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Fab-Lu Randy and Mary-Lou

Images are mostly embeds from Flickr - they link to their source streams. Fab-Lu Limited, otherwise known as Luften Ltd or Faber-Luft Ltd were a New York based toy company. They are perhaps best remembered today for their 1960s clone dolls, which were sold through Chad Valley in the UK - the company who bought out Fab-Lu after legal troubles got the better of them... First up was Babs, who was proud to be known as a cheap Barbie copy. There are excellent pages about Babs and her fashions HERE  and HERE . Then there was Babs' boyfriend, a Ken clone doll named Bill. Bill had his own range of nine outfits, including Baseball ,  Cheerleader ,  Golf , Trench Coat , Tuxedo and  Uniform . You can see the back of an outift pack HERE . Next came Babs' little sister, a Tammy clone named Randy. Fab-Lu even used an actual Tammy with drawn on ink spot in their clothing booklet - and were sued by the Ideal Toy Corporation accordingly. You can read the origi

Miniature Monday: Dolls with Down's Syndrome

My travels in the world of dolly diversity have resulted in the saving of endless bookmarks. To try and reduce the list this post is a round up of all the dolls I've come across representing people with Down's syndrome. Down's   is a genetic disorder caused by an extra chromosome (or part thereof). It occurs in about 1 in every 1,000 births. Distinctive characteristics include slanted eyes, poor muscle tone, a flat nasal bridge, a single crease in the palm (making the life of the palm reader somewhat more complicated...), a large gap between the first and second toes, and a large tongue (which, combined with a narrow roof of the mouth, is the reason why the tongue may protrude). The traits will obviously differ in degree from person to person, but these are the most common visual cues. For more information, check out the Down's Syndrome Association , DSRF , or DSE International . My cousin has Down's so I've always been interested in the represe

Review: Hauck Dream 'n' Care Travel Cot

Every visit to my parents is a battle of baby vs. dog - neither is willing to accept the universe does not revolve around them. Bracken tries to jump all over the baby, and Marianna tries to yank the dog's fur. Basically, they bring out the worst in each other. Today my dad suggested getting out the travel cot they had from my aunt. The difference is amazing! Marianna and Bracken are separated and peace and quiet reigns (almost) supreme. Looking up at TV friends... The cot itself is great - it folds up nice and small, and the extra level on the bottom is great for storing baby paraphernalia (the other side has a zipped compartment for access to it). After the usual amount of faffing to get it together - if you're as clueless as we were, just type in 'travel cot' on YouTube - the structure is pretty sturdy, and the mesh sides are good as it means Marianna can still see me and vice versa. Bracken. Manufactured by Hauck, the Dream 'n' Care Travel Cot

How To Make Cash With The Women's Weeklies

Magazines like Take a Break, Chat, Pick Me Up, Love It, etc, etc, rely very heavily on user generated content - tips, photos, letters, stories and so on. And they're willing to pay for them.  I had always known this, in that vague, never really given it much thought about it kind of way, but when our finances went belly up it occurred to me that this might be a way of bringing some money in. £25 is the standard price paid for publishing a photo which is a nice treat or a week's food shopping, depending on the situation you're in. In the last year I've made over £200 by getting comments, letters and photographs published, as well as picking up a few prizes and mementos like fridge magnets. Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For? So, what kind of content are they looking for? Can you provide it? Read on and find out... ☆ Tightwad Tips Money saving tips, or time saving ' life hacks ', are always in high demand with the women's w

Am I Living In A Box?

Am I living in a cardboard box? #sorrynotsorry :)

Bin It!

I've been busy with lots of rubbish over the last few days, from my wall of old CDs to dealing with complaints about the state of the local underpass. The latter is really a never-ending issue. My preferred solution would be to have some enforcement officers there fining people for dropping litter, but I suppose the sight of the hi-vis jackets and clipboards would just stop litterers in their tracks until they had to move on to the next trouble spot... Possibly the best campaign image ever - Keep Britain Tidy has been around over 60 years. More positively, today the nascent Northville community group did a litter pick. There was a really good turnout and it was very impressive the difference we managed to make in under an hour. Walking home it was all too obvious which streets had been blitzed and which hadn't! The next meeting is scheduled for mid July and hopefully by the end of that the group will be fully constituted.

Wall of Sound

Our house is great but it's all about the magnolia. So much magnolia. Rather than shell out money (and get permission) to decorate, I trawled pinterest for inspiration to give the living room a bit more character. The result was this: It's also fits the theme of this year's Recycle Week (June 22nd - 28th), recycling around the home . We had piles and piles of unwanted DVDs without boxes, old software discs, and scratched up CDs worth absolutely zilch. Add £1.77 for three packs of blu-tack and, ta-da! Feature wall. :)