Thursday, 31 December 2020

New Year's Resolution 2021

2021 New Year's Resolutions

I figured that 2020 was doomed to have been a total write off but, checking out last year's post, I actually managed to achieve a couple of my resolutions. I sorted out the front garden, finally, and I made it into first the top 100, then the top 50 on the Tots parenting blog chart.

The others were a dead loss so they're getting recycled, yet again...

☆ #1. Lose Weight ☆ 

One year it will happen!

☆ #2. Blog Like a Boss ☆ 

I want to post every day in 2021 and secure a top 50 position on the Tots blog chart.

☆ #3. Write a Book ☆ 

It can and will happen. Eventually.

☆ #4. Get Out of Debt ☆ 

I got close last year, then it all fell to pieces once more. Fingers crossed for better luck this year.

☆ #5. Finish the Doll House ☆

I finally started putting my 1/12 scale doll house together in 2020. My goal for 2021 is to finish decorating it.

Have you made any resolutions this year? Let me know in the comments! :)

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Winning Wishlist 2021

Winning Wishlist 2021

This will be my third one of these and, though last year was pretty light on wins, it did help focus my mind when it came to what I wanted to enter. So, with fingers firmly crossed, here are ten things I'd love to win in 2021:

☆ Money. Because, well, who doesn't want to win money?

Vouchers. AKA, the next best thing.

 Art and Craft Supplies. What it says on the tin.

☆ Hamper. I never say no to a hamper.

 School / Charity Stuff. In a perfect world I'd have the cold hard cash to donate, in this one if I can win some stuff to be used as raffle prizes, equipment, etc, that would be awesome.

 Phone. Because mine is ancient.

☆ Doll Stuff. I rarely buy any playline besides Barbie but that doesn't mean I don't want it...

☆ Cutlery. I've always wanted a posh canteen of cutlery but I just can't part with that much money for something which our value mish mash does just as well. If I won one though, that's a totally different story!

☆ Flowers. I love having flowers about, but I'm too much of a cheapskate to buy any.

☆ Kids Clothes, Books, Toys, Sundries. Anything for Marianna, really. It's my main reason for comping these days, to get the occasional surprise for M. <3

What are you hoping to win this year? Let me know in the comments. :) 

Comping Year In Review 2020

Last year's review was pretty dismal, but 2020's is a whole new low. I was very unwell for a few months with anxiety/depression and then, later, with coronavirus which meant I didn't do much comping this year.

Still, I did manage to scrape together a few wins:

★ Glitter Colouring Pens
★ Books
★ Nappies
★ Bristan Prism Shower Valve

Total Value: c. £300

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Tuesday, 29 December 2020

End of Year Fandom Meme 2020

End of Year Fandom Meme 2019

Another year, another end of year fandom meme. (If you want to do it yourself I've got easy copy / paste at my masterlist post.)

Which TV shows did you start watching this year?

The Haunting of Bly Manor, The Curse of Oak Island, Craith, In Search Of..., The Fall, In Search of Aliens, Murder Mountain, Diagnosis, Real Detective, Liar, etc, etc, etc.

The Curse of Oak Island

Which TV shows did you mean to get into but didn't this year? Why?

I cancelled my TV licence so I've had to say goodbye to the BBC at home. I did it with a heavy heart but, given the poor choice of programming, it made better sense for us to subscribe to Disney+ instead and save money.

Which TV show impressed you most this year?

Craith (Hidden). I watched both series of it during the first lockdown and they were amazingly good. S4C has produced some awesome stuff over the years, to be fair, they should make much more of their back catalogue imo.


Your favourite TV show of the year?

Ancient Aliens. Often dumb but always fun!

Ancient Aliens

Your favourite film you watched this year?

I've been keeping track of my progress on my 33 by 33 Films post. I've been enjoying lots of Disney movies from the vaults, and the Will Ferrell Eurovision film was ridiculously good fun. Overall I think my favourite has to be the new Mulan film - even without any singing!


Your main fandom of the year?

I mostly wrote for Detroit: Become Human. The new Reed900 fan film was released in the summer which was great too, like seeing a fanfic brought to the big screen.

Detroit Evolution

Your favourite book read this year?

I've only read non-fiction and kids' books this year!

Favourite male character of the year?

