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Friday Frivolity: Coffee

This week we're talking about coffee and I have something of a confession to make. I don't drink it. Ever. The only reason we have any in the house is because my mother-in-law bought us some because she was sick of being told she'd have to have tea whenever she came to visit! So, the obvious solution seemed to to go for tea vs. coffee memes. :) Credit: . Some people find it hard to choose: Others know exactly what they want... How about you - do you prefer tea or coffee? (Or vodka?)

Budget Report - September 2016

One of the blogs I've been really loving lately is The Mini Millionaire - the savvy Cora charts her financial progress, showcasing what has worked and what hasn't over the last month. It's really inspired me to think about my own financial goals, and how I can use the blog to help me work towards them. My #1 goal right now is to get out of my overdraft. The hows and whys of my massive overdraft are a long story but, basically, I asked the Natwest to max it out to £2000 so I could pay my first instalment of university fees when I went back to do my postgrad course. I then proceeded to fall pregnant, have the expense of moving from my parents' (again), and become the breadwinner when Anthony lost his job just after Marianna was born. Ever since we've just lurched from one crisis to another, and I've made no progress on paying that overdraft off. All that is going to change. I blogged a few weeks ago about the ATM fraud I've been a victim of, via clo

What I Read In September

My awesome #FridayFrivolity co-host, Sarah Eliza of Devastate Boredom , has just released an equally awesome eBook on creating the perfect capsule wardrobe. Sarah didn't ask me to review - in fact she doesn't even know I am! - but even though I consider myself the least likely person in the world to actually part with clothing I decided to give it a go. :D First up, it's no secret that I love Sarah's writing style, and you can be sure that this eBook does not disappoint. It's fun, it's quirky, and I felt like I was being guided along with a gentle touch, rather than being judged or lectured at, which is always a big win with any self-help book. There is no mention of how much of x you need in your capsule closet, or why more than y is totally unnecessary. Instead the focus is completely on what works for you. Some people love skirts, some people hate them, the number of skirts each of these people owns is probably going to be different. There's not

Tuesday Blog Linkies

Blog linkys, hops, parties - whatever you want to call them! - are a great way of connecting with other bloggers and becoming a real part of the blogging community. Here are a bunch of linkys you can get involved with on Thursdays. For other days of the week, please check out my Connecting With Linkies post. Open:  Tuesday Rules: Link up your animal related posts, old or new, then add the badge to your post and comment on the host post, and at least two others. Other:  Tweet  @greenrosielife your post with the hashtag #AnimalTales for a retweet. This is only live every other Tuesday. Open:  Tuesday - all week. Rules: Link up to two posts, old or new, and add the badge to your posts. Other:  All entries are shared across social media. Open:  Tuesday Rules: Link up your crafty and creative posts, follow the host on social media, check out some other posts. Other:  Favourite posts are featured. Open:  Tuesday morning - 23:55am Thursday Rules: Lin