Thursday, 4 March 2021

Financial Report - February 2021

Financial Report

One of my goals for 2021 is to get out of debt. I'm going to keep track of my progress via monthly blog updates...


★ Pay - £1100
★ Child Benefit - £84.20

Total: £1184.20


★ Rent - £525
★ Energy - £33
★ Internet - £22
★ Phone - £22
★ Water - £67
★ Loan Repayment - £60
★ Kindle Unlimited - £8
★ Labour Party - £4
★ Labour Group Fees - £25
★ Scope Lottery - £4
★ Yes Cymru Membership - £2
★ Bank Interest - £15
★ Food - £100
★ Pocket Money - £20
★ Aldi - £30
★ Hobby Spend - £50

Total: £987

* Anthony owes me £350. I owe my parents £1550 *


My goal this month was to keep close tabs on my eBay/Paypal flow. That, er, didn't happen. I sold enough stuff to buy a new Amazon tablet from Curry's Clearance on eBay, and to cover my fees plus a few bits and bobs, but that's as good as the record keeping got. Must try harder!

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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Welsh UFO Sightings 1970

Welsh UFO Sightings

UFO sightings from 1970. For Welsh sightings from other years please click HERE.

St Thomas

A young girl, around 14-years-old was returning home after a girl guides meeting during a dark evening in the winter of 1969 or 1970. She was walking alone up Wallace Road, a cul-de-sac in the St. Thomas area of Swansea, a route she knew extremely well as it was very near her house. At the top end of the street there were the gates of St. Margaret's Nursery and she would walk through the gate on her way home. As she approached the gateway, she noticed a figure peering around one of the brick pillars at the end of a low wall.

All she could make out was its head, its right shoulder and the upper portion of its right arm. Its head was bulbous and shaped like an inverted egg, with a pointy chin and huge, vertically-oriented almond-shaped eyes which were white with a black dot in the centre. It had no hair, no ears and she was aware of no mouth or nose.

Its body, by what she could see of it was puny, like that of a child, with a narrow, spindly arm. Its hand was not visible as it was behind the pillar. There was no neck visible as it seemed to be hunching. It did not seem to have any clothing and its skin was grey and had a metallic look to it, which seemed to shimmer slightly. It did not move or make a sound but just stared straight at the terrified girl. She said it felt like an eternity, but was really only just seconds.

She was so alarmed by what she saw, she ran back down the road and across the junction with the next street to some neighbours who she knew, and after they had calmed down the hysterical girl, they went with her back up Wallace Road to the gateway, but no trace of the visitor was evident.

Now remember that was well before the image of the grey alien was widespread in popular culture, and furthermore, the girl had had a strict catholic upbringing and had no knowledge or even awareness of aliens or UFOs at the time. At the time of the encounter she thought that what she was seeing was a devil or demon. It was only years later after being exposed to the UFO culture and emerging public familiarisation with the 'grey' type extraterrestrial that she noticed the similarity, with one exception - the unusual configuration of the eyes, which were not black, but white with black irises.

Approximately two weeks after her experience, a catholic priest in her school asked the class if anyone had experienced something strange in their life [coincidenec? - or had he received reports from other witnesses in the area?]. She wrote down an account of her experience, which she still has somewhere. When found, the writing might shed some light on the exact date of the event. She had never told anyone of her sighting, except close family and friends, but came forward to share her experience with the Swansea UFO Network.

For the time being she wishes to remain anonymous, and we respect her wishes. This was a frightening experience for a young teenage girl which she has kept with her all her life. The location where it happened is at the edge of the built-up area of St. Thomas, on the southern slopes of Kilvey Hill - which has featured many times in UFO reports. I have on record one other humanoid report which I am looking at, from the northern side of the hill which I hope to report on soon.

Source: SUFON Files - Emlyn Williams.

January 27th, 08:50

Mr. R. Drew was standing in office doorway, when he saw this round object, colour was red. Its size was of a pea, held at arms length, its speed and height etc was unknown. Object was hovering and visible for about two minutes, when it suddenly "dematerialised".

