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Review: Jacamo AW18 Menswear

We've been lucky enough to work with Jacamo menswear in the last week, testing out a couple of products from their AW18 range. Seeing as Anthony was the one getting the benefit of this, I made him put the work in and write a review of his choices... Today I tried on the new deliveries that I’d got from Jacamo. My previous experience of Jacamo extended no further than the adverts featuring Johhny Vegas, so I was pretty pleased to see an easy to use site with a pretty decent looking inventory, that, most importantly, actually carried my size, because the problem that I have is that something is either in my size, or I like how it looks, never both. I had a long look about the site and for my first purchases I chose the Eterna Double Cuff Formal Shirt (in plain white, size 18 1/2) and the Suede Look Chukka Boots (a size 10 in Tan). I wear a white shirt most days, its part of the uniform for me, suit, tie and starched white shirt, so the Eterna Double Cuff Shirt was some

Trampoline Dream

My mum's next door neighbours have a trampoline. So, basically since the moment Marianna was born, she has wanted Marianna to have one too. I finally gave in and agreed that we'd get a trampoline for Marianna's fourth birthday in January. Then a super good deal came up online so, even though it's still a birthday present, we put it up this weekend. I say we... My input was sorting out the straps on the anchoring kit and taking some photos. Rhys and my dad did the bulk of the work, with my mum and Hannah there for additional support. The pics do not lie, by the way. It was absolutely freezing! Not that Marianna cared, of course. She spent the whole time playing happily in the cardboard box the trampoline came in... The original plan was to put the trampoline in the space behind the washing line, but it wasn't quite big enough. Because the thing is huge, seriously. (It's actually 8ft.) On the plus side it takes up a big chunk of garden I'll no l

Up The Rocket

Ever since starting nursery proper Marianna has been obsessed with the nursery version of the school's DOJO rewards system. They have a rocket chart the kids can move up and down for being kind and helpful - or otherwise! A couple of weeks ago Marianna made it to the top of the rocket and got to pick a bottle of bubbles from the treatbox, taking the obsession to whole new levels. To take advantage of her interest we decided we'd set up our own rocket at home, so as I wasn't in work today we spent a few hours making the chart and decorating the treat boxes. I busted out our Messy Me splashmat and gave Marianna free reign on the latter, using some old storage boxes I had knocking about. The, er, interesting sludge colour was her own choice and, apparently, is very 'beautiful'. Originally I was more ambitious about the rocket but in the end I went with A4 size to stick on the fridge. It took long enough as it was, especially as we had to make another to use a