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JD Williams - Together Maxi Dress

JD Williams Maxi Dress

When it comes to dresses for work, I ask a lot of them. I want them to look good but be comfortable. To wash well and be able to be dressed up or down, not just in terms of a day to evening switch, but to be layered up so they can be worn when it's hot or cold. Not that I'm picky or anything! So, when I was asked if I would like to review something from JD Williams, I was really keen to try out one of their maxi dresses. I always think that maxi dresses are very forgiving and, providing we're not in the middle of an unseasonable snow storm, they're just as suitable for spring and autumn as they are for summer.

Anyway, after much umming and ahhing - and kudos to JD Williams, by the way, for having both a well laid out, easy to use website, and nice shots of each dress from front and back - I narrowed the choice down to the Little Mistress Printed Maxi Dress (£88) and a cobalt Together Maxi Dress (£80):

Little Mistress Printed Maxi Dress Together Maxi Dress

The Little Mistress dress is so pretty but in the end I went with the Together Maxi because I knew it would be just that little bit more versatile. I love the detailing under the bust - it adds interest but without being so much bling that it won't work as a more casual day dress - and the colour is gorgeous. It's also machine washable and the fabric (polyester and elastane blend) is both thick enough that you can't see through it, and crease resistant. When it arrived, after a super fast delivery time, all I had to do was hang it up and you would never know it had been folded at all.

I tried it on quickly earlier this week to check the fit, and was very happy to have it confirmed that I've dropped a dress size since the wedding last month and ordering the 24 wasn't just wishful thinking on my part. Then today I had chance to bust it out and give it a proper airing as we were invited to Pontypool's Easter 'Eggstravaganzer' as Mayor and Consort.

Thankfully the rain held off and it was a really fun event. We painted rocks in the indoor market, tried our fortune in a few lucky dips, checked out Mad Mel's kids' disco, and danced along to multi award winning Elvis tribute artist, Dean Mack. After that, Marianna and I were asked to judge the Easter Bonnet Parade presented by Mad Mel.

Pontypool Easter Eggstravaganzer

So, how did the dress fare? Well, it might not have been quite as eye catching as Mad Mel's Easter egg outfit, but it did bag me plenty of compliments from people I know - and even a few I don't. It was very cold today so I layered it up over a black long sleeved top, and teamed it with one of my favourite jackets. I didn't have the Mayoral chains today - there were no staff about to fulfill the conditions of their insurance policy being a bank holiday weekend - so I actually wore a necklace for the first time in ages. I liked that the detailing on the dress was fancy enough to make it perfect for a special occasion, but not so full on as to make all my long necklaces look surplus to requirement.

More importantly, I felt good in the dress. The length (54") was just right for me as I like to wear flats but don't want my dresses trailing the ground, and it was nice and comfy. The block colour is striking but, again, it didn't feel like it was too much for a smart-casual look. But the real test for it was when Miss Blaenau Gwent asked to have her photo taken with me. Any dress that can make me not hate a photo of myself standing next to the winner of a beauty pageant is not just a keeper - it's a miracle!

Together Maxi Dress in Cobalt

I already know that I will get lots of wear out of this dress as it has gone straight into the front of my wardrobe where I keep all my favourite clothes. I'm even going to wear it to chair full council next month!

* I was sent the dress in exchange for an honest review. *

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NYR 2018 - Update One

New Year's Resolutions 2018

We're almost a quarter into 2018 and so it's time for an update on how my New Year's Resolutions are going. You can read my full resolutions over at the original post.

☆ #1. Lose Weight ☆

Goal - Lose two and half stone by 2019.
Progress - ?

I had big plans of dieting in readiness for the wedding. Er, they did not come to fruition! I've definitely lost some weight this year, but that's mostly from being hit by a nasty gastrobug that has been lingering for over three weeks now. But, as I haven't weighed at all, I've no idea how much. I think this will be a resolution I only really pick up after I finish as Mayor and no longer have the temptation of tea, biscuits, and buffets.

☆ #2. Break The Tots100 ☆

Goal - Be ranked in the top 100 by the Tots parent blogger chart.
Progress - Almost!

In February I was ranked #99 but I slipped back down to #103 in March. Fingers crossed for April.

☆ #3. Write a Novel ☆

Goal - Write 100,000 words of fiction.
Progress - Done.

I've written about 120,000 words of fanfiction so far this year.

☆ #4. Save Money ☆

Goal - Reduce my outstanding overdraft by half.
Progress - Nada.

Money comes in, it goes out. I have gotten back into comping though which has started to reap some rewards, and I'm trying to regularly blog with the hope of potentially monetising later this year. It depends what's happening with work and how it will affect my tax band, really.

☆ #5. Redecorate ☆

Goal - Make the house more presentable.
Progress - Not yet.

This one was always slated to start after the AGM in May when I will actually have time to focus on it.

I don't think it's going too badly for the first check in. Hopefully by the end of June I'll have bigger and better successes to report!

Thursday, 29 March 2018

High Sheriff

High Sheriff

The High Sheriff is one of those roles I had never really encountered before becoming a councillor, but today I had the privilege of attending the swearing in of the new High Sheriff of Gwent, Mrs. Sharon Linnard, at Newport Coroner's Court.

Over the past year as a Mayor I've learned such a lot about this ancient office from the outgoing High Sheriff, Kevin Thomas. Kevin and his wife Elaine are just the loveliest people, and were happy to answer all my dumb questions about what a High Sheriff does and how you get to be one in the first place.

High Sheriffs of Gwent - Anthony Clay and Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas wearing the uniform of High Sheriff - traditional velvet court dress - and the then outgoing High Sheriff of Gwent, Anthony Clay. This picture is from a Monmouthshire Beacon article on Kevin's career history.

So, what is a High Sheriff?

The origins of the office date right back to the seventh century when the 'shire reeve' was responsible for maintaining law and order in the shire on behalf of the monarch, and collecting debts and taxes due to the Crown. 1066 brought a lot of change with it, but rather than abolish the post, the Normans only made the responsibilities of the High Sheriff more extensive. In the 11th and 12th centuries, the High Sheriffs were some of the most powerful men in the country.