Hopkinstown, Pontypridd

Early hours. Price Jacobs (46) a shift mechanic at Tymawr Colliery had a 'chilling sensation' and saw a cloaked 'ghost' peering into a coal bunker at the colliery in Hopkinstown, Pontypridd. He said it then disappeared into the darkness in the direction of St. David's churchyard nearby. 

Source: SUFON Files - Emlyn Williams [Could this be a ghost in the spiritual sense or is it the dark hooded entity sometimes associated with the abduction phenomenon - one of the 'shadow people'? - E. W.]

Friday June 5th
Clydach, Swansea

Miss Leanne Williams was one of twenty people, who watched a mystery object in the sky above Clydach. “I went out into the garden to see it, and about twenty people came out to have a look. It was in view for about twenty minutes and then grew bigger and bigger, until it sank into the mountain. It was like a round, white, ball – the size of a dinner plate. It gave us all the creeps there was something unearthly about it.”

The sighting was important enough to bring to the attention of the Wales Today TV programme, who told of other reports from Cwmbran and Aberystwyth.

Source: Haunted Skies Vol. 9 page 156 citing South Wales Evening Post 5 June 1970.

Derek Toombs of SIGAP (Surrey Investigation Group on Aerial Phenomena) and the Gwent UFO Research Group carried out a study in Abertillery, surveying members of the public to discover their views on UFOs. Pegasus (V2/N4), SIGAP's magazine, published the results in August 1970:

Pegasus Magazine

October 4th, 23:45
Rhuddlan, Flintshire

Mr. E.A. Mulliner had to go to his dining room, as he passed the kitchen, he glanced through the window. He was amazed to see a very bright star, of considerable size, about that of a shilling held at arms length. Beneath this, were about eight small stars, which seemed to be hanging there, thus forming the shape of a reversed pendant. Witness watched for 10-15 seconds, then called to his wife, that he was seeing something queer, and was going outside to have a look, by the time witness had got out, the objects had disappeared.

Sunday October 11th, 07:15

Mr. Hughes lived in Berthengam, near Holywell in Flintshire. He saw an object some five miles to the south at Moel-Y-Parc, the BBC TV mast at Afonwen:

"...I'd been in Holywell,and was just coming in the back door when I happened to turn and saw this thing going round the TV mast. It was 'saucer-shaped' and reddish, rather like a tangerine and it had a 'tail' to it - like a piece of string. This was followed by four or five others at intervals of about a minute, all going round the mast, but only one was seen at a time...."

Mr. Hughes explained that they disappeared like someone 'blowing them off.' They rounded the mast and then seemed to 'shoot away' before they 'went out.' They seemed to be solid enough, glowing 'just like a solid thing - no flames.' The 'string-like thing' was not apparent on all of them, but was pretty lengthy - like a kite's tail. It was difficult to obtain an exact idea of size, as this could only be done in relation to lights on the mast (the top three were visible from Mr. Hughes' home), but were estimated at a diameter of about 15 feet.

Source: BUFORA Journal V4/N2.

Monday October 12th

From her home in Berthengam, Mrs Dickson (a neighbour of Mr Hughes - see 11 October 1970), looking some miles to the south in the vicinity of the BBC TV mast at Moel-Y-Parc near Afonwen, saw a 'flattened globular object' coming from the west, at a 'steady pace', glowing orangey red. It gave the impression of depth and was 'globular, but with a small protrusion.' It 'switched off' or 'went out' before reaching the mast, then, 5 or 6 seconds later, either this, or a similar one reappeared some two-and-a-half miles westwards of the mast to the right (west) of Tremeirchion.

Source: BUFORA Journal V4/N2

Thursday October 15th, 19:40

Mr Hughes, who saw objects near the BBC TV mast at Moel-Y-Parc on 11 October 1970, had another sighting of an object in the same direction, a mile to the south at a hill known as Glol which is in the line of sight towards Moel-Y-Parc. He saw an object 'like a huge saucer on its side' come up from the ground above the hill interposing, move horizontally, then sink from sight below the hill. 

BUFORA Journal V4/N2.

