Sunday, 31 January 2016

This Week #20

One kind word can change someone's entire day.

Monday I had a seminar on corporate parenting, followed by Labour group. When I got home Anthony had some lovely flowers waiting for me, for St Dwynwen's Day. On Tuesday it was Full Council - the webcast is up - which I tried live tweeting to an audience of about three. :) I asked a question about the LTP (Local Transport Plan) and how we're going to promote public transport when we have no control over rail or the bus network... In the afternoon we went to Bron Afon's residents consultation for Northville, then I went on to finance committee for my primary school governor's board. Then came food shopping, always the highlight of the week...

Wednesday was a home day, then Thursday Marianna and I went with my parents to Aust, so my dad could go fossil hunting. Me and my mum 'promenaded' up and down the walkway with the pushchair and just chatted. Friday and Saturday were both fairly uneventful, but sometimes it's nice to have a few days with nothing much on.

Mum and Marianna bundled up against the cold in Aust.
Mum and Marianna bundled up against the cold in Aust.

☆ READING: The awesome news about the upcoming Barbie releases. Read more HERE.

WATCHING: Kids TV! I wrote a guest post this week about the five shows that shaped my childhood for the Hex Mum Blog.

☆ LISTENING: The tracks on my Saturday Soundtrack - check out my guest post over at The Mumington Post.

☆ WEARING: Warm clothes.

☆ EATING: I had a 'Half Swansea' on Thursday, which is basically the biggest roll ever. It was very nice though!

☆ REVIEWING: Moony nappies.

Other posts this week include Are You Seen and Never Heard?, a quiz from an old Mates annual, and I planned out the kitchen for the Mountfield doll house.

The big thing this week was the Moz update. My DA went up from 12 to 19, and my PA from 27 to 32, so it's all going in the right direction. :)

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Mountfield: Kitchen

So far I've planned out the living room and dining room, this week it's the turn of the kitchen...

Building the Mountfield Doll House

Last year I did a post on what my dream kitchen would look like, so that will be my basic guide for the Mountfield kitchen. But the kitchen is the heart of the home so there is a lot of stuff which needs to go in there. I'd totally love any input on bits and bobs you think should be in a 70s kitchen, and all the products which they'd be buying!

First things first, layout. The back wall of the kitchen will be blocked in, save for a serving hatch. Kitchen cupboards will run underneath it. I want the sink to go under a window, because that was standard house design at the time, so I'm going to put in a window on the side wall. The wall that comes off to grant access will get its window transformed into a back door. I'm also going to put a door on the front of that under-stairs area and turn it into the pantry. That way I'll be able to display all my miniature food packaging. :)

Mountfield doll house
Mountfield promo pic, showing the kitchen.
So, onto things I need in the kitchen.

✩ Light Fitting. I'm really not sure what style to go for yet, suggestions welcome!
✩ Fridge. I'm getting the Miele miniature one.
✩ Washing Machine. Again, I'm going for the Miele one. It does look quite modern but it lights up and makes a washing noise, and who can resist that?
✩ Floor Tiles. They do little plastic tiles which I've used before and found to be brill. I'm torn between orange and white, or orange and black.
✩ Wallpaper. Check out my choice -

flower wallpaper
I've bought this wallpaper from Poppets Dolly Bits.

✩ Baking Trays & Tins.
✩ Cutlery.
 Kitchen Knives.
✩ Cooker. Miele do a lovely light up cooker, but it's just too modern. I want a gas cooker with a high grill pan and all the rest of the trappings. I'll have to trawl the net...
✩ Sink.
✩ Kitchen Cupboards. My idea of perfect kitchen units is along the lines of this Dairy Maid set up from 1969. The best way forward, I think, will be to make my own. For the worktops I'll get some thin white acrylic. :)

1969 Dainty Maid orange and white kitcen

 Swing Bin.
 Bread Bin.
✩ Tea Towels.
 Weighing Scales.
 Saucepans. I'm planning on just getting the bog standard metal set all doll house suppliers do, and painting them.

patterned saucepans

 Tea Pot.
 Casserole Dish.
 Cruet Set.
 Sugar, Tea and Coffee Caddies.
 Tea Tray.
 Tea Set. This will probably end up costing me a fortune because I'm so picky about the cup handles being true to scale (mini ceramic is often way too thick for the size of the cup). I'd love a mock Staffordshire set, ideally.