I've been enjoying the Larry and Paul comedy sketches, especially their 'real' government briefings...

Favourite female character of the year?

Hayley Mills. Because she always played basically the same character - wholesome girl who nonetheless gets into trouble. I saw The Moon-Spinners for the first time this year which I think now completes my Mills filmography!

Hayley Mills

Your biggest fan anticipations for the coming year?

I'm looking forward to the new Cruella movie. Who knows, we might even be able to see it in a cinema...

Cruella 2021

Your favourite album or song to listen to this year?

Patent Pending. I've listened to them so much this year, especially Punk Rock Songs.

The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?

I don't have any - but am open to suggestions. :)

Your biggest squee moment of the year?

The Christopher Robin film is one of the most heartwarming things I've ever seen.

Christopher Robin

Your best new fandom discovery of the year?

The Haunting of Bly Manor was great, and I totally cried like a baby at Dani and Jamie's love story. But Viola as the weird faceless lady of the lake, forever doomed to repeat the same motions over and over again, was creepy perfection.

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?

Marianna's newfound love of the Super Pops. It's not even that terrible, she just insists on watching it over and over and over and over again...

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Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Welsh UFO Sightings 1969

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1969. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

July 7th, 21:50
Between Usk and Severn Bridge

Cigar shaped object. The UFO Register categorised the sighting as A, aka genuine UFO.

July 12th, 04:05
Near Borth Bog, Cardiganshire

Oblong shaped object. The UFO Register categorised the sighting as B, aka probable UFO.

July 18th, 22:30
Near Talybont, Cardiganshire

Plain surfaced spherical object. The UFO Register categorised the sighting as A, aka genuine UFO.


17-year-old Michael Davies, of Brynawel Road, Gorseinon was looking around at the sky from his bedroom window one evening in August 1969. He saw what he thought was an aircraft moving from what appeared to him to be the direction of the Townhill area of Swansea towards Pontarddulais. It had a white light.

He looked again a few moments later, but realised there were no red or green lights, and no sound. He had had the UFO under his observation for almost a minute when he decided to investigate and went for his telescope. But when he used it 15 seconds later, there was nothing to be seen.

Michael said that thinking back, the 'object' might have been moving fairly near the earth's surface, at between 20 and 25 mph. Its light was perhaps too bright for an aircraft, and just as he was getting his telescope there seemed to be something of a flash before the light disappeared altogether.

He thought perhaps the 'thing' was over enlarged when he first saw it, but admitted that the whole incident had rather surprised him.

Source: 'South Wales Evening Post' Thursday 7 August 1969.

Tuesday August 5th

Two uniformed police officers were among several civilian witnesses to a UFO seen hovering over Carmarthen. Initially spotted by several member of the public a motor cycle officer turned up at the home of a farmer and confirmed the UFO through binoculars. It was described as being spherical in shape and silvery in colour. Later a second officer observed the object. Checks with the RAF proved negative.

Thursday August 21st, 12:45
Waunarlwydd, Swansea

A. C. Williams of Caergynydd Road, Waunarlwydd: "At 12.45 p.m. on Thursday, August 21, while glancing skywards to estimate the weather situation, my attention was riveted on a small, but bright object at an elevation of approximately 80 degrees from the north western horizon (i.e. almost the zenith).

It appeared as a bright star or planet, except that it was set in a bright blue sky, and appeared quite stationary, well above the cumulus clouds travelling from a west or north-westerly direction. A pin head held at arm's length would have covered it completely and its altitude I judged as being very great indeed.

On observing it further with 8 x 30 binoculars, it appeared slightly larger, but no detail could be seen, except for a flash which occurred at irregular intervals from the lower left of the phenomenon. My view of the phenomenon was obscured at irregular intervals for about four minutes by the passage of a large cumulus cloud at relatively low altitude. When it reappeared it was apparently in the same spot.

At about 12.50 p.m. observing with the naked eye, the phenomenon became less bright and began to fade or disappear. On immediately using the binoculars I was amazed to find that there were now three smaller points of light instead of one, two above and one below, forming a sort of isosceles triangle arrangement with the points of light at the vertices. The points of light were not visible with the naked eye and remained more or less stationary save for a slight decrease in distance between the two above, which occurred in a few seconds.

