Friday, 7 August 2015

Mini Mart: KogaRyokoSHOP

Licca-chan with the colouring book. (2nd gen Licca head on an Azone body; Re-ment outfit, rabbit and van; Licca bedroom set bed; Bodo Hennig doll house wallpaper; handmade plushie and bedding - recycled from one of Marianna's 3-6 cardigans!)

Supplier: Koga Ryoko (Japanese illustrator)
Website: Etsy Store.

Products: Stationery and miniature books.

I can never resist miniature books, they're just so cute. I bought two 1/6 scale colouring books (£1.06 each) and a dressing up book (£1.59, and perfect for that toy shop...). They're so professionally done, with glossy covers and thread binding, and look fantastic.

Post and Packing: Postage to the UK from Japan for all three items was 53p. You can't send a letter within the UK for 53p. I ordered on August 1st and it arrived on August 5th. The items were sent bubble wrapped in an envelope, and the seller included a cute sticker as a bonus which was such a sweet gesture! Really, I can't recommend them highly enough.

My Three and Me


  1. 53p?! For postage?! Bargain!

  2. so cute!! and totally in awe of that bargain postage price!

    1. To be fair it's a good job postage isn't always that good - I'd run out of room for even miniature books! :D

  3. How cute are those books... I can't believe how cheap the delivery was for them too... a bargain :) xx

    1. I'm such a sucker for miniature books - I don't think I'll ever have enough of them! :)


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