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Welsh UFO Sightings 1991

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1991. For sightings from other years please click HERE.

Most of these come from the MOD files, though SUFON have collected two really interesting cases and the contemporary journals came up with a few more sightings.  

Wednesday 9th January, Night

Witness was driving when they saw a UFO in the otherwise clear sky. It was a white light c. 500ft above the hills, travelling quickly first easterly, then north, then south. The light turned orange and the object stopped. It came within 200 yards of the car.

DEFE-24-1953 59
DEFE-24-1953 60

Sunday 3rd February, 00:15
Waunfawr Road, Crosskeys

Witness was stood near Waunfawr Primary School in Crosskeys on a clear moonlit night when he saw a large white light in the sky, "3 to 4 times larger than a car headlight". The light had a cone shaped beam coming from it which appeared to be scanning the mountain top, with a smaller light plus cone shaped beam circling it. 

The lights merged together then separated again, remaining at the same intensity, before disappearing. There were no sounds of engines. Witness said he had consumed several pints of beer but not enough to become drunk.

DEFE-24-1953 29

Monday 18th February 1991

"A child reported a pulsating red patch of cloud moving up against the wind. This sounds like aircraft light through low cloud. The witness was only aged eight so the report was not followed up." 

From BUFORA UFO Times 17, 1992.

Thursday March 21st

Paul Ladd saw a shimmering light which hovered above the ground. It was about two feet in diameter and began to move towards him; Paul dived behind a tree near the church for cover. It began swooping at him through the branches. Confused, he made for his sister's house where he phoned his mother to come and feet him.

The same night a woman named Alison and her boyfriend watched the movements of several lights for over four hours.

Cambrian News 12/04/1991

Friday 3rd May, 18:30
Maerdy, Rhondda

Weather: fine with clear skies. A woman, her niece and two neighbours were standing outside in Maerdy and saw a round, bright orange ball, low in the sky, which came from the south, heading up the valley. It made changing movements and shot vertically above a plane. There was no sound or smell and the sighting lasted for two minutes. The woman reported it to police.

DEFE-24-1953 63

June, 05:00
Gwent, South Wales

Two uniformed officers, a police sergeant and a female police constable, were driving in the Blackwood area of Gwent in a rural location when they saw two orange UFOs circling above a farmer’s field. They stopped the vehicle and got out to watch. After about 10 minutes the objects disappeared in different directions. As the sun came up they saw a newly made crop circle under where the objects had been seen darting about the sky. Fearful of ridicule they made a pact not to report the incident.

Thursday 4th July, 09:45
Bryngwran, Anglesey

Witness was driving between Bryngwran and Gwalchmai on Anglesey when they saw a UFO in the otherwise clear sky. It was described as 'very fast, green tail, very bright' and travelling from the direction of RAF Valley.

DEFE-24-1953 115

August, 12:30
Ciliau Aeron, Ceredigion

Mike was living in a small trailer caravan outside his parents' house in a rural setting in the Aeron Valley, south-east of Aberaeron.

One night, around August 1991, Mike was in his caravan listening to the radio, when suddenly the sound went static. He heard clicks coming from it also, that turned into beeps of descending pitch all the way to subsonic, ascending back up to a high pitch, then clicks again. Listening to this, he started feeling a bit nervous, especially when he heard his dog in the nearby house porch, barking. He then heard a low rumbling outside, that gradually got louder and louder and he decided to go outside to see what it was.

In the dark, at first he could see nothing but then noticed a silhouette of what he thought was a large aeroplane with one wing pointing up and one pointing down at the ground, coming slowly over a hill and looking so low that he was sure it was going to crash. It was heading inland, away from the direction of the coast, in a south-easterly direction.

He could see no fuselage although he strained to look for it. The object was huge and moved overhead with a thunderous tearing of the air. No features were visible on it, as the object was dark. Mike could feel a kind of uncomfortable static in the air and he suddenly had a bad headache as he watched the object fly over him. It then hovered and seemed so large and slow that Mike was sure it was going to fall out of the sky.

