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New Year's Resolution 2021

I figured that 2020 was doomed to have been a total write off but, checking out last year's post , I actually managed to achieve a couple of my resolutions. I sorted out the front garden, finally, and I made it into first the top 100, then the top 50 on the Tots parenting blog chart. The others were a dead loss so they're getting recycled, yet again... ☆ #1. Lose Weight ☆  One year it will happen! ☆ #2. Blog Like a Boss ☆  I want to post every day in 2021 and secure a top 50 position on the Tots blog chart. ☆ #3. Write a Book ☆  It can and will happen. Eventually. ☆ #4. Get Out of Debt ☆  I got close last year, then it all fell to pieces once more. Fingers crossed for better luck this year. ☆ #5. Finish the Doll House ☆ I finally started putting my 1/12 scale doll house together in 2020. My goal for 2021 is to finish decorating it. Have you made any resolutions this year? Let me know in the comments! :)

Winning Wishlist 2021

This will be my third one of these and, though last year was pretty light on wins, it did help focus my mind when it came to what I wanted to enter. So, with fingers firmly crossed, here are ten things I'd love to win in 2021: ☆ Money . Because, well, who doesn't want to win money? ☆ Vouchers . AKA, the next best thing. ☆   Art and Craft Supplies . What it says on the tin. ☆ Hamper . I never say no to a hamper. ☆   School / Charity Stuff . In a perfect world I'd have the cold hard cash to donate, in this one if I can win some stuff to be used as raffle prizes, equipment, etc, that would be awesome. ☆   Phone . Because mine is ancient. ☆ Doll Stuff . I rarely buy any playline besides Barbie but that doesn't mean I don't want it... ☆ Cutlery . I've always wanted a posh canteen of cutlery but I just can't part with that much money for something which our value mish mash does just as well. If I won one though, that's a totally different st

End of Year Fandom Meme 2020

Another year, another end of year fandom meme. (If you want to do it yourself I've got easy copy / paste at my masterlist post .) Which TV shows did you start watching this year? The Haunting of Bly Manor, The Curse of Oak Island, Craith, In Search Of..., The Fall, In Search of Aliens, Murder Mountain, Diagnosis, Real Detective, Liar, etc, etc, etc. Which TV shows did you mean to get into but didn't this year? Why? I cancelled my TV licence so I've had to say goodbye to the BBC at home. I did it with a heavy heart but, given the poor choice of programming, it made better sense for us to subscribe to Disney+ instead and save money. Which TV show impressed you most this year? Craith (Hidden). I watched both series of it during the first lockdown and they were amazingly good. S4C has produced some awesome stuff over the years, to be fair, they should make much more of their back catalogue imo. Your favourite TV show of the year? Ancient Aliens . Often d

Welsh UFO Sightings - 1959

UFO sightings from 1959. For Welsh sightings from other years please click HERE . FSR Summer, AM Milford Haven   SOME RECENT WELSH CASES by F. W. Holiday Upholders of the "nuts and bolts" theory are urged to study [this case] with great care. On a mid-summer morning in 1959, Mr D. J. Harris, an area insurance agent, was walking down Charles Street in Milford Haven at about 11:00 a.m. About a hundred yards ahead of him, on his side of the street, was the 70 ft high tower of the Tabernacle Chapel. Suddenly he heard the sort of whispering sound one would associate with a low-flying glider. Simultaneously an object appeared above the buildings on the right hand side of the street, roughly opposite the chapel, and he had a very clear view of it. It was following a downward path and was about 50 feet from the ground. He describes it as enormous, and says it must have been 150 feet in diameter. It was a metallic grey in colour rather like weathered aluminium. This object was

Welsh UFO Sightings - 1958

UFO sightings from 1958. For Welsh sightings from other years please click HERE . PRESS 1958, night Aberystwyth   For more like this please click the image below:

Welsh UFO Sightings - 1957

UFO sightings from 1957. For Welsh sightings from other years please click HERE . PRESS Sunday September 1st, 11:55 Porthcawl Two police officers patrolling Porthcawl seafront saw a blood-red 'something', with a jagged black streak across its centre, rise out of the water on the horizon. As they watched two more streaks appeared above and below. It remained at sea level then went off at a fantastic speed toward the Atlantic. The Western Mail reported the sighting on Wednesday 4th September 1957:   They followed up on September 10th with:  “Just over a week ago, two policemen patrolling Porthcawl promenade, reported seeing a “mysterious red disc” moving across the sky at a fantastic speed. It was seen at the same time over Carmarthen Bay, and again the lifeboat was called out. Porthcawl police reported last night that the lights had not been seen again although a watch was being kept.” The SUFON case file adds:  On 9th April 2019, Steve Drewson, Mike Maunder and myself