After assuming a more comfortable position to observe the celestial trio of light points I inadvertently lost their position since even through binoculars they appeared small. There was no sign at all of the bright object I first observed, the sky remaining blue and clear in that spot. The object had apparently broken into three parts. The only explanation I have considered is that of a weather or research balloon that burst at high altitude.

Source: 'South Wales Evening Post' Tuesday 26 August 1969.

Late August
Landore, Swansea

Jean McDonald, 16, lived at 1206 Neath Road, Plasmarl with her mother. At about 10.30 - 11 PM one weekend night in late summer, she and her boyfriend, Frank, decided to walk down the road to Landore to a chip shop to get some curry and chips. It was dark, and very humid and warm. They had only gone a little way and were passing St. Paul's Church on the corner of Cwm Level Road, and saw, to the south-east of their position at about 11 o'clock at 45 degrees elevation, up above the Landore Viaduct of the South Wales main railway line, an object hovering motionless not much higher than the top of that part of the viaduct which crossed over the River Tawe. She said to Frank, "Look at that! It's a spaceship!" but Frank was strangely quiet.

The object was described as being about 1 to 1 1/2 times the length of a bus, a circular domed disc, shaped like an inverted deep soup bowl but with a high 'spire' on the top which rose to a point. It's flat bottom had a lit central area of a pearly white colour, surrounded on its outer edge by a ring of rectangular panel lights of all colours, which constantly flashed on and off. The body of the craft was of a silver colour, like metal foil which shimmered. There was no door, windows or markings or seams visible on the exterior of the object, which stayed motionless, not spinning, without a sound for about 60-90 seconds, while the two witnesses stared in amazement. Then the object moved upwards slightly before shooting off at incredible speed horizontally to the left towards the RTB playing fields and in the direction of Llansamlet and out of sight, without making a sound.

Jean remembers looking around and up Cwm Level Road, 'the black road', to their right to see if there were any other people who had seen the object. There was nobody else who had witnessed it, and indeed there was no traffic on the the roads either, and all was strangely quiet. Jean was blown away by the sighting and felt that the object wanted to be seen. They went to the chip shop as planned and when they returned to her home, her mother said she was mad - "must have been a helicopter" but Jean was adamant that it had not been a helicopter due to the fact it had made no sound. But Frank remained quiet and did not argue the point in her support. Jean made a drawing of the object shown.

Source: SUFON Files: Jean McDonald interviewed by Steve Drewson & Emlyn Williams 9 February 2017.

October 3rd, 23:59

Mr and Mrs Bate had just retired to bed when Mr Bate saw this object, he then drew his wife's attention to it. The object was elliptical in shape and coloured bright silver, it was the size of a penny. It hovered for about 30 seconds, then it suddenly disappeared to the right of its hovering. The object appeared solid and was sharply outlined. It was first seen in the N.W. and it disappeared in the N.E. (Awareness magazine, November 1969)

December 8th, 06:45

A woman in Pontarddulais saw a bright orange object. “It looked about the size and colour of one of those orange street lamps. With a red line behind it. I saw it for about four seconds,” she said.

Source: South Wales Evening Post Monday 8 December 1969

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Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Welsh UFO Sightings 1966

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1966. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Thursday 6th January, 18:30
Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire

"....I was on the wall of Saundersfoot harbour in Pembrokeshire fishing for whiting. The night was cold and still with a slight sea mist. Along with other fishermen I then saw something moving out in Carmarthen Bay. Across our front, from left to right, a luminous object was travelling over the waves at about a mile range and no more than a hundred feet above the water. It seemed to be a glowing, spherical mass giving out a white light which pulsated with a periodicity of about two seconds. Each pulsation lit up the surrounding haze for several times the diameter of the object. It was on a level course and moving at about 250 mph, which soon took it out of sight behind Monkstone Point heading south. The display was in total silence.

Although I worked for several years at an R.A.F. Experimental establishment and took part in numerous airborne experiments and also worked at Cambridge Airport and with Cambridge University squadron as an engineer, I felt unable to categorize the object as anything mechanical. I decided it must have been an electrical phenomenon of the atmosphere."

