaped craft.

Denbigh UFO 05/01/2021

Source: SUFON Files - witness submission on website.

Wednesday 6th January, 03:00
Caerau, Maesteg

"Just after 3 AM. Cold and clear.

Maesteg Ambulance Station is part of the fire station on Coednant Road, Caerau, Maesteg. Paramedic Paul Griffiths was working the night shift and was sitting in the cab of his ambulance parked in the back yard of the station with the lights of the ambulance switched off. He was with a colleague and together they once more saw unexplained lights above the area of the Bwlch wind farm on the mountains to the north of Caerau (see 7 June 2020 for their first sighting). Paul explains what they saw:

"My colleague and myself returned to the station, parked the vehicle and after regaining some 'night vision' again looked to the skies and were amazed to see in roughly the same position as before an 'erratic' moving object that came to a standstill and displayed multicoloured lights similar to the object viewed last year. When the objects are moving fast only a white light can be seen but as they slow or remain stationary they emit bright red, green, blue, white and purple lights. When viewed through binoculars (low power 6x30) and not the best quality the shape of a disc is visible. We both observed what can only be described as a 'fleet' of orbs arriving from a westerly direction.

Some of these orbs remained in the sky towards the north and took up position as what my colleague described as an 'isosceles triangle' tilted to the left. The sky was clear and it was bitterly cold and we watched the objects for hours sometimes taking it in turns to go inside for a warm. At approximately 0500 jet aircraft seemed to come out of nowhere from the south west at least a couple of them travelling supersonic. Their wing lights visible and also with the underside white lights on, at least one of them seemed to give out a 'strobe' effect and bright flash.

These aircraft headed east where some of the white orbs were travelling at the same time and very high up travelling in the same direction another craft moving very fast with what appeared to be a 'halo' around it and three large red lights possibly on its underside was visible. Only caught a fleeting look at this one while looking through the binoculars to try and identify the jet aircraft."

There was jet aircraft activity in the area until just before dawn but they did not go near the three objects in triangular formation. The objects seemed to gradually move towards the north or north-west, away from the witnesses, until the last one went out of sight at 7.45 AM. Paul's work colleague who witnessed the UFOs with him, is ex-forces, including Army Air Corps, and is familiar with different types of aircraft.

Paul took some photographs with his phone, which are here shown."

Source: SUFON Files - witness email 13 January 2021.

Sunday 17th January, c. 04:00

Witness captured a strange object while "Taking pics of the sky at night around 4am on 17 jan 2021." They reported it to MUFON on 20th January 2021.

Friday 22nd January, c. 16:30

Around 3.30 pm, the witnesses reported seeing a few very unusual blue flashes of sheet lightning, compared with the flash when the "Back To The Future car teleported", bright enough to light up inside the house. It was only after seeing UFOs later that a possible connection was made between the two.

It was about 4.30 pm when a couple living in Grove Park, an housing area north of Blackwood, saw two groups of multiple black round objects at an approximate altitude of less than a mile, moving in a south-easterly direction over them. They had time to go in the house and get a pair of binoculars, and the woman phoned her son's daughter who lived 4 streets away, about a 5-minute walk. The woman returned outside to view the objects with the binoculars and noted that they were black and round, like rotating pills, darting around and pulsating in all directions. The objects were also viewed through a mobile phone but because the image was so poor, no video was taken.

Boy's drawing.

The daughter and son looked out of the window of their house to see the objects. The son opened the window, shouted at the objects and was struck by some kind of almost inaudible sound which made him feel instantly nauseous and dizzy. He said it hurt his brain and he could feel the sound like a vibration in his body. He closed the window and had to sit down. The sickness lasted around two minutes. Only the boy could hear the sound, but this could be because his mother remained behind glass. He said the round objects were about the size of a house, and there were long objects, the size of a bus. The mother also described a boomerang-shaped object.

Grandfather's drawing and mother's drawing.

The objects moved to the south-east in the direction of Sirhowy Bridge, Blackwood. Shortly afterwards, at 5 pm, the boy's father returned home and heard the story, so he got his parents, wife and son to draw what they had seen. The grandmother incorrectly wrote on her drawing that the objects were heading north-east.

