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Tween Scene Prettie Girls

Tween Scene Prettie Girls

Launched in 2015, the Tween Scene Prettie Girls were part of the One World project which saw the same characters turned into different kinds of dolls. Designed by Tonner Doll, they stood 16 inches high and used the same body as the 2011 LittleMissMatched line, with joints at knee and elbow.

Tween Scene Prettie Girls Alexie


2014 Box Front / Back. 2015 Box Front / Back.
'the feisty, charismatic singer.  She's fiercely protective of her friends and loves adventure.'

Tween Scene Prettie Girls Dhara


2014 Box Front / Back. 2015 Box Front / Back.
'the quick-witted animal-lover who is passionate about the environment.  She also likes eating popcorn with pickles (ew).'

Dhara, also known as Dahlia, was advertised in a floral dress but actually shipped wearing the 'casually cute' fashion pack.

Tween Scene Prettie Girls Hana


2014 Box Front / Back. 2015 Box Front / Back.
'the unique, quirky girl who collects unicorns and dreams of being a pediatrician.'

Tween Scene Prettie Girls Kimani


2014 Box Front / Back. 2015 Box Front / Back.
'the trustworthy, creative girl who loves fashion and reality shows...and can keep a secret.'

Tween Scene Prettie Girls Lena


2014 Box Front / Back. 2015 Box Front / Back.
'the "wiz kid," straight-A student cheerleader who likes video games and science.'

Tween Scene Prettie Girls Valencia


2014 Box Front / Back. 2015 Box Front / Back.
'the fun-loving athlete who likes cooking healthy food but has a weakness for chocolate.'

Tween Scene Prettie Girls Rockstar RageTween Scene Prettie Girls Casually CuteTween Scene Prettie Girls Cool for School
Tween Scene Prettie Girls Fantasy FunTween Scene Prettie Girls Party PerfectTween Scene Prettie Girls Pajamarama

Fashion Packs

 #00. Rockstar Rage. (box front / back)
 #01. Casually Cute. (box front / back)
 #02. Cool for School. (box front / back)
 #03. Fantasy Fun. (box front / back)
 #04. Party Perfect. (box front / back)
 #05. Pajamarama. (box front / back)

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Thursday, 18 April 2019

Little Miss Matched

Little Miss Matched Dolls

Launched in autumn 2011, LMM dolls stood 15.25 inches tall, with rooted hair and oversized 'cartoonish' heads. They had ten points of articulation and, like all Tonner products, were nice quality. Little Miss Matched was an existing brand specialising in girls' apparel and accessories, including their signature three mismatched socks.

c. 2013 the LMM dolls were repackaged in plainer boxes and Artsy was dropped from the line. That was the end of them, though Michaels released soft toy versions in 2012. (Artsy - Rock n Roll - Sporty - Uptown)

LittleMissMatched Dolls

LittleMissMatched Artsy Girl

Artsy Girl

Box Front / Back.

LittleMissMatched Rocker Girl

Rock 'n' Roll Girl

Box Front / Back. Second Box Front / Back.

LittleMissMatched Sporty Girl

Sporty Girl

Box Front / Back. Second Box Front / Back.

LittleMissMatched Uptown Girl

Uptown Girl

Box Front / Back. Second Box Front / Back.

Before the dolls went on general release there was a special set available through QVC, consisting of a blonde Sporty Girl doll wearing the Uptown outfit. The set also included a fashion pack and a pack of three LMM child's socks.

LittleMissMatched Hi Contrast Fashion PackLittleMissMatched Fashion PackLittleMissMatched Pretty Sporty Fashion Pack
LittleMissMatched Mod Pod Fashion PackLittleMissMatched Fashion PackLittleMissMatched Layer On Fashion Pack

Fashion Packs

 Hi Contrast!
 Layer On!
 Mod Pod!
 Pretty Sporty!
 LittleMissMatched Fashion Pack. (back)
 LittleMissMatched Fashion Pack D.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Stardoll by Barbie

Mattel Stardoll by Barbie

Stardoll is a paper doll dress up site geared towards teenage girls; in 2016 it had over 400 million users! In 2011 they went into collaboration with Mattel to release a range of fashion dolls. Each doll came with a voucher for 50 Star dollars to be spent on the site, plus a week's Superstar membership.

The dolls stood 12 inches high, rooted hair and applied lashes, and had bodies designed in the same pose as Stardoll avatars. The trade off was that the doll's legs didn't move, and their larger feet and different body shape made it difficult for them to share clothes with other Barbie lines. There were eight dolls released, two each based on the looks of four different Stardoll stores: Bonjour Bizou, Fallen Angel, Pretty n Love, .

Stardolls by Barbie

★ Bonjour Bizou. (Box Front / Back)
★ Fallen Angel. (Box Front / Back) - see review at ToyBoxPhilosopher.
★ Doll Space. (Box Front / Back)
 Pretty n Love. (Box Front / Back)

★ Doll Space. (Box Front / Back)
★ Pretty n Love. (Box Front / Back)

Stardoll by Barbie Fallen Angel

★ Bonjour Bizou. (Box Front / Back)
★ Fallen Angel. (Box Front / Back)

Barbie Stardoll Pretty in Love Accessory Set
Barbie Stardoll Bonjour Bizou Accessory PackBarbie Stardoll Fallen Angel Accessory Pack

There were three accessory packs released for the line, each with a voucher for 25 virtual star dollars.

