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Welsh UFO Sightings 1967

Welsh UFO Sightings

Sightings from across Wales in 1967. For UFO sightings from other years please click HERE.

March 14th, 17:20

Cigar shaped UFO. The UFO Register categorised the sighting as A, aka genuine UFO. Awareness magazine for 1967 wrote:

Cigar Shaped Craft Over Cardiff: Brian Wright, a zoology student, was admiring the view from the window of a university building in Cardiff at 5:20pm on the 14th March, when he noticed "an elongated brilliant white craft" in the sky. The colour, he said, "was similar to that of burning magnesium." The cigar-shaped object was approximately two miles away; he was unable to estimate its true size. After five minutes it began to move away, gradually fading and eventually disappearing over the television masts at Wenvoe. The object was in view for a total of eight minutes.

July 10th, 00:05
Pyle, Glamorgan
Saucer shaped UFO emerging from clouds, the UFO Register categorised the sighting as A - aka genuine UFO. The Western Mail reported on the sighting in 1970:

Very warm, still night, overcast and dark. 35-year-old Clive Menadue, living in Beach Road, Pyle, was putting the cat out. It was a pleasant night and Clive stayed for a look around. His wife, Sylvia was in the kitchenette washing up.

He then noticed, fairly low on the horizon, "something that looked like electric light reflected off telegraph wires. I couldn't quite make it out. Suddenly a red object about the size of a star appeared from the horizon to the left of the thing I was looking at. It was going at a terrific pace blurred for a moment and then stopped a little to the left and below this object. The red object started to flash red, white, red, white, for some seconds - flashing like the light on top of a police car. I called Sylvia out then and we just stopped and watched. There was nothing else we could do. There was a kind of bright, white, silent explosion and the sky was lit up with the kind of light you get from magnesium. It was one of the most horrible moments of my life. It sounds ridiculous, but I thought someone had dropped an atom bomb a long way off.

"In the centre of this expanding light there was a cloud outlined. Then the spreading light started to contract and through-out the sighting it kept up a steady rhythm of expansion and contraction. The light diminished in brilliance so that you could see the ground beneath clearly and the clouds above. In the centre of the light, I clearly saw one huge roundish cloud and a similar one attached to it at the top-right hand corner.

"Now it begins to be really unbelievable....but anyway, both these clouds began to spin in a clockwise direction. The smaller, right-hand one moved away from the large cloud some distance, and they were both gathering speed all the time. They were spinning like two very thick smoke-rings. The smaller one went back above the dead centre of the other one and became part of it. Then as the object was spinning, it appeared to take shape very much like someone forming something on a potter's wheel. It became a classic saucer shape. It became solid to look at. It had an opaque, glassy surface that reflected light, and it was still slightly spinning.

"By this time I was shattered. Sylvia was frightened and trying to pull me indoors, so I asked her to go upstairs and give me an old pair of binoculars, because I thought it would give her something to think about and take her mind off things. Not that the binoculars would have been of much use, anyway. When she was away millions of coloured lights appeared under the rim of the saucer. They were very rich crimson, gold and blue, such as you get from a firework.

"They began dispersing and when Sylvia came back there were just a few sparks underneath the rim of the object. Next a broken red or crimson line appeared on the saucer very close to the rim and began turning with the saucer. It just hung there in the sky....a perfectly black sky with no moon or stars to distract you. After a few minutes the light which had been expanding and contracting behind the saucer began to get dimmer and dimmer. It became so dim in the end that you couldn't really make out what was there. Eventually the light disappeared completely, and there was no sign of the saucer at all.

"Then the red, star-like object appeared again near the saucer. It flashed red, white again for some seconds. Then, from a standing start, it just shot back in the direction from which it had come and disappeared over the horizon."

He reckoned the whole episode took seven or eight minutes. Afterwards, they dashed over the road to his in-laws' house, but there was nothing to see by then. They were up until three in the morning, wondering what might happen. He made it clear that neither he nor his wife had been drinking. It was suggested that the red light was at the steelworks at Margam, but he said it was in the wrong direction and he was familiar with it anyway. He also ruled out the moon behind the clouds as he had seen that hundreds of times, and a helicopter.