Grandmother's drawing.

Source: SUFON Files - Reported by the father by Facebook message 25 January 2021.

Saturday 6th March, 19:30

7.30 PM. Clear sky.

Phil was in Mount Pleasant, Neath and saw red flashing lights travelling in a V formation in a northward direction. As it was passing above the witness, another object, a single bright white light was travelling west above it. There was no flashing light or sound.

Phil checked flight tracker and satellite tracker apps on his phone. There was nothing showing in his area. He tried to record video but nothing showed on playback except the bright white object.

Source: SUFON FILES - witness submission on website

Tuesday 9th March

The Bangor Aye of March 10th reported on a giant UFO shaped lenticular cloud seen over Bangor and Llandudno.

"Photos of the rare cloud formation were posted on Twitter by BBC Wales Weatherman Derek Brockway after being spotted by BBC Weather watchers."

Lenticular cloud 09/03/2021 Bangor

Friday 16th April, 21:10

9.10 PM. Clear sky.

A woman was walking home from a friend's house and noticed three separate warm orange glowing lights in the sky above Pontcanna Park. Her view was then obscured by houses as she walked, but three minutes later as she turned onto Conway Road and looked back she saw them again quite high above the trees in the park and managed to take a photo. She was quite unnerved and didn't stay, but headed home.

Source: SUFON Files - reported via website submissions April 2021.

Tuesday 11th May, 16:00
Grangetown, Cardiff

4 PM. Partly cloudy. Sighting lasted around 10 minutes.

Mark Fluharty, an ex-US Marine, was sitting next to his greenhouse in his back garden in Grangetown, Cardiff, next to the River Taff. He saw a formation of a dozen or so objects approaching from the south-south-west, which he initially thought was a flock of birds and so didn't pay much attention. When they got closer he could see that they were not birds, but round, disc-shaped objects about 200 feet in altitude.

They were dark in colour, but a few of them flashed lights. Mark realised that the flashing had helped him think that they had been birds at first, caused by light reflecting off the wings as they flapped. The ones that flashed were mixed in with the others.

When the objects were directly overhead he could see their shapes, size and colour more clearly.

"They were the size of a fighter jet, only they were round Most of them were a blackish colour and the ones that flashed lights were using red lights to look as if they were changing shapes but they weren't. It was an optical illusion until it was not. They flew overhead directly north in formation. My first thought was that they were drones from the military But there was no noise coming from them and you could hear noise from any helicopter or plane at that height. That really astounded me. It was the one time I did not have my phone with me so I could snap a picture. Again I did not really think they were UFOs, was not much of a believer in that, but I always kept a I don't know attitude towards the subject. That way I can't rule it out until then. The next day after I told my wife about what I saw. She was looking on line and found a picture of a UFO formation seen in Salt Lake City, Utah the same day only 4-6 hours difference from when I saw them. The picture looked exactly like what I saw that day. I am an ex-US Marine. I don't drink, and I certainly do not do drugs and that means I do not hallucinate. I was trained to be very observant as a Marine. The only thing I can say from a military aspect is of they wanted to be seen, they could easily have been seen as they were not travelling at a high rate of speed by any means. It was as if they wanted to be seen."

Mark created a graphic to illustrate what he saw.

Cardiff UFO 11/05/2021

Source: SUFON Files - witness submission May 2021.

Sunday 16th May, 01:51
Mold (CH7 1TY)

Witness, a keen military aviation photographer, saw two lights following the ISS for around a minute or so, before moving up and slowly disappearing. The sighting lasted two minutes and was reported to MUFON later the same day, along with an explanatory diagram.