Over the next few centuries this power was slowly eroded. Tax collection became the responsibility of the Exchequer, and the newly created Lord-Lieutenants replaced the High Sheriff as the Monarch's personal representatives. The evolution of policing and the judicial system also meant that the High Sheriff became an increasingly ceremonial role, something enshrined in law by the Sheriffs Act 1887.

Today the High Sheriff serves for a year, raising money for charity (both local and the official charity of the Shrievalty; National Crimebeat), supporting the Lord-Lieutenant on Royal visits in the locality, and working with local authorities, the judiciary, the church, and law enforcement to promote crime reduction and social cohesion. One aspect of the job remains the same though - the High Sheriff is expected to offer hospitality to visiting High Court Judges. These days though, thankfully, they're not expected to actually pay for the Judges' accommodation!

High Sheriff of West Glamorgan
Mrs. Louise Fleet, High Sheriff of West Glamorgan 2017-18. Louise gave a fascinating talk about the history of the Shrievalty at the Mayor of Swansea's civic service last year that I learned a lot from. Female High Sheriffs have no official uniform, so they modify the male uniform as they see fit. Some wear the full get up with knee breeches, some opt for a velvet skirt suit, while others ditch the velvet completely!

How do you become a High Sheriff?

The only legal requirement is that you own property in the county you're to be High Sheriff of. In practice, however, you need to be old enough to have established yourself as somebody of 'standing in the county', and wealthy enough to bear the costs of the role. High Sheriffs are not paid, and are expected to pay for their own uniform (£3,000+, not including the sword...) and the hosting of events. You're probably looking at £8,000 for the year, at least.

Many High Sheriffs are drawn from the magistracy, reflecting the role's links with law and order, but you don't have to be a JP. Everybody's favourite TV gardener, Alan Titchmarsh, served as High Sheriff of the Isle of Wight in 2008, for example! It is important to note that High Sheriff is not a political role though, so Peers of Parliament, MPs, AMs, and MEPs are ineligible, as are clergy, full-time members of the judiciary, officers of the post office, and officers of the Royal Navy, Army or Air Force on full pay.

Every year a consultative panel of about 8 people - the current, former, and future nominated High Sheriffs, the Lord-Lieutenant or representative, and community representatives -  meets in each of the 55 areas served by a High Sheriff in England and Wales. They nominate somebody to serve as High Sheriff in four years time, showing the kind of forward planning required. On November 12th they are then officially nominated in the Queen's Bench Division of the High Court. Three names from each county are presented on parchment to the Sovereign in a February or March meeting of the Privy Council, when the first is ceremonially pricked through with a silver bodkin to confirm their appointment.

This 'pricking' supposedly dates back to Elizabethan times when being High Sheriff was a big financial burden people would try all sorts to get out of. Elizabeth I, not known for sparing her nobles or gentry expense, was having none of that. Instead of using a pen and risking alteration after the fact, she poked a hole through the vellum to ensure her subjects did their duty.

Nathaniel Wells' declaration from the National Archives of Wales
Gwent was also home to the first black High Sheriff: Nathaniel Wells, wealthy plantation owner, magistrate, and son of a slave, was sworn in as High Sheriff of Monmouthshire in 1818.

But what does the High Sheriff do for me?

High Sheriffs are a symbol of community cohesion and the links between the people and the Sovereign, so you can expect to find them visiting schools, attending community events, supporting the civic representatives of their area - and, of course, welcoming High Court Judges and attending court when they are presiding.

They're also busy fundraising and working with the police and related bodies to decide how best to distribute those funds. In Gwent, the High Sheriff works with the Police Commissioner to award over £70,000 of grants to deserving causes via the Gwent High Sheriffs' Community Fund. Applications for next year's awards will be accepted from November.

The High Sheriff is living history in a way - an ancient office that has been re-purposed to remain relevant and provide the kind of quirky flair that makes our civic life so interesting!

To find out more, check the website of The High Sheriffs' Association of England and Wales. The Association also publishes an online magazine twice a year which is a wealth of information.

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Hasegawa Miniatures

Hasegawa 12th Scale Miniatures

Japan based Hasegawa Corporation have been producing plastic model kits since 1961. They're best known for their vehicles - cars, motorbikes, aircraft, etc - but they also make 1/12 scale furniture and machinery. The finished products look great and assembly isn't difficult, just a touch finicky, although the instructions are only pictorial with Japanese detail. The toughest one I've put together was the 1/12 scale crane machine which threatened to beat me a number of times...

You can pick up each set for between around £10 and £15 on Ebay, usually with free shipping. My latest purchase was the Science Room Desk & Chairs set which consists of a nice laboratory desk with sink - obviously from a far fancier school than any I've ever been to! - and four 'wooden' stools. I saw somebody using it as a mortuary table in a scene and it looked so cool I was inspired to get one myself.

This is how it's supposed to look, and how it arrived:

Hasegawa Science Room Desk and Chairs Hasegawa Science Room Desk and Chairs Kit

This is the finished product with a Mezco One:12 Collective Joker for scale. It still needs a little paint on the taps and some filing on a few rough edges but, overall, not bad!

Hasegawa Science Room Desk and Chairs

Here's the full lowdown on the furniture Hasegawa has to offer:

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Blogging Calendar for May

Blogging Calendar - Holidays, Celebrations, Awareness Days, and Other Notable Occasions.

Throughout the year there are so many awareness days, commemorative days, special days, celebrations, holidays, observances, etc, etc. These can be great as blog post inspiration, or just for getting a bit of extra traffic to an existing post by promoting it as a tie-in.

Read on for a list of notable dates for February - if the day has its own website or wiki page, I've linked to it. A lot of the weirder ones are USA based unofficial 'national days'; I've included them in the list if they've crossed the pond, or had a fair number of media hits when I googled them.


Armed Forces Day - Mauritania.
Constitution Day - Argentina.
 Executive Coaching Day.
 International Workers' Day.
Lei Day - Hawaii, USA.
May Day.
 Mother Goose Day.
 New Home Owners' Day.
 Purebred Dog Day.
 School Principals' Day.


Anniversary of the Dos de Mayo Uprising - Madrid, Spain.
 Baby Day.
 Birth Anniversary of Third Druk Gyalpo - Bhutan.
Flag Day - Poland.
Indonesian National Education Day.
 School Bus Drivers Day.
Teachers' Day - Iran.
 World Play Your Ukulele Day.