Mike could next remember looking up and dizzily falling to the ground, and had a feeling like his head being momentarily stuck to the ground, like he had been unconscious.  He later had memories return in which he was crawling back across the field to his trailer, then struggling to walk straight and having difficulty opening the latch on the caravan door. As the massive object moved further away, it showed a red light on each side and Mike was for a moment convinced it was a large plane. But then yellow, purple, green and orange lights appeared in symmetry, making the object look more like an arc or an aircraft perpendicular to the ground.

Three years later, in 1994 Mike suffered injuries in a car crash and broke his neck. But before the crash, he had dreamt on three different occasions about the crash happening. In his last dream he said there was a pink flying saucer at the end.

During the crash itself, he was somehow inspired to recite the Buddhist prayer for peace - 'Om-mani-padme-hum' as the vehicles collided and he blacked out, feeling his car spinning. He then had some sort of vision or near-death experience. He felt as if he was lifted up into the clouds and looking about him he could see only brightness and a white mist-like being in an 'invisible plane'. Mike turned round to see a giant man, who was at least 9 feet tall when sitting down. Mike was scared but the man gestured with his hand, as if to say it was OK. The man spoke to Mike telepathically and explained that he could choose to live or die. Mike asked him for advice and the man just showed him images of friends and family mourning. Mike then saw his son at the age of two years come running out of nowhere, though at the time of the crash, his son was five months from being born (Mike later said that when his son reached two years old in 'reality', he looked exactly as he had done in this 'vision').

Mike then decided that it wasn't time to go yet. A door opened and he could see the wrecked car  below, with his body in it.

"I was kind of thrown back in and came around to hear the farmer telling his farmhands that I was dead and not to go look. I was a mess though. I think I've seen a couple of other strange things in the sky since due to an increased awareness of phenomena, but these were my most vivid experiences."

Mike was not aware of any missing time during his UFO experience, but was sure it was no normal aircraft, bearing in mind the radio interference, the dog barking, and the physiological effects he experienced which caused him to collapse.

He has also had a recurring vivid dream in which he is in an operating theatre-kind-of-setting and having long metal probes inserted behind his eyeballs, at which point he wakes up in a sweat  and short of breath. He thinks the dreams are somehow linked to the incident in his mind, although he has had no memory of anything like that happening at the time of the incident.

It is hoped that SUFON will be conducting a hypnosis session soon to help Mike recover subdued memories.

Source: SUFON Files - witness correspondence 2019/2020.

August, 23:50
Cray Reservoir, Brecon Beacons

After what had been a scorching summer's day, Brian Harry was driving a truck from Brecon to Swansea with a friend, Robert Griffiths, a primary school headteacher, who had come for the trip. At 11.50 pm they were driving along the A4067, passing a farm at Cnewr, known as Dirk's farm. Without any warning, they saw a massive orb of light over the Cray Reservoir, which lay in the valley the other side of the farm. It gave off an eerie, yellow light which illuminated the whole area like day. Sheep and cattle were visible in the fields around, and did not seem affected by the phenomenon. The orb was several hundred feet in diameter, and had a circumference of bright orange light, like a ring, the centre part was a deep orange-purple colour.

Brian drove on about half a mile while looking for a safe place to stop. Parking in a lay-by, both men got out of the truck to have a better look. By this time, five smaller orbs had emerged from the large one and spread to hang over the whole reservoir, each one still joined to the large one by a filament of 'energy'.

Brian had a feeling that they were drawing some sort of energy from the reservoir, and could feel a mild warmth from them. There was no sound from the static objects. The witnesses did not see the smaller orbs emerging, as their view was partly obscured by pine trees while looking for a parking place.

Brian had a definite feeling that there was an intelligence controlling the object/s and that the entire event was 'orchestrated'. Furthermore, he had a feeling that it had been cautious and was 'sussing things out' before projecting the smaller orbs. The whole area for miles around was illuminated. No cars passed them for the whole 8 minutes, which was timed from when they first spotted the light.