Welsh UFO Sightings 1899

Welsh UFO sightings from 1899. For sightings from other years please click HERE . August 1899, 20:30 Abergavenny Mr. T James, his wife, and daughter (12) and son (10) were walking along the bank of the Monmouthshire Canal, when at a spot called Ty-Part, about 7km from Abergavenny and 9km from Pontypool and had gone about 40m from a bridge over the canal, when they went they saw what looked like a tall woman, dressed in black, and wearing a shawl moving ahead of them. The children ran towards it, thinking it was their aunt come to meet them. Their parents called them back however, and the figure just faded away. For more like this please click the image below:

Welsh UFO Sightings - 1951

UFO sightings from 1951. For Welsh sightings from other years please click HERE . SUFON Summer 1951, c. 15:00 or 16:00 Jersey Marine, Neath A 9-year-old girl named Sue was on her own at the front gate of her terraced house, 22 School Road, Jersey Marine, a small village located on Swansea Bay, between Swansea and Neath. She saw an object described as a big orange ball like the sun, but bigger come from the direction of the sea in the south, at an altitude of about 300 feet.  It came right over her without a sound, towards the north. It had a distinct edge and was all one colour or shade of orange. It went behind 'The Rocks', the small rocky hills which stand to the north of the village in the direction of the BP oil refinery at Llandarcy, taking 5 minutes to make the journey. Sue went inside to tell her mother. Source: SUFON Files , witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 2018. For more like this please click the image below:

Welsh UFO Sightings 1969

Welsh UFO sightings from 1969. For sightings from other years please click HERE . PRESS April 25th, 21:30 Sightings of a fireball were reported across the UK, explanations ranged from meteorites to pieces of Russian satellite Cosmos 265. Spacelink V6/N1 stated: As for details of the fireball's landing-ground, the newspaper reports were very contradictory. There were reports that it had landed near Belfast, accompanied by an explosion which was thought then to be saboteurs blowing up water pipelines. According to RAF experts, several objects, believed to be meteorites or space debris, had fallen in Wales. It was also reported that authorities in Anglesey and Caernarvonshire had been flooded with reports of strange objects seen travelling low in the sky, and that two fire engines and two ambulances were rushed to a village in North Wales after a mystery object had crashed. Other sources claimed that a gorse fire in North Wales (presumably the same incident) had been started

Widescreen Magazine

Published by Computec Media and edited by Richard Leadbetter, Widescreen was launched in November 2002 and lasted just three issues. 01 02 03 xx #01. November 2002. #02. December 2002. #03. January 2003. For more like this please click the image below:

Whiplash Smile

Horror fanzine by John Hill. 01 02 03 04 05 06 xx xx #01. Summer 1987. Read online at Internet Archive . #02. Autumn 1987. Read online at Internet Archive . #03. Winter 1988. Read online at Internet Archive . #04. 1988. Read online at Internet Archive . #05. Winter 1989. Read online at Internet Archive . #06. 1990. For more like this please click the image below:

Welsh UFO Sightings - 1955

UFO sightings from 1954. For Welsh sightings from other years please click HERE . Thursday March 24th, 19:15 Aberarth, Cardiganshire Mrs Harding, a farmer’s wife of Aberarth, was called outside by her young daughter, who was pointing excitedly at the evening sky. She gazed out over the sea in the direction that Rosalyn, her daughter, indicated.  There, to the north-west of where they stood, and well out to sea, was a large orange ball giving out a black trail and zig-zagging downwards. They remarked that it looked very like the sun except for the movement and the long, black, smoky trail that streamed out behind.  As they watched, it exploded and, still in the shape of an orange ball, plunged into the sea. The strange thing was that they could still see it glowing beneath the surface of the water, and this continued for upwards of an hour after the object finally struck.  The trail that it had left behind changed from black to grey before it dispersed: neither of the two watchers