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Five Aliens Among Us

Some people believe that aliens - like the truth - are out there. Some believe they have already arrived, be it sucking the blood out of cows, abducting suitably fertile women, or languishing in warehouses at secret US military bases. But some people go one step further - Aliens already live among us. They look like us, sound like us, and are all but indistinguishable from the rest of the population. Unless, of course, you're in the know. So here are five of the more famous alleged aliens. #5. Orthon George Adamski was - and is - a real Marmite figure. He is also the guy who really got the whole 'contactee' movement going in the 1950s. His background involved setting up his own church - allegedly for the legal right to produce his own wine during prohibition - and then letting people assume his camp was connected to the Palomar Observatory and that he himself had earned the title of 'Professor' legitimately. In addition to a famous (and famously debu

250 Free Mail Order Catalogues

Catalogues are great craft supplies - they're perfect for drawing references, collage material, creating all kinds of miniatures (eg. paper packs , jigsaws ), general inspiration, and so much more. So, to get you started, here are 250 places offering to send you free catalogues in the post: (Given the length of the list and the high likelihood of link breakage, I've just listed the companies. A quick google will bring up their request forms.)

Pen, Ysgwyddau, Coesau, Traed

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Welsh. :) For more like this, please click the picture below:

Full Council - January 2020

It's actually our second meeting of the year, after the deferred extraordinary meeting on homelessness ( click for webcast ) was held on the 9th. The webcast for today's meeting is HERE . Alternatively, read on for a quick account of what happened... #1. Attendance #2. Apologies for Absence #3. Declarations of Interest #4. Confirmation of Council Minutes - 22/10/2019 and 09/01/2020 #5. Updates on Actions #6. Receipt of Petitions (N/A) #7. Public Question Time (N/A) #8. Announcements from the Leader or Chief Executive Cllr Hunt thanked those who attended the civic Holocaust Memorial Day service, and commemorated the life of former Cllr Margaret Pead. #9. Council Tax Reduction Scheme This is an annual issue whereby TCBC needs to recommit to operating its own Council Tax Reduction Scheme, allowing more flexibility than the standard scheme which would become the default if this wasn't done. The scheme is part funded by Welsh Government, then TCBC tops

Big Beautiful Dolls

The Big Beautiful Doll Company burst onto the scene back in 1999 with the first line of voluptuous fashion dolls. BBD, created by Georgette Taylor and Audrey Bell-Kearney, quickly garnered media attention and one of their dolls, Dasia, was nominated for the 2002 Doll Award of Excellence. In 2014 Georgette Taylor began talking about plans to re-release the dolls, as in this guest post at Black Doll Collecting. By the end of 2015 Georgette had set up the I AM Beautiful Doll Company, and showcased the prototype for new doll Nikia to great acclaim at the Detroit Doll Show. 'Body Art' Nikia was initially planned to be the first of a whole line of dolls with gorgeous lingerie. Nikia would be a limited edition of 600, with an estimated shipping date of May 2016. New-old stock of the original three dolls was also offered up for sale for $38 plus shipping, and pre-orders opened for new casts and Nikia, providing they hit at least 300 orders. Sadly that threshold wasn'

This Week - 26/01/2020

It's been fairly up and down this week. It was Anthony's aunt's funeral on Monday which was really sad. We had only seen her a few days before and it still doesn't seem quite possible. In work I had a Public Service Board Scrutiny meeting and a bunch of party stuff. I was supposed to be going through the agenda ready for Children and Young People Committee but, it turns out, most of the data we want to use is embargoed until the end of January so we've had to postpone it. On Tuesday I went into school to see how the mindfulness champion scheme has been getting on. It's been a cluster project with a couple of other local primaries and Croesyceiliog Comprehensive, and it's really great to see more focus on resilience with kids. I mean, it's all well and good to leave school with good paper grades, but if you can't cope with the workplace then the education system has still failed you imo. There was a public info meeting on Northville underpas

30 Days of Gaia Online

Gaia Online is like a huge plodding diplodocus - a sprawling forum based online hangout which launched way back in the dark ages of 2003. I signed up not long afterwards and, though I go AWOL for months at a time, I always end up returning to collect more pixel items and dress up my avatar. Some of the features are about to become totally defunct because of the upcoming withdrawal of support for flash, but Gaia is so massive there is still tons of stuff to do from decorating your house to fishing to word games. All for nothing! If you're a member - or intrigued enough to sign up - feel free to add me at babiafi . #01. Current Avatar #02. How Did You Hear About Gaia? Through a penpal I had at the time in the USA. We were both into anime and fandom, and she suggested I check it out so we could use the site's messaging system. I know it was a pretty big thing in the States for a while, and you could buy cash top up cards in shops and stuff, but I never personally