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Finish It Friday: 1/6 Scale Printables

I've been working on making up all the printie projects I've spent the last few weeks collecting. It's slow going... You can find my own printable set of miniature Sindy furniture boxes HERE . Bees Knees Industries Lots of projects designed for Blythe dolls, from sewing patterns to gift boxes. I used: ✵ Airmail Envelopes . ✵   Colouring Book . ✵ Seed Packets . Beth Hayden This is a super interesting personal blog charting her progress on a course in advertising design. THIS post in particular offers Olbas, Strepsils, and a neat take on Mac packaging. Just use the snip tool and resize in MS Word (or, let's be real, free equivalent). GI Printables Weebly site with lots of sixth scale printables - check it out HERE . I made up comics, candy and field rations. Jason Liebig Flickr stream of an avid packaging collector. Images are right click protected, but you can just use the snip tool and resize. I made cereal boxes, and chocolate bars /


A/N: I wrote this after reading 'Submarine' by Joe Dunthorne and was trying to emulate his style. This was published in the June 2010 edition of online fiction journal, LITSNACK. You can read it THERE , if you prefer.  Easy adj. Capable of being accomplished or acquired with ease; posing no difficulty. Cara was the easiest girl in school. Or so everyone said. What little I knew of her did little to convince me otherwise. She wore her skirt two inches above regulation, and Mark Hallet said he'd given her a seeing to behind the bike sheds whilst they'd both been skiving double maths. You see, where I come from you're guilty until proven innocent when it comes to proper comportment. You either shag any girl who'll have you, or you're a raving bender. My Uncle Arthur says the latter ought to be strung up by their unmentionables. That's the way he speaks, my Uncle Arthur. Arthur is not my real uncle; he's my mum's new husband. She is a monopho

Hitting The Road

Originally written in August 2012. Since then public transport has only become more expensive and less frequent - revised figures are in square brackets. Hurrah for Cameron's Britain, I guess... Back in 2010 David Cameron told us that he wanted to head ‘the greenest government ever’. Given his track record it isn’t all that shocking to find that he is failing at it. Abysmally. I could talk about cuts to solar panel and insulation schemes while energy tariffs soar, or the Chancellor’s opinion that green policies represent a ‘ridiculous cost’ to British industry. But, today, I want to go with the Tory-led government’s attitude to public transport. Norman Tebbit told the public to get on their bikes to find employment in the 1980s - if an area is economically challenged, those who can should move away. More specifically I want to talk about Iain Duncan Smith’s advice to ‘get on a bus’ to find work. Always supposing, of course, that you can find a bus to get on. In Dunca

The Ugly Dachshund

Proving that having children really is all about reliving your own childhood, my mum bought Marianna a copy of The Ugly Dachshund on DVD this week. It's a Disney live-action comedy from 1966. When Fran ( Suzanne Pleshette ) Garrison's prize Doxie, Danke, gives birth to puppies, husband Mark ( Dean Jones ) uses the opportunity to sneak home a rejected Great Dane puppy he names Brutus. No angel by any stretch of the imagination, Brutus still takes the blame for the Doxies' bad behaviour. Over and over again. Until, after the destruction of Mark's art studio and the ruination of Fran's big party, he saves the day - and one of his Doxie siblings from the garbage truck. By the end he even manages to win at a local dog show - despite not being quite convinced he isn't a doxie... If anything it was even cuter than I remembered! It was also this film which convinced me the Hollywood separate beds were really the way to go!

Rough Guide To Roughly Twelfth Scale Dolls

To aid my own failing memory, here is a rough guide to roughly 1/12 scale dolls - i.e. dolls which will work in a standard scale doll house. Before I moved into the world of 1/6 (Barbie scale), 1/12 was where it was at for me. And what I wanted more than anything was a set of fully articulated, true to scale, dressable dolls to grace my lovingly decorated doll house. There are amazing doll artists working in 1/12, like Natasha Yaskova , which I have listed, but for those of us without the necessary disposable income there are alternatives out there. If you know where to look. In 1/12 scale an adult doll should be roughly 14cm tall, so I won't be including a lot of Tiny BJDs because they tend to have very childlike proportions - e.g. Ai Dolls, Angell-Studio,  Aquarius Doll , Blue Fairy , Bobobie, Crobidoll , Darak Doll, DD-Anne, Doll Factory Pets, Doll Family ,  Doll Leaves , Dollsoom , DollZone, Doma Doll ,  Dust of Dolls , Hujoo,  ImplDoll ,  IrrealDoll , iXdoll ,  Jaime Doll