Source: 'The Dragon and the Disc'- F. W. Holiday (1973), p. 108

Friday June 10th, 04:30
Trimsaran, Carmarthenshire

Dave B. was 16-years-old and living in his parents house in Trimsaran. He got up in the night to use the upstairs bathroom. From a window, he saw a pulsating, round, spherical object that "looked like the sun," flying slowly at a low altitude of under 500 feet,passing over a coal mine, which was followed by 3 black helicopters. Dave said the UFO was bigger than the helicopters and he watched them slowly pass by for ten seconds. Reported by witness 23/06/2017.

Saturday October 8th, 19:30

F. W. Holiday writes: "I was again fishing, this time in Tenby Harbour. It was about 7.30 in the evening with the sea calm and the sky clear. Presently I became aware that several nearby fishermen were watching the sky directly overhead. Looking up, I saw what can only be described as a small, luminous blue-grey cloud. It was orbiting slowly in a circle equal to about three times its own diameter. Since it was opaque and blotted out the background stars this motion was plainly visible. It resembled a lump of shiny blue-grey cotton-wool.

Ten minutes went by in which interest diminished when, quite suddenly, there was a spectacle as vivid as it was unambiguous. Out of the south-west side of the cloud had emerged a dark object which beamed an intense ruby light down on us. At that point I remember feeling a slight shock following the realization that, whatever were the nature of the U.F.O.s, I was at that moment looking at one. Very slowly the red light object moved away towards the south-west. A moment or two later the blue-grey cloud began moving east. In a short time both objects were out of sight on their respective courses."

Source: 'The Dragon and the Disc' F. W. Holiday 1973 pages 108-109.

Sunday 16th October
Preseli Mountains

F. W. Holiday writes: "I was driving up the A478 road near Foel Dyrch mountain [South of Crymych - E.W.] in the early evening when I noticed a moving light in the sky. I had now taken to carrying binoculars around. The object was moving north, nearly parallel to the road, and was about 500 feet above the floor of the valley to the right which brought it almost level with where I was standing. It was about half a mile away when I got it in focus and travelling on a level course at no more than 50-60 mph.

I had a very good look at it. It was large but not enormous - perhaps twenty or twenty-five feet long. It was a flattened oval in shape. As the night was clear and starry I was able to look all around it and make quite sure it was not, for example, a window in an aircraft. It was an oval object with a firm outline. No trail was visible nor anything to indicate how it was propelled. I saw no surface details. In colour it was yellow-gold and it had the appearance of being constructed from a glowing, translucent substance. The effect was both beautiful and majestic. I watched it travel through an arc of about 70 degrees before it passed out of sight over the hills to the north." He added that it was completely silent.

Source: 'The Dragon and the Disc' F. W. Holiday 1973 page 109.

?, late evening
Ynysforgan, Swansea

A young couple, Brian and his fiance, Carol (18) (not real names), were in a car driven by Brian on a rough track on the east side of the Swansea Canal at Ynysforgan, and north of the Swansea District railway line which crosses the Swansea valley here on a viaduct. They had been out for the evening, and Brian was expected home at 395 Clydach Road, by his mother for 11 pm. It was near this time that they had arrived back in Ynysforgan. They then encountered a craft, and their memories of what follows become patchy.

Brian had driven off Clydach Road down a lane between two houses on the east side, over a small bridge which crossed the Swansea Canal and followed the lane a little way along the canal (now on their right) to where he had a garage in which he kept his car. The garage was one of several located here for people living nearby.

After getting to the garage he can remember seeing the craft up above the Swansea District railway line on the embankment and viaduct which crossed the canal a little way further south.

Carol remembers a huge round craft, with many lights hovering a few feet above the ground with an open door from which there descended a stairway, the steps of which had their own lighting. She described seeing a small being with large head standing in the open doorway. The being had skin the colour of putty, and it had large black eyes. The being had no clothing, and she remembers being told not to be afraid. She was told to climb the steps and enter the craft, which she then did. She remembers thinking as she climbed the steps that it was great that the steps were lit so she could see where she was stepping.

Inside the craft, which was all white, she can remember seeing a control panel, and saw a being - whether or not it was the same being as before she is uncertain. It was clothed this time, in a white coat. She lay on a metal table or bed, and she was struck by the fact that the metal did not feel cold. She had some kind of examination or operation, but remembers no details of this, nor of what followed until being back in the car with Brian. She cannot remember seeing Brian on board the craft.