Constitution Day - Poland.
Constitution Memorial Day - Japan.
 Garden Meditation Day.
 Lumpy Rug Day.
 Paranormal Day.
Roodmas - aka Feast of the Cross.
☆ Two Different Coloured Shoes Day.
World Press Freedom Day.


☆ Anniversary of the Decease of Milan Rastislav Štefánik - Slovakia.
Anti-Bullying Day.
Cassinga Day - Namibia.
Greenery Day - Japan.
International Firefighters' Day.
 May Fourth Movement - China.
 National Candied Orange Peel Day - USA.
 Petite and Proud Day.
 Renewal Day.
Remembrance Day for Martyrs and Disabled - Afghanistan.
Remembrance of the Dead - Netherlands.
Restoration of Independence Day - Latvia.
Star Wars Day.
World Give Day.
Youth Day - China + Fiji.


 Cartoonists' Day.
Children's Day - Japan + Korea.
Cinco de Mayo.
Constitution Day - Kyrgyzstan.
Coronation Day - Thailand.
 Feast of St. George - Palestine.
 Hug a Shed and Take a Selfie Day.
 Indian Arrival Day - Guyana.
 Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day.
 International Midwives' Day.
Liberation Day - Denmark + Netherlands.
Lusophene (Portugese Language) Culture Day.
Martyrs' Day - Albania.
 National Hoagie Day - USA.
Patriots' Victory Day - Ethiopia.
 Revenge of the Fifth.
Senior Citizens Day - Palau.
Tango no Sekku - Japan.


 Beverage Day.
 Day of Bravery and Armed Forces Day - Bulgaria.
 First Day of Hıdırellez - Turkey.
 International No Diet Day.
Martyrs' Day - Gabon + Lebanon + Syria.
 No Diet Day.
 No Homework Day.
 Police Day - Georgia.
 St. George's Day - Eastern Orthodox Church.
Teachers' Day - Jamaica.


Communication Workers' Day - Russia.
 Cosmopolitan Day.
Defender of the Fatherland Day - Kazakhstan.
Dien Bien Phu Victory Day - Vietnam.
 Love's Baby Soft Day - USA.
Radio and Television Day - Bulgaria.
 Roast Leg of Lamb Day.


 Free Trade Day.
 Iris Day.
Miguel Hidalgo's Birthday - Mexico.
 No Socks Day.
Parents' Day - South Korea.
 Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation for Those Who Lost Their Lives During WW2.
Truman Day - Missouri, USA.
White Lotus Day - Theosophy.
World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day.
☆ VE Day - Western Europe.


Anniversary of Dianetics - Scientology.
Europe Day.
Liberation Day - Channel Islands.
 Lost Sock Memorial Day.
 Moscato Day.
Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation for Those Who Lost Their Lives During WW2.
Veterans Day - Norway.
 Victory Day - Eastern Europe.
 Victory Day Over Nazism in WW2 - Ukraine.


 Children's Day - Maldives.
 Confederate Memorial Day - North + South Carolina, USA.
 Constitution Day - Federated States of Micronesia.
 Golden Spike Day - USA.
 Independence Day - Romania.
 Liberation Day - Sark.
 Mother Ocean Day.
 Stay Up All Night Day.
 Windmill Day.
 World Lupus Day.


 National Eat What You Want Day.
 National Technology Day - India.
 Statehood Day - Minnesota, USA.
 Twilight Zone Day.
 Vietnam Human Rights Day.


 Finnish Identity Day - Finland.
 International Nurses Day.
 Limerick Day.
 ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia Awareness Day.
 Nutty Fudge Day.
 Odometer Day.
 St. Andrea the First Day - Georgia.


Abbotsbury Garland Day - UK.
 Frog Jumping Day.
Heroes' Day - Romania.
 International Hummus Day.
 Leprechaun Day.
 Old May Day.
 Root Canal Appreciation Day.
Rotuma Day - Fiji.
☆ Top Gun Day.
 World Belly Dance Day.


 Chicken Dance Day.
Hastings Banda's Birthday - Malawi.
National Unification Day - Liberia.


 Argei - Ancient Rome.
Army Day - Slovenia.
 Chocolate Chip Day.
Constituent Assembly Day - Lithuania.
Independence Day - Paraguay.
International Day of Families.
Mercuralia - Ancient Rome.
Nakba Day - Palestine.
 Nylon Stockings Day.
Peace Officers Memorial Day - USA.
Republic Day - Lithuania.
St. Ubaldo Day.
 Straw Hat Day.
Teacher's Day - Colombia + Mexico + South Korea.


 Biographers' Day.
 Drawing Day.
 Horse Rescue Day - Australia.
Martyrs of Sudan Day.
Mass Graves Day - Iraq.
 National BBQ Day - USA.
National Day - South Sudan.
 Sea Monkey Day.
 St. Brendan's Day.
Teacher's Day - Malaysia.


Birthday of the Raja - Perlis.
Children's Day - Norway.
Galician Literature Day - Spain.
 International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.
Liberation Day - Democratic Republic of the Congo.
 National Walnut Day - USA.
Navy Day - Argentina.
 Neurofibromatosis Awareness Day.
Norwegian Constitution Day - Norway.
☆ Pack Rat Day.
 World Baking Day.
 World Hypertension Day.
 World Information Society Day.
 World Telecommunications Day.


Baltic Fleet Day - Russia.
Battle of Las Piedras Day - Uruguay.
Day of Remembrance of Crimean Tartar Genocide - Ukraine.
Flag and Universities Day - Haiti.
Independence Day - Somaliland.
International Museum Day.
Mullivaikkal Remembrance Day - Sri Lankan Tamils.
 Museum Day.
 No Dirty Dishes Day.
Remembrance Day - Sri Lanka.
Revival, Unity, and Poetry of Magtymguly Day - Turkmenistan.
Teacher's Day - Syria.
 Visit Your Relatives Day.
World AIDS Vaccine Day.


Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day - Turkey.
Greek Genocide Remembrance Day - Greece.
Ho Chi Minh's Birthday - Vietnam.
Malcolm X Day - USA.
 May Ray Day.
National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.
Hepatitis Testing Day.
 St Dunstan's Day.


