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Welsh UFO Sightings 1974

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1974. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Llyn Peninsular

"In January l974 Gwynfor Jones who is an Agricultural Contractor was working in the Llyn Peninsular near Whispering Sands at Garn Fadryn (North Wales). He had to replace some fencing. The grass on this slope was 5/6 inches high, when he got to the top he looked down and could see 4 distinct squares in the grass, forming a square. He went down to examine them, as he knew no one ever went on that hill. They looked as though the grass had been charred away. He called the farmer to look at them and he was equally mystified as no farm tractors or any other implements went on this hill; neither could any people without his knowing. In any case he said, people never thought of going there, it led nowhere and was private property belonging to the farmer."

Margaret Fry, Link to the Stars.

Wednesday 23rd January
Llandrillo, Clwyd

This was the night of Wales' answer to Roswell - the Berwyn Mountain crash. Strange lights were seen in the sky from about 19:30 onwards, and then at 20:30 there was what felt like an explosion. Some say it was an earthquake with accompanying earth lights. Others are convinced it was the crash of an alien craft. Police and mountain rescue were soon on scene, but whether that was the result of the worried phone calls jamming switch boards or something more sinister remains much debated. I'll do a full blog post on it in due course.

Saturday 26th January, 18:00

V4/N5 of BUFORA briefly mentioned it.

Monday 4th February
South Stacks, Holyhead, Anglesey

A plane like object washed up on shore. It was nine foot long with a wingspan of five feet. It had a black aluminium body and the remains of an aerial. Both the RAF and Aberporth Range Establishment were sure it was not one of their vehicles.

DEFE-24-1948 102

Friday 15th February
Pen-y-Bryn, Llandrillo

Gamekeeper Geraint Edwards and a friend were driving on the way to the pub at about 6.45 pm and something attracted their attention towards the south-east, so they stopped for a better look. They noticed a rugby-ball shaped object with pointy ends, all red and motionless in the sky, about 60 - 100 feet above the horizon of a mountain. It took off suddenly 'like lightning' horizontally behind the mountain and out of sight.

Source: Documentary - 'Britain's Closest Encounters' 2008

Monday 8th April, 03:40
Monkton, Dyfed

BUFORA V4/N10 classified the sighting as "possible helicopter".

Sunday June 14th or 21st, 10:50
Tynant-Beddau, Glamorgan

Over a period of ten days the chief witness, a housewife, sighted fourteen bright lights travelling silently through the sky. The first of these was observed from a bedroom window, others were seen on brief skywatches purposely to find them. A visit was also made to a nearby mountain where eight lights were seen in a few hours and a comparison was possible with two aircraft which flew over (the lights were different and these were heard). 

There were other witnesses to these latter sightings (her son and daughter-in-1aw), the most spectacular report was of a brilliant white star-like object, very low and large in size. It seemed to be surrounded by a fuzzy halo and gave an impression of revolving. It was in view for five or six minutes silently gliding out of sight over a mountain. This was witnessed by all her family and her next door neighbour (7 in all) and all were highly impressed by it. 

It should be noted that the witness is an oil paint artist so presumably has a flair for detail, but inconsistencies (particularly in dates of sightings) do occur.

Report 74-034 from BUFORA V4/N4. V4/N7 concluded the sighting was of satellites.

Wednesday 14th August (approximate date), 02:00
Near Abergavenny

A professional artist (name witheld) was motoring near this town when he saw an elliptical object, sharply outlined against the sky. He immediately drew a quick picture of it, after first stopping his car. After about five minutes the object became transparent, and then vanished. Throughout the duration of this sighting, this object remained completely stationary. (Awareness V3/N4.)

Saturday 17th August, 22:30

Sighting listed in BUFORA V4/N10 as being investigated by Miss J Randles who found insufficient data to draw conclusions.

Thursday 26th December
Hook, Haverfordwest

SEARCH FOR A UFO..... A party of villagers from Hook, near Haverfordwest, made a thorough search at the weekend of an area beside the Western Cleddau River where several people saw a red object fall from the sky a fortnight ago. 

