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April in Fandom

My month in fandom...

This Week - April 29th 2018

For more like this, check out my post from Wednesday's - Robin's Top Ten 'Holy' Exclamations! I can't believe the weather was so nice and summery last weekend, yet this week it's been grey and miserable all over again. I was planning to tackle the garden as I had a couple of days off at the beginning of the week. Needless to say the garden remains as much of an eyesore as ever. There was only one Mayoral engagement this week - the Chair of Pontypool Community Council's charity concert at Abersychan School on Thursday. It was a lovely night and I even won a raffle prize. When I became Mayor everybody said to me that I would win loads of raffle prizes, half because the chains are lucky and half because of the sheer amount of tickets I would be buying. They were lying. Since last May I've only won two raffle prizes. I've certainly bought enough tickets so it must just be my luck that is wanting! The other thing I've been focusing on

Save The Frogs Day - Top Ten Frogs of the Silver Screen

Since 1980 somewhere in the range of 200 species of frog have disappeared. Our remaining frogs are faced with threats including, though not limited to, pollution, infectious diseases, loss of habitat, climate change, invasive species, and over harvesting for the pet and food trades. So, in 2008, Save The Frogs! was founded as America's first public charity dedicated exclusively to amphibian conservation. One of their first moves was to get the last Saturday of April designated as Save The Frogs Day, and since then the media coverage and reach of the campaign has continued to grow and grow! So, in deference to the occasion, here are the top ten frog movies for your perusal...

The Original Motion Picture

This week I've been reading lots about early - really early - cinema and the so called 'Father of Cinematography', Louis Le Prince . Le Prince filmed the earliest known motion pictures, way way back in the 1880s. In fact, he was on his way to demonstrate his success in the USA when he disappeared without trace from a train on September 16th 1890. Because, yeah, his life and legacy reads like something out of a mystery movie...

30 Days of Doctor Who

30 Days of Doctor Who blogging challenge I adapted from one I found on Tumblr.

Robin's Best 'Holy' Sayings

One of the greatest things about the classic Batman series, aside from Bruce Wayne's fashionable array of sweaters and the Joker's grease painted moustache, was Robin's penchant for exclaiming 'Holy --somewhat relevant word--' in response to, well, just about everything. According to Holy Smokes Batman, the sadly defunct archive of the sayings, Robin used the catchphrase no less than 359 times over 120 episodes. Here are 10 of my personal favourites! S03:E23 'I'll Be A Mummy's Uncle' . King Tut purchases a plot of land adjacent to Wayne Manor with the aim of drilling for the supposedly unbreakable Nilanium. Thankfully Tut is restored to his true self - mild mannered Yale Professor, William Omaha McElroy - while his gang has their memories erased by Batnesia gas. S01:E26 'Batman Sets The Pace'. Batman and Robin escape from the Joker's makeshift prison and track him down to his hideout. The Joker doesn't stand a chance

What I'm Listening To In April

My Top Ten tracks of the month! I've been mostly listening to dance and synth this month. I blame the few moments of sun we had... Sun Is Shining - Axwell Λ Ingrosso (2015) Made up of two members of Swedish House Mafia, Axwell Λ Ingrosso  debuted in 2014. So far they have released only one album, More Than You Know, in 2017 - but have had a steady stream of singles. 2015's Sun Is Shining was a #1 hit in Sweden and made the top ten across much of Scandinavia. The track is really uplifting and, in terms of sound, made me think of Norwegian synthband donkeyboy . I've had it on repeat endlessly! London - DJ Antoine & Timati ft. Grigory Leps (2016) Grigory Leps' , one of Russia's highest earning musicians, growling vocals really make this track, though Timati manages to get in a few pertinent digs about the power of the ruble in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea! DJ Antoine brings it all together - and, I've gotta say, looks mighty f

Mini Mart: MforMiniatures

Supplier: MforMiniatures Website:   Etsy Shop - Ebay Store . Products:  1/12 doll house furniture and accessories, along with a few items in1/6 scale. Like the ones that caught my attention - miniature condoms! Size is no excuse, after all, when it comes to the importance of safe sex. ;) Post and Packing:  Starts at £3.44 (Canada to the UK), with no automatic multiple item discount. Once your order has been posted however the seller will refund you the difference to the actual postage amount. My order was well packaged and arrived within the week. For more like this, please click the image below:

This Week - April 22nd 2018

It's been a sad week - my granddad died on Tuesday and even though we all knew it was coming it's still a hard thing to come to terms with. He was such a big influence on my life and it's awful to think that I'm never going to see him again. But, for the rest of us, life has to go on. I had Mayoral engagements every day this week, and a Full Council meeting to chair on Tuesday morning. (You can watch the webcast HERE .) Council agreed to create a 'presiding officer' role to replace the Mayor who will come from the pool of people already on an extra allowance - i.e. the new chairperson of Council will have to be one of the scrutiny committee chairs. I think it will be a bit bumpy next year as we work out which events should continue to receive support, but hopefully the teething pains won't last too long. On Wednesday we went to a floral demonstration with national demonstrator Susan Philips at the Congress Theatre in Cwmbran, organised by the Ponty

Life Made More - Spring with Fashion World

For a few brief moments this afternoon the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and I could almost imagine this endless winter to be finally over. It made me start thinking about the kind of shoes and clothing I can't wait to see Marianna in this year, without the gloves, coat and scarf! I've been checking out the gorgeous kids range over at Fashion World and loving the fresh styles and bright colours. Just look at this beautiful Monsoon ladybird print dress - it's fit for a princess. (Or, at the very least, a three year old who thinks she's a princess.) In fact, the range includes so many pretty dresses that even the most exacting budding fashionista is sure to be spoiled for choice. Here are a few more of my favourites: First up is the Monsoon Corelia 2 in 1 Dress (£30), with sequin detailing on the neckline and the mermaid tails! I love the full skirt, and how the striped bodice adds to the kind of nautical air which is fitting for a would be mermaid. N

30 Days of Food

30 days of food blogging challenge, adapted from A To Za'atar . #01. Your Favourite Food Bread and butter. #02. Your Favourite Restaurant I'm not a big foodie or anything, so I don't really have a favourite restaurant. I'd sooner call in the local chippie! #03. What's In Your Fridge? Not a lot. Shopping day is almost here again... #04. Your Favourite Chef Fanny Craddock, obviously. #05. Your Favourite Meal From Mum Porridge. Nothing makes me nostalgic like porridge, and nobody makes porridge like my Mum. ♡ #06. Favourite Condiment Salad cream. #07. Your Favourite Cook Book I'm a big fan of retro kids' cook books. Just check out these bad boys! :) #08. Favourite Snack Crisps! I never met a crisp I didn't like enough not to eat it... #09. Most Exotic Food You've Tried I'm not very adventurous... Maybe goat or something? #10. Favourite Starter Has to be prawn cocktai