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This Week - 28/02/2021

Marianna went back to school on Wednesday, after much agonising over the decision on our part. I still don't know whether it was the right choice, but Marianna seems to be really benefitting from the social interaction.  My own social interaction has, as usual, been mostly online. I had school governors this week, along with licensing committee and a few other meetings. I had a trip out to Lidl and Morrisons on Thursday to do the food shopping. The excitement was almost too much... I'm still really into UFO research and have been working my way steadily through all the old journals. There are some interesting Welsh cases I'd never even heard of before, and the joy of following professional make-ups and break-ups as all the big names fall out with each other! :) In other news Wales won against England and Rhys got a date for his first vaccination jab. Things are looking up for a change. I blogged about Crazy Figure dolls , a list of places to get 25 free metal samples ,

Mini Mart: Jiaou Doll Boss Chair

Supplier:  Jiaou Doll Website: Products: Jiaou Doll are a 1/6 scale action figure company based in China. They have their own website but lots of other sites and ebay sellers stock their products - mostly bodies and clothing.  The Boss Chair was released in 2018 and comes in black, brown and red. Later they added white and and off-white with a black frame for a modern look. You can pick them up for around £25 and they look awesome. They even kind of settle a bit when you put a doll in them, like a real chair does! Post and Packing:   N/A For more like this, please click the image below:

Sindy Catalogue 1980

For more like this, please click the image below:

Free Metal Samples

More great leads to help you with finishes. ★  Ace UK . (1+) ★  Alideck . (6) ★  Banker Wire . (1+) ★  Clear Mesh . (4) ★  Essentra Components . (1) ★  Formica . (3) ★  GKD Group . (2) ★  Gooding Aluminium . (3) ★  Intra Systems . (1) ★  Kingspan . (3) ★  Lazy Susan Furniture . (2) ★  Metal Card Co . (1) ★  Metal Line . (2) ★  Metallic Design . (1) ★  Original Bed Company . (2) ★  Plastok . (1) ★  Rimex Metals UK . (1) ★  Roofing Sheets . (5) ★  Sig Zinc and Copper . (3) ★  Super Luxury Business Cards . (1+) ★  SubliMetals . (1+) ★  The Metal Roof Company . (1+) ★  Zaun . (1) For more like this, please click the images below:

Welsh UFO Sightings 1967

Sightings from across Wales in 1967. For UFO sightings from other years please click HERE . PRESS March 14th, 17:20 Cardiff Cigar shaped UFO. The UFO Register categorised the sighting as A, aka genuine UFO. Awareness magazine for 1967 wrote: Cigar Shaped Craft Over Cardiff : Brian Wright, a zoology student, was admiring the view from the window of a university building in Cardiff at 5:20pm on the 14th March, when he noticed "an elongated brilliant white craft" in the sky. The colour, he said, "was similar to that of burning magnesium." The cigar-shaped object was approximately two miles away; he was unable to estimate its true size. After five minutes it began to move away, gradually fading and eventually disappearing over the television masts at Wenvoe. The object was in view for a total of eight minutes. APRO May 13th, 05:45 Lavister, Wrexham Disc like UFO seen for around five minutes. Judged by witness to be about 45 to 50 feet in diameter.

To Return or Not To Return...

  That is the question. In Wales schools are reopening their doors this week for all children in foundation phase (i.e. nursery, reception, year one and year two). When the announcement was made a few weeks ago I felt like kicking my heels in the air for joy.  Marianna is lonely, miserable, and prefers kicking and screaming to any of the work her teacher has set her.  I should have been better prepared for this eventuality but, sadly, I was an uber-swot who got all misty eyed over stories of Victorian girls and their governesses, quietly practising their copperplate all day everyday. Marianna has a major meltdown every time I try to get her to write more than three words together. Because she isn't a mini me. I might have been more than happy in my own company, nose stuck in a book and head off in the clouds, but Marianna swerves dangerously from anger to depression and back again. She's bored, frustrated, and sick and tired of having nobody but her parents for playmates.  So,