But there was no trace of any UFO which may have fallen in the area. The red ball was seen on Boxing Day by Mr Cyril Hughes, a garage proprietor, who immediately stopped to investigate. 

Since then, several other people said they saw the glowing object in the sky and a member of the international organisation interested in unidentified flying objects, Mr Randall Jones Pugh of Roch, near Haverfordwest has investigated the phenomenon and will prepare a report for the organisation. 

The search party covered a large area of woods, mud flats and fields at the weekend, but the glowing object remains a mystery.

From the South Wales Evening Post, Monday January 6th 1975. BUFORA V4/N10 concluded this sighting was a bolide.

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[Almost] Death on the Canal - 1885, PC Lawrence

Death on the (Mon & Brec) Canal

I did the basic research for this blog series a couple of years ago. Then, as usual, flitted along to the next thing that caught my interest. Now I'm trying to flesh the cases out and present to you my justification for not being a fan of walking along the canal on dark and lonely nights... For more canal deaths, check out the master post.


Not everyone who ended up in the canal lost their lives in it. While researching this series there were plenty of reports of 'near misses' to be found in the newspapers. So, to make the whole project slightly less morbid, every last Saturday of the month will be the case of someone who survived the Mon & Brec!

The Saturday 9th May 1885 edition of the Weekly Mail reported, repeating a piece from the Western Mail on May 6th, that an unnamed man had been rescued from the canal in Cwmbran on the night of Monday 4th May.

Weekly Mail 9th May 1885

Having fallen in near the Forge Hammer Inn, the man cried for help and was saved by Police Constable Lawrence who used his belt to get the man out. Although we're not given the poor man's name, we can trace the most likely candidate for PC Lawrence - Osborne Lawrence (b. 1861) who is listed on the 1891 census as a police officer living in Trevethin with his wife.

Osborne Lawrence 1891 census

In September 1884 PC Lawrence found himself in the Western Mail under somewhat less heroic circumstances... For several nights he was put on night watch duty at the home of Mr. Place, the blast manager of the works, to get to the bottom of a supposed haunting. Doubtless expecting trouble makers of the living kind, PC Lawrence saw "the form of a man approach the window and peer through. With the valour of a policeman he first threw his staff at the object—and then fainted. On recovering he declared that directly he threw his staff the object vanished."

Read the full story of the 'Cwmbran Ghost' HERE.

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Welsh UFO Sightings 1975

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1975. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

January 1975

Nick Thomas was with his sister travelling by car one evening along the coastal road on St. Brides Bay. They observed for about 20 minutes a massive fluorescent ball offshore from Abereiddy. The sphere changed form into a perfect rectangle and shot off at incredible speed to the horizon. They reported the sighting to Randall Jones-Pugh.


BUFORA V6/N1 (May / June 1977) reported that Randall Jones-Pugh had interviewed two young men "who on a clear night in January 1975 found some cattle they had gone to collect by tractor, huddled in a tight group at the bottom of the field. They saw a light shining through a hedge, which rose, moved in their direction hovering briefly 30 feet away and 3 feet above ground. Shaped like a rugby ball 18 inches long, it moved slowly away at an angle."

Milford Haven

The Western Mail of February 27th 1975 reported:

A new twist to the UFO mystery came last week with the sighting by two Pembroke Dock teenagers of a strange white light over the Haven. This and another independent sighting were reported to the police.

Sixteen-year-old Ted O'Mara, 25 Church Street, spent Tuesday night of last week at the home of his friend, 14-year-old Roy Roberts, 23 King Street. After watching a soccer match on television the boys played cards before going to bed. Roy said this week: 'My bedroom overlooks the Haven and while we were playing cards - at about 12:45 a.m. on Wednesday - it was suddenly filled with a very bright light. We looked out of the window and saw an object spinning across the sky.'