"I wanted to see the iss this evening and missed the first pass over the uk at 00:14hrs, so i waited an hour and some to watch it pass over at 01:51hrs. the iss came into view at around 01:53hrs over the tree to the rear of our back garden and continued watching it as it passed overhead, as it passed over, i noticed two lights appear from nowhere around the same height as the iss but around 10 - 15 degs behind the iss trajectory. the two lights grew in intensity to form a cone in the higher atmosphere that almost appeared as a searchlight, and followed the iss for around a minute or so. around a minute later, the two lights moved away (up) and slowly disappeared into no light at all. i'm ex military and have seen all sorts of various illumination devices from flares to splash rounds from tanks, and i am also a keen military aviation photographer with the best part of 100,000 photos taken so far, and can safely say, this had me rattled as i could not explain what i saw, no way was it an aircraft of any sort, if the altitude of the lights were the same as the iss then they could have been 10 miles apart (one finger width) with a smooth, non erratic motion, almost as if it was following the iss"

Mold UFO 16/05/2021

Tuesday 18th May
Buckley (CH7 2NL)

Witness saw an "Unknown bright light seen in the sky the object circled a star then continued along the flight path." They reported the five minute sighting to MUFON on the same day. They also submitted a video - converted to GIF 10/06/2021.

Buckley UFO 18/05/2021

Friday 4th June, 10:06
Lady Park, Tenby (SA70 8JH)

Witness saw a very fast moving object. It was silent, white and had no observable appendages or contrail as it travelled in a straight line. The sighting lasted around 40 seconds and was reported to MUFON later that day.

"At 1006 on a bright sunny morning with few clouds i observed a fast moving object very high above cloud cover. it was following an orbit type trajectory and speed which reminded me of the international space station which i have observed many times at night. however this wad a solid bullet shaped white object with no observable appendages such as wings. there was no sound or contrail. it reflected brightly the sun but appeared to be white. i attempted to film it with my phone but it was moving too fast, after observing for about 40 seconds i went inside to grab binoculars but when i came out it had disappeared from where i expected it to be following the same trajectory and speed. it was not a plane. possibly a rocket but too low for a satellite."


Matt Warner of the South Wales Argus reported (22nd June) on this sighting from some point earlier in the month. There was an embedded video but I cannot get it to play...

UFOs caught on video in Wales - STRANGE silver orbs seen flying over Wales have sparked debate.

The objects were captured by a former pilot on his iPhone on a sunny afternoon in Flintshire earlier this month. The witness was out in the garden with his family in Oakenholt when he saw several objects moving high in the sky above him. After viewing the footage frame by frame, he was amazed to see several objects moving independently.

As a former pilot working out of Liverpool, he said he was familiar with the skies above North Wales and he had never seen anything like them. He estimated that the objects were between 8,000 to 10,000 feet up.

He said: "I've never seen anything like it before. When I first saw it I thought maybe it's one of the Google balloons, but having watched them you can see they aren't balloons. I've flown around this area for many years and I've never seen anything like it. On closer inspection of the footage, what at first appear to be white flashes, seem to be silver balls or orbs. But with no objects in the footage to use for reference, it is impossible to pinpoint the size of the objects or how far away they are."

The witness added: "You can see three, they are in a triangle formation with one to the left, another at the top right, and another at the bottom. If you look at the one in the top right you'll see it fly off to the right while the others remain relatively stationary. If you watch it frame by frame carefully, you'll see at the very bottom one fly in, do an arc, and fly out again. You'll also see one fly in from the top left and go across. There's a lot in it. I could see three of them at the time, it was only afterwards when I looked back when I saw all that was going on."

He added: "I used to fly aircraft out of Liverpool and I was certain that what I was seeing wasn't any aircraft I'd seen before. To eliminate camera shake, there is one that moves around a little bit but stays relatively stationary while the others move around it. They are moving so fast that when you watch them in real time it looks like a white flash but when you watch it second by second you can see a white ball flying across the screen."

The video was shared with British UFO expert Jason Gleave who uses the latest computer technology to examine footage. He said the objects do not appear to be birds or any known commercial aircraft.

SUFON Sunday 6th June, 18:30
Kilvey Hill, Swansea

Kelly Matthews was walking with her husband and 12-year-old son, at the start of Tir John North Road, Port Tennant. This is the lane which skirts the eastern side of Kilvey Hill.

They were taken by surprise when they spotted a black disc-shaped object floating slowly and rotating about 300 ft or more in altitude. It had a hole in its centre, and so appeared like a doughnut. It was about the apparent size of a seagull's wingspan. They watched it for about a minute. At first they thought it was a balloon or drone, but it was moving in a perfect straight line. It moved up and then diagonally, rotating slowly at the same time. It went over Kilvey Hill to their north-west.