Without warning, all six objects blinked out as if someone had simply switched them off, and as they disappeared a flash of light spread across the ground for miles, starting at the central point, the location of the objects, the same colour as lightning, a silvery white.

There had been no effect on the truck's engine for the duration of the sighting.

Shortly after the event, a car appeared on the road from the Swansea direction. Both men were gob-smacked and could not explain the encounter in rational terms. Brian drew a sketch of the UFOs, shown below.

Source: SUFON Case Files - presentation by Brian Harry at SUFON meeting, 28 July 2015 and interview by Emlyn Williams 31 July 2015.

August, 21:15

Witness saw a spherical UFO. UFO Register #21 carried the eyewitness report:

I was sat in my boyfriends house in the kitchen looking out of the window the time was 9.15pm. My boyfriend was talking to a friend of his about cars so my eyes strayed over to the window looking out. As I was idly looking a large white circular object with flames streaking from the rear sped over just above the level of the house. 

The object was very bright white and measured an estimated 15-20 feet in diameter. There was no sound which I found surprising as the object was travelling very fast. I jumped up as it passed over the house watched it pass to the hills in the distance. Unfortunately the two other people saw nothing I did go outside to see if it had landed but it had not and stayed up for most of the night with no result.

August 15th

This letter was published in Flying Saucer Review V37/N4 (winter 1992):

Dear Sir, on Thursday 15th August I saw a black disc over Kimberly Quay, Dyfed. The craft approached from Ferryside and flew directly over Carmarthen Bay holiday camp, then it banked sharply to the right before levelling out and carrying on as before, at the same height and speed. The sun caught the underside and there was a bright flash as the craft banked over. It carried on a course above the shore over Cefn Sidan Beach, then went behind a small fluffy cloud and disappeared.

This area is used by the RAF for bombing practice, and we view them every day over our house. All their details can be seen from ground level, bombs and lights, etc. The disc had no details visible and it was silent. I would say it was half the length of a Tornado bomber.

Yours sincerely, Terry Baxter (57 Heol Morlain, Trimseran, Nr Kidwelly, Dyfed, Wales, SA17 4DP) November 9th 1991


Paul Murphy (MP for Torfaen) wrote to the Earl of Arran re. a UFO seen in Kent earlier in the year. Murphy said "surely, whatever criteria are used to judge them individually, the large accumulation of reports that the MoD now possess, demands a review of this phenomenon, its implications for air safety and the defence of the United Kingdom."

September, night

Kerry Blower of Cwmbran saw a UFO from the car window. The experience had a huge impact on her; she became an investigator for BUFORA, organised Welsh UFO conferences, and eventually moved to Wiltshire to be closer to the crop circle phenomena. [More on that in my Welsh Crop Circles post.] 

The South Wales Argus published the details of this sighting on November 1st 1995: 

I and my family were travelling along the Abergavenny to Pontypool road in two separate cars - there were eight of us altogether - and my husband Tom drew our attention to a gold and white ball that seemed to be stationary in the sky. 

So we stopped the car and we were awe-inspired by what we were observing. It was totally unconventional. The hairs stood up all over me. We observed it for ten minutes and suddenly it shrank within seconds to the size of a pea and then it just shot off across the sky from a standing position. It was totally amazing.

Tuesday October 1st, 21:20
Penparcau, Aberystwyth

A woman was hanging washing out in her garden in Penparcau to the south of Aberystwyth and looked up vertically while facing north to see a stationary object high in the night sky. She described it as a triangle of green lights which switched on and off independently when green lights off a large white flash of light appeared in the same position at ten second intervals.

There was no movement except the flashing lights. It was also seen by her husband. It was reported to RAF Brawdy. The CRO there put it down to green navigation lights and a high intensity strobe light of an aircraft or helicopter.

[SUFON Note: But there was no red navigation light reported, and what about the triangular formation of the green lights? - Also the lights stayed on for ten seconds intervals - navigation lights don't do that. -E.W.]

