Sunday, 9 August 2015

Mini Mart: AuldReekieCrafts

Supplier: AuldReekieCrafts (Louise Pendreich)
Website: Etsy Store.

Products: 1/12 scale baskets.

Not just any old baskets either, but moulded from tapestry canvas to give a really good true to scale look. I bought three: this one, this one, and this tiny one because I knew it would look even more adorable in 1/6 scale. The wicker effect is impressive, especially on the rims of the baskets. I love my Re-ment baskets (plastic), but these look much more realistic (which is always the goal!).

This really sweet message was included too.

Post and Packing: £3.20 for multiple items via seconds class post. The basket were wrapped in tissue paper, in a little box, in a padded envelope. They took three days to arrive.

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