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Diva Starz

Mattel Diva Starz

Launched by Mattel in time for Christmas 2000, the Diva Starz stood 9 inches high and had rooted hair, inset eyes, and plastic clothing. The main draw of the dolls was their ability to recognise which outfit they were wearing, and to talk to each other.

The line quickly expanded to encompass computer games, plushies, mini dolls, and taller fashion doll versions with fabric clothes. Their popularity was short lived, especially after the arrival of Bratz, and the brand was discontinued in 2004.

I've got to admit that this was the most difficult and time consuming of all the doll collation posts I've done so far. The long defunct's website's flash files were a no go, they don't have a big fanbase, and Mattel doesn't seem to have issued any regular catalogues or brochures for them. I think I've covered all waves here, but please let me know if I've missed any!

Diva Starz Dolls 2000

This is the original wave from 2000, consisting of Alexa, Nikki, Summer and Tia.

★ Alexa. (box front / back / instructions)
★ Nikki. (box front / back)
★ Summer. (box front / back)
★ Tia. (box front / back)

Diva Starz Fashion PacksDiva Starz Fashion Packs 2000

Fashion Packs -
★ Alexa. (box front / back)
★ Nikki. (box front / back)
★ Summer. (box front / back)
★ Tia. (box front / back)

Diva Starz Wave 2

With the dolls performing better than Mattel had expected, a second wave of four dolls was released in 2001. This wave introduced the girls' pets: a cat called Fluffy for Alexa, a bunny named Sunny for Summer, and puppies for Nikki and Tia, named Budster and Hippie respectively.

★ Alexa. (box front / back / instructions)
★ Nikki. (box front / back)
★ Summer. (box front / back / instructions)
★ Tia. (box front / back)

Diva Starz second wave fashion packs

Fashion Packs -
★ Alexa. (box front / back)
★ Nikki. (box front / back)
★ Summer. (box front / back)
★ Tia. (box front / back)

2001 Diva Starz Mini

2001 also saw the release of the first wave of Mini Diva Starz dolls.

★ Alexa. (box front / back)
★ Nikki. (box front / back)
★ Summer. (box front / back)
★ Tia. (box front / back)

Diva Starz Scooters

★ Diva Cruiser Car. (box front / back / instructions)
★ Scooter - Pink. (box front / back)
★ Scooter - Purple. (box front / back)
★ Scooter - Lime Green. (box front / back)

Diva Starz Dolls Wave 3 from 2002

A second wave of mini dolls was released in 2002; this wave were advertised as pop stars, with the dolls able to sing songs when placed together. Summer was dropped from the line at this point in favour of Miranda.

★ Alexa. (box front / back)
★ Miranda. (box front / back)
★ Nikki. (box front / back)
★ Tia. (box front / back)

Mini Diva Starz Wave 3

Wave 3 of the Mini Diva Starz followed in 2002. These were Target exclusives. Although the box art showed all four original characters, the back only shows three to collect: Alexa, Nikki and Summer.

★ Alexa. (box front / back)
★ Nikki. (box front / back)
★ Summer. (box front / back)

Fashion Diva Starz Dolls

In 2002 Mattel released the first wave of Fashion Diva Starz. These had much more in common with the traditional fashion dolls, with typical play doll bodies and fabric clothing.

★ Alexa. (box front / back)
★ Miranda. (box front / back)
★ Nikki. (box front / back)
★ Tia. (box front / back)

Diva Starz Fashion Packs 2002

Fashion Packs -
★ Alexa. (box front / back)
★ Miranda. (box front / back)
★ Nikki. (box front / back)
★ Tia. (box front / back)

Diva Starz Glow AlexaDiva Stars Glow MirandaDiva Starz Glow NikkiDiva Starz Glow Tia

A second wave of Fashion Diva Starz was released in 2003. This wave's 'gimmick' was glow in the dark clothing.

★ Alexa. (box front / back)
★ Miranda. (box front / back)
★ Nikki. (box front back)
★ Tia. (box front / back)

Diva Starz Glow Fashion Packs

Glow Fashion Packs -
★ Alexa. (box front / back)
★ Miranda. (box front / back)
★ Nikki. (box front / back)
★ Tia. (box front / back)

Fashion Diva Starz Wave 3

A third wave of Fashion Diva Starz was released in 2003, this time with the theme 'Glitter to Glam'. Each doll came with sunshades, with the phrases they would speak controlled by whether they were worn up or down.

★ Alexa. (box front / back)
★ Miranda. (box front / back)
★ Nikki. (box front / back)
★ Tia. (box front / back)

Fashion Packs -
★ Alexa. (box front / back)
★ Miranda. (box front / back)
★ Nikki. (box front / back)
★ Tia. (box front / back)


★ CD-ROM Game.
★ Keyrings.
★ Mall Mania Gameboy Colour Game.
★ McDonalds Diva Starz 2001.
★ McDonalds Diva Starz 2002.
★ Plush Dolls. (Alexa, Nikki, Summer, Tia - back of box)
★ Plush DivaPets. (Fluffy, Sunny, )
★ Plush Talking DivaPets. (Budster, Fluffy, Sunny, )

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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

New Civic Year

Yesterday was the AGM for Torfaen Council - and it was kind of like a nightmare come to life! The regular full council meeting was pushed back to 10:30am instead of 10:00am. Because that was when the AGM was being held. Except in my head the whole thing was starting at 10:30 so I didn't get there until 10:15.