DEFE-24-1953 169
DEFE-24-1953 170
DEFE-24-1953 171

October 18th, 03:30

Two witnesses saw an egg shaped UFO. UFO Register #21 reported:

A female witness being a light sleeper due to pain she endures was often getting up during and night and sitting in her lounge looking over the sea and sky towards the "Little Orme in N. Wales. Around 3.30am on the 18th October she saw what she described as a very large bright light to the right of the Little Orme. She watched for nearly an hour and was very puzzled at this strange sight. She then decided to wake her husband who could bear witness to what she was seeing and he looked at the light through binoculars to get a better view.

What they saw they both described as an egg shaped craft with the top taken straight off and there were indented bays cut into the surface all over it. There was some activity underneath the object, with smaller objects with lights moving around it. It was very visible and quite sharply defined. After watching it for some time they finally they went back to bed not wanting to stay up any longer so they did not see it go away.

Mostyn, Flintshire

Witness and passengers were driving on the road between Mostyn and Penyffordd in Flintshire when they saw a very bright object moving behind the clouds and changing direction. They reported the sighting to the police. (Another scan of the MOD report shows the witness' occupation as taxi driver.)

DEFE-24-1953 174

Wednesday 16th October, Evening
Lower Cwmtwrch, Swansea

Weather was windy and cloudy. The witness, who, lived in Lower Cwmtwrch was in a car in the Swansea Valley and sighted an object above a hill, less than a quarter of a mile away. It was described as a main blaze of lights with two either side and a fluorescent banana-shaped arrangement of lights underneath the main section of lights. It remained motionless for about two minutes then shot straight upwards into clouds. The witness rang the police the following morning.

DEFE-24-1953 175

Friday 8th November, 22:00 - 23:00

Multiple witnesses across the county, including a police officer at Newtown Police Station, saw very bright red, white and blue laser type lights flashing backwards and forwards between two points. Red mist or smoke was also observed. Two separate mobile police patrols saw a huge light followed by an explosion.

DEFE-24-1953 188

Sunday December 8th, 16:50
Wales, Hereford, Gloucester, Etc

Various sightings were recorded across Wales, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire of a fiery object crossing the sky with enough force to shake buildings. The MOD explained it was caused by an F-111 aircraft returning to RAF Upper Heyford; it jettisoned some fuel which was then ignited by the plane's after burners.

DEFE-24-1956 229

Quest UFO Magazine V11/N1
Western Mail

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Cheese Tasting

Our Cheese and Not Wine Party

Recently Marianna has discovered the wonder of cheese. Cheddar cheese, at any rate. When Anthony told her there was more than one kind of cheese she refused to believe him. 

Cue a 'cheese and not wine party' to celebrate the first day of Easter break.

Marianna invited Mr. and Mrs. Teddy to be the guests of honour, and we all duly got dressed up for the occasion. Anthony laid out an awesome cheese platter, plus the bottles of Nexba sugar free soft drinks we were #gifted last week to try out.

We all ranked each cheese out of five - with five being the best, and 0 the worst. Even the Teddys gave their scores, though they didn't count towards the total what with them not actually being able to eat. Or alive. You know, the little things.

Anyway, we started off with Manchago and worked our way through various European cheeses.

We've got Marianna's art easel set up in the living room, which is a whiteboard on one side, so we used that to keep track of the scores.  The winner was a fairly close run thing, with cheddar at 16, Spinoro at 15, and Port Salut at 14. One of my faves, Wensleydale and Cranberry, was just outside the top three with a score of 12.

In contrast, the loser was very clear. Castello Blue is one of the most disgusting things I have ever tasted in my life and Marianna refused to even put it in her mouth. She gave it a zero on smell alone - and I can't say I blame her!

After the tasting was over we set in on the buffet in earnest. To put it kindly, there was more of certain cheese leftover than others... 

Are you a cheese fan? Which is your favourite? :)

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Zombies 2 Dolls

Zombies 2

Zombies 2 is a 2020 Disney Channel movie, a sequel to the 2018 original film. Mattel released a small range of 11.5" tie-in fashion dolls.

Zombies 2 Dolls

Zed Necrodopolis - box front / box back.

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This Week - 28/03/2021

Every day may not be good. But there is something good in every day.

