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What I've Won In May

It's only been in the last week or so that I've managed to get back into the comping groove - hopefully next month's will be a bumper post! ;) Still, I have won a few lovely things: ☆ Jogging bottoms from Adolescent Clothing . ☆ Kylie Jenner lipgloss (Literally) from Student-Stylexo . ☆ Kids DVD bundle from Family Fever . ☆ Pygmy Cloud stationery from Digibloom. For previous months, please click HERE .

Micro Playmobil Worlds

Sadly discontinued, Playmobil Micro Worlds is one of my favourite sources of awesome looking, affordable doll house toys. The sets came in fold out boxes, with two full size Playmobil figures and accessories, plus a whole bunch of tiny goodness. Here's the Noah's Ark micro set with a Shelly (AKA Kelly, Barbie's toddler sister) doll: The tiny figures are magnetic (as was their original box), but they stand up nicely unaided too. I'd wanted a miniature Noah's Ark for ages when I first stumbled across the Micro Worlds. I picked this set up for under £5 on eBay, whereas dollhouse arks tend to start at around the £20 mark. Since then I've added another four worlds to my collection, and fully intend to find the rest. Here is a guide to the eight Micro Worlds, and other Playmobil sets which incorporate the micro pieces. #4330: Fairy Tale Castle Full Contents . How cute is this mini version of the Princess Fantasy Castle? It even has the horse and

This Week #37

Marianna is so close to walking. She has taken a few steps unaided even! It's just building up her confidence now more than anything, because she's still really reluctant to let go when standing up. Another milestone this week has been saying her name for the first time. It's my fault for choosing such a difficult name - and then not shortening it - but when she does give herself a name it's usually 'baba'. We've been working on each syllable of Marianna and this week we got something approximating 'Ma-yi-ah-ah'. So cute! In other news, work was pretty quiet. I had planning committee and did level 1 safeguarding children and young people training. We've been out with Marianna quite a bit instead, to the boating lake, town, etc, and I've been working hard on clearing the board on the competition database . Fingers crossed I'll win something . Check out my Top Ten Travel Tips, a guest post for The Rare Welsh Bit - www.the

Blogging Editorial Calendar for June

Throughout the year there are so many awareness days, commemorative days, special days, celebrations, holidays, observances, etc, etc. These can be great as blog post inspiration, or just for getting a bit of extra traffic to an existing post by promoting it as a tie-in. Read on for a list of notable dates for June - if the day has its own website or wiki page, I've linked to it. A lot of the weirder ones are USA based unofficial 'national days'; I've included them in the list if they've crossed the pond, or had a fair number of media hits when I googled them. 1st ☆ Children's Day . [Various] ☆   Gawai Dayak . [Malaysia + Indonesia] ☆   Global Parents' Day . ☆   Global Running Day . ☆ Go Barefoot Day. ☆ Heimlich Maneuver  Day. ☆ Madaraka Day . [Kenya] ☆  Mothers' and Children Day. [Mongolia] ☆ Neighbours' Day . ☆ Pen Pal Day. ☆ Say Something Nice Day. ☆   World Milk Day . 2nd ☆   Children's Day. [North Korea] ☆ Deco