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Cwmbran Life Candidates Piece

Anthony was in Cwmbran Life today: Anthony was asked to answer this question- You should vote for me in the Llantarnam election because– and this is his answer. I’m Anthony Bird. You should vote for me in the Llantarnam election Because… I’m a hard worker with a proven track record of dealing for the people of Cwmbran. I’ve lived in the centre of Cwmbran for almost eight years after starting a family in 2014, and in the past I’ve worked as a bartender, cleaner, croupier. I’ve also worked in public relations, both in the private and public sector, as well as managing my own public affairs consultancy. Most recently I’ve been working in publishing, writing and editing for various publications, as well as finishing my first book. Coupled with my professional work, I’ve been a member of Cwmbran Community Council for five years, including two as Chairman of the Council. In that time I’ve delivered for Cwmbran by: Funding the defibrillator at Cwmbran Boating Lake. ( read about