It is now officially half term! It's only been a couple of weeks since Marianna went back to school and already I'm feeling like there's no way I'm going to be able to entertain her for 14 days straight.

This week we've spent most late afternoons at the park thanks to the weather taking a turn for the better. Yesterday I sat on a bench at Lowlands park for like two hours making timeline notes on the book I'm reading, while Marianna run riot. Now I'm feeling we're kind of at park oversaturation with the full break still to go...

Today I've been catching up on toy and miniature release news, even though it's all 'look don't touch!' at the moment what with Brexit and shipping issues. There are some cool figures about but, omg, the best of all is this 1/6 scale rotary phone by Trick or Treat Studios. I need it in my life!

Trick and Treat Studios Halloween Accessory Pack

Work is work is work, which is to say it continues along at its own depressing pace. For every step forward you take with casework, it feels like it's two backwards. I'm trying to be as positive as possible though and not get bogged down with it.

On the blog I posted an introduction to the upcoming Glo-Up Girls dolls, a Mini Mart review of Chic Kawaii on Etsy, scans of the 1984 Sindy annual, and a post dedicated to Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. For Weird Wales I finished my list of 1973 Welsh UFO sightings.

Deal of the Week -

£10 voucher for Frank and Doll with referral link / code:

Song of the Week -

Bellyache - Billy Eilish

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Mini Mart: Chic Kawaii

Chic Kawaii

Supplier: Chic Kawaii
Website: Etsy Store

Chic Kawaii on Etsy


This is one of my absolute all time favourite etsy stores! They sell 1/6 scale miniature stationery and 90s girls' toy packaging, plus full size stationery, enamel pin badges and stickers. 

The paper printing is fantastic; really high quality and 100% professional looking. The badges I bought as mystery seconds (£3.75 each instead of £10) though you'd be hard pushed to even see what the problem with them was. I have about ten pins from them altogether and they're all super cute. 

I haven't bought from them since Brexit, so I don't know how much of a pain customs now is, but fingers crossed I will be able to get another haul from them some time in the future without it costing a fortune in fees...

Post and Packing:  £2.50 from Spain. 

Chic Kawaii Doll House Miniatures

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Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

March 26th is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, as created by Wellcat and its founders Ruth and Thomas Roy. So, the question is, if you could dedicate a day to anything - what would you have people celebrating?

Marianna said 'cupcakes' but, you know, that's already been done. Multiple times. (December 15th and June 17th) My mum suggested 'lazy beggars' but I figure that's well covered by Do Nothing Day on January 16th. To keep it unique I eventually decided mine would be...

Fairy Kei Day.

Fairy Kei is a Japanese street style based around the cute pastel aesthetics of 1980s and early 90s girls' brands and shoujo manga. Think vintage Care Bears, Polly Pocket, Keypers, My Little Pony, etc, and you're on the right lines. It's similar to lots of other styles I like, tbh, but it's much cheaper and easier to get ahold of. :)

So, anyway, the day would be all about cute stuff and happy memories.

And pastels.

Lots and lots of pastels!

What would your day be about?

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Welsh UFO Sightings 1973

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1973. For sightings from other years please click HERE.


Flying Saucer Review Case Histories Supplement #14 (April 1973) published the following letter:

Dear Sir, I have two reports to give you. They both concern what could be the same unidentified flying object, but there was a gap of ten days between the two sightings.

Report 1: On Monday, February 12, 1973, at 1:15 p.m. my friend, Anthony Cooling, and I had just finished our dinners in school when we saw the UFO as we were walking around the Rugby pitch. I was the first to spot it. It was triangular in shape (as in the sketch) and was metallic in colour as it was shining in the sunlight. It was shaped like an arrow-head, but with an elliptical rear end. It was emitting no sound that we could hear, and there was no control behind it. We couldn't judge its altitude, but it wasn't all that high up.