Ted O'Mara recalled that the object was high over the Haven Bridge when they first observed it. 'It was a cone of light, red on top and spinning so that we could see that there were three other different coloured lights on it, blue, green and orange. The sky was clear and the night was still, and when we opened the window we could hear a whirring noise, like the humming of a top. It seemed to be hovering when we first saw it, but it suddenly moved off at fantastic speed, the fastest I've ever seen anything move in the sky, towards Milford Haven and westward. We watched it for a few more minutes and then there was a faint flash, like distant lightning, and it disappeared.

Neither boy was sure of the object's height, but Roy said: 'As the outline, in the shape of a cone, was so well lit, I got the impression that it was not very high. If it had been moving at a great height the outline would not have been so clearly visible to the naked eye. It was a beautifully-clear night, with no cloud.'

Another sighting was made by Miss Heather Kiff, a member of the staff at the Mentally Handicapped Unit at the South Pembrokeshire Hospital, who saw the object as she was going home shortly after 12:50 a.m.

The police at Pembroke Dock said yesterday that they had received no other reports concerning the mysterious object. It was only last summer that the police themselves were involved in a UFO sighting at nearby Pembroke. Three officers on pre-dawn motor patrol duty in the town spotted several strange objects moving at great speed across the town. The objects were also seen by a number of boys camping out on Monkton shore. On the north side of the Haven there have been recent reports of UFOs at Hook and at Clarbeston Road.

Tuesday 1st May
Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys

The Price family - Mr Price (44), Mrs Price (38), and their two sons (13 and 3) - were travelling by train across central Wales when they saw two balls of orange / white light, one atop the other, over a hill. The family watched the lights remain stationary for 15 to 20 minutes, and about midway through a third object joined them to form a triangle. The report was featured in NUFON #37 of June 1977.

NUFON #37 June 1977

MUFON #96629
Monday 30th June, c. 21:00

Witness was travelling by car from Presteigne towards Llandrindod Wells, through Penybont Common. They saw a craft 'shaped like one cereal dish on top of another' moving from behind a small mountain and hovering over the road. It was about 300 feet away, and was revolving with lighted windows. Witness watched it for about 15 seconds before it shot back quickly in the direction it had come from. The sighting was reported to MUFON 43 years later on 27/11/2018.

"Traveling through pennybont common from prestiegne towards llandrindod wells | we were traveling in a car from prestiegne on the road through pennybont common towards llandrindod wells.The craft shaped like one cerial dish on top of another moved from behind a small mountain and hovered over the road we were traveling on.It was about 300 feet away and revolving with lighted windows it was quite obvious that it was a ufo type craft ,we looked at it for about 15 seconds when the craft then shot back quickly from where it came.It was about 9pm just going dusk.I have never been near the site from that day."

July 1975, 01:00
Carmarthen Bay

Tyrone Davies was an officer of the MOD Police Force at the Proof and Experimental Establishment at Pendine, and lived with his wife in the police house at Woodend Estate. This Saturday night it was hot and he was unable to sleep so he decided to get out of bed and get some fresh air. He looked out of his bedroom window and saw multi-coloured flickering lights coming from some kind of craft hovering above sea level in Carmarthen Bay.

His initial thoughts were that the lights came from a search and rescue helicopter carrying out a sea rescue in the bay. Being a police officer he was curious as to what was happening and he continued to watch.

"Then there was a sudden movement, the craft in question with lights still flickering started moving slowly above sea level across Carmarthen Bay before finally coming to a stop above Laugharne estuary [Taf Estuary]. This journey took approximately 25 minutes to complete. I observed these lights for approximately 20 more minutes. Then suddenly the craft lit up (like someone in the dark switching on a powerful torch). This light took off at great speed, climbing upwards into space, leaving a tail of light in its wake. The journey to space took only a few seconds before disappearing from view."

The following day Tyrone made some enquiries with negative results.

Source: SUFON Files - witness correspondence 2018.