 Be a Millionaire Day.
 Clinical Trials Day.
Day of Remembrance - Cambodia.
Emancipation Day - Florida, USA.
European Maritime Day.
Independence Day - Cuba.
Independence Day - East Timor.
Josephine Baker Day.
National Awakening Day - Indonesia.
National Day - Cameroon.
 Pick Strawberries Day.
 Quiche Lorraine Day.
 Weights and Measures Day.
World Metrology Day.


 Afro-Colombian Day - Colombia.
Agonalia - Ancient Rome.
Circassian Day of Mourning - Circassians.
Day of Patriots and Military - Hungary.
 I Need A Path For That Day.
 Memo Day.
Navy Day - Chile.
 Rapture Party Day.
Saint Helena Day.
 Waitstaff Day.
World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.


Abolition Day - Martinique.
Harvey Milk Day - California, USA.
International Day for Biological Diversity.
National Maritime Day - USA.
National Sovereignty Day - Haiti.
Republic Day - Sri Lanka.
 Sherlock Holmes Day.
Translation of the Relics of Saint Nicholas from Myra to Bari - Ukraine.
Unity Day - Yemen.
World Goth Day.


Constitution Day - Germany.
 Labour Day - Jamaica.
 Lucky Penny Day.
 National Taffy Day - USA.
Students' Day - Mexico.
 Title Track Day.
World Crohn's and Colitis Day.
World Turtle Day.


 Aldersgate Day - Methodism.
 Aviation Maintenance Technician Day.
Battle of Pichincha Day - Ecuador.
 Brother's Day.
Bulgarian Education and Culture and Slavonic Literature Day.
Empire Day - now Commonwealth Day.
Feast of Mary Help of Christians.
Independence Day - Eritrea.
Lubiri Memorial Day - Buganda.
 National Escargot Day - USA.
Rosalia - Ancient Rome.
Saints Cyril and Methodius' Day.
 Tiara Day.


Africa Day.
Geek Pride Day.
Independence Day - Jordan.
 International Missing Children's Day.
 Last Bell - Russia.
Liberation Day - Lebanon.
National Day - Argentina.
National Missing Children's Day - USA.
National Tap Dance Day - USA.
 National Wine Day - USA.
Towel Day.


Crown Prince's Birthday - Denmark.
 Dracula Day.
Independence Day - Guyana.
Independence Day - Georgia.
Mother's Day - Poland.
 National Blueberry Cheesecake Day - USA.
National Paper Airplane Day.
 National Sorry Day - Australia.
 World Lindy Hop Day.


Armed Forces Day - Nicaragua.
Children's Day - Nigeria.
Mother's Day - Bolivia.
 National Italian Beef Day - USA.
Navy Day - Japan.
 Sellotape Day.
Slavery Abolition Day - Guadeloupe.
 Sun Screen Day.
World MS Day.


 Amnesty International Day.
Armed Forces Day - Croatia.
Downfall of the Derg Day - Ethiopia.
Flag Day - Philippines.
Independence Day - Armenia.
 Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Day.
 National Brisket Day - USA.
 National Burger Day - USA.
Republic Day - Nepal.
TDFR Republic Day.
Youm-e-Takbir - Pakistan.


Army Day - Argentina.
 Biscuit Day.
 Castleton Garland Day - UK.
Democracy Day - Nigeria.
International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers.
 Learn About Composting Day.
 Oak Apple Day - UK.
 Paper Clip Day.
 Put a Pillow On Your Fridge Day.
Statehood Day - Rhode Island + Wisconsin, USA.
Veterans Day - Sweden.
World Digestive Health Day.


Anguilla Day - Anguilla.
Canary Islands Day - Spain.
Indian Arrival Day - Trinidad and Tobago.
 Loomis Day.
Lord Airport Massacre Remembrance Day - Puerto Rico.
 Mint Julep Day.
Mother's Day - Nicaragua.
Parliament Day - Croatia.
 Water a Flower Day.


Anniversary of Royal Brunei Malay Regiment - Brunei.
Castile-La Mancha Day - Spain.
 Macaroon Day.
 Save Your Hearing Day.
Visitation of Mary - Western Christianity.
☆ Web Designer Day.
World No Tobacco Day.

Weeks and Months

 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.
 Better Hearing and Speech Month.
Celiac Awareness Month.
 Community Action Awareness Month - North Dakota, USA.
Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month.
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Awareness Month.
 Flores de Mayo - Philippines.
 Garden for Wildlife Month.
 Haitian Heritage Month.
 Hepatitis Awareness Month.
International Mediterranean Diet Month.
 Jewish American Heritage Month - USA.
Kaamatan Harvest Festival - Malaysia.
Mental Health Awareness Month - USA.
Month of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Christianity.
 National ALS Awareness Month - USA.
 National Brain Tumor Awareness Month - USA.
 National Burger Month - USA.
 National Corps Member Appreciation Month - USA.
 National Electrical Safety Month - USA.
 National Foster Care Month - USA.
 National Golf Month - USA.
 National Innovators' Month - USA.
 National Military Appreciation Month - USA.
National Mobility Awareness Month - Canada + USA.
 National Moving Month - USA.
 National Osteoprosis Month - USA.
 National Pet Month - USA.
 National Smile Month - UK.
 National Stroke Awareness Month - USA.
 National Water Safety Month - USA.
New Zealand Music Month - New Zealand.
 Older Americans Month - USA.
Skin Cancer Awareness Month.
South Asian Heritage Month.
World Trade Month.

 Bike Week.
 Emergency Medical Services Week - USA.
 Green Office Week - UK.
 National Hurricane Preparedness Week - USA.
 National Nursing Week - USA.
 National Nursing Home Week - USA.
National Small Business Week - USA.
 National Stuttering Awareness Week - USA.
New Zealand Sign Language Week.
North American Occupational Health and Safety Week.
Teacher Appreciation Week - USA.


 Accounting Day.
Occupational Safety and Health Professional Day.
 One Day Without Shoes.
Walk Safely to School Day - Australia.