The UFO was travelling in a northerly direction over Newbridge. At the time the wind was blowing from the West, so it is unlikely that it was a weather balloon. Also it was travelling far too slowly for an aircraft, and it gave me the impression of floating through the air. We pointed out the object to one of our teachers, and his first words were "Very interesting." We lost sight of the UFO at about 1:20 p.m. when it disappeared into some cloud, at which point I wrote down some details, and made a small sketch. We waited around for another 25 minutes but did not see the object again.

Report 2: On Thursday, February 22, at 12:45 p.m., my friend, A. Cooling, and I, and also two other friends of ours, Alan Hughes and Mark Gomulock, were standing waiting to go in for dinner. We were watching the aeroplanes passing overhead on flight path Green 1. As we were watching one aeroplane flying over us at a low altitude, the same UFO as before just appeared out of nowhere underneath the aeroplane. The UFO was very small compared to the aeroplane which was a four-engined jet airliner. The four of us watched the UFO hover below the aircraft for a few seconds, and move off in another direction.

The UFO couldn't have been a Vulcan bomber, which has a large triangular-shaped wing, because it was too small. Furthermore, aeroplanes are not allowed to fly that close to each other. The airliner was travelling along flight path Green 1 in a Westerly direction. The UFO then moved from beneath it and moved off at a very high speed, faster than any normal aircraft could accelerate, in a Southerly direction which again was against the wind which was blowing from the West at the time.

The four of us watched the UFO until it disappeared into some cloud, and the sun got in our eyes. We caught another glimpse of the UFO for a few seconds, but the sun was too strong for us to keep looking at it. Again I jotted down some notes and my friend and I who had witnessed the first sighting are sure that it was the same object. The time that the object disappeared was 12:50 p.m. I don't know if the gap of 10 days between the two sightings and the same time approximately has any significance - all I know is that I have never seen anything like it before.

Yours faithfully, Andrew Badham (Newbridge)

Flying Saucer Review Case Histories Supplement 14


The following was reported in BUFORA V3/N10:  


Sunday 8th April

The Western Mail of April 10th 1973 reported:

The little mining village of Croespenmaen, near Crumlin, does not have many visitors - but two strange ones have been reported there during the past six months. Six months ago about 20 people - including policemen - reported a flying saucer-shaped object in the sky. And on Sunday evening [April 8], Mr. Glanmor Bebb, aged 52, and his wife, June, of Maes-yr-Haf, watched a similar-shaped object for about 10 minutes as it hovered above an empty advance factory.

'It hovered and then flashed across the horizon faster than the eye could follow,' said Mr. Bebb, who is war-pensioned because of a hearing defect.

In September last year Mr. Robert Phillips, aged 24, a plumber, of Meadow Walk, Croespenmaen, saw a similar object like a flying saucer in the sky. There were many other reports of sightings at the time. Mr. Phillips watched it for about 30 minutes through a telescope. The sighting by Mr. and Mrs. Bebb was in a similar spot, in the north-west, towards the Brecon Beacons.

Mrs. Bebb said that the object she saw was hovering 300 yards away. 'I did not know what it was but it definitely was not an aircraft light or a star,' she said. Mr. Bebb added, 'I cannot stand glare but I was able to watch this object. It was like a dim light bulb.' He said he had reported the incident to Blackwood police.

Flying Saucer Review V19/N3 (May-June 1973) reported that the South Wales Argus of April 10th carried the same story, but with a few extra details:

'I don't believe in all this bull about space ships and all that,' he said. But when the object hovering near his home at Maes-yr-haf House swung away at high speed he ran to his home to alert his wife, June, he said on Tuesday. 'I had counted to four, and it swung away towards the horizon. My wife, June, and daughter Sarah, aged three, both saw what seemed to be a diffused light. But by the time they spotted it, it was nearing the horizon,' he said.

This sighting was also mentioned in UFO Research Newsletter V3/N5 in 1973; they noted that the probable explanation was an aircraft.           