July, midnight

Mrs S. Birchall of Llysfaen was putting the dog out just after midnight when she saw a large golden star like object. It was about two thirds of the distance between Betws-yn-Rhos and Rhyd-y-Foel, nearer the latter. Through binoculars the object seemed to be turning and had flames spreading out behind it like hair. The Fountain Journal #1 (Easter 1976) published details of the sighting:

Thursday 10th July, c. 13:00
Ewloe, Clwyd

Mr and Mrs Taylor were driving home to Manchester along the A55 on a sunny afternoon when they saw a very tall figure in a silver suit with a face mask. They went public with the encounter in 1977 after hearing Pauline Coombes describe her sighting of, to their minds, a very similar being at Ripperston Farm.

The figure seemed to be around 7 foot tall and appeared to have climbed down a nearby steep embankment. As they passed it looked at them and then picked something up from the roadside. They spoke to Pauline Coombes via BBC Radio in April 1977, and their case was investigated by Ron Sergeant, Simon Dee, and Paul Whetnall, among others.

NUFON 41 October 1977
NUFON 41 October 1977

Tuesday 22nd July

SUFON summary:

"In July 1975, Trevor P., then aged fourteen, was accompanying his parents in the viewing of a cottage in the Machynlleth area of Mid-Wales. Trevor decided to go for a ramble up the 250-foot Wylfa Hill nearby while his parents were busying themselves. On reaching the top of the small hill the boy saw a strange object resting on the ground a short distance away from him. He darted behind some boulders to observe it. It had a brilliantly illuminated hemispherical dome, which was transparent; this was resting on a silver coloured base which had large lights about its circumference. The whole thing was about forty feet across. Inside the dome Trevor could see a 'big metal' unit or irregular shape. Also inside the dome were two moving forms - large, odd-shaped pieces of jelly-like substance. These were a whitish translucent colour containing many white discs and were about seven feet tall. They were constantly changing shape. Trevor took all this in in less than a minute.

He then saw an opening appear in the base and one of the jellies 'floated' towards this and emerged from the UFO. Trevor ran off down the hill, babbled excitedly to his father and then ran back to the scene of the extraordinary events. By now the UFO was 'closed' again with both jelly entities inside and a constant noise was coming from it. The UFO's lights began to flash at an increasing rate until the colours seemed to 'blend' with the colours of the surrounding landscape and the whole object became invisible. Trevor ran back to his father shouting 'You won't believe me - come on!' and urging him up the hill. On the top the father was unable to see anything unusual but he did hear a strange noise. Trevor subsequently suffered unfortunate after-effects: the following day his speech became impaired; three weeks later his left eye became blind, then this changed to his right eye and became almost total before easing. He also underwent a personality change and up to 1978 at least was still undergoing psychiatric treatment."

BUFORA bulletin #78 (1983) included a full report on the incident:

Flying Saucer Review also covered this case - I have the clippings on a memory stick *somewhere* so will edit them in once I track them down!

October or November 1975, c. 22:30

Clear sky. The witness said this event occurred in the early winter of 1975, so may be October or November.

David Harrison, a bus driver, had just finished his shift and had left the Crossville bus garage in Aberaeron for his home in Pen-Y-Fron, Talsarn, riding his moped. At Cilcennin, heading south-east something in the sky to his right caught his eye. He stopped his moped for a better look, and saw an object at two o'clock at about 45 degrees elevation. He described it as cigar-shaped, and it had a row of circular lights along its upper half, which pulsated blue and yellow. The object was moving slowly on a horizontal course, in the direction of Aberaeron, from left to right. There was no sound and no navigation lights were displayed, which made David realise that it was not an aeroplane.

After watching it move slowly along for ten minutes, the object then suddenly shot upwards at an angle to the right, disappearing from view.

Source: SUFON Files - witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 23 August 2017.

Tuesday 25th November

Three men travelling home from work. As they drove from Manmoel they saw a bright, flashing light above Rhiw Hill. The glow then flew eastwards at an incredible speed.

Source: 'Folklore of Blaenau Gwent' leaflet via SUFON.