★ Bonjour Bizou. (back of box)
★ Fallen Angel. (back of box)
★ Pretty n Love. (back of box)

Stardoll by Barbie Wave 2

Although the second wave of dolls never made it into production, some promo images did do the rounds in 2012. The lines would have been called 'Voile' and 'Rio', respectively.

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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Disney Star Darlings

Jakks Pacific Star Darlings

This line totally passed me by - but I wish it hadn't because the dolls are adorable! Based on Disney's Star Darlings books and cartoons, Jakks Pacific launched these tie-in dolls in November 2015. They stood around 11 inches high, had rooted hair and inset eyes, and were fully articulated bar the ankles.

Unfortunately the line suffered from oversaturation, with release after release following quick on the heels of each other but with very little to distinguish them. Poor sales lead to the line being discontinued in 2017.

Jakks Pacific Star Glow Star Darlings Dolls

Star Glow

★ Leona. (Box Front / Back)
★ Libby. (Box Front / Back)
★ Sage. (Box Front / Back) - see review at ToyBoxPhilosopher.
★ Scarlet. (Box Front / Back)
★ Vega. (Box Front / Back)

The first wave of dolls came in a holographic box, complete with a light up stand and pieces to make a wish necklace. Initially available through the Disney Store, they retailed for $30 each. In the UK they first hit stores in Spring 2016, priced at £20.95 each. They were packaged in the international variant packaging which used name stickers to differentiate the dolls, rather than printed pictures.

(International Variant Box FrontBack - see review at Breanna Burton)

Jakks Pacific Standard Star Darlings Dolls

Star Academy

★ Leona. (Box Front / Back)
★ Libby. (Box Front / Back)
★ Sage. (Box Front / Back)
★ Scarlet. (Box Front / Back)
★ Vega. (Box Front / Back)

This second wave dropped the holographic boxes, stands, and necklaces; instead they came with a ring for their new owner to wear.

Jakks Pacific Star Darlings Band

Sparkle Rock

★ Leona - Singer. (Box Front / Back)
★ Libby - Keytarist. (Box Front / Back)
★ Sage - Lead Guitarist. (Box Front / Back)
★ Scarlet - Drummer. (Box Front / Back)
★ Vega - Bass Guitarist. (Box Front / Back)
★ Star-Rock Musical Stage + Sage Doll. (Box Front / Back)

This wave wore the same outfits but came with instruments.

Jakks Pacific Star Darlings Dolls with Books - LibbyJakks Pacific Star Darlings Dolls with Books - SageJakks Pacific Star Darlings Dolls with Books - Scarlet


★ Libby. (Box Front / Back)
★ Sage. (Box Front / Back)
★ Scarlet. (Box Front / Back)

Again, these dolls were still dressed in the same outfits but were packaged with their book.

Star Darlings Cassie and IttyStar Darlings Sage and M0-J4


★ Cassie and Itty. (Box Front / Back)
★ Sage and M0-J4. (Box Front / Back)

These two were UK Toys R Us exclusives in 2016.

Jakks Pacific Wishworld Dolls


★ Cassie. (Box Front / Back)
★ Piper. (Box Front / Back)
★ Sage. (Box Front / Back)
★ Scarlet. (Box Front / Back)

Leona and Libby were also planned for this line, but never made it into production.

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Monday, 15 April 2019

Pinkie Cooper

Pinkie Cooper

Pinkie Cooper was a real dog of a fashion doll. Seriously! Created by Anjanette Abell and her brother Carter Bryant, the guy behind the Bratz dolls, Pinkie and her besties were based on spaniels. The dolls stood 9 inches high and hit toy stores in 2013. They were articulated at the elbows, had inset eyes and lashes, and boasted the unique feature of being able to swap their hair-slash-ears between dolls.

Sales failed to match up to expectations - despite a tie-in webseries - and Bridge Direct discontinued the line early in 2014.

Pinkie Cooper Runway Collection 2013

Runway Collection

★ Pinkie Cooper.
★ Ginger Jones.
★ Pepper Parson. (back of box)

These dolls originally retailed for £14.99 each. The UK versions had little hats instead of clips, for reasons best known to Bridge Direct. (Pinkie / Ginger / Pepper)

Pinkie Cooper Travel Deluxe Collection

Deluxe Travel Collection

★ Pinkie Cooper and Pet Beverly Hills.
★ Pinkie Cooper and Pet London.
★ Pinkie Cooper and Pet Paris. (back of box)

This range originally retailed at £24.99 each. The dolls were later repackaged into the basic boxes without pets and sold at reduced prices, presumably to shift stock. (Beverly Hills / London / Paris)

Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets

Jet Set Pets

★ Li'l Pinkie.
★ Saltine.
★ Sprinkles.

These were priced at £9.99 each.

Pinkie Cooper Party Collection Fashion Packs

Night Out Fashion Packs

★ Pinkie Cooper. (back of box)
★ Ginger Jones. (back of box)
★ Pepper Parson. (back of box)

Pinkie Cooper Wardrobe CasePinkie Cooper Wardrobe Case Back

Pinkie Cooper Wardrobe Case Inside

Jet Setting Wardrobe Case

Pinkie Cooper Cabana Cool

Cabana Cool (unreleased)

Pinkie Cooper Deluxe Resort Dolls and Pets

Deluxe Resort (unreleased)

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