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Welsh UFO Sightings 1991

Welsh UFO sightings from 1991. For sightings from other years please click HERE . Most of these come from the MOD files, though SUFON have collected two really interesting cases and the contemporary journals came up with a few more sightings.   MOD FILES Wednesday 9th January, Night Gwent Witness was driving when they saw a UFO in the otherwise clear sky. It was a white light c. 500ft above the hills, travelling quickly first easterly, then north, then south. The light turned orange and the object stopped. It came within 200 yards of the car. MOD FILES Sunday 3rd February, 00:15 Waunfawr Road, Crosskeys Witness was stood near Waunfawr Primary School in Crosskeys on a clear moonlit night when he saw a large white light in the sky, "3 to 4 times larger than a car headlight". The light had a cone shaped beam coming from it which appeared to be scanning the mountain top, with a smaller light plus cone shaped beam circling it.  The lights merged tog

Cheese Tasting

Recently Marianna has discovered the wonder of cheese. Cheddar cheese, at any rate. When Anthony told her there was more than one kind of cheese she refused to believe him.  Cue a 'cheese and not wine party' to celebrate the first day of Easter break. Marianna invited Mr. and Mrs. Teddy to be the guests of honour, and we all duly got dressed up for the occasion. Anthony laid out an awesome cheese platter, plus the bottles of Nexba sugar free soft drinks we were #gifted last week to try out. We all ranked each cheese out of five - with five being the best, and 0 the worst. Even the Teddys gave their scores, though they didn't count towards the total what with them not actually being able to eat. Or alive. You know, the little things. Anyway, we started off with Manchago and worked our way through various European cheeses. We've got Marianna's art easel set up in the living room, which is a whiteboard on one side, so we used that to keep track of the sco

Zombies 2 Dolls

Zombies 2 is a 2020 Disney Channel movie, a sequel to the 2018 original film. Mattel released a small range of 11.5" tie-in fashion dolls. ★ Zed Necrodopolis - box front / box back . ★ Wynter Barkowitz - box front / box back . ★ Addison Wells - box front / box back . ★ Willa Lykensen - box front / box back . ★ Eliza Zambi - box front / box back . ★ Prom Night Addison Wells - box front / box back . ★ Singing Addison Wells - box front / box back . For more like this, please click the image below:

This Week - 28/03/2021

It is now officially half term! It's only been a couple of weeks since Marianna went back to school and already I'm feeling like there's no way I'm going to be able to entertain her for 14 days straight. This week we've spent most late afternoons at the park thanks to the weather taking a turn for the better. Yesterday I sat on a bench at Lowlands park for like two hours making timeline notes on the book I'm reading, while Marianna run riot. Now I'm feeling we're kind of at park oversaturation with the full break still to go... Today I've been catching up on toy and miniature release news, even though it's all 'look don't touch!' at the moment what with Brexit and shipping issues. There are some cool figures about but, omg, the best of all is this 1/6 scale rotary phone by Trick or Treat Studios. I need it in my life! Work is work is work, which is to say it continues along at its own depressing pace. For every step forwar

Mini Mart: Chic Kawaii

Supplier:  Chic Kawaii Website:   Etsy Store Products: This is one of my absolute all time favourite etsy stores! They sell 1/6 scale miniature stationery and 90s girls' toy packaging, plus full size stationery, enamel pin badges and stickers.  The paper printing is fantastic; really high quality and 100% professional looking. The badges I bought as mystery seconds (£3.75 each instead of £10) though you'd be hard pushed to even see what the problem with them was. I have about ten pins from them altogether and they're all super cute.  I haven't bought from them since Brexit, so I don't know how much of a pain customs now is, but fingers crossed I will be able to get another haul from them some time in the future without it costing a fortune in fees... Post and Packing:   £2.50 from Spain.  For more like this, please click the image below:

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

March 26th is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, as created by Wellcat and its founders Ruth and Thomas Roy. So, the question is, if you could dedicate a day to anything - what would you have people celebrating? Marianna said 'cupcakes' but, you know, that's already been done. Multiple times. (December 15th and June 17th) My mum suggested 'lazy beggars' but I figure that's well covered by Do Nothing Day on January 16th. To keep it unique I eventually decided mine would be... Fairy Kei Day. Fairy Kei is a Japanese street style based around the cute pastel aesthetics of 1980s and early 90s girls' brands and shoujo manga. Think vintage Care Bears, Polly Pocket, Keypers, My Little Pony, etc, and you're on the right lines. It's similar to lots of other styles I like, tbh, but it's much cheaper and easier to get ahold of. :) So, anyway, the day would be all about cute stuff and happy memories. And pastels. Lots and lots of pastels! What would your day

Sindy Annual 1984

Welsh UFO Sightings 1973

Welsh UFO sightings from 1973. For sightings from other years please click HERE . FSR February Newbridge Flying Saucer Review Case Histories Supplement #14 (April 1973) published the following letter: Dear Sir, I have two reports to give you. They both concern what could be the same unidentified flying object, but there was a gap of ten days between the two sightings. Report 1: On Monday, February 12, 1973, at 1:15 p.m. my friend, Anthony Cooling, and I had just finished our dinners in school when we saw the UFO as we were walking around the Rugby pitch. I was the first to spot it. It was triangular in shape (as in the sketch) and was metallic in colour as it was shining in the sunlight. It was shaped like an arrow-head, but with an elliptical rear end. It was emitting no sound that we could hear, and there was no control behind it. We couldn't judge its altitude, but it wasn't all that high up. The UFO was travelling in a northerly direction o