 Poem On Your Pillow Day. [First Tuesday]
World Asthma Day. [First Tuesday]
 National Teacher Appreciation Day - USA. [Tuesday of First Full Week]
 School Nurse Day. [First Wednesday]
National Day of Prayer - USA. [First Thursday]
National Day of Reason - USA [First Thursday]
 World Password Day. [First Thursday]
 International Space Day. [First Friday]
 International Tuba Day. [First Friday]
 No Pants Day - USA. [First Friday]
 Free Comic Book Day. [First Saturday]
 Green Up Day - Vermont, USA. [First Saturday]
 Join Hands Day. [First Saturday]
 Wildfire Community Preparedness Day. [First Saturday]
 World Naked Gardening Day. [First Saturday]
 Lemonade Day. [First Sunday]
 Mothers' Day - Various. [First Sunday]
 World Laughter Day. [First Sunday]
 Donate a Day's Wages to Charity Day. [Second Wednesday]
 Receptionists Day. [Second Wednesday]
 Military Spouse Day - USA. [Friday before Second Sunday]
 National Public Gardens Day - USA. [Friday before Second Sunday]
International Migratory Bird Day. [Second Saturday]
 National Tree Planting Day - Mongolia. [Second Saturday]
 National Train Day - USA. [Saturday Closest to May 10th]
National Mills Day - UK. [Second Sunday]
Children's Day - Spain. [Second Sunday]
 Fathers' Day - Romania. [Second Sunday]
 Mother's Day - Various, inc. USA. [Second Sunday]
 State Flag and State Emblem Day - Belarus. [Second Sunday]
 World Fair Trade Day. [Second Sunday]
 Discovery Day - Cayman Islands. [Third Monday]
 Victoria Day. [Last Monday before or on May 24th]
 Global Accessibility Awareness Day. [Third Thursday]
 Notebook Day. [Third Thursday]
 National Defense Transportation Day - USA. [Third Friday]
 Endangered Species Day - USA. [Third Friday]
 International Virtual Assistants Day. [Third Friday]
 National Pizza Party Day - USA. [Third Friday]
 Shades Day. [Friday Closest to UN's International Day of the Family]
☆ Armed Forces Day - USA. [Third Saturday]
 Culture Freedom Day. [Third Saturday]
 Learn To Swim Day. [Third Saturday]
 Plant a Lemon Tree Day. [Third Saturday]
 Sanja Matsuri - Japan. [Third Saturday]
 World Whisky Day. [Third Saturday]
 World Fiddle Day. [Saturday Closest to May 19th]
 Commemoration Day of Fallen Soldiers - Finland. [Third Sunday]
 Father's Day - Tonga. [Third Sunday]
 Feast of Our Lady of the Audience. [Third Sunday]
 Heroes Day - Turks and Caicos Islands. [Last Monday]
 Memorial Day - USA.[Last Monday]
 Senior Health and Fitness Day. [Last Wednesday]
 World Multiple Sclerosis Day. [Last Wednesday]
 Take a Girl Child to Work Day - South Africa. [Last Thursday]
 Bermuda Day - Bermuda. [Last Friday]
 Don't Fry Day. [Fourth Friday]
 Armed Forces Day - Spain. [Saturday Closest to May 30th]
 Arbor Day - Venezuela. [Last Sunday]
 Children's Day - Hungary. [Last Sunday]
 Mother's Day - Various. [Last Sunday]
 Turkmen Carpet Day - Turkmenistan. [Last Sunday]

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Monday, 26 March 2018

Mini Mart: Kefxi Paper Minis

Kefxi paper minis on ebay

Supplier: kefxi
Website: Ebay store.

Products: Handmade 1/12 scale paper miniatures - signs, posters, cards, bunting, etc. I bought a little set of boxed Christmas cards for £2.40. I was really impressed with the print quality and how neatly the cards and box were made. I photographed them with one of my 1/24 scale Pose Skeletons to show just how small they are.

Kefxi on Ebay

Post and Packing: £1.10 for first item, subsequent items free!

For more like this, please click the image below:
Mini Mart - Reviews of Dolls and Scale Miniatures

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This Week - March 25th

Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.
Life This Week

I had to get an emergency GP appointment on Monday and was diagnosed with a gastro bug, in all likelihood. I was given a sick note for the week and a bag full of drugs which thankfully did the trick! The doctor said I could go back to work sooner if I had 48 hours without being sick, so I went back on Thursday though I was still feeling kind of delicate.

We had the Pontypool Community Council KS2 Eisteddfod in the day and, I must confess, I took great joy in knowing how much (well, little) Anthony would be enjoying it. He's rubbish with anything to do with schools or kids, and this was a full day of poetry reciting, singing, and young children playing violin... I had a good time at any rate. It's amazing to see what these kids of just 8, 9, and 10 are capable of.

Marianna enjoyed it too, and spent most of it spinning around and showing off the glitter on her dress. Until she spilled orange juice all down it. After a quick pit stop at home and a change of dress for Marianna, I took her with me to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award presentations at Croesyceiliog School because Anthony had planning training in Pontypool. She was tired and crotchety by that point though, and I was halfway through the little speech I'd been asked to do when I look over and see her trying to play with the laptop being used as a projector. Cue losing my train of thought and finishing up in a lackluster hurry!

After that we went to see my dad because it was a birthday. Marianna drew him a picture of herself as a present. What more could anybody ask for?

On Friday we went to the opening of the Generation Games exhibition at Pontypool Museum. If you get chance pay it a visit - it really is so much fun! It's a display of games consoles from 1973 to the present day, and you can actually play on a lot of them.

This weekend I've just been catching up with my email and so on. If I owe you a reply, please trust that I'm (slowly) getting to it.

Photo of the Week

On the Blog

I posted a Blogging Calendar for March, listing special days, observances, etc, and the lowdown on Marianna's current obsession with mermaids. I also backposted a couple of posts to last year - a blogger q&a and a post about Primrose Day. Finally, I published a great guest post on healthy snacking on the go yesterday.

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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Healthy Snacks on the Go

Top Tips for Healthy Snacking on the Go

Today's post is looking at ways and means of ensuring that when you reach for a snack - and, let's face it, it's basically inevitably at some point - it's the right kind of snack. So, without further ado...

One key to keeping a healthy diet is staying fed throughout the entire day, which will help you avoid overeating later on. This means that snacks are a crucial part of a healthy diet, but with our hectic schedules and unhealthy options on the market, staying on track can be difficult. Putting a little thought into what we’re buying and eating is a good start to keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle! Consider these tips and snacks next time you find yourself preparing for a long day away from home.