Sunday October 18th, 19:00

Berthengam resident Mrs Woodward was with her neighbour Mrs Dickson (who saw an object on 12 October 1970 in the vicinity of the BBC TV mast at Moel-Y-Parc in the Clwydian Mountains). They'd gone up to Sodom on the west side of Moel-Y-Parc mountain. Mrs Dickson had felt strongly she should get closer to the mast.It was a very lonely spot, so she asked Mr & Mrs Woodward to go with her. They parked the car about a mile away (in a direct line) on the verge of a narrow, practically unused country road on high ground known as Sodom. Mrs Woodward said:

"So we went up to Sodom and waited for a while and then we could see them; they looked funny, you know, as if they were hanging on strings. We could see - like - 'little ones' coming out of them. I had the binoculars with me, so both Mrs Dickson and I had a look through them. But we couldn't bear to look - it was awful on the eyes. They seemed very near the mast....they were big, you know, and they seemed to 'float' on these little ones, and you could think they were on thin wires or something, hanging down."

Mrs Dickson described these appendages as 'almost like dotted lines with little balloons at the bottom. It was red and 'like the sun,' so that no-one could look right at it. It 'just appeared' away to the west coming towards the mast. On reaching it, it turned as if to go round, then disappeared. The same thing happened every three or four minutes until seven or eight had been seen. Some had these 'string-like' appendages hanging below them, attached to each 'string' was a small dull red ball. Some UFOs 'went out' and just left the red balls before they too disappeared. Others 'burst' with a jagged blue-green flash. Mrs Dickson stated that about three - after they'd 'gone out' made a 'muffled backfire,' but not all did this. This was the more extra-ordinary because the sound took considerably longer to reach them in some cases than in others (investigator Norman Oliver estimated the distance from the mast on visiting Sodom as 1 to 1 and a half miles, this would roughly give the expected time lapse as 7-8 seconds).

Despite the nearness it was again difficult to estimate size accurately, partly because of the brilliance of the objects, but they were larger than the TV mast lights. Oliver estimated 15-20 feet in diameter. About 8 pm, the lights ceased to appear, but some fifteen minutes after the last UFO had 'gone out,' the lights of a car were seen coming up the hill. Mrs Dickson hurriedly put her car lights on and a van shot round the bend at speed, halting at the next bend and backing off the road. All three witnesses walked towards the bend to see what was going on, (this road being normally deserted). A man got out of the vehicle, which was in fact a 'pick-up' van. He was carrying a box and began scraping a hole in dead leaves to put the box in. He then 'fiddled' with the box and a bulb lit up on top. Then, running to the van, he put a large aerial on the platform of his 'pick-up' - turning it as though lining it up, then went inside the van and stayed there. Mrs Dickson and Mrs Woodward went up and heard the man apparently broadcasting in a language sounding very much like Japanese.

As it was now after 9 pm they decided to leave and Mrs Dickson suggested it might be wise to tell the police about the man and on reaching home promptly rang them. Her report was noted and shortly afterwards they rang back to say that if she'd take them to the spot a police car would be sent to pick her up. Ten minutes later it arrived, and about half-way on the journey a message came over the intercom to say that there had been a 'military exercise' in the general area, but they'd still better continue.

They arrived at Sodom at 11 pm and the van was still there with the man inside. the police went to the van and questioned him, and on returning to Mrs Dickson they said he was a radio 'ham': his papers were in order and they were quite satisfied, but had advised him to notify them of his activities on future occasions.

Here is the full BUFORA report on the Flintshire sightings, written in 1974 by Norman Oliver:


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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Reading List - Feb '21

What I've Read This Month

Here's what I read in February... (Reviews are copied and pasted from my Goodreads account.)

Scroll down for this month's book giveaway!

Journey to Dyatlov Pass: An Explanation of the Mystery by Keith McCloskey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Open minded overview of the Dyatlov Pass incident and the various theories surrounding it. The narrative is pushed along by an account of the author's trip to the pass itself, written in a very accessible style, which helps the reader get a grip on the distances and context involved.

