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Advertising and the Female Form

A/N: This was my themes and sources long essay from second year. I was doing 'The Body' option and also did a presentation on why the dead body became problematic in the eighteenth century. I was supervised by Dr. D. Thom at Robinson and got an average, but respectable, 2:1 for it.  Section B: Topic 12 (Advertisements) -  ‘Have advertisements shaped or merely documented society’s changing perceptions of the ideal female body?’ In recent years there has been a growing awareness about the impact of advertisements on the formation of society’s perception of the ideal body; the ‘body’ here referring to the physical human shape, and by association, its adornment. In 2000 the British Medical Association drew attention to the links between the unnaturally thin media portrayals of women, including the retouched perfection of glossy magazines, with eating disorders such as anorexia.(1) This is a link that has long been recognised by commentators such as Jean Kilbourne. If tru