Saturday, 1 August 2015

Mini Mart: Furniture For Dolls

I have really been getting back into miniatures in the last few months, which means I've bought some new stuff for my doll house. I plan on doing a series of haul / review posts on the various suppliers I got them from - because you tend to see plenty of reviews for dolls but hardly any for miniatures.

In my Sindy house - the chest of drawers is vintage Tressy, cassette player and sport bag are Re-ment, the book (Scouting for Boys) is Dateman, and the bedding I made myself.

Supplier: Furniture For Dolls
Website: Etsy Store

Products: 1/6 scale wooden furniture.

This is surprisingly difficult to find, especially at prices which don't put you in mind of their 1/1 scale counterparts. I normally use Sindy furniture because that doll had just about everything, but I have been hankering after some 1/6 scale bunkbeds for years so I splashed out and spent £15.77 on this set. I might paint them in the future like the seller has done HERE (typically that one wasn't listed when I found them...), but for now I'm happy with white.

Post and Packing: The seller is based in the Ukraine, and they only offer tracked shipping so it cost a bit more than it might have done (£11.83), but nowhere near as atrocious as it would have been if they were US based. Estimated shipping time for the UK is 10 to 15 days - it actually took 9 days to reach me. It was packed securely in plastic wrap, polystyrene foam and a cardboard box.

Overall I'm really happy with the bunkbeds. I kept saying I would make my own but, really, I hate making things like furniture, and it wouldn't have turned out as nicely. I already have my eye on the shelving sets for the future toy shop diorama...

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