#1. Shop the outside aisles of the grocery store -

In most supermarkets, the perimeter of the store is where fresh foods are found. For example, the deli, produce, meat, dairy, and organic sections are typically found on this perimeter. You can find almost everything you need in these areas, while avoiding tempting snacks found in the inner aisles. If you absolutely need to wander into the central aisles, stick to the nut butter section and bulk foods for dried fruits and nuts. Perusing in the junk food snack aisles is where you’re most likely to fall victim to bringing unhealthy snacks home.


#2. Keep healthy options in your bag and office -

Having healthy snack options pre-planned and on-hand will make it much easier to stay on track as the day goes on. Tuck a protein bar, baggie of mixed nuts or piece of fruit in your bag to take for the day, and place it in eyesight if you sit at a desk. Also try filling a “candy” jar with mixed nuts to stop yourself from searching for any food available mid-afternoon. Keeping healthy foods readily available is a constant reminder to make smart choices, and leaves you less likely to avoiding eating only to binge later on in the day.

Woman on the go

#3. Learn how to read nutrition labels - 

To know exactly what you are putting in your body, get in the habit of flipping packaged foods over and reading the nutrition label (ingredients included!). To start, look at the fiber, protein, sugar and sodium contents. Aim to eat foods with more protein and fiber than sugar, as these will fuel your body, leaving you full longer. Consuming sugar gives you a quick release of energy that then fades and leaves you hungry all over again. Be sure to check the ingredient list for dyes, hidden sugars, preservatives, and chemicals that aren’t represented in the label, as these can be hidden toxins. The best rule of thumb is “the less ingredients, the better” so when you are looking to grab something on the go, opt for snacks with simple and few ingredients.

#4. Choose snacks full of fiber -

Try reaching for something with high fiber content in the morning or afternoon to promote digestion. Eating fiber reduces your tendency to overeat as it leaves you feeling full for an extended period of time. Fiber regulates energy levels throughout the day, allowing you to skip that afternoon sugar or caffeine fix! A few smart snack choices rich in fiber include berries, mixed nuts, healthy bagged popcorn or trail mix.


#5. Separate out portion sizes before you are hungry -

Right when you get home from the grocery store, compartmentalize single servings of snacks into plastic baggies or Tupperware for later in the day or week. Don’t wait until you are hungry for a snack to do this, as you are more likely to overeat! In similar style, if you like to sit down with a snack after dinner, pour your snack into a bowl rather than eating out of the box to be fully aware of how much you are eating.


#6. Choose whole grains -

If you prefer carbohydrate-focused snacks and can’t kick the habit, opt for whole grain crackers, breads and granola bars for nutrients and vitamins lacking in non-whole grain varieties. Be sure to check the ingredients on these though, as many food are marketed as “whole grain” but don’t actually include a full serving of whole grains! Check if one of the first three ingredients is whole grains to ensure you are getting those nutrients you expect. Try reaching for an Rx bar or KIND bar for a delicious yet nutritious snack bar that’s easy to take with you on the go.

Whole Grains

Ultimately, leave the house prepared to snack throughout the day to save yourself calories and money. Keep in mind that substance and portion size are both equally important to keep yourself on a healthy eating track!

Friday, 23 March 2018

Generation Games Exhibition

Samuel Anstee photographed by the South Wales Argus

Ever since we heard a few weeks ago that the Generation Games exhibition was coming to Pontypool Museum we've been looking forward to it. The exhibition has been on display at the Waterfront Museum in Swansea for the last few months, cataloging the history of gaming in the UK since the very first console - the Magnavox Odyssey - to hit our shores in 1973. The Odyssey was part console, part board game, and supplied graphics via a transparent plastic overlay for your TV screen!

There are playable games from each of the eight console generations, from a 1976 Binatone TV Master - a Pong clone - right through to a 2017 virtual reality 3D headset that lets you fly over the rooftops of Paris. We all had a go on that one and I'm pleased to say I was the only person not to crash and die a painful death within the first three seconds. :D

Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas, Welsh Governement Minister for Culture, Tourism & Sport, opened the exhibition, and Nick Thomas-Symonds, MP for Torfaen, also said a few words, highlighting the fact that video games are both art and an important part of our shared history and culture. Whether you played on one of the consoles on display, or bought it for your kids or grandkids, everyone can relate to an industry that has only continued to grow and grow.

After the speeches we went around the room and had a go on Pacman, Sonic, Mario, Tomb Raider, and reignited a long standing debate over the underrated superiority of Sega's ill fated Dreamcast. I was really pleased when we sat down for tea with Samuel Anstee - the collector who made the exhibition possible - and his family to find he also rated the Dreamcast as one of the finest consoles to ever be released before its time.

Samuel is such a nice guy and it was really interesting hearing about why he began collecting, and how quickly the collection went from a few old consoles bought primarily for nostalgia to an impressive feat of completism chronicling every console released in the UK since 1972! As a gaming history geek it was amazing to see it all gathered together in one place, and I managed to learn a few new things - the kids' section highlighted how concerns about age appropriateness have been tackled at different times, for example.

Chwarae Plant at Generation Games exhibition

If you get chance, do go and check out the exhibition. It's such great fun for all ages! It will be at the museum until October 2018 - for more information on opening times, etc, visit the museum's website at

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Out and About in Torfaen

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Happy Birthday Dad!

Gaynor and Kevin in the pram Gaynor and Kevin Powell

Gaynor and Kevin Powell on a swing

Janice, Gaynor, Kevin and Amanda Powell c. 1969 Kevin Powell

Kevin Mark Powell

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Family History

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Blogging Calendar for March

Blogging Calendar - Holidays, Celebrations, Awareness Days, and Other Notable Occasions.

Throughout the year there are so many awareness days, commemorative days, special days, celebrations, holidays, observances, etc, etc. These can be great as blog post inspiration, or just for getting a bit of extra traffic to an existing post by promoting it as a tie-in.

Read on for a list of notable dates for March - if the day has its own website or wiki page, I've linked to it. A lot of the weirder ones are USA based unofficial 'national days'; I've included them in the list if they've crossed the pond, or had a fair number of media hits when I googled them.

*Note: I've not included any dates related to Easter.