I'm still not over the moment of awful realisation that I was late for a meeting I was supposed to be chairing!

Once I actually got there and took over from Norma, the meeting itself was fine. I had already been re-elected as chair which was a great act of faith from everyone involved. I was also re-elected as chair of the children and young people overview and scrutiny committee. It means a lot to be trusted with it, but it's also a big weight off my shoulders for the coming year - I'm still the only one in work atm.

Anthony is keeping busy at least, and tonight Marianna and I went to see him take over as Chair at Cwmbran Community Council. He totally stole a line from my speech last year though! Still, here's to another year of being out and about at civic events. :)

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Fashion Doll Guides

Fashion Doll Guides - from Bratz to Barbie and everything in between

I'm always frustrated by how difficult it is to find identification for lesser known doll brands and lines. So, here are my efforts at collating images and info from Wikis, Ebay, etc, to help aid doll collectors and other interested parties. :)

*Lines listed but not hyperlinked are upcoming posts.

★ Calico Lassie (Kelloggs)
★ Chatsters (Spin Master)
★ Cutie Pops (Jada Toys)
Diva Starz (Mattel)
★ Earth 2 Jane (Learning Curve)
Hi: Glamm (Giochi Preziosi)
★ Juku Couture (Jakks Pacific)
★ La Dee Da (Spin Master)
★ Little Miss Matched (Tonner)
★ Liv (Spin Master)
★ Lottie (Arklu)
★ Novi Stars (MGA)
★ Once Upon a Zombie (WowWee Toys)
★ Pinkie Cooper (Bridge Direct)
Prettie Girls / Tween Scene Prettie Girls.
★ Sindy - 6.5 Inches (New Moons)
★ Sindy - 18 Inches (Tesco)
★ Sindy - Repro (Tonner)
★ #SNAPSTAR (Yulu Toys)
Star Darlings (Disney)
★ Stardoll by Barbie (Mattel)
Teen Trends (Mattel)
★ Twilight Teens (Simba)
★ Wendy and Cheeky (Telsalda)
Zeenie Dollz.
★ Zombie Girls (Jakks Pacific)

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Monday, 13 May 2019

Spin Master Chatsters

Spin Master Chatsters

Launched in 2004, Spin Master's Chatsters line of dolls were marketed as 'interactive BFFs'. The dolls could say over 300 unique words and phrases, and were programmed with 25 different games and activities. They recognised their accessories which prompted them to say relevant phrases, or to play specific games.

The concept - and looks - were reminiscent of Mattel's Diva Starz range of dolls from the early 2000s. Chatsters proved to be hit or miss with kids and parents alike, and the dolls failed to graduate to a second wave, leaving just three dolls in the line: Gabby, Abby, and Pop Star Gabby.

Spin Master Chatster Gabby

Spin Master Chatster Abby

Spin Master Chatster Pop Star Gabby

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Sunday, 12 May 2019

This Week - 12/05/2019

Never Stop Dreaming

This week has been long and stressful - lots of appraisals, and meetings, and worrying. It's over now though and I am so thankful!

On the blog I've posted reviews of Mini Bazar UK and Bees Miniatures. I also started a new regular feature thanks to the closing down sale at The Works... They had a whole book of 'Top 5's you have to make lists for, so I figured I could do one a week until they run out. Check out my first Friday Five, or my 30 Days of Star Wars blog challenge. :)

Frugal Five

Frugal Five - a new feature whereby I document the details of five wins / bargains / etc from the past week...

★ Get a bonus £10 when you sign up to cashback site Quidco.

★ Get a free garden planner to help the bees.

★ Have you signed up to the Playmobil Birthday Club? They send kids out a membership pack and a card every year.

★ My free sample of the week goes to Roller Blinds Direct. You can choose up to 8 swatches.

★ Enter HERE to win a selection of Mustela skincare. :)

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This Week - Weekly Overviews

Saturday, 11 May 2019

30 Days of Star Wars

30 Days of Star Wars Challenge

We've been on a Star Wars kick lately, so here's a 30 Day Challenge on all things Star Wars.

Day 1: All-Time Favourite Character

Darth Vader. Even though it's kind of a love to hate thing. Watching the prequels I just spend the whole time wishing Anakin wasn't such a total tool destined to bring the Republic to its knees. But then by the original trilogy I'm all for Vader being as bad as possible.

Anakin Skywalker - Darth Vader

Day 2: Favourite Member of the Rebellion

Princess Leia. She's a badass princess with really cool hair. What's not to love?

Princess Leia

Day 3: Favourite Member of the Empire

Grand Moff Tarkin. Just, Peter Cushing. Legend.