Kelly supplied a drawing, here shown:

Swansea UFO 06/06/2021

Source: SUFON Files - witness report 7 June 2021.

Saturday 12th June, c. 13:30
Cwmbran and Usk

Afternoon. Clear blue sky.

A couple were in their back garden in Cwmbran and observed three circular objects, silver in colour, moving in a straight line formation towards the severn estuary.

The objects were at a high altitude and moving very fast. The witnesses observed the craft for less than a minute. At the end of the sighting the craft broke formation, accelerating away at extreme high speed. They tried to photograph the event using an iPhone but the picture didn't come out.

Source: Facebook - UK UFO Sightings/WUFON. Witnesses interviewed by Jason Chapman.

At about 1.30 pm, Jonathan Davies, who lives near Usk:

"Took dogs out in front garden, while facing the front of my house looking north, I caught a flash of silver, very high up and saw a metallic object moving very fast, it flew in a straight line until it was above my house then did a very sharp zig-zag movement, then it shot off. Two seconds later, two identical objects flying side by side did the exact same zig zag and again a flash of silver colour was visible. I could not tell the shape as too high up and moving too quickly. I would not have been able to take a pic for the same reason simply moving too fast. Apart from my dogs I was alone. I noticed someone had also seen them a few miles to the west as they had posted it on Facebook so I added that I had also seen them."

Source: Jonathan Davies - June 2021.

Saturday 12th June, 22:00
Pembrey (SA17 4TF) The witness was sitting outside on Pembrey Road, Kidwelly, with a friend when the friend pointed out a light over the Pembrey firing range. They watched a bright stationary light in the sky over Pembrey just to the south. After about three minutes, another white 'orb', smaller than the first seemed to come out of the first one. This then started to move slowly forward then descended below the treeline. After about a minute it then reappeared over the treeline. The smaller orb then went towards the bigger one slowly and seemed to go back into it.

The first orb then started to move in a straight line, heading east and when in a position over Burry Port, vanished altogether. There was no sound coming from the orbs, no smoke trails. The witness said the firing range was closed at the time and there were no aircraft in the area.

Duration of sighting: 6 minutes.

Tuesday 29th June, 19:45
Caerau, Cardiff

7.45 PM. Clear and bright, high cloud cover.

John R. was sitting on his porch in the Caerau area of Cardiff, looking up at the sky and spotted a small black dot at a high altitude in the north-west. It appeared to be moving in a south-easterly direction and never came near enough to afford a good view, but on one occasion, as it emerged from a cloud, appeared to flash silver and red.

The object moved very slowly and then entered clouds and did not reappear as it had done on previous occasions. The witness described the object as being an inverted pyramid in shape, and he was unable to get a photograph due to its high altitude.

Source: SUFON Files - witness submission.

Thursday 22nd July, 23:30
Caerau, Maesteg

11.30 PM. Clear sky. Sighting lasted around 45 seconds.

The witness described seeing a strange very bright cylindrical craft, white in colour moving in a straight line at an altitude over 500 feet. It made a strange propulsion sound as it moved through the air. It then altered course and disappeared.

Saturday 31st July, 21:41
St Donats

9.41PM. Overcast.

A couple were out walking with their dog along the cliff path from Llantwit Major towards St. Donats. The light was fading as they reached a small beach [Tresilian Bay?] where they stopped to look at the view.

The husband: "I saw with my own eyes two bright red lights close to the bottom of the cliffs on the opposite side to where we were standing. I told my wife and as she was taking pictures on her phone. To our amazement when we got home we checked she had taken two photographs instantaneously one after the other. The one photo has nothing on it but the last one has what seems to be an arc of light in the cloud layer resembling a blurry triangle type craft."

Duration of sighting: 1 second.

Source: SUFON Files - witness submission.

Monday 13th September, 14:23
Furnace, Ceredigion (SY20 8TD)

Witness: "A bright red orb went straight over the treetops at the rear of my property. It seemed to shine/glow red crimson!"