Brian put the car away, which was his next memory after seeing the craft, and when they got to his house, his mother asked him why they were so late as he had to be up early for work the next day. Brian said, 'It's only 11 o'clock'. His mother corrected him by saying, 'No it's not, it's 12 o'clock.' They were missing an hour.

The site of the landing, and also Brian's house were later swept away in 1969 by the construction of the M4 motorway and its junction here. The house was demolished to make way for the west on-ramp of the motorway, and the site where the craft was seen by Carol is occupied by trees and bushes on the west side of the dual carriageway (A4067 Morriston By-Pass) on its approach to the M4 roundabout.

Source: SUFON Files: witnesses interviewed 2016.

Mynydd Hiraethog Moors, Clwyd, North Wales

Ernie, then 16 or 17 years old, was walking five miles home from his job in Ruthin, where he worked at R. Ellis & Sons. It was his habit to call in the off-licence of The Bridge Hotel in Bontuchel to collect a packet of five Woodbine cigarettes every evening before continuing on his homeward walk. He noted the time, it was 7.05 pm by the clock there. It took him about 10 minutes to reach the lonely stretch of road from The Bridge Hotel, Bontuchel, leading to Cyffylliog. The chance that you will pass another car or vehicle at any time of the year is pretty unlikely.  If you do, it is an event and generally one of your fellow villagers or some farmer you know.

Beyond a small bridge is a straight stretch through the valley which, as far back in time every Villager can remember, strange paranormal things have happened. Even though this mile stretch of road is fairly wide for North Wales rural areas, flat, straight and well maintained, vehicles have frequently gone off the road at this spot for no apparent reason. Engines cut out. Ernie’s own sister-in-law saw a figure crossing the road at it. A brother-in-law’s son Ron was in his small Mini on the same stretch of road one evening, when his lights cut out as a big figure on a horse passed him by; he was so afraid, he abandoned the car and raced all the way home to the village. The whole District knows about this and it is important to note, that because of this, what happened to Ernie and Gwylim was accepted by people. Nobody disbelieved them or made fun. 

When he got to the spot where there is a small tree the other side of the low hawthorn hedge before the bridge - he was startled to see a small George Adamski type craft come over the forested area into the valley.  As it approached it was swaying gently from side to side, like a falling leaf.  This thoroughly alarmed him and he ran into the centre of the road looking wildly about for some means of escape.  To his immense relief he saw and heard a wagon approaching down the road, he flagged it down and jumped in without looking to see who was driving.  When he did look, he realised it was an acquaintance Gwylim, whom he knew had a wife working in Denbigh Hospital as a nurse.  With his finger shaking he pointed out the craft that was approaching, and now positioned itself right over the bonnet of the vehicle. They both yelled in terror. The next thing that either were aware of, was that they were miles past Cyffylliog towards the crossroads of the A 525/A5104 where Stephen was later abducted off his motorcycle in 1979. It was pitch dark there being no road lights in that remote area. Gwylim turned around and they went back to Ernie’s hamlet y Gyffylliog where his Mother was anxiously waiting, he being home so late back from work. 

When I met Ernie in 1988 and he described all this I took a lot of notes, he told me he though he had arrived home about 1 am or so.  When we [author and Margaret Hainge-Lloyd] later audio taped him in 1990 he thought it may have been 9 pm. They probably did not look at the time; they had been through a traumatising experience and were tired and afraid.  With the passage of years such exact details have been forgotten.  The point is they had lost several hours they were not aware of at the time. In addition a month later Ernie had a red rash from head to toe which blistered, itched and was painful.  He went to his Doctor, this rash then came and went appearing in spring, disappeared in summer and maybe reappeared in autumn /winter. He was given a smoothing ointment and it went after a year. He was left with a brown mark on his side towards the back, which he did not have before, and for awhile after he felt he had a stone just under the skin of his lip. This eventually went.

