Thursday, 13 August 2020

Mini Mart: Dolls Flowers

DollsFlowers Miniature Furniture

Supplier: Dolls Flowers
Website: Etsy Store 


Super realistic 1/6 scale flowers and greenery. Seriously, the flowers weren't the purpose of my order but I couldn't resist getting a daisy (£5.20) to check it out. The detail is amazing! I'd love to get a whole bouquet one day.

Etsy DollsFlowers

My main reason for ordering, however, was the retro style wooden chairs (£9.20) the seller makes as a sideline. I've been meaning to get a couple of chairs for the kitchen ever since I swapped out the Sindy set for a table by Sixth Scale Studio. It only took a year... I love them so much though; they're excellent quality and really true to scale.

Post and Packing:  £7.50 from Russia. Shipping took about six weeks and everything was very well packaged, including a little free gift of a milk jug. ♥

Dolls Flowers on Etsy

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  1. those chairs are georgeous.....and the daisy is a really nice touch....

    starting work on some dollhouse furniture myself in a few weeks....once i order in the wardrobe and begin taking it apart to give it a whole new paint scheme

    1. Only just seen this but thank you!! And that sounds awesome, would love to see a pic when you're done :D


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