August 31st
Near Prestatyn

The UFO Register listed it as sighting type #57 "grid-like: Can be square, round, closed or open" and categorised it C, aka possible UFO.

Saturday September
Treboeth, Swansea

Tom James, age 21, was at home in Heol Cnap, Treboeth one Saturday evening in September 1967. It was a clear night with no clouds. He was just leaving the house with his girlfriend and her mother, and from the garden spotted 8 or 9 lights or flat discs in close formation moving directly over them, travelling towards Mumbles direction (north-east to south-west). There was no sound and they continued on a straight course to the south-west until out of sight. Tom admits that they may have been lights on an object, but he could not see the object, just the lights.

Source: SUFON Files: Tom James interviewed 15 September 2015.

October 9th, 2:30
Rhuddlan, Flintshire

Oval shaped UFO. The UFO Register categorised the sighting B, aka probable UFO.

Wednesday October 25th
Over sea, off Rhoose, Glamorgan

Cylinder shaped UFO reported in the Western Mail of October 26th 1967. The UFO Register categorised it as A, aka genuine UFO.

Wednesday October 25th

SIR. - Why all this fuss about seeing objects in the air? I saw a light on October 25, at 6.40 a.m. Travelling at a fast speed it turned away in another direction and I lost sight of it.

Something like this was happening nearly 60 years ago, when there were no aeroplanes or anything about. It was said at that time it was a star falling. It was a very bright light travelling at ground level very fast. It used to be called "Seren a Chynffon."


Source: Western Mail Tuesday 7 November 1967.

Thursday October 26th, 07:00

Raymond Harwood, a 14-year-old paper boy went into the newsagents shop in Morriston where he worked and told his employer that he had seen 'those crosses' in the sky, which had been in the news lately.

His boss, Mr T. Morgan said, "I thought he was pulling my leg. But when I went outside, I saw two crucifix shapes about 50-ft wide over the BP refinery at Llandarcy [east]. They were at cloud level, well below the stars which were still out and very much brighter. I went back into the shop to serve customers and when I came out again, they were still there."

56-year-old Mr Morgan said that the crosses remained stationary in the sky for at least 20 minutes. Then one disappeared and the other faded with daylight. "I was certainly very surprised to see these objects. I was sceptical when I read about them in the newspapers and thought that they must be reflections. Now I am quite convinced that they are some kind of flying saucer. I have never seen anything like them before - and neither had one of my customers whom I showed them to."

The paperboy Raymond, who lived at Heol Tirdu, Cwmrhydyceirw, Morriston, took the flying crosses in his stride. He dashed off to Pentrepoeth Secondary School, Morriston, to tell friends all about it.

Source: South Wales Evening Post Thursday 26 October 1967.

Friday October 27th, 02:15

From the vicinity of the Vetch Field, Swansea, an unidentified flying object was spotted. It was described to the Evening Post as "a round, head-light effect with two rays shining ground wards." It was seen high in the sky in the direction of Port Talbot.

Source: 'South Wales Evening Post' Friday 27 October 1967.

October 29th, 14:00
Dyserth, Flintshire

Bar shaped UFO. The UFO Register categorised the sighting A, aka genuine UFO.

October 30th, 18:00
Gilwern, Breconshire

Round UFO. Reported in the Abergavenny Chronicle of November 1st 1967. The UFO Register categorised the sighting B, aka probable UFO.

Sunday November 12th, 21:30
Sully, Glamorganshire

Two girls, Heather Williams and Pamela Chamberlain of Smithies Avenue, Sully, were standing at the top of Burnham Avenue, Sully. They saw an object in the sky. It was described as a "huge silver-coloured object, far too big to be an aeroplane, flew at great speed across the sky in the direction of Ireland, or anyway, westwards."

Source: 'Barry & District News' Thursday 16 November 1967.

Monday November 13th, 18:20
Near Dyserth, Flintshire
Oblong shaped UFO. Reported in the Rhyl & Prestatyn Gazette of November 17th 1967. The UFO Register categorised the sighting A, aka genuine UFO.