Baba Marta Day - Bulgaria.
Beer Day - Iceland.
 Commemoration of Mustafa Barzani's Death - Iraqi Kurdistan.
 Fruit Compote Day.
Heroes' Day - Paraguay.
 Independence Day - Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Mărțișor - Romania + Moldova.
 National Horse Protection Day - USA.
National Peanut Butter Lover's Day - USA.
National Pig Day - USA.
 Plan a Solo Vacation Day.
 Refired, Not Retired Day.
Remembrance Day - Marshall Islands.
Saint David's Day - Wales.
Sam-il Movement - South Korea.
Self-Injury Awareness Day.
World Civil Defence Day.
 World Compliment Day.


 Banana Cream Pie Day.
 Dr. Seuss Day.
National Read Across America Day.
 Old Stuff Day.
 Omizu-okuri Water Carrying Festival - Japan.
Peasant's Day - Myanmar.
 St Chad's Day.
Texas Independence Day - Texas, USA.
Victory at Adwa Day - Ethiopia.


 Cold Cuts Day.
Hinamatsuri - Japan.
 International Irish Whiskey Day.
Liberation Day - Bulgaria.
Martyr's Day - Malawi.
Mother's Day - Georgia.
 Mulled Wine Day.
 National Anthem Day.
National Canadian Bacon Day - USA.
Sportsmen's Day - Egypt.
 St Winwaloe's Day.
What if Cats & Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day.
World Wildlife Day.


 International Scrapbooking Industry Day.
 Marching Band Day - USA.
National Grammar Day - USA.
 Pound Cake Day.
St. Casimir's Day - Lithuania + Poland.
 Toy Soldier Day.


 Absinthe Day.
Custom Chief's Day - Vanuatu.
Day of Physical Sport and Culture - Azerbaijan.
 Dissociative Identity Disorder Awareness Day
Learn from Lei Feng Day - China.
National Cheez Doodle Day - USA.
St. Piran's Day - Cornwall.


 Dentist's Day.
European Day of the Righteous.
Foundation Day - Norfolk Island.
 Frozen Food Day.
Independence Day - Ghana.
 National Banana Creme Pie Day - USA.


 Be Heard Day.
 Cereal Day.
Liberation of Sulaymaniyah - Iraqi Kurdistan.
National Crown Roast of Pork Day - USA.
Teacher's Day - Albania.


International Women's Day.
International Women's Collaboration Brew Day.
Mother's Day - Eastern Europe.
National Peanut Cluster Day - USA.
National Potato Salad Day - USA.
 National Proofreading Day.


 Barbie Day.
 False Teeth Day.
 Get Over It Day.
National Crabmeat Day - USA.
National Meatball Day - USA.
Panic Day.
Teachers' Day - Lebanon.


 Day of Awesomeness.
Harriet Tubman Day - USA.
Holocaust Remembrance Day - Bulgaria.
Hote Matsuri - Japan.
 International Bagpipe Day.
 International Wig Day.
 Mario Day.
National Blueberry Popover Day - USA.
National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - USA.
 Pack Your Lunch Day.
 Skirt Day.
Tibetan Uprising Day.


Day of Restoration of Independence of Lithuania.
Johnny Appleseed - USA.
Moshoeshoe Day - Lesotho.
Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day - USA.
 Penny Loaf Day - Nottinghamshire.
 World Plumbing Day.


Arbor Day - China, Taiwan, Republic of Macedonia.
Aztec New Year.
Girl Scout Birthday - USA.
 International Fanny Pack Day.
National Baked Scallops Day - USA.
National Day - Mauritius.
 Plant a Flower Day.
World Day Against Cyber Censorship.
 World Glaucoma Day.
Youth Day - Zambia.


Anniversary of the Election of Pope Francis.
 Coconut Torte Day.
 Earmuffs Day.
 Jewel Day.
 Ken Day.
Kasuga Matsuri (Monkey Festival) - Japan.
L. Ron Hubbard's Birthday - Scientology.
Liberation of Duhok City - Iraqi Kurdistan.
National Coconut Torte Day - USA.
 Open an Umbrella Indoors Day.
 Smart & Sexy Day.


 Crowdfunding Day.
 Dribble To Work Day.
 International Ask a Question Day.
☆ International Day of Action for Rivers.
 Learn About Butterflies Day.
 Legal Assistance Day.
 Moth-er Day.
National Steak Day - USA.
 Potato Chip Day.
Pi Day.
 Science Education Day.
White Day - East Asia.


 Brutus Day.
 Buzzard Day.
Hōnen Matsuri - Japan.
International Day Against Police Brutality.
J.J. Roberts' Birthday - Liberia.
National Day - Hungary.
True Confessions Day.
World Consumer Rights Day.
World Day of Muslim Culture, Peace, Dialogue and Film.
World Contact Day.
☆ World Speech Day.
 Youth Day - Palau.


Day of the Book Smugglers - Lithuania.
 Freedom of Information Day.
Halabja Day - Iraqi Kurdistan.
 Latvian Legion Day.
Lips Appreciation Day.
 No Selfies Day.
 Panda Day.
Saint Urho Day - Finnish Expats.


Children's Day - Bangladesh.
Evacuation Day - Massachusetts, USA.
Saint Patrick's Day.


Anniversary of the Oil Expropriation - Mexico.
 Awkward Moments Day.
 Biodiesel Day.
 Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day.
 Companies That Care Day.
Flag Day - Aruba.
Forgive Mom and Dad Day.
Gallipoli Memorial Day - Turkey.
Soldiers' Day - Mongolia.
Teachers' Day - Syria.


 Chocolate Caramel Day.
 Client's Day.
 Deskfast Day.
 International Read To Me Day.
Kashubian Unity Day - Poland.
Minna Canth Day + Social Equality Day - Finland.
 Poultry Day.
 St Joseph's Day.


Great American Meatout - USA.
Feast of the Supreme Ritual - Thelema.
French Language Day.
Independence Day - Tunisia.
International Day of Happiness.
International Francophonie Day.
 Kiss Your Fiance Day.
Liberation Day - Iraqi Kurdistan.
National Native HIV / AIDS Awareness Day - USA.
 Proposal Day.
 Ravioli Day.
 Snowman Burning Day.
 Won't You Be My Neighbour Day?
 World Oral Health Day.
 World Right to Water Day.
World Sparrow Day.
 World Storytelling Day.