Thursday 3rd May, 23:30
South Gower

Mr and Mrs Bendle of Penclawdd were returning home after a meal with friends. Mrs Bendle explained: 

"We were driving home with our friends on the Llanrhidian to Penclawdd road when we saw a glow in the sky. At first we thought it might be coming from the Baglan Bay works, but the glow seemed to be over South Gower, rather than Swansea. Then we saw a thin line of very bright light in the sky. At one time it seemed to be moving very fast, then it simply disappeared. We might have thought it was the effect of the drink except we had only had one bottle of wine between us and we certainly weren't feeling merry! A number of other cars also stopped to look at the light and no-one seemed to be able to give an explanation." 

Swansea police and coastguard said they had had no reports of similar sightings and the only explanation they could give was that it could have been light from the Baglan Bay works reflected by the clouds.

Source: 'South Wales Evening Post' Monday 7 May 1973.

June 30th, 23:00  
Mawddach Estuary, Merioneth

From BUFORA V3/N12. V4/N1 published a follow up evaluation, attributing the sighting to Skylab debris. Skylab was the first US space station, launched in May 1973.

Summer, afternoon
St. Elfods Junior School, Abergele  

Julie Dickson and her friend Jenny, both 9 years old, were sat at adjoining school desks near a large patio window. They saw a small metallic greyish silver craft, with a slightly rounded dome at the top, about 4 feet long came down into the playground, sit there for some seconds then fly up towards the main motorway behind the school, which is now the M55. They were so taken with the sight they didn't say anything until it was too late when they didn't, as they knew no one would believe them. 

Awareness V26/N4 carried this full report on the family involved written by Margaret Fry:

Awareness vol 26 no 4
Awareness vol 26 no 4

Llandrindod Wells

The County Times and Gazette of Saturday 22nd September 1973 reported:

Firemen at Llandrindod Wells are still trying to work out whether or not they spotted a flying saucer above the town's lakeside on Monday night. Whatever they saw streaking across the late evening sky just before dusk, one thing is for sure, it has been officially logged as an unidentified flying object. The bright light was seen by a group of firemen taking part in an exercise with a hydraulic platform. They spotted the light when it was directly above them, and watched it for 50 seconds before it disappeared in a northerly direction.

'There was no defined shape, with light and no sound, and it was certainly going too fast for an aeroplane,' said one officer. 'Could it have been a satellite?' 'I doubt it, because according to the information none was visible at that time of night in this part of the world,' said the officer.

Just to make sure the incident would be recorded, the firemen told the police, who dutifully 'booked' it.

Late September, 02:10
Pensarn Beach, Abergele 

A single white / yellow coloured oval object floated over the Irish Sea towards the beach, becoming brighter as it came closer. It was not particularly high and appeared to be c. 200 ft by 100 ft in size. It took about 30 mins to pass overhead, hover for some time over Abergele police station, then return to the beach.

This was followed by a sighting of three black oval objects, each several hundred feet across. They eventually merged together and changed colour. The three teenaged witnesses complained of a burning sensation on the skin of their face and hands in the aftermath, which lasted for two to three days.

Here is the full account as written up by Margaret Fry for her book Who Are They?:

There were four UFOS involved in this very strange experience. Tim (pseudonym) was a young man at the time and his friends from school days, John and Alun (pseudonyms) whom he met from time to time but was not intimately friendly with.  They were gathered together and discussed such things as ghost and Ouija boards on this occasion, after which they decided it might be fun to spend that summer’s night on the beach.  They settled themselves down on a bench on Pensarn Beach, which was surrounded by a plastic and wood shelter.  They had had not seen Alun for awhile, so they sat chatting to about 12 midnight when John and Alun fell asleep, Tim continued to take an interest in everything around him, the sea, beach area, there was a full moon and some stars visible, the night was very calm with the sky a dull light navy blue, no clouds anywhere. 

Round about 2 am Tim noticed a single white/yellow cloud like oval in the distance over the Irish Sea.  This then floated slowly towards the beach, it was not very high in the sky and seemed to him to be about 200 ft by 100 ft in size and as it came nearer it was bright white/yellow.  It gradually passed right over them, and quite low over the beach, floating on towards the residential part of the town behind them and he wondered what it could be.  There is a large park and fields towards the beach, unlike most seaside places the houses are at least a 1/2 mile from the sea.  This unusual lit- up cloud then just stopped over Abergele Police Station, which Tim who had got up to follow it, thought quite strange.  How could a cloud just stop floating and hover? 