Monday November 13th

8 PM. Raymond Patterson of 20 St. Luke's Avenue, Penarth saw 'a very bright object flying above the trees.' He told his friend, Mr T. A. Hague of 27 Hickman Road, Penarth, who had his own sighting later that evening (see next report).

After learning of his friend, Raymond Patterson's sighting at 8 PM, Mr T A Hague went home to 27 Hickman Road, Penarth, set up his camera in an upstairs room and waited. "At about 11 PM, I saw a yellow globe of light travelling above the roof tops. It seemed to sway to and fro, a very bright yellow light which then changed to orange. The amazing thing about it was that it did not collide with anything, nor did it light up the buildings." The object made no sound but Mr Hague recalled a strong smell of chemicals after the object had disappeared. Mr Hague took a photograph of the object over Penarth-Leckwith area.

Source: 'Penarth Times' 24 November 1967.

Tuesday November 14th, 19:50

Mrs M. V. Harfoot was in her garden at 2 Raglan Close, Dinas Powys, pegging out some clothes on the line when she saw what she described as "a big orange ball" in the sky over the Distillers in Sully [SW]. At first she thought it was a flame burning off excess gas at the Distillers, a sight with which all local inhabitants are familiar. Then as it moved she realised this was not possible, and called her husband. Mr Harfoot thought the object was too low to be an aeroplane; it descended lower and then moved upwards again, forming a semi circle.

A third person, Mr J. Davies of Barry, who was working at the Harfoot's house at the time, also witnessed the incident.

"The whole thing lasted only 2-3 minutes," said Mrs Harfoot, "it was just like the colours you see in the fire, yellow and orange intermingling but in a huge ball. I immediately rang the BBC and they phoned Rhoose and St. Athan, but they could not give an explanation as to what this strange object might be."

Barry Police were also contacted but apparently there had been no other reports.

Source: Penarth Times Friday 17 November 1967.

November, 22:30
Coedpenmaen, Pontypridd

'Upon arriving home from an evening at the YMCA, I was surprised to see my parents and about eight of our neighbours standing on the corner of Pleasant View and our road, known only as Off Merthyr Road. As I approached, my father pointed to an orange coloured light hovering over the north-eastern part of Coedpenmaen. My father told me that they'd been watching the object for nearly a quarter of an hour. 
I stood there with them and watched it for another 5 or 6 minutes, when suddenly the object turned a silver colour and silently exploded into hundreds of silver pieces, then it was gone. About a minute later there was a noticeable smell of sulphur in the air. the object/light appeared to be about 100 feet above the rooftops and trees, and estimate of size would be approx. 10 to 15 feet in diameter. It had a similar appearance to a flare, but without the tail, the circumference edge being undefined. It had not moved position from when it was first observed until it disappeared. the night was clear and the weather conditions were mild for the time of year, with barely noticeable breeze.'

Source: SUFON 2018.

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To Return or Not To Return...

Back to School?
That is the question.

In Wales schools are reopening their doors this week for all children in foundation phase (i.e. nursery, reception, year one and year two). When the announcement was made a few weeks ago I felt like kicking my heels in the air for joy. 

Marianna is lonely, miserable, and prefers kicking and screaming to any of the work her teacher has set her. 

I should have been better prepared for this eventuality but, sadly, I was an uber-swot who got all misty eyed over stories of Victorian girls and their governesses, quietly practising their copperplate all day everyday. Marianna has a major meltdown every time I try to get her to write more than three words together.

Because she isn't a mini me. I might have been more than happy in my own company, nose stuck in a book and head off in the clouds, but Marianna swerves dangerously from anger to depression and back again.

She's bored, frustrated, and sick and tired of having nobody but her parents for playmates. 

So, what I'm saying is, my decision should be obvious. The school will be open from Wednesday, the government says it's perfectly safe, and I know Marianna's mental health will greatly benefit.

And, yet. 

I trust the government's promises of safety about as much as I'd trust a hungry crocodile not to bite my foot off. 