Staffordshire Potteries coffee cups, saucers and side plates

 Measuring Jug.
 Glass Jug.
 Gravy Boat.
 Mixing Bowls.

vintage tupperware

 Dinner Service.
 Wooden Spoon.
 Potato Masher.
 Serving Spoons.
 Cheese Grater. I've got an awesome hexagonal one from the Doll House Mall.

I have high hopes that it will look fairly realistic; when I wrote my dream kitchen post I used a photo of my 1/6 scale Sindy kitchen as the background for my pinnable image. (It's like blogger law to have one of those, or something.) Then somebody commented on my FB page that, while it wasn't their style, I was lucky to have such a big kitchen! :D

My Dream Kitchen

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Friday, 29 January 2016

Barbie's Back!

Much as I love Sindy - and her extensive range of furniture - she never had the glamour of her US counterpart. Still, in recent years Barbie has been overshadowed by young upstarts. First it was Bratz, stomping all over her territory, then came in house competition from Monster High and Ever After High, while out in the big bad world Fulla and niche brands like Lammily and Project Mc2 were turning the heads of her target demographic.

But. Mattel have finally realised that just churning out the same old pink plastic tat and glitter mini dresses isn't going to win back their market share. Losing the Disney Princess franchise must have been a big wake-up call, and doubtless encouraged this new focus on their most famous doll line.

So, what are they doing right?

A is for Articulation

For years it has felt like for every step forward Barbie made in the posability stakes, she took two steps back. This year we're almost there. Flat feet articulated at the ankle, the incredible Made to Move Barbie, and even the Silkstone line has gained joints!

yoga barbie These have just been released in the UK as 'Endless Moves' Barbie.

B is for Body Diversity

The idea of an 'average' doll gained huge traction a couple of years ago, and Lammily was launched into being on the back of a sea of crowdfunding. Mattel were obviously watching on with interest because their latest announcement is the release of three - three - new body types: tall, curvy and petite.

new barbie bodies
For other curvy dolls, check out my guide.

C is for Collectors

Mattel is listening. We'll be buying.

I think the figures are gonna speak for themselves.

All they need to do now is up Barbie's career game. 2016 is bringing ice skater (again), chef (again) and nurse (again).

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Are you seen and never heard?

A quick challenge from the 1976 Mates annual...

Are you seen and never heard? challenge
For a larger view, click HERE.

I got 25. Mates says: Okay so people notice you, bu they're not exactly going to go away thinking 'Cor, what a raver!'. It's more likely to be, 'Five out of ten for effort. Could do better'. I can live with that.

What did you score?

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Review: Japanese Nappies

Reviewing Moony Nappies

If there's one thing Marianna is really good at, it's producing wet nappies. So I jumped at the chance to write a review for We were sent a pack of 44 Moony pull-ups to try out and it didn't take Marianna long to get through enough of them for a pretty thorough review!

I hadn't heard of Moony before, so I took to Google for a bit of background reading. Made by Unicharm, a company well known in many countries for its nappies and feminine hygiene products, Moony disposable diapers were first launched in 1981. They are all about comfort for the baby, and an easy life for the parent. For example they have a really user friendly wetness indicator; there are yellow lines which turn blue when the nappy is wet, meaning you don't have to play a guessing game.

Moony nappies
This is the pack we were sent - Size L (9-14kg) - how cute is the packaging!?

The nappies themselves are so soft, inside and out! We've tried a fair variety of nappies - Pampers, Huggies, Mamia, Morrisons own brand, and more - but none of them come close. The inner lining, which Amazon tells me is made of specially designed microporous material, is super soft and ultra breathable, to prevent any dampness or the nappy getting overly warm. This softness, and the high quality materials which create it, are one of Moony's main selling points and I think it makes them a great choice for babies with sensitive skin. The flexible sides and high cut legs also mean they won't irritate or press into the baby's legs either - I've really noticed the difference with this, as since she's started crawling she usually has marks where the leg hole of the nappy rubs against her skin. With the Moony nappies that just hasn't been the case.

We were asked if we would like to try the pull-ups and, though we hadn't tried them before, I thought it would be interesting to see how Marianna got on with them. I had always considered them something you only use when you start potty training and, as Marianna has only just turned one, it was a new thing for us. But, actually, it's fairly common to use pull-ups pre-potty, especially for babies who don't like to keep still. They don't slip down like regular nappies tend to while they're on the move, and there's no risk of tape rub. Still, Marianna wasn't at all sure of this new arrangement at first, and was very vocal in her displeasure!