I have known Ernie from the l980’s; various Welsh friends from the same area have known Ernie since school days. So for the first few years after the experience Ernie did not follow the pattern of most people who feel they are abductees, he was still living in the area amongst friends and acquaintances, he was accepted, particularly in view of the fact that others had paranormal experiences in the same spot. Although he knew he had lost some hours of times, this aspect of it hardly was considered. By the time I met Ernie in about 1987/88, he had reached the stage of feeling he wanted hypnotic regressions, because he had again had a close sighting of a UFO, which renewed his desire to know exactly what happened the first time.  Unlike most people it was just a burning curiosity, not fear, he had never had nightmares, this I felt was because in his community he and his experience was accepted.  In later years he got a job in a Hospital as an ambulance man, and here for the first time his attitude changed.  He lived in fear of his bosses finding out and did not want to discuss the incident at all, at the time unemployment in Wales was particularly high under the Conservative Government, so his fears were justified. ...

A couple of years ago Ernie was driving an ambulance when a portocabin came loose from its moorings on a vehicle in front of them and crashed down to the side of the ambulance.  Ernie was very badly injured and had to get early retirement from work.  Since being in retirement he has had time to reflect on what happened that night so many years ago, he has by conscious regression felt he was in fact taken into this small Adamski like craft.  He vaguely recalls the smell of burning rubber, seeing Beings similar to humans, of his height 5ft 11 inches, or a bit taller, and they had grey skins.  He thinks they give him the usual medical type of examination, and conversed with him telepathically.  Whether this is a jumble of what he may have read since or seen on television, and a mixture of what may have really happened to him, who is to say.  All I know is we have known him for years, he is a perfectly sincere person, who like the dozens and dozens of others I have met and tried to help over the years, who are trying to find some answers to their own frightening experience, with only support from a very few UFO researchers and none at all from the professions in authority or arm chair researchers. 

Source: Who Are They? by Margaret-Ellen Fry. [condensed account]

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Sunday, 13 December 2020

This Week: 13/12/2020

Scam Alert

No Deal Brexit is, apparently, just hours away.

There are no words for how angry and disgusted I am with this Westminster govt. I can only hope that history remembers them as the corrupt incompetent fools they are.

It is tempting to say that Wales is about to reap what it sowed for voting leave, but I can't help but still love my country and want the best for it. All we can hope now is that extreme weather and civil unrest do not compound what is going to be a very tough few months. :(

Deal of the Week -

£25 off at easyStorage with referral link / code:

Song of the Week -

Marianna and her class demonstrating their sign language.

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Friday, 11 December 2020

Friday Five: Brexit Prep

Friday Five

Thankfully the extended transition period has resulted in some actual planning as opposed to last year's largely unmitigated chaos but, as Brexit day lurches closer and closer, here are five immediate things to consider...

bottled water

#5. Water

Disruption to water supplies is considered very unlikely as companies have been stockpiling less volatile treatment chemicals for years now, with the risk slightly higher in soft water areas due to potential pressures on sodium hypochlorite supply. Any problems will, in all probability, be localised and short term. 

Verdict: It's always good advice to have a small stash of bottled water to hand. Whether it's Brexit related or simply a bust pipe, being without mains water is no fun for anyone.

power cuts

#4. Energy

You'll be glad to hear there is no imminent risk of a return to the three day week, though in the medium to long term we can expect to see price hikes from the energy companies. In the short term there is potential for localised power outages, particularly if Brexit coincides with snow, but there is little likelihood of widespread problems.

Verdict: Again, it's good practice to keep emergency supplies like a torch or candles available. Some extra batteries and an emergency charger (you can pick up the hand crank type from about £2.50) should be plenty to see you through.


#3. Medication

There are legitimate worries about shortages of certain medicines, particularly as Brexit stockpiles have been used to shore up supply during the Covid-19 crisis. Some meds are already under SSP (Serious Shortage Protocols), e.g. salazopyrin and fluoxetine, while others are very vulnerable to supply chain disruption. Over the counter meds will likely face the same kind of shortages as we experienced at the beginning of the pandemic, due to panic buying and transport delays. 

Verdict: Sadly there is little that can be done at this late stage about prescription medication, beyond following your doctor's advice. If your first aid kit is understocked, now is the time to make sure you have the basics like painkillers and antiseptic cream. Although overall supplies of non-prescription medication and remedies are fine, there could well be short-term shortages on your local store shelves.