It's rare for children to die from Covid-19, but they do. There had been five deaths by last August. There have been at least another eight since, including a seven-year-old at the beginning of this month. Just last week a thirteen-year-old with no underlying health conditions died in England.

Hundreds of UK children have needed intensive care treatment, thousands have been hospitalised, and dozens (at least) are now living with long-covid. Statistically the numbers are negligible. For the children and their families every single one of these cases is an avoidable tragedy.

I'm reasonably sure Marianna has already had coronavirus. She was very ill with fever after returning to school in September, although she tested negative then. She wasn't ill when the rest of us contracted coronavirus in October, but if her symptoms were mild chances are none of us would have been able to notice. We didn't get her tested as she needed to stay home anyway and, well, if you've tried to stick a swab up a five year old's nose and down their throat you'll understand why we weren't keen to repeat the experience.

The problem, either way, is that we now know it doesn't matter if you've had it. You can get it again.

Worse than the first time around.

I'm not too proud to admit that thought frightens me. It wasn't the sickest I've ever been, having coronavirus, but then again it wasn't so very far off either. Aside from the coughing fits I felt dizzy and disassociated. I'd pass out and lose time, and when I was awake I struggled to concentrate. It seemed to go on for a very long time and even when it was over it affected my smell, taste, and left me feeling completely drained of energy for weeks afterwards.

Marianna suffering any of that instead of me doesn't even bear thinking about. To continue to watch her spend her days crying will break my heart. To fight the home school battle every day is not good for anyone.

question marks

It all cycles back around to the fact that I don't know what to do for the best.

Online learning for foundation phase will end this week as extra motivation to follow government advice. I have a school governors meeting later as I'm chair of the board at Marianna's school. I have 100% confidence the school will do everything within its power to mitigate the risks. 

But it can't remove them. 

Ultimately the decision rests on parents' shoulders alone. I certainly won't blame anyone who chooses to keep their children home longer. 

I just wish I could fully commit one way or the other. :/

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Crazy Figure Dolls

Crazy Figure 1/12 Scale 
Crazy Figure have been producing 1/12 scale action figures since 2018, beginning with US forces from 1993's Operation Gothic Serpent in Somalia, then moving on to Russian Spetsnaz special forces during the 2004 Beslan school siege. They've also teamed up with Rock Toys to produce uniformed US police figures.

The fully dressed figures retail at about £80 each, while the base bodies can be picked up from around £22. There are two base bodies available so far - both caucasian red heads - but hopefully we'll see more soon!

I don't think I'll ever really understand the appeal of soldier figures, hence why I'm not part of the target audience, but I am appreciative that the collecting community has taken 1/12 scale to heart. For years realistic 1/12 head sculpts, fully articulated bodies, and detailed modern clothing has been an impossible dream unless you have mega bucks to spend. My doll house is certainly reaping the benefit!

Crazy Figure LT001Crazy Figure LT002

Crazy Figure 1/12

Crazy Figure LW006

Crazy Figure Beslan 

Crazy Figure LW008
★ RS002 - contents.

Crazy Figure RS002 

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This Week - 21/02/2020

You Are Out Of This World

This week Cwmbran was graced with BoJo's presence... I really can't think of anything nice to say about it so I'll just leave it there!

We celebrated pancake day by eating as many pancakes as humanly possible, Anthony lay the new bathroom flooring, and I have immersed myself about 20 foot deep in UFO literature! I figured I would trawl the records to look for interesting cases to write up for the blog, which morphed into creating a year by year overview to back it up, which quickly turned into reading through the amazing AFU Archives for the Unexplained. They have digitised thousands of magazines, bulletins and newsletters relating to UFOs and other unexplained phenomena. 

Maybe one day I'll use all this info I'm collating for something interesting like a book. More likely I'll gorge, lose interest, and move onto the next new shiny thing. I'll just enjoy the research motivation while it lasts!

On the blog I posted a masterlist for these year by year Welsh UFO sightings - along with a few completed years - and a guide to Billie Eilish dolls. I also dusted off a previously unposted 'Friday Five' chronicling five near misses in the watery depths of the Cwmbran stretch of canal...

