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30 Day Horror Film Challenge

It's Halloween! In honour of the occasion I took on the 30 Day Horror Film Challenge - here are the results, handily condensed into a single blog post. 1. First Horror Film You Saw The TommyKnockers , 1993. The 'tommyknockers' chant still creeps me out. Watch it on YouTube HERE . 2. Last Horror Film You Saw From Hell , 2001. It wasn't very good, but it did have Johnny Depp looking like this which was, I felt, suitable recompense.   3. Favourite Homegrown Horror The Dark , 2005. Okay, it wasn't actually made in Wales - but it is set here. It didn't get great reviews, but I really enjoyed it all the same. 4. Favourite Foreign Language Horror Film The Orphanage , 2007. Creepy and weepy. 5. Favourite Horror Sequel Halloween III: Season of the Witch , 1982. This film has little to nothing in common with any other in the Halloween franchise - and it's all the better for it. 6. Favourite Zombie Film White Zo

Take a Break's Fate & Fortune

Marianna and I are in the latest issue of Take a Break's Fate & Fortune magazine . I actually submitted the story months ago as part of my quest to try and make some extra cash via the women's weeklies (read more HERE ) and they got back to me to say they would probably use it as a letter at some point this year. Today I got an email to say it was going to be in the December issue of Fate & Fortune so I sent Anthony out to buy a copy. It's actually a picture of my mum with my nan, but you know... Sadly, even with a title like 'Spirit nan saved my baby', we didn't win star letter so no cash prize. Still, it's pretty cool to be in a national magazine. I'm going to stick the clipping into Marianna's baby book for when she's older. :) For more like this, please click the image below:

Mini Mart: Rabbit Engineering

Commodore PET 2001N . Supplier: Rabbit Engineering Website: Etsy store . Website . Facebook . Twitter . Products: The store's slogan is 'doing retro right' and it's not just talk. They make tabletop arcade machines and, via the wonders of 3D printing, Rabbit Engineering also offers miniature games consoles, ranging from the Xbox 360 Slim to the Hewlett-Packard HP85 . I was really excited to find someone making miniature UK consoles like the Sinclair and ended up ordering three items. My photos show that the scale differs between items so you need to read the listings carefully and make your own calculations. They're not as detailed as, say, the Yujin mass produced 1/6 scale consoles, but for the price the quality is really good. Nintendo Gameboy Colour - c. 1/4 scale. Post and Packing:  I ordered on September 16th and my order arrived today (manufacture time is listed as 8 - 9 weeks) in a bubble wrap envelope, with each piece in a zip lock bag

10 Tips for Tackling Christmas on a Shoestring

I know, I know, it's not even Halloween yet. But. There are only 57 days until Christmas and it's never too early to start preparing... Here are my top ten tips for getting ready for Christmas when your budget is next to nothing. 10. Don't Panic! It can feel like a bit of a nightmare, with Christmas looming closer and closer, and your bank balance sinking lower and lower. Panic will only make things ten times worse. Tell yourself everything will work out okay. (Alternatively, draw a little doodle of Santa meeting with a violent accident. It will help with the stress levels.) 9. Enter Competitions You've got to be in it to win it because competitions can really ease the burden of the Christmas shopping. They might not provide you with the 'main' presents, but smaller value items like DVDs, books, toiletries, chocolates, etc, are fairly easy to win and still represent a big saving on all those 'little extras' you end up buying. I comp all

Giveaway: Baby Bundle

"What Do I Do While You're Pregnant?" That's the question Kenny Bodanis of , one of Canada's top parenting blogs, asked when his wife fell pregnant with their eldest. The book is an honest, engaging - and entertaining! - look at what it means to be a dad-to-be in the 21st century. I recently won a second copy of the book so figured I'd forward the love and host my own giveaway. It couldn't hurt to throw in a few extras, I thought. So here is what is actually up for grabs: Contents - Paperback copy of ' What Do I Do While You're Pregnant? ', crochet bookmark, 2x tubs of Mum Kind soothing ginger and chamomile lozenges , a little tub of cocoa butter, a bar of Johnson's baby soap , a white baby hat with stars from George at Asda, a funky Marimekko newborn long sleeved vest, two non-branded short sleeved vests (0-3 months), baby coat hangers, and an adorable little elephant comfort blanket. In short, a little som

5 Inspirational Quotes

Sometimes Monday morning puts us in need of a little extra motivation. Here are five quotes to help you face the day ahead - For more inspirational quotes, check out my Pinterest board on the subject .