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What I Read in July with Boolino

Marianna has really started to become interested in books this month. She likes to sit and look through them on her own, and then will bring it over to me or Anthony to read it for her. (I can already recite her favourites from memory...) It's so much fun introducing her to new books though, putting on silly voices, and watching her expression change as she starts to understand the story. So I was really pleased when Boolino sent us The Great Dragon Bake Off by Nicola O'Byrne to review. This is the super cute tale of Flamie Oliver, a young dragon who is sent off to the Ferocious Dragon Academy to learn how to be big, bad, and scary. Except, Flamie is more interested in cakes, pies, and pastry... and when he is tasked with kidnapping a princess to eat, it's the final straw! Marianna loved the wonderful illustrations of the dragons, and Anthony and I enjoyed all the references to baking stars. (Heston Blowitail and Scaly Berry anyone?) If your little one watches

Friday Frivolity: Camping

Camping. It's something I should love. My dad tried his best; every year we'd pile into the car to go and pitch the tent for good clean air and outdoor fun. And every year I complained about the insects, and the damp, and the general outdoorsyness of the whole experience... Google found me a few memes which summed up my childhood camping views:

What I've Won in July

This month has been a bit quieter - but still very successful! ☆  49" LG TV from Bargain Booze . ☆  Copy of The Cranks Bible vegetarian cookbook from Amuse Your Bouche . ☆ Some awesome handmade decorative paper flowers from Bespoke Gifts by MrsJ . ☆   What Is Sound Healing? by Lyz Cooper. ☆  Mini Coca Cola football from Tesco. ☆  Nutrition and Health QCF course from A Glug of Oil . ☆  £10 Amazon voucher and a copy of The Fireman by Joe Hill from RRW Magazine . I won the flash fiction competition. :) Please click here for previous months .

Review: Messy Me Splashmat

We've been putting the Messy Me splashmat through its paces - here's our review! About Messy Me Messy Me is a lovely family owned business based in Farnham. Established in 2012, they pride themselves on creating stylish products for mess - or, more specifically, for containing mess! Your little terrors can be as much as they like on Messy Me oilcloth. It's all going to be easy wipe afterwards. The product range has grown steadily and now includes lots of infant must haves, from highchair covers and cushions, to tunic bibs and aprons. Even better is the fact that they all come with free UK delivery. About The Messy Mat I didn't realise quite how messy a weaning baby can be until Marianna decided she wanted to start feeding herself. So, of course, the dining room is the one room in the downstairs of the house that has carpet. (It was like that when we moved in...) This meant that when I was asked which Messy Me product I would most like to review, it w

Dolly Diversity

Dolls are like little people, so it makes sense that they should reflect all the glorious diversity of the human world. Sadly, just like their full scale counterparts, these dolly minorities tend to be overlooked. Here are a collection of posts designed to show the huge variety of dolls out there, if you know where to look for them. For more like this, please click the image below:

Clone Dolls

For more like this, please click the image below: