Sunday, 7 November 2021

The Healthy Dog Co. Review

The Healthy Dog Company

It's that time of year again - the weird celebration of the gruesome death of a revolutionary, and the nightmare of pet owners around the country. We took Marianna out to watch some fireworks with Anthony's parents and she screamed at every loud bang; I couldn't help but worry how Molly was reacting back with my parents.

Because Molly, adorable as she may be, is far from the best behaved of dogs. And that's in ideal circumstances. If anybody dares to walk past the window, if a car has the audacity to drive by, even if a helicopter has the temerity to hover overhead, Molly is straight up in the window barking her head off.

With the barking comes the overexcitement - and all the trouble that goes with it.

The Healthy Dog Co Review

This year I was approached by The Healthy Dog Co asking if I would like to review one of their products for Molly. I went for the All Natural Tranquillity Dog Calming Drops and hoped they would make a difference to firework night.

The instructions read "Apply 1-2 full pipettes per serving directly into your pets mouth or mix into their food morning and night. This can be repeated hourly if required." There was no chance of getting it directly into Molly's mouth - just catching her would be a job in itself! - so we mixed it into some sausage and ham to get her to eat it. I was a little skeptical as to how well it would work, but crossed my fingers all the same and waited for kick off time...

Molly with All Natural Tranquility Dog Calming Drops

To all our amazement Molly scarcely barked at the first few bangs. After those she settled down happily with her toys. At one point she even went out into the garden with Hannah and calmly - and, more importantly, quietly - watched some fireworks. This is a dog that regularly goes ballistic barking at birds flying past in the garden, let alone explosions in the sky.

We gave her some more drops on Saturday, in readiness for a local display and the inevitable continuance of fireworks being let off, and she didn't even bother investigating when the bangs started. Instead she curled up with one of her soft toys and watched the telly!

Healthy Dog Co Molly

In conclusion, we were all very impressed with the drops and would recommend them to other dog owners. Aside from working incredibly well, it is reassuring to know that they are made from all natural ingredients. They were relatively easy to administer too. Finally, the drops are excellent value for money - a bottle costs £15.99 which, for a small dog like Molly, is enough for around a hundred doses.

Try the All Natural Tranquillity Dog Calming Drops out for yourself via The Healthy Dog Co website.

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