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Christmas 2020

AKA the post where I keep track of what we're getting Marianna for Christmas / Birthday. (Because, of course, I had to arrange it so the two events are only a few days apart...) The biggest problem this year is just that she kind of already has everything - so suggestions on what to get a precocious almost six year old are very welcome! BOUGHT ★ Little Miss Book Collection. ★ Frustration Board Game. ★ Connect 4 Board Game. ★ 3x 'Lego' Animal Building sets. ★ Dream Wedding Sticker Book. ★ Lie Detector Game. (like the one they use on  TotallyTV ...) ★ Night Skies 2021 Book. ★ Rizmo Interactive Pet. ★ Make It Real Fashion Design Book x3. ★ Make It Real Paint Pouring Craft Kit. ★ Rainbow Scratch Art Mini Notes Box. ★ Headphones. ★ Watch. ★ Hairband. ★ Smiggle Notebook. ★ Smiggle Stationery. ★ Handbag. ★ Rings. ★ Claire's Accessories Make-Up. ★ Sunglasses. ★★★★★ ★ Remote Control Car. [mum] ★ 3ft Barbie Doll. [mum] ★ Colour Reveal Barbie & Pet. [mum] ★ Stuff-a-Loons. [mum

The Squirrel

My Book of Pets

Sindy 1986 Catalogue

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Miniature Noticeboards

I've been making some mini noticeboards for the doll house this week. This one is a cork backed drinks coaster I won for a penny on ebay bargain hunt , covered in Re-ment cut outs, some patterned paper (actually cut outs from a kids clothing catalogue), and some tiny photos from the thumbnail sheet some companies do with your prints. This one is for the 'gaming' room and is made from some sticky back cork and an aceo art frame I bought ages ago on etsy. The little knights on top are from one of the Micro Playmobil sets.  For more like this, please click the image below:

Mini Mart: CB Toy Collectables

Supplier:  CB Toy Collectables Website:   Ebay Store   Products: UK based seller of Action Man and other 1/6 scale loose parts. I am always on the lookout for splits and CB Toy Collectables are one of the cheapest on eBay. I got the above bag - a briefcase from DID's John Colman Guards Officer figure - for £4.99. Post and Packing:   Free. :) For more like this, please click the image below: