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Over 200 UK Refer and Earn Offers

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Simply Cook Review

I kept seeing ads and deals for Simply Cook everywhere, so as there was a special offer on at OhMyDosh! Rewards (£3 for the box and £3.50 cashback) I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. What Is It? Recipe kits packed into boxes which fit through your letterbox. The usual price is £9.99 for a kit of 4, with each one serving 2-4 people depending on your serving sizes. All you need to do is buy the fresh ingredients required and follow the instructions. Here is Simply Cook's own helpful diagram: Does It Work? For me, as the person just eating it, it was awesome. Everything tasted great - the mushroom penne in particular was so good I went back for seconds - and I liked that the sauces weren't as rich as Anthony would usually make them. For Anthony, who cooked them, they weren't as impressive. He complained that the food was bland and that it was actually quite a lot of faff, as Lidl didn't stock everything we needed which meant another trip ou

Free Postal Clubs for Children

I've been trying out lots of different subscription boxes this month, taking advantage of all the introductory offers. Long term we'll have to stick to one, possibly two, as it's just too expensive to commit. But, fear not, there are a few kids' clubs out there that will send out goodies in the post. For free! Read on for more information... ☆ Colts and Fillies . Ascot membership club for under 17s; children get a welcome pack with pen and badge, the latter enables them to attend special events and activities at the racecourse. ☆  Kidstamps . Promoted by the Stamp Active Network you only need to send in a SAE to sign your child (ages 5 to 19) up and get their welcome pack. Thereafter they receive four vouchers a year they can use to add free stamps to their collection. ☆  Lego Life Magazine . Free magazine sent out four times a year to children aged 5 to 9. ☆  Playmobil Birthday Club . Children receive a certificate, badge, catalogues and newsle

This Week - 27/01/2019

This week has been fairly quiet as the council committees sitting were not ones I'm on. I was invited to go along to Croesyceiliog Secondary's school council meeting on Thursday which was pretty interesting, and highlighted some of the things that might come out of the ongoing school uniform consultation. Mostly I've been doing lots of crafts and stuff with Marianna, and working out ways to help reach my goal of getting out of my overdraft. I got the food shopping done for £21 this week which I was pleased with, and next week should be even cheaper again. :) I'm on a money saving roll at the moment, and the blog posts I've written reflect that - there's one about joining the Pony Tails Club (for free), referring friends to get subscription boxes (for free), reviewing a Toucan Box (which we got for free), and our taste journey to South Korea with Beer52 (which I had a coupon to get for £2.95). I also posted a walk through of my mum's doll house, t

Beer52 Review + Giveaway

* Scroll down to enter the competition * I had a coupon to try a Beer52 crate for free; all we had to pay was the £2.95 delivery charge - for 8 beers, a snack, and a magazine, all delivered to the door, this sounded like an awesome deal. So I went ahead and signed up as a  St. Dwynwen's Day present for Anthony. Marianna was staying at nanny's this weekend, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get in some taste testing! Every month Beer52 showcases beer from around the world; this month it was a selection from breweries in South Korea. We thought it would be fun to compare notes as Anthony's an alcohol connoisseur while I'm, er, not. As you can see from the less than equal division of labour... Still, on with the tasting! The Booth Brewing Co . Blackcurrant Milkshake IPA, 6% A: So Jessica got me some beer, and we decided that the two of us would try it together, here follows the experiences of the day. To set the scene, Marianna is at my

Jack the Ripper Viewing

Documentaries, reconstructions, interviews, etc. ★ The London Nobody Knows (1967) James Mason takes a wander around some of London's weirder corners, including 29 Hanbury Street where Annie Chapman's body was found. DAILYMOTION LINK (38:02) . ★ Jack the Ripper (1973) Fictional Detective Chief Superintendents Barlow and Watt (of Z-Cars and Barlow at large fame) reopen the case. They talk through the evidence and the existing theories, interspersed with docudrama style scenes set in the 19th century. The series has six episodes and is probably my favourite JTR documentary. YOUTUBE LINK . ★ In Search Of... Jack the Ripper (1978) In Search Of... was a US TV show presented by Leonard Nimoy and exploring the mysterious, controversial and paranormal. S03:E05 looked at Jack the Ripper, with interviews from Wendy Sturgess, Stephen Knight and Donald Rumbelow. Focuses on the Knight thesis.  YOUTUBE LINK . ★ Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution (1980) 40 minute documenta

UK Refer and Earn - Subscription Box Edition

In the spirit of 'New Year, New Things' I've been looking for some cool subscription boxes to try out and, being a penny pincher, I've been especially keen to root out all the best deals. What surprised me was how many boxes you can earn for free via referrals - even, sometimes, if you're not an active subscriber. Here is a round up of 50 subscription boxes delivering to the UK that you can get for free, or almost free, by referring friends and family. (Please note that this post is doubling as a round up of my own referral links. If there is no link it's because I don't have one with the advertised friend benefit for you. But feel free to share yours and let me know of other box referral schemes in the comments too!) FASHION & BEAUTY Bathbox . Get £1 credit for every friend you refer. Berg Club . Earn £10 credit per referral - you need to email BC with your friend's name. Birchbox . Your friend gets £5 off their first box, you get a

Toucan Box Review

This week we tried out Toucan Box, 'creative boxes for curious kids' aged 3 to 8. Marianna was super excited to get a box addressed to her, and couldn't wait to open it and get crafting! We received the Swashbuckling Pirates box which contained all the materials for three crafts - a treasure map, a feathery parrot, and a nature bag. I was really impressed how comprehensive it was, right down to a teabag to age the parrot map, meaning that you could take / send the box to nanny's or auntie's or wherever, and still be sure you can use it. My favourite craft was the nature bag. The watercolour decoration were created by laying colourful tissue paper on foil, wetting it, then pressing the fabric down on top. I'd never tried that before and was surprised by how well it worked. Once your bag is ready there's a nature bingo booklet to encourage children to go outside and check things off the list. Marianna enjoyed all the crafts, but found their exec

Join the Pony Tails Club

Now that Marianna is getting older I'm constantly on the lookout for interesting - yet low cost! - stuff for her. It was during one of these internet sweeps that I came across the Pony Tails Club. Because, as Jane Austen would probably have observed if she hadn't changed her mind about Harris Bigg-Wither, it is a truth universally acknowledged that girls under the age of ten are obsessed with horses. The club is the junior branch of World Horse Welfare , an organisation which works to stamp out equine suffering worldwide. As a member of the club children are encouraged to be kind to horses and help fundraise for the charity. The welcome pack comes with a saving box to colour in and build, and a sheet of fundraising ideas ranging from sending in used stamps to hosting a hula hoop contest with friends. I really liked how achievable the ideas are for children; e.g. the website suggests a little fundraising party with 10 friends could raise £5 - enough to feed 5 horses fo

Malibu Beach House

My mum is a big fan of ultra modern miniatures so it's no surprise she went for the DHE Malibu Beach House! Check out some room by room photos: For more like this, please click the image below: