Monday, 5 March 2018

Mini Mart: Bad Mother Customs

Bad Mother Customs

Supplier: Bad Mother Customs
Website: Ebay store.

Products: Decal transfer sheets to use as scale tattoos, as well as miniature newspapers, comics and magazines. I was particularly interested in the Playboy magazines with pull out centre spreads as I haven't come across anybody else doing those in miniature! The 1/6 scale magazines are $7.00 each - I bought a retro looking one from 1982 (pictured above) which only has a few printed pages in the middle and the rest are blank, and a fully printed Catwoman one.

Here's a photo from their ebay demonstrating:

Bad Mother Customs on Ebay

The print quality is pretty good, but I'm not sure how well it would hold up on the 1/12 scale magazines. I don't think it would be clear enough to read or anything. Still, they look really cool and that's the important thing!

Post and Packing: First class mail from the US at $2.00 per item which isn't bad, but there are no multiple item discounts.

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