Marianna crying
Like this, but naked.

She soon got used to the change though, and we could see the benefits of using pull-ups. Now Marianna can crawl, she doesn't like to wait for anything - yank and go nappies are a bit of a godsend. The absorbency was good too, and I've already talked about the wonderful softness. We were a bit perplexed initially as to how to get them off, not so much when they were wet but when they were, ahem, dirty. Then came a lightbulb moment: just rip down the side seams. Once that problem was solved, the nappies were pretty much faultless. Super soft, well absorbent, leak free, and decorated with a super kawaii Winnie the Pooh design. What more could we ask for?

Moony nappies
Marianna testing out the nappies.

If you want to try out Moony for yourself, check out They sell Moony, Merries and Goon brand nappies, and have a full catalogue up of all the sizes and styles they stock. They are way more expensive than our usual brand at £22.50 for 44 (51p each) but if your baby has sensitive skin, or you're looking for a good nighttime nappy, I can really see the extra cost being worth it.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Blogging, Public Office and Privacy

One of the big debates in the parenting 'blogosphere' is just how much you should share about yourself and your family online. Some people don't want their nearest and dearest to even know that they blog, while others are concerned about less savoury characters having access to details which could locate their children. It's a difficult call because, in these days of cyber surveillance, even the most anonymous blogger can be tracked down with enough persistence.

When I see people post about it I sympathise, but mostly refrain from commenting. I don't worry about people being able to work out where I live from my blog. I don't even worry they'll be able to work out what I'm doing on any particular date, or where my child's future schools are. They don't need to put in that much effort.

You see, a requirement of my job is that my name, address, telephone number, and any number of other personal details are in the public domain.

What is this job which requires such disclosure? I'm an elected councillor for Torfaen County Borough Council. You've probably never heard of it, but the onus placed on me is placed on around 20,000 other county and borough councillors around the country, plus thousands more unpaid community, town and parish councillors. When you stand for election, your address becomes public domain. If you are elected it gets plastered over the web, printed in council newsletters, and put up on notice boards. You can choose to ask people to only contact you care of the council - but you will be discouraged from doing so, on the grounds it reflects badly on the transparency of the organisation. The public purse is paying you £13k per annum, in return you should be contactable at all times of the day and night.

TCBC contact page for Jessica Powell
Screenshot of my page of Torfaen's councillor directory.

Nuisance phone calls, damage to personal property, and threatening mail is all par for the course. Because some people will take violent exception to your views on anything from litter to planning decisions; a quick google search brought up the stories of numerous councillors who have been forced to rethink their open contact policy after receiving death threats. (See HERE, HERE, and HERE.) The most common problems, unsurprisingly, are around identity theft and fraud. When I started this job I was living back with my parents, so it was their address which was public. That was enough for people to use it to take out mobile phone and utility contracts they never bothered to pay. My poor mum wasted hours on the phone dealing with irate companies hoping to speak to the transgressor; the council wanted to know why council tax wasn't being paid for this mysterious extra occupant, and we had the pleasure of a bailiff turning up at the door demanding payment.

Then there is the register of public interests. You need to declare your pecuniary interests, such as properties you own or occupy, and details of your employment. You also need to declare other interests which are in the public, well, interest, even if you're not financially benefiting from them. This will include the charities and other organisations you sit on the board of / are a member of / give money to, trade union membership, and any gifts or hospitality you receive in connection with your official duties above the value of £25. (I'm still waiting for that last one to be an issue...) You can see my declaration of interests HERE, which makes me realise that a) mine is massively out of date, and b) even my signature is out there in the public domain!

The declaration of interests is a constant ongoing process. Every time you discuss something which you have a personal interest in at a meeting, you need to declare it. For instance, you could be considering a planning application for a distant relation, that's likely to be a personal but non-prejudicial (i.e. you can still take part in the decision) interest, or you could be discussing the school your child attends - that one would be personal and prejudicial. The result is that information about your children's schooling, your relatives' addresses and employment, and scores of other details will end up in the public domain when the minutes of the meeting are published and put on the internet. These days lots of meetings are webcast live, so you don't even need to wait for the clerk to finish writing their notes up.

41% of all fraud is identity fraud and numbers are increasing
Credit:, "Just a single piece of personal information, such as your date of birth, can be used to commit fraud in your name. So imagine what a fraudster can do with a lot of personal information."