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Welsh UFO Sightings 1875

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1875. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Griffith Thomas Picton Jones

Wednesday 17th February 1875

Griffith Thomas Picton-Jones, a solicitor and five time Mayor of Pwllheli, wrote in Field magazine of strange lights he had recently observed:

"We witnessed here what we have never seen before certain lights, eight in number, extending over a distance of 8 miles. All seemed to keep their own ground, although moving in a horizontal, perpendicular and zig-zag directions. Sometimes they were of a light blue colour, then like the bright light of a carriage lamp, then almost like an electric light, and going out altogether, in a few minutes (they) would appear again dimly, and come up as before."

Llangollen Advertiser, March 5th 1875.

Picton-Jones wrote a letter to the Cambrian News detailing his second sighting on Sunday 27th February 1875.

Yoke House, Pwllheli, 2nd March, 1875. —
The curious lights appeared again on Sunday night. We saw twelve at the same time; two were very bright, the one of a red, the other of a blue colour. They were inland, the same as before, but from what we could observe they did not confine themselves to marshy ground, although at first they seemed to rise from the ground where we knew there were swamps.

It was a very dark and foggy night, and my brother, my son Percy, my keeper and I went out about a mile to see if we could get near them. When we had gone about half a mile we observed four or five behind us. We went to the farm adjoining, and called their attention to them. Mrs. Picton-Jones and two servants watched them for an hour and a half, and had, from their description, a better view than we had, as we were occasionally in hollows.

On our way home from Bryntani farm we saw a bright light at Yoke House, which we all thought was a lamp put out to direct us home, the night being so dark and our course across country. The other servants by this time, having come home from church and chapel, were watching the curious antics of the lights.

I should mention that we had a lamp with us, but it was darkened, except when we came to banks or ditches. Those at Yoke House saw the same light, and thought it was our lamp, but were all mistaken, as, when we got within about 200 yards of our pond, the light turned into a deep blue colour and disappeared. In front of the other pool there are some sheds, and one light that had appeared before we started seemed to go in and out, round the corner, on to the cart horse stable, round its gable end, then on to the barn, exactly the same as if it were a human being, with the exception of rising to such a height that even 'Tall Agrippa' could not come up to it.

Their movements and the distance which they spread were the same as described before. Our house is about three-quarters of a mile from the Cardigan Bay, and the promontory is about seven miles as the crow flies. Last night they did not appear, but we saw several flashes of lightning.
— I am, sir, your obedient servant, G. T. Picton-Jones. 

 The Cambrian News of 12th March published a short follow up:

Cambrian News

All the coverage encouraged a flurry of letters from readers who had also seen strange lights, though usually years previously.

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Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm

D.C. Thomson launched this bi-monthly title in October 1979. Issues were 68 pages of reprints from earlier titles; Lucky Charm lasted 30 issues before folding in summer 1984.


#01. October 1979.
#02. December 1979. Overview available at Girls' Comics of Yesterday.
#03. February 1980. Overview available at Girls' Comics of Yesterday.
#04. April 1980.
#05. June 1980.
#06. August 1980.
#07. October 1980. Overview available at Girls' Comics of Yesterday.
#08. December 1980. Overview available at Girls' Comics of Yesterday.
#09. February 1981. Overview available at Girls' Comics of Yesterday.
#10. April 1981. Overview available at Girls' Comics of Yesterday.
#11. June 1981.
#12. August 1981.
#13. October 1981.
#14. December 1981.
#15. February 1982.
#16. April 1982. Full scan available at British Comics.
#17. June 1982.
#18. August 1982. Overview available at Girls' Comics of Yesterday.
#19. October 1982.
#20. December 1982.
#21. February 1983.
#22. April 1983. Overview available at Girls' Comics of Yesterday.
#23. June 1983.
#24. August 1983.
#25. October 1983. Overview available at Girls' Comics of Yesterday.
#26. December 1983.
#27. February 1984.
#28. April 1984.
#29. June 1984.
#30. August 1984.

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