Fuel shortages are at the more likely end of the scale of Brexit disasters, largely linked to infrastructure disruption. This is where the deal vs no deal outcome could have a big impact because keeping traffic moving is essential. The worst case scenario, really, is no deal combined with widespread civil unrest and/or extreme weather which will make it very difficult for supplies to reach their destination. 

Implications for travel, both leisure and business, to the EU and Schengen Area have been well documented. Make sure your paperwork is compliant, there is adequate time remaining on your passport, and that you have travel insurance as you'll no longer be covered by the EHIC scheme. Deal or no, also factor in extra time for the inevitable teething problems with new computer systems and arrangements.

Verdict: If you can avoid it - do. If you can't, plan for it as you would regular seasonal disruption and make allowances for the likelihood of delays, road closures, and journey cancellations.


#1. Food

All retailers and wholesalers have been stockpiling to tide them over for a few weeks should customs delays and lack of hauliers prove especially serious. The problem, as ever, is that stock in warehouses still isn't stock on shelves. You only have to look at what a few days of panic buying managed to do at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic to realise this could quickly become a real issue for consumers.

Looking beyond the first month or so of a no deal scenario, we can expect to see significant price rises (5%) and reduced choice available. We've become used to being able to get out of season fruit and veg, along with speciality imports, at consistent prices, but we will have to readjust our expectations as we go forward. There are unlikely to be severe long term shortages on the mainland, but Northern Ireland is at greater risk.

Verdict: Although fresh food supplies will be hit by Brexit, they aren't really feasible to stockpile! When it comes to long life lines, you should expect to see the same pressures as we did earlier in the year. If you can afford to, it would be wise to get in some extra:

  - Toilet roll.
  - Tinned Food.
  - Pasta.
  - Rice. 
  - Oats.
  - Flour / Yeast.
  - UHT Milk.
  - Cooking Oil.
  - Sugar / Salt / Flavourings.

Cooking on a Bootstrap has got a much more comprehensive breakdown. Also, if applicable, definitely try to get in pet food and baby formula milk as supplies have continued to be under pressure throughout the year.

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Sunday, 6 December 2020

This Week: 06/12/2020

Nothing To See Here

Another week, another disaster. This one was the horrid shock of checking my bank account to find I had only been paid less than half my wages. I emailed payroll to ask if they could double check it, as it looked like they had based the clawback of two weeks overpayment on my full wage rather than the senior allowance I was getting pre-AGM for being a committee chair. (AKA a stoppage of over £700 vs £350)

They got back to me and said unfortunately they were right and I just kind of had a bit of a breakdown. Like, ugly crying and rocking type breakdown. I get that it wasn't the end of the world; I've got my overdraft, we weren't going to starve. But it just felt like the final straw on top of a whole year of stress. There was the guilt that I'd decided not to even try for a chairship this time around - in the hope of having some time to focus on getting my head together - thereby bringing this upon myself, and the general despair of finally being out of my overdraft only to face the prospect of a few months more of slowly paying my way free of it.

In the end I got in touch with the council leader (as the closest thing to my supervisor) and asked if he could look into it, and clarify whether or not the two allowances should be treated as one thing. To be fair he was brilliant and by the end of the next working day I'd had apologies from the head of payroll and the promise of an emergency payment. 

It was all a storm in a teacup, really, but it's left me feeling like a wrung out dishrag. It's like I want to be better, feel better, but don't know how. Marianna told me the other week that she is afraid of growing up because then she'll have to worry about money all the time, like me. :( She's five. The most she should know about money is adding up plastic penny pieces when she plays shop or something. Yesterday I had a letter through from the mental health support service to book an appointment for counselling, so I hope that will help. I'm taking 60mg of fluoxetine a day now too. 

In other news, there was full council meeting on Tuesday. On Wednesday we went to switch the Christmas tree lights on in Pontnewydd. We finally got the telescope set up for Marianna, and advent competitions have officially begun - apologies to anybody who follows me on social media! I still haven't managed to find our original Elf on the Shelf, but the new one turned up on Monday and taunts me at every available opportunity...

On the blog I posted a guide to Boyzone dolls. I think I'm going to take a few weeks off from blogging, bar these weekly round-up diaries, and just concentrate on creating content for next year. I'm going to try and make more of a go of it in 2021 so I think every little bit of prep will help!

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