The shape was circular and the sighting lasted around a second.

Monday 27th September, c. 20:00
Across the UK

Sightings of the launch of the Atlas V, carrying Nasa's Landsat-9 satellite, convinced many people they had seen a UFO. North Wales Live reported:

Panic-buying aliens were among the online quips after a strange cone-shaped light was seen in the night skies above north east Wales. Scores of people witnessed the soundless light hovering overhead, descending slowly and, in some cases, "shooting off northwards". Social media reports emanated across Wrexham, Denbighshire and Flintshire at locations from Llangollen to Penycae and Connahs Quay. Although the mystery was quickly solved, the sightings were spectacular enough to prompt a few raised pulses.

Wrexham by Christina Povah

“Strangest thing I have ever seen,” said Marie Marese Jones, from Llangollen. “It was so big and moving slower than a comet. It was like it was landing – it went down behind the mountain. It was quite mesmerising.”

In Connah’s Quay one person saw the light at the same time as an aeroplane crossed the sky. “It was just moving so fast,” she said. “The other thing was brighter than anything I’d seen before. It was just bizarre!”

Given Berwyn’s reputation among UFO enthusiasts – the mountain range has long been associated with alien theories – last week’s night-sky lights suggested something more sinister.

“Space ship, deffo,” said one person. “There were a few sightings years ago on the Berwyn mountain and by the castle too.”

Llangollen by Marie Marese Jones

Another was keeping an open mind about the object seen over Llangollen. “Lived in the hills about 15 miles north of there for 16 years,” he said. “There is quite a long history of unexplained events witnessed by locals in Mid and North Wales, including the “Bala Triangle”, over the years. “On several occasions in middle of night (I) saw huge unexplained silent light flashes, momentarily illuminating the entire landscape, and on one occasion across the valley an orb that started on the ground and later floated into the sky at 4am.”

One person quipped that, if aliens were scouting out the area, they could be of some benefit.

“I hope they have brought some diesel with them,” he said.

Friday 1st October, 19:45
Holyhead (LL65 2AY)

The witness saw a light in the sky over Holyhead at a distance of over a mile away. The sighting lasted around 15 minutes.

Witness: "Walked out of house caught glimpse of light in the sky thought it was strange. Didn't make sound like a helicopter not even a drone but just stationary. Flashed light in the sky over Holyhead changing colour from green red then white and continuing same sequence. Very high in the sky no noise, about 2 miles high not a helicopter or drone."

Friday 1st October, c. 22:30
Margam, Port Talbot (Ty Fry Road, SA13 2AR)

A man was putting his recycling out for collection and looked up at the night sky. Within about 30 seconds he saw a formation of what appeared to be approximately 7 lights in a large wedge shape was travelling across the night sky at a steady pace. Then, rapidly, they changed speed and shape into a "dance" of up to 15 lights in a spiral shape, revolving around a central axis.

He ran into the house to get his phone, and called for his wife to come and see. But by the time he had returned, the lights had gone, but his wife said that she saw them and described them as being in a tight wedge shape and moved at an incredible speed over the eastern horizon. The sighting lasted around a minute.

Sunday 31st October, 13:15
Morriston, Swansea

1.15 PM. Dry with broken clouds.

Sophie was waiting for a bus at Honeysuckle Drive in Clase and she said something told her to look up and she saw an object in the sky. She took a photo and says it looked like three objects. It was small and white or silver, and heading over the centre of Morriston at a high altitude. There was no sound and it disappeared as soon as it arrived, being obscured by the fast-moving clouds.

Flight radar was checked and no planes were in the area at the time.

Source: SUFON Files - Whats app message from witness same day.

Sunday 28th November, 19:00r

Scott was on the west-facing balcony of his flat in Swansea Marina, talking on his phone when he spotted what looked like a satellite descending the sky, coming downwards towards the horizon, but moving too fast for a satellite.

As it got closer to the horizon it changed direction and turned a full u-turn while also fading brightness until he couldn't see it any more. The course the object took looked like the letter 'J'. The sky was clear and the sighting lasted a few seconds.

Source: SUFON Files - website submission November 2021.

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