It's not just politicians and their families affected by these issues, anybody actively involved in public life will be expected to publish certain details. Addresses of charity trustees are not usually made public, but it doesn't take a technological whiz to tap what is public into google and find what they're looking for. For example, HERE is the BBC Trust's register of interests - you'll be able to see what I mean. In an age where we're all bombarded with how important it is to protect our personal data, and the data of those around us, it's just a little hypocritical that we are insisting on the publication of ever more information about people who are willing to give up their time and energy for the greater good.

Because you might think I'm irresponsible for choosing to blog about myself and my family. You might think it's my own damn fault for choosing to run for council - I'm perfectly entitled to stand down if I don't like the status quo. But I do think there should be a debate about the risk run by people who want to help their local communities by becoming charity trustees, sitting on boards, and generally getting involved. We should be asking ourselves whether there is any correlation between the fact that one of the most underrepresented groups in governance - women with young children - is also one of the groups most worried about their family's privacy?

The answer might be no. We may well decide that the public interest overrides the personal. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't bother having the discussion.

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Monday, 25 January 2016

St Dwynwen's Day

January 25th is the day of Wales' very own patron saint of love, St. Dwynwen...

Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus! Happy Saint Dwynwen's Day!

Dwynwen was said to be one of the legendary 5th century King of Brecon, Brychan Brycheiniog's, many daughters. She fell in love with a north Walian prince, Maelon Dyfodrull, whom her father forbid her from marrying. Dwynwen ran away from home but, ultimately, couldn't disobey her father and be with Maelon without his consent.

In the child friendly version of the tale a frustrated Maelon quarrels with Dwynwen, showing her his true colours. The less child friendly account tells us that Maelon attempted to rape our heroine. Either way, Dwynwen prayed to God to maker her forget Maelon / save her from his unwanted advances. Her prayers were answered when Maelon was turned to ice and an angel appeared, ready to grant her three wishes:

First, Dwynwen wished for Maelon to be thawed, pardoned and released from his passion for her. Next, clearly having been put off the idea, she wished that she would never marry. Finally, she wished that she could help other lovers suffering from the anguish of love.

To fulfill the latter Dwynwen, along with her sister Cain and her brother Dyfnan, traveled around Wales, preaching and establishing churches. Eventually Dwynwen, now a nun, settled on a small island off the west coast of Anglesey, which came to be known as Llanddwyn (the church of St Dwynwen) and as a place of pilgrimage for young lovers.

St Dwynwen picture

The idea of turning St Dwynwen's Day into a St Valentine's Day rival has been slowly growing in popularity since the 1970s. These days you can buy cards in the shops, and Anthony knows better than to let the occasion pass by unmarked...

vase of flowers
I found these waiting for me when I got in from work :)

Do you celebrate St Dwynwen's Day?

Sunday, 24 January 2016

This Week #19

You are stronger than you think.

This week has flown by! Monday, we did something... I forget what. Tuesday I got out of planning committee to attend an emergency school governors' meeting, and did the shopping. I had my first meeting of the Healthier Scrutiny Committee on Wednesday, then on Thursday I took Marianna for a meeting about small schemes and a consultation Bron Afon are doing. She was very good, and very much enjoyed the chocolate biscuit she got hold of.

I had Gwent Police and Crime Panel on Friday; we set the policing precept for next year - it's going to be an increase of 3.99% if you live in Gwent, which equates to about 16p extra per week for a Band D property. On the plus side, they're going to be recruiting again for the first time in years: 100 new PCs over the next two years or so. In the evening Anthony went out, Marianna stayed with my mum, and I had a blissful evening of watching TV by myself. :)

Saturday I just spent the day around my mum and dads, and then on Sunday I went on the Fun Run to fundraise for Coed Eva School. When I say went on I don't mean I ran it, that would be madness. But I did walk 5k on a Sunday morning which is most out of character for me!

At the fun run
Me and Kelly gearing up for the fun run walk.

☆ READING: My Guy magazine from October 14th 1979.

WATCHING: My mum bought Watching (a sitcom from the late 80s and early 90s), so I saw the first series when I was there on Saturday... Not really my thing all in all, but most TV from that era sucked in my opinion!

☆ LISTENING: Sleeping Beauty - Hepburn.

☆ WEARING: Tights instead of leggings. Spring must be coming.

☆ EATING: Cake!