Deal of the Week -

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Song of the Week -

Man's World - MARINA

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Death on the Canal - Five Near Misses

Friday Five

One day I will finally finish my article on the apparent dangers of the Cwmbran stretch of the Mon and Brec canal. One distant day... Until then here are five tales of people who narrowly avoided a watery grave within its confines!

#05. Rescued From Drowning
About ten o'clock on Monday night Police-Constable Lawrence saved a man's life who had fallen into the canal near the Forge Hammer Inn. The man cried for help, and the policeman, by means of his belt, got him out. 
- Weekly Mail, 09 May 1885
Regular readers might remember PC Lawrence as the police officer who fainted at the sight of the Cwmbran Ghost.

#04. Attempted Suicide

On Sunday night last, a woman named Mary Ann Jenkins, living at Spring Vale, in the parish of Llanvrechva, attempted to commit suicide by throwing herself into the canal, near Cwmbran furnaces. A person named John Jones, who was near the spot at the time, succeeded in dragging the poor woman out of the canal, when she stated that her reason for attempting to commit suicide was that her husband was an irreclaimable drunkard. 
- Monmouthshire Merlin, 18 October 1856.


#03. Cwmbran Man's Escapade

Hooked Out of the Canal by a Boatman. At a special police-court at Pontypool yesterday, Sidney Strange, a labourer, of Cwmbran, was charged with being drunk at Griffithstown on the previous night. The evidence showed that defendant fell into the Monmouthshire Canal, and was pulled out by a boatman with his hook. The man being in an exhausted condition, a police-constable was sent for from Griffithstown, whither the man was removed in a barrow. A local doctor found the man to be worse for drink. The presiding magistrate imposed a fine of 5s., with the doctor's fee of 7s. 6d. 
 - Evening Express, 18 February 1902

This was not Mr. Strange's first brush with newspaper fame. In December 1893 he was sentenced to 21 days' hard labour for stealing 3lbs of tobacco, worth 15s, from the grocers E. and J. Richards.

#02. Rescue From Drowning

On Saturday last Messrs. Andrews and Baby, railway wagon builders, gave their workmen the annual picnic. The party proceeded in breaks to Cwmbran Gardens, and on arrival at the canal near the Patent Nut and Bolt Company's Works, a crowd of persons were standing upon the bank in a state of great excitement, and a cry was raised that a boy eight years old, named Joseph Harrington, had fallen into the water between the locks, which was about twenty feet deep. One of the Cardiff men, named Henry Arthurs, immediately jumped into the water and brought up the insensible body. 
After using the methods prescribed by the Humane Society and the attendance of a doctor, the boy showed signs of consciousness. During the afternoon a subscription was started by Messrs. Andrews and Baby, to which all the workmen contributed, and a purse of money was handed to Henry Arthurs, whose clothes were dried in a neighbouring cottage. This is the fourth person he has rescued from drowning without recognition by the Humane Society. An excellent dinner and tea were provided by Mr Clark, to which 30 sat down. After proposing the usual toasts and indulging in various games, the party returned to Cardiff, after having spent a most enjoyable day.
- South Wales Daily News, 01 September 1884

The Weekly Mail of September 6th also reported on the story:
A circumstance which was nearly fatal occurred on Saturday at about 12:50p.m.. Some lads were bathing in the canal, and one, named Thomas Harrington, fell into the lock, a depth of about 16ft., and sank to the bottom. Mr. Henry Arthurs, of 47, Cecil-Street, Roath, Cardiff, who had only just arrived at Pontnewydd on a pleasure trip to Cwmbran Gardens, hearing that someone was in the canal, ran at once a distance of about 500 yards, and without hesitation divested himself of his outer garment, dived to the bottom of the lock, and brought the lad out, apparently dead. The lad was immediately lifted to shore, and after a considerable amount of exertion animation was restored. This action on the part of Mr. Arthur [sic] should be fully recognised.

