Thursday, 23 January 2020

CashbackEarners - Money for Checking Your Email!

Make Some Easy Money with CashbackEarners

This time last year I wrote a post listing all my favourite cashback sites - and CashbackEarners was so far off my radar it didn't even make the footnotes! Luckily one of the commenters guided me in the right direction and, according to my account data, I signed up on February 2nd 2019.

You get £6.50 as a welcome bonus, plus other little bonuses for activities like filling out your profile, downloading their app and / or browser extension, etc. There are other free earning options too like surveys to take, sweepstakes to enter, and - of more interest - sharing a deal on social media (once a week), clicking on banner links (once a day), and reading 'cashmails' (c. 5 - 10 a day).

This intrigued me because, when it comes to cashback, I very rarely stray from TopCashback and Quidco for my day to day shopping. So I liked the idea of some passive earning potential that wasn't reliant on me regularly shopping through the site. In fact, I've never used one of their cashback links to make a purchase.

Get £6.50 Welcome Bonus at CashbackEarners with promo code referral link

Most weeks I didn't bother with the daily clicks or weekly shares, either. I did make the effort to open the cashmails and click the links for my 'CashCoins' once a week though, which took me about a minute. Today I finally reached the £20 payout threshold and transferred the cash to my Paypal account.

Okay, I know, it's hardly riches. But £20 for less than an hour's work in total is still a pretty good rate! Fancy giving it a go for yourself? Click through to CashbackEarners and get £6.50 to start you off.

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  1. I've finally accumulated £20 and was looking at cashing out to PayPal but you actually have to log on to your PayPal account for that to work. It kind of defeats the purpose of PayPal being a safe way to receive funds purely by providing your email address. Logging in gives Cashbackearners all sorts of details about my account that I shouldn't have to share with them. Seems very dodgey!

    1. All I can say is that it worked fine for me, and the payment went through straightforwardly. If you're not happy to log in to paypal perhaps email their customer services for advice?


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