I was tagged to do the Vogue 73 questions challenge, and I planned out the doll house dining room. I did a post for Squirrel Appreciation Day too because I love squirrels. I also wrote a guest post about how Anthony and I met for the 'Beginning of Us' series over at What the Redhead Said, you can read it HERE.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Mountfield: Dining Room

Building the Mountfield Doll House

Last week I planned out the sitting room, this week it's all about the dining room. The basic layout is for open plan views between the living room, dining room and kitchen. There is no way that it staying, so those big central gaps will be blocked in to just leave the doorways. On the kitchen wall I'm putting a serving hatch in because, well, the demise of the serving hatch has been a sorry loss to us all.

Mountfield Doll House promo pics
View of the dining room and back bedroom from the Mountfield promo pics.

✩ Carpet. I've got a brown one with a little pattern in it from Poppets Dolly Bits.
✩ Curtain Pole.
✩ Curtains.
✩ Wallpaper. My plan is to use wallpaper on the upper halves of the walls, then wood cladding on the bottom half.

Fern wallpaper
I've bought this wallpaper from mmminiatures on eBay.

✩ Dining Table and Chairs. Ideally I'm looking for either a drop leaf or extending table.
✩ Sideboard. To go under the serving hatch.
✩ Fruit Bowl.
 Light Fitting. I love those low orange glass shades! I think I might try a mini fish bowl and some glass paint to make my own.
✩ Sunburst Clock.

1973 clocks
1973 Argos Catalogue.

 Record Player.
 Records. The kids' will keep theirs in their own rooms, so this will be the home of mum and dad's record collection. Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Val Doonican, other crooners with a love of knitwear...
 Spider Plant.

1977 Argos Catalogue.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Vogue - 73 Questions

There's a 73 quick fire question challenge doing the rounds, courtesy of Vogue's video series. I love blog challenges and the like so was psyched to be tagged by Loving My Finley to give it a go myself!

73 Vogue Questions

1. What Is Your Favourite Movie?

Grease. It has everything! I did the 30 Days of Film Challenge a few months back, if you want to see more of my taste in film.

2. Favourite Movie In The Past Five Years?

I don't know, I don't watch many new releases. I did like Get Santa though.

3. Favourite Hitchcock film? 

So hard to choose, but Rebecca gets it by a hair.

4. A Book You Plan On Reading? 

The Wicked Boy: The Mystery of a Victorian Child Murderer by Kate Summerscale. It's due out in May.

5. A Book That You Read In School That Positively Shaped You?

I hated all the set texts at school, they were terrible. I hated Shakespeare, I hated Of Mice and Men, and I really hated An Inspector Calls. Chaucer was alright, I guess, so I'll choose him.

6. Favourite TV Show That’s Currently On? 

I'm enjoying Dickensian.

7. On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you about life right now? 

About 8. I've got lots of plans for this year.

8. iPhone or Android? 

Neither. I love my Blackberry, and my Blackberry loves me. So there!

9. Twitter or Instagram? 

I prefer Tumblr.

10. Who Should EVERYONE Be Following Right Now? 

Me, duh.

11. What’s Your Favourite Food? 

Stodge. I like things like cheese and potato pie, pie in general, chips...

12. Least Favourite Food? 


13. What Do You Love On Your Pizza? 

Ham and Pineapple.

14. Favourite Drink? 

Strawberry Milkshake. As a toddler, I subsisted on nothing but warm strawberry milkshake because I refused to eat anything with the slightest hint of a lump in.

15. Favourite Dessert? 

Trifle, with lots of sprinkles.

16. Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate? 


17. Coffee or Tea? 


18. What’s The Hardest Part About Being A Mum? 

Accepting that you can't be with them all the time.

19. What Is Your Favourite Band?

Right now it's Prides.

20. Favourite Solo Artist? 

Marina and the Diamonds.

21. Favourite Song? 

Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac. I've got a 30 Days of Music Challenge to for other favourites.

22. If You Could Sing A Duet With Anyone, Who Would It Be?

I don't really sing, so I wouldn't want to embarrass myself in front of them.

23. If You Could Master One Instrument, What Would It Be? 


24. If You Had A Tattoo, Where Would It Be? 

If I wasn't one of the most fickle people I know, I'd want to get a full sleeve down one arm with lots of stars, water and bright flowers.

25. To Be or Not To Be? 

Is really not a very good movie.