Arbor Day - Lesotho + Portugal.
 Common Courtesy Day.
 French Bread Day.
Harmony Day - Australia.
Human Rights Day - South Africa.
Independence Day - Namibia.
International Colour Day.
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.
International Day of Forests.
 International Fragrance Day.
 Memory Day.
Mother's Day - Middle East.
 Nowruz (Persian New Year).
 Single Parents' Day.
 St Benedict's Day.
Truant's Day - Poland + Faroe Islands.
World Down Syndrome Day.
 World Planting Day.
World Poetry Day.
World Puppetry Day.
Youth Day - Tunisia.


As Young As You feel Day.
Emancipation Day - Puerto Rico.
 Goof Off Day.
World Water Day.


Day of the Sea - Bolivia.
Day of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources - Azerbaijan.
 Melba Toast Day.
National Chips and Dip Day - USA.
 National Puppy Day - USA.
 Near Miss Day.
Pakistan Day - Pakistan.
Promised Messiah Day - Ahmadiyya.
World Meteorological Day.


 Chocolate Covered Raisins Day.
Commonwealth Covenant Day - Northern Mariana Islands, US.
Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice - Argentina.
Day of National Revolution - Kyrgyzstan.
 Flatmate's Day.
International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims.
National Tree Planting Day - Uganda.
Student Day - Scientology.
World Tuberculosis Day.


Anniversary of the Arengo - San Marino.
Cultural Workers Day - Russia.
Empress Menen's Birthday - Rastafari.
EU Talent Day.
Freedom Day - Belarus.
Independence Day - Greece.
International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.
International Day of Solidarity with Detained and Missing Staff Members.
 International Day of the Unborn Child.
 Lady Day.
 Maryland Day - Maryland, USA.
Mother's Day - Slovenia.
 Pecan Day.
Struggle for Human Rights Day - Slovakia.
Tolkien Reading Day.
Waffle Day - Sweden.


 Falafel Appreciation Day.
Independence Day - Bangladesh.
Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.
Martyrs' Day - Mali.
 Nougat Day.
Prince Kūhiō Day - Hawaii, USA.
Purple Day for Epilepsy.
 Spinach Day.


Armed Forces Day - Myanmar.
International Whisk(e)y Day.
 Spanish Paella Day.
Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day.
World Theatre Day.


 Black Forest Cake Day.
Commemoration of Sen no Rikyū - Japan.
 Day of National Security - Azerbaijan.
Serfs Emancipation Day - Tibet.
 Something On a Stick Day.
Teachers' Day - Czech Republic + Slovakia.
☆ Weed Appreciation Day.


Boganda Day - Central African Republic.
 Day of the Young Combatant - Chile.
 Lemon Chiffon Cake Day.
Martyrs' Day - Madagascar.
 Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day.
 Smoke and Mirrors Day.
Youth Day - Taiwan.


Land Day - Palestine.
National Doctors' Day - USA.
 Pencil Day.
Spiritual / Shouter Baptist Liberation Day - Trinidad and Tobago.
☆ Take a Walk in the Park Day.
World Idli Day.
 World TB-303 Appreciation Day.


 Bunsen Burner Day.
Cesar Chavez Day - USA.
 Crayola Crayon Day.
Culture Day - Micronesia.
Day of Genocide of Azerbaijanis - Azerbaijan.
 Eiffel Tower Day.
Freedom Day - Malta.
International Transgender Day of Visibility.
King Nangklao Memorial Day - Thailand.
National Backup Day - USA.
National Clams on the Half Shell Day - USA.
Thomas Mundy Peterson Day - New Jersey, USA.
 Transfer Day - US Virgin Islands.

Weeks and Months

 Brain Injury Awareness Month.
 Dechox - UK.
 Deep Vein Thrombosis Awareness Month - UK.
Endometriosis Awareness Month.
 National Athletic Training Month - USA.
 National Bed Month - UK.
 National Celery Month - USA.
 National Frozen Food Month - USA.
 National Irish-American Heritage Month - USA.
 National Music in Our Schools Month - USA.
National Nutrition Month - Canada, USA.
National Peanut Month - USA.
 National Professional Social Work Month - USA.
 Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month - UK.
 Walk All Over Cancer - UK.
Women's History Month - Australia, UK, USA.
 Youth Art Month - USA.

Global Money Week. [Second Week]
 Women of Aviation Worldwide Week. [Second Week]
Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week - USA [March 14 - March 20].
National Poison Prevention Week - USA. [Third Week]


 Casimir Pulaski Day - Chicago, USA. [First Monday]
 Fun Facts About Names Day. [First Monday]
 Unique Names Day. [Tuesday of the First Full Week]
 World Maths Day. [First Wednesday]
World Book Day. [First Thursday]
 Dress in Blue Day. [First Friday]
Employee Appreciation Day - USA. [First Friday]
 Middle Name Pride Day. [Friday of the First Full Week]
 National Day of Unplugging. [First Friday]
Children's Day - New Zealand. [First Sunday]
 Grandmother's Day - France. [First Sunday]
 Namesake Day. [First Sunday]
 National Heroes and Benefactors Day - Honduras. [Monday Closest to March 9th]
 Canberra Day - Australia. [Second Monday]
 Commonwealth Day. [Second Monday]
 Fill Our Staplers Day. [Second Monday]
 Organize Your Home Office Day. [Second Tuesday]
 Decoration Day - Liberia. [Second Wednesday]
 No Smoking Day - UK [Second Wednesday]
World Kidney Day. [Second Thursday]
 Solar Appreciation Day [Second Friday]
 World Sleep Day. [Friday of the Second Full Week]
 Genealogy Day. [Second Saturday]
 Check Your Batteries Day. [Second Sunday]
 Dry Shampoo Day. [Second Sunday]
Birth of Benito Juárez - Mexico. [Third Monday]
 Arbor Day - Netherlands. [Third Wednesday]
 Corn Dog Day. [Third Saturday]
 Quilting Day. [Third Saturday]
 Labour Day - Christmas Island, Australia. [Fourth Monday]
 American Diabetes Alert Day. [Fourth Tuesday]
 Seward's Day - Alaska, USA. [Last Monday]
 Manatee Appreciation Day. [Last Wednesday]
 Earth Hour. [Last Saturday]
 Neighbour Day. [Last Sunday]
 March Equinox.

Check out other months, HERE.

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