Grand Moff Tarkin

Day 4: Favourite Jedi

Obi Wan Kenobi. He always does his best to be a good Jedi even when fate keeps dealing him the worst hands. Also I was 10 when TPM came out, and 13 for AotC - prime ages for being won over by Ewan McGregor's prettiness. ♥

Obi Wan Kenobi

Day 5: Favourite Droid

C-3PO. Obviously.


Day 6: Favourite Creature

Jabba the Hutt.

Jabba the Hutt

Day 7: Favourite Sith

Darth Maul. Just look at the guy.

Darth Maul

Day 8: Prequels, Original, Sequels?

I like the prequels, probably more than most people, but the original trilogy is the best.

Star Wars Original Trilogy

Day 9: Favourite Scene

'Luke, I am your father...'

I am your Father

Day 10: A Scene That Makes You Happy

Nobody complains quite like C-3PO.

Day 11: A Scene That Makes You Sad

Look, I'm not proud of myself, but I totally cry every time I see the remastered version of RotJ. *sniff* Anakin, why did you have to be such a berk??

Star Wars RotS

Day 12: Favourite Parody

I'd watch it.

Day 13: Most Annoying Character

Yoda. I mean, he's great, but he's also really damn annoying!


Day 14: Favourite Location

The Mos Eisley Cantina, of course.

Mos Eisley Cantina

Day 15: Share Some Trivia

I love that Darth Vader was also the Green Cross Code Man. Prowse and Lucas' feud aside, I still think Star Wars could only have been improved by having Prowse deliver his lines in the thickest West Country accent he could muster. 'Ooh arr, Luke, I am yer faarrther.'

Green Cross Man

Day 16: Best Costume

Queen Amidala.

Queen Padme Amidala

Day 17: Favourite Colour Lightsaber

Purple! Mace Windu might sound like a knock-off cleaning product, but that doesn't stop him being the coolest Jedi out there.

Mace Windu

Day 18: A Character You Dislike

It's all Qui-Gon Jinn's fault. All of it.

Qui-Gon Jinn

Day 19: Canon OTP

"I love you."

"I know."

Han Solo and Princess Leia

Day 20: Fanon OTP

It has to be Anakin/Obi Wan. I especially like the angstfest of Obi Wan telling Anakin it's just a crush he'll grow out of, because he's all about ~duty and being the responsible one, then Anakin turns to Padme as mix of rebound, confusion and spite. Then Obi Wan gets the next twenty years to reflect on how he could have saved his padawan from the dark side...


Day 21: Favourite Fanwork

I have yet to find the perfect fix-it fic. I still have hope though!

Day 22: Favourite Prequel Film

The Phantom Menace. The abundance of Jar Jar Binks is balanced out by cool costumes, Padawan!Kenobi, and Anakin still being tolerable. Plus it has the nostalgic element of going to see it at the cinema with my family.

Also: I love this picture so much; it makes it look like a film about a zany family road trip or something.

The Phantom Menace

Day 23: Favourite Original Film

A New Hope. It's one of the first films I ever remember watching, via the wonders of VCR.

Star Wars A New Hope

Day 24: Favourite Sequel Film

The Force Awakens. I love the whole Poe and Finn subplot - Stormtroopers wanting more for the win - but I'm still kind of meh on the rest of it. History repeats but that doesn't mean you can't get bored of the cycle. :/

The Force Awakens

Day 25: Favourite Cartoon

Droids. It's just so very 80s.

Star Wars Droids

Day 26: Favourite Anthology Film

Solo. It was a really fun romp, imo. (Though Rogue One was awesome too!)


Day 27: Favourite Merchandise

The Hot Toys stuff is amazing. The figure I want most is Grand Moff Tarkin though; the detail is awesome.

Hot Toys Star Wars Grand Moff Tarkin

Day 28: Favourite Music

The soundtracks have plenty of moments, but they can't compete with Weird Al Yankovic.

Day 29: Favourite Star Wars Memory

Darth Marianna!

Day 30: Favourite Quote

Do or do not. There is no try.

30 Days of Star Wars Blogging Challenge

#01 - All-Time Favourite Character
#02 - Favourite Member of the Rebellion
#03 - Favourite Member of the Empire
#04 - Favourite Jedi
#05 - Favourite Droid
#06 - Favourite Creature
#07 - Favourite Sith
#08 - Prequels, Original, Sequels?
#09 - Favourite Scene
#10 - A Scene That Makes You Happy
#11 - A Scene That Makes You Sad
#12 - Favourite Parody
#13 - Most Annoying Character
#14 - Favourite Location
#15 - Share Some Trivia
#16 - Best Costume
#17 - Favourite Colour Lightsaber
#18 - A Character You Dislike
#19 - Canon OTP
#20 - Fanon OTP
#21 - Favourite Fanwork
#22 - Favourite Prequel Film
#23 - Favourite Original Film
#24 - Favourite Sequel Film
#25 - Favourite Cartoon
#26 - Favourite Anthology Film
#27 - Favourite Merchandise
#28 - Favourite Music
#29 - Favourite Star Wars Memory
#30 - Favourite Quote

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