A Compelling Unknown Force - The Dyatlov Pass Incident: AKA "Six Hours to Live" by Clark Wilkins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well presented and well reasoned solution to the mystery. The writing style worked perfectly to build a creeping sense of dread, without undermining the simplicity of the theory. It ultimately fell short for me in explaining why they would abandon the tent for the tree line - and the pressure put on police by party officials to declare the case closed.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident by Alexander Popoff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This short read is worth checking out for a theory I haven't seen elsewhere - lightning strikes!

Death of Nine: The Dyatlov Pass Mystery by Launton Anderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Really clear and accessible introduction to the case and the available evidence.

The UFO From Dyatlov Pass by Maxim Kolychev
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Interesting read and makes about as much sense as any of the mainstream explanations!

RUSSIA'S ROSWELL INCIDENT: And Other Amazing UFO Cases From The Former Soviet Union by Paul Stonehill Philip Mantle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Packed full of cases I hadn't come across before!

In Defense of the Contactees: The Questions Answered! by Michel Zirger
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lots of detailed research synthesised into a Q&A style approach. Very interesting and lots of food for thought.

Authenticating the George Adamski Case: The Desert Center Investigation: A Companion to the Book "We Are Here!" by Michel Zirger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Adamski's is one of those cases that everybody *knows* has been thoroughly debunked so, for the most part, we don't need to look at it in any great detail. Michel Zirger's comprehensive research strips away that certainty and had me reassessing the case.

Did Adamski meet a spaceman from Venus that day? I don't know. Did he meet a stranger from a craft Adamski believed to be from Venus? It seems increasingly likely.

As the weather slowly starts to improve, check out David Scarfe's The Wild Book - outdoor activities to unleash your inner child. Fill out the Gleam widget below for your chance to win a hardback copy.

The Wild Book

The Wild Book Front CoverThe Wild Book Back Cover

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FloJo Dolls

Florence Griffith Joyner

Florence Griffith Joyner - 'Flo-Jo' - was an American track and field athlete. Her world records for the 100m and 200m, set in 1988, still stand to this day. On and off the track she was known for her bold fashion choices and nail designs; LJN immortalised her in doll form in 1989.

FloJo DollFloJo Doll by LJN

To accompany the doll there were six fashion packs to collect:

★ 2507 - box front / box back.
★ 2508 - box front / box back.
★ 2509 - box front / box back.
★ 2510 - box front / box back.
★ 2511 - box front / box back.
★ 2512 - box front / box back.

FloJo Doll Glamour Collection

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Sunday, 28 February 2021

This Week - 28/02/2021

Make Today Great

Marianna went back to school on Wednesday, after much agonising over the decision on our part. I still don't know whether it was the right choice, but Marianna seems to be really benefitting from the social interaction. 

My own social interaction has, as usual, been mostly online. I had school governors this week, along with licensing committee and a few other meetings. I had a trip out to Lidl and Morrisons on Thursday to do the food shopping. The excitement was almost too much...

I'm still really into UFO research and have been working my way steadily through all the old journals. There are some interesting Welsh cases I'd never even heard of before, and the joy of following professional make-ups and break-ups as all the big names fall out with each other! :)

In other news Wales won against England and Rhys got a date for his first vaccination jab. Things are looking up for a change.

I blogged about Crazy Figure dolls, a list of places to get 25 free metal samples, a mini mart review of the Jiaou Doll Boss Chair, and a round up of UFO sightings across Wales in 1967.

Deal of the Week -

15% off at Rococo Chocolates with referral link / code:

Song of the Week -

Lithium - Evanescence

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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Mini Mart: Jiaou Doll Boss Chair

1/6 Scale Office Chair

Supplier: Jiaou Doll

RJiaou Doll Boss Chair


Jiaou Doll are a 1/6 scale action figure company based in China. They have their own website but lots of other sites and ebay sellers stock their products - mostly bodies and clothing. 

The Boss Chair was released in 2018 and comes in black, brown and red. Later they added white and and off-white with a black frame for a modern look. You can pick them up for around £25 and they look awesome. They even kind of settle a bit when you put a doll in them, like a real chair does!

Post and Packing:  N/A

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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Free Metal Samples

25 Free Metal Samples

More great leads to help you with finishes.

★ Ace UK. (1+)

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