#01. A Narrow Escape

On Wednesday, a boy named Patrick Reardon, about 6 years of age, son of Mr Daniel Reardon, who lives at Nightingale Row, near Pontnewydd, was playing abut the canal lock, when by some means he fell into the lock. Fortunately, he was seen by some women, and their screams attracted the attention of Mr Jeremiah Dacey, who was on the canal bank, and he immediately scrambled down the gate of the lock and rescued the boy. The little fellow had received no injury beyond a cut on his face and a thorough wetting. It was extremely fortunate that help was near at hand, or the child would have been drowned. Dacey deserves much praise for his prompt and courageous action. 
- Pontypool Free Press and Herald of the Hills, 18 August 1879
Patrick, one would hope, learned his lesson. It seems he was the only one...
PONTNEWYDD. Another narrow escape from drowning occurred on Sunday last, near the same spot as that named in our last issue. Another little boy named Reardon, a brother to the one rescued by Dacey, fell into the canal, near Nightingale-row, and must have perished had it not been for the prompt assistance of William Skinner, who plunged into the water and rescued the little one from its perilous position. We wonder there are not more accidents of this kind, when we see so many children allowed to play on and about the locks of our canal. Are not these men entitled to some reward for their bravery in these cases of saving life?
 - Monmouthshire Merlin, 29 August 1879

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Welsh UFO Sightings 1968

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1968. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

January 31st, 21:50
Between Bwlch and Crickhowell, Brecknock

Oval shaped object. The UFO Register categorised the sighting as A, aka genuine UFO.

June 15th

SIGAP (The Surrey Investigation Group On Aerial Phenomena) Bulletin #15 from August 1968 published details of the WUFORA (Welsh UFO Research Association) skywatch:
SIGAP Bulletin #15

Summer, 23:30
Large metallic UFO plus missing time!  

Jill R was twelve years old at the time of her sighting and they were living on a new housing estate where building was still going on in Fairwater, Upper Cwmbran. It was between 11 and 12 o'clock and her father had just come home from a late shift. Jill and her mother decided to walk their dog prior to retiring for the night. They walked through the unfinished estate and were standing on a clear warm night looking toward the top of the nearby mountain when they became aware of two lights which appeared to be moving steadily closer to them.

Suddenly, right above them was a metallic oval object the size of a large car, which was hovering very low and they felt was no more than a height of 45 feet above them. It appeared to be very still and they were aware of a blur of colours, pinks and purples. It then appeared to be spinning and they felt as though things were in slow motion. They were then aware that it was moving away towards the valley and Cwmbran town centre. It suddenly shot up and Jill describes it as "going into the stars". They both felt very calm, but panicked later on and upon returning home Jill's father asked where on earth they had been for so long, although both mother and daughter felt they had only been away for several minutes.

This is an interesting area and there is another recent report from this area describing unusual light phenomena. Certainly many parts of Wales have generated some strange phenomena and anomalous events over a very long period of time. Have readers noticed how many UFO incidents occur over or near mountains and forests or copses?

Written by Gloria Dixon, then Director of Investigations at BUFORA, for UFO Times #45 (1997).

September, 1:30
Orange glowing rugby ball shaped UFO.  

Malcolm Chamberlain (32) was living with his mother in a small house in Rumney, east of Cardiff. 'It had been a magnificent, bright sunny day and most of the windows had been opened wide. My mum and I had been up very late, just talking and drinking tea and coffee. Close to 1.30 am I decided to head for my bed and proceeded upstairs. On the landing of the stairs the window had been left wide open and because it was no rather chilly I moved to close it. I stopped to admire the beautiful, clear star-filled heavens, looking above two large water cooling towers of a power station one mile away, close to Cardiff. 

Our house was on a hill and as I looked at the twin towers, to my great surprise, an enormous flattened rugby ball shape materialised above one of them. It was much wider than the tops of the towers and glowed a vivid orange colour. I didn't see it 'fly in', it just manifested, like switching on a light. I studied it in amazement for some minutes, before another UFO appeared above the first and seemed to merge together as one. At that I ran down the stairs calling my mother to witness the sight, but by the time she and I got back they had gone. 

I subsequently wrote to the South Wales Echo to enquire if anyone else had written to them regarding the sighting for surely, many others must have seen it. The Echo duly published my letter in a column called the 'Stroller'. Sadly, no one wrote in to corroborate my sighting, although I am sure that anyone looking skywards could not have missed seeing these very large, bright orange red UFOs.' 

Source: 'UFO Magazine' May 2003, page 34.

Sunday October 13th, 20:45

SIGAP Bulletin #21 1969

Friday November 15th, 07:30
Port Talbot

Several objects, some round and some elongated were seen performing an aerial display. They were described as white, and also darker shades.


Possibly November. Late afternoon - "tea-time". Weather: calm and still.

Rosalind, aged 10 of Penarth was with her mother and younger sister on an evening in 1968. They were walking the two miles to visit her grandfather who had recently become a widower in February 1968, and who lived in Plassey Street, Penarth.

They had crossed the railway line, using the footbridge near Dingle Halt and were about to cross Windsor Road. They looked right and left at the main road which was devoid of traffic, when suddenly they saw a silver sphere - shooting over roofs of the house just above the roofs. About the size of a lamp post light (about 2 feet across), it came over the houses behind them on their right and crossed Windsor Road from right to left (south-west to north-east). It disappeared behind the houses on their left as they looked up the road - heading north-east in the direction of Cardiff.

They continued to visit the grandfather, but they didn't stay long as her mother was nervous about the return walk being too late in the evening and in the dark. They had walked down the lane known locally as the 'Dairy Lane' leading to Windsor Road and were about to cross the road again. It was now dusk and completely silent, no traffic. Suddenly they spotted up the road to their left, a round silver object coming towards them at eye level along the road, about 50 metres away. It appeared to be glowing and was the size of a traffic light lens. They were rooted to the spot as it seemed to be getting faster as it came towards them but suddenly it shot to the left (their left) between houses and Harbour View Road.

The mother dragged the children across the road, and had a tight grip on their hands but suddenly, when looking right, down the hill, a large orange spherical object appeared - probably the same object, but now orange-red, and which must have done a u-turn after it had disappeared between the houses. It seemed to be glowing hot and pulsating as it shot over the road at lamp post height from over the roofs of the houses from the right. It appeared to have objects stuck to it - "almost as if it was magnetic", Ros explained. It was slightly higher than the lamp post just a few yards away from them, and it stayed hovering as if looking at the witnesses. There was a low humming sound coming from it and it was "pulsating like burning coal in a fire". Rosalind was absolutely fascinated and a bit scared but her mother was terrified, and the young sister just stared.

Suddenly it started moving down slowly, as if controlled, behind the trees at the side of the road and down into "the Dell", a small area of parkland behind the railings on the west side of Windsor Road, and at a lower level.

"All of the trees lit up glowing red and mum says she thought everything would go on fire. I got dragged up over the railway bridge by mum although I tried to get away to look down into the dell. We got home safely but will never forget it."

Source: SUFON Files: Ros Sparkes sent report by email 8 May 2016 and was interviewed on site by Emlyn Williams and Steve Drewson 25 May 2016.

?, 11:00
Jenny Randles investigated for BUFORA. They listed it in V5/N5 as a C3b 'classical flying saucer' report.

Tiers Cross, Pembrokeshire

12-year-old David Edwards was on land behind a self-build house in the village of Tiers Cross, standing on a mound of earth looking at a lighthouse in the distance in St. Brides Bay to the west. He spotted, at an angle of 30 degrees, a bright yellow-orange light which suddenly shot to the right and left, back and fore without a sound for 5-10 minutes. In the end it moved erratically around then shot upwards at an angle. He told his father who phoned RAF Brawdy and the police. 

 Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 4 February 2017.

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Weird Wales - UFO Sightings By Year

Welsh UFO Sightings

I've been slowly working my way through the UK UFO files released to the National Archives. As I collate the Welsh cases, supplemented with any relevant BUFORA (British UFO Research Association) / SUFON (Swansea UFO Network) / etc reports I come across, I'll link them up here. 

To kick things off I've got a few years ready for perusal...

★ 2006.

★ 1969.
★ 1968.
★ 1967.
★ 1966.
★ 1965.
★ 1964.
★ 1963.
★ 1962.
★ 1961.

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