26. Dogs or Cats?

Dogs. Just look at this face:

Bracken the dog

27. Bird-watching or Whale-watching?

Bird-watching. Whale-watching sounds like something which requires travel and hassle.

28. The Best Gift You’ve Ever Received? 

All of them. Even if they weren't the greatest thing in the world, somebody thought enough of me to gift me something, and that's awesome.

29. The Best Gift You’ve Ever Given? 

I got my brother a sword one year. That's pretty cool if I do say so myself.

30. The Last Gift You Gave A Friend? 

I gave Anthony a cake this week.

31. What’s your Favourite Board Game? 

Pay Day. We make up little backstories for the cards (like, if it's the fifth time your child's broken a neighbour's window, you've got to wonder!) and it's so funny.

32. What’s Your Favourite Country To Visit? 

Of my admittedly small sample, my favourite was Turkey.

33. What’s The Last Country You Visited? 


34. What Country Do You Wish To Visit? 

Japan. So much to see, so much to do, so much to buy!

 35. What Is Your Favourite Colour? 


36. Least Favourite Colour? 


37. Diamonds or Pearls? 


38. Heels or Flats? 

Flats these days.

39. Pilates or Yoga? 


40. Jogging or Swimming? 

Swimming; I hate jogging.

41. The Best Way To De-stress? 

I like to play monotonous games like Farmville and suchlike.

42. If You Had One Superpower, What Would It Be?

Super speed. I could stay in bed until the very last second and still be on time.

43. What’s The Weirdest Word In The English Language?

Phalloorchoalgolagnia - sexual arousal from receiving a painful blow in the male genitals.

44. What’s Your Favourite Flower? 


45. When Was The Last Time You Cried? 

I got a little bit teary at Healthier Scrutiny Committee on Wednesday. We were looking at the new 'When I Am Ready' scheme - encouraging young people in care to stay on with foster carers past the age of 18 - and we were talking about how what children have lived through in their early life will continue to affect them. There was a story about a toddler in particular which made me think of Marianna and put a lump in my throat.

46. Do You Like Your Handwriting? 

It's alright, it looks nicer with a wide nibbed fountain pen, I think.

47. Do You Bake? 

No. I eat a lot of baked goods though, does that count?

48. What Is Your Least Favourite Thing About Yourself? 

My weight. :(

49. What Is Your Favourite Thing About Yourself? 

My nose.

50. Who Do You Miss Most? 

My Nan.

51. What Are You Listening To Right Now? 

52. Favourite Smell?


53. Who Was The Last Person You Talked To On The Phone? 

My dad, to see if I could cadge a lift to work.

54. Who Was The Last Person You Sent A Text To? 

My other half, Anthony.

55. A Sport You Wish You Could Play?

I wish I could ice skate, it looks so beautiful.

57. Eye Colour?


58. Scary Film or Happy Endings?

I love both!

59. Favourite Season? 


60. Three People Alive or Dead That You Would Like To Have Dinner With? 

Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, and Val McDermid. I could learn from the best.

61. Hugs or Kisses?

Depends who's giving them!

62. Rolling Stones or the Beatles? 

The Beatles.

63. Where Were You Born?

Panteg Hospital in Pontypool.

64. What Is The Farthest You Have Been From Home?


65. Sweet or Savoury?

Savoury. In a dream world I'd live on crisps and sandwiches.

66. Lipstick or Lip Gloss?

Lipstick, every time. The brighter red it is, the better.

 67. What Book Have You Read Again and Again? 

Grasshopper Island. It's a kids' story about three brothers who run away and find an island which turns out not to be quite as uninhabited as they thought... For more on my taste in books, check out my answers to the 30 Days of Books Challenge.

68. Favourite Bedtime Story? 

I always read historical crime stuff before bed, it might explain my frequent nightmares.

69. What Would Be The Title Of Your Autobiography? 

Shit Happens. Lol, I don't know, I'd have to think about it.

70. Favourite Sound?

Marianna giggling. :)

71. Favourite Animal? 

Squirrels. It was their appreciation day yesterday.

72. Who Is Your Girl Crush? 

Dita von Teese.

73. The Last Photograph You Took?

Anthony posed for this snap for me:

Anthony in a floral apron

I'm leaving the tags open - if you want to take up the challenge, let me know in the comments and I'll pop a link into this post for everyone to see. :)

ETA: Louise from Little Hearts, Big Love did it.

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