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Why do people fall for it?

Otherwise titled, why doesn't anyone fact check anymore? When people go on about what's 'wrong with Britain today' my usual contribution is 'a lack of reading comprehension'. It often seems like people don't bother to read anything properly (i.e. the headline said this, I don't care if the article itself completely contradicts it) and, even worse, they seem happy to accept everything at face value. In a world where Google exists I find it astounding that people aren't questioning everything . Not real. I'm bringing this up today thanks to a facebook post I saw linking to ' the 13 worst children's toys we've ever seen ' on the goodtoknow website. All the usual suspects were there - Zbigniew Libera's Shave the Baby , Darren Cullen's Baby's First Baby , Super Nanny Brazil promo item Lovely Strait Jacket , and the photoshopped Why Mommy Poisoned You . (And why, when toys like Teen Pregnancy Beautiful Sally legit

Comping / Freebies / Charity

☆ £40 voucher for KAYA Jewellery . Twitter Competition - none at present. Twitter competition T&Cs - Prize draw ends when stated in tweet. Prize as stated, no cash alternative offered. Entry restricted to UK residents only. Winner will be announced via tweet and contacted by DM within five days of prize draw closing and asked for their postal address. On receipt of address prize will be sent by second class Royal Mail within one week. You can also scroll through my 'comping / freebies / charity' tag by clicking HERE .

The Little Book of Ebony

I wanted to make my parents something as a keepsake for our dog, Ebony, because they have both been devestated by her loss. A photobook seemed the perfect solution so, after a bit of googling, I went with Vistaprint as the value for money and the simplicity of the interface both trumped the other options. You can get a small landscape (13cm by 10cm) with 24 matte pages ffor £9.99 - of course now that I've made it they're offering 25% off. Typical! The book took just over a week and looked really professional, even though most of the photos came from various phone cameras. When you upload the photo they use a warning system to let you know the probable quality of the print, but they were perfectly serviceable for a personal gift in the end. Overall I'm really pleased!

My Little Miracle - Marianna's Birth Story

A/N: This is the first 'proper' post I wrote for the blog, and it was all about attempting to get all of my feelings down about what had happened. Since then I've written up way more concise versions of my birth story as guest posts which you can check out HERE . I hated being pregnant. There, I said it. Now, don't get me wrong, I was overjoyed at the idea I was having a baby. I couldn't wait to meet him or her (the sonographer wasn't sure). But the process, well, that was a different matter entirely. The morning sickness, the bad back, the mood swings, the constant fretting about whether or not the baby was moving... By the time I reached my EDD (estimated due date - 20/12/2014) I was desperate for it all to be over. Marianna had other ideas. Christmas came and went and I still hadn't had so much as a twinge. I had two membrane sweeps done by the midwife, and was assured that, though I wasn't at all dilated, there was almost no chance

Photo-Love Magazine, May 5th 1979

May 5th 1979 issue of Photo-Love magazine. The week's 'complete photo-novel' is about Denise, a girl who takes a shortcut down a dark alley, gets bashed on the head, and can no longer remember who she is or whether or not she has a boyfriend. Then there's a 'true confession' story about a girl who lies about being pregnant, with the help of a velour cushion, to get her boyfriend to marry her. The final photo story is the first part of a serial, following pregnant Linda and her newly jobless husband, Mike. It's all going on! Click on the thumbnail pictures below to enlarge. (If it just goes into picture viewer mode, right click and opt for view image in a new tab so you can enlarge it to its fullest.) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35