It then started coming back to the beach area which rather alarmed Tim, for it was now almost directly over and he tried to awaken his friend John, but he began to feel annoyed because there seemed to be two invisible pillars of some power that prevented him from doing this.  Then he tried to awake Alun and the same force stopped him.  So he started yelling, the cloud like thing then carried on out to sea, once it receded he was able to shake his friends awake.  He told his friends, but they disbelieved him and said they wanted to sleep.  He asked them to stay awake at least the next l0 minutes to see what would happen next.  The whole sighting had lasted about half an hour.  

In fact it was about 10 minutes later that John noticed three gigantic grey/black ovals coming from the direction of Rhyl down the coast line, they were drifting no more than 500ft up, judging by the width that spread over to the large Victorian buildings on the other side of the main road, they though them several hundred feet across.  Alun who was sitting on the bench did not appear to notice, but these two watched these three Objects come steadily on until they passed them on the beach at an angle of 50 degrees.  When they reached Pensarn railway station the leading Object stopped, and the one behind went right into it and merged, ditto the third one.  Once they all merged they twisted and turned and seemed to churn up dull colours of green, blue, yellow and red.  That went on for about l5 minutes, after which it stopped and went back to a very black cloud like Object.  

The rest of the sky was by now fairly light with no clouds, as this thing started to drift again towards them on the beach. As this Object came towards them Tim and John got behind between the half shelter and the bench, whilst Alun sat on, he could not see anything and thought they were behaving stupidly.  Then this Object came down very low over the shelter, so that it blacked out the sky and light, they were so afraid they prayed aloud.  After a few minutes the Object receded and went up at an angle on the Pensarn/Kinmel bay side.  

Alun had got up and was staring in the direction the craft was going, yet once it had gone he turned to the other two and said “Whatever is the matter with you two, I can’t see anything”. Tim made the comment to me, that this friend of theirs had always been very matter-of-fact and totally insensitive to paranormal feelings since they had been children, he just could not envisage such phenomenon as ghosts or anything out of the ordinary.  They had never been particularly close friends he said.  Yet it is interesting that they shared the effects of this experience.  

For about 10 minutes after the Object left all three felt a burning of the skin on their faces and the tops of their hands.  They were in such pain they at first thought of rushing into the sea, but then reasoned the salt water would aggravate the burning, so decided to use tap water to wash themselves.  According to Tim they did not go immediately but talked and debated on the beach for another hour before walking to the Railway station.  As the whole incident had taken an hour, this brought the time to about 4.10 am, naturally the Station was closed.  They then walked back to the beach and fell asleep on the bench.  About 6 am they were woken by the Police.  They explained that they had just wanted the adventure of spending the night out and this was accepted in those happy drug free days in North Wales.  

Now regrettably this lovely, mostly rural mountainous area has caught up with the rest of the British Isles, and no respectable person ventures on to Pensarn beach after dark, all sorts of unsavoury dealers meet there, there was even a murder reported in all the national newspapers a few years ago. Shortly after the Police left the three men walked to Bunties Cafe near the Beach, it was closed, they knew they would have to wait till about 7 am/8 am for the Cafe people to arrive.  Then they decided to go back to the beach. 

This is Tim’s story, given to me with the uttermost care and detail for he says it has been in his memory ever since, it will never go away.  It is as clear today as it was at the time.  He has carefully worked out the times of each section of the incident, which I would query although I am sure this happened as he relates.   He worked out that the first UFO incident lasted 29 minutes, and so on, he felt he could account for all the time, but he says he did not know if he had a watch on! 

I have considered these points:
 - Abergele, Kinmel Bay, Rhyl etc, are all seaside resorts to the Irish Sea of course.
 - John did not see the first cloud-like object, it seems though he was looking out to the sea when it was receding in the distance.
 - The pillars of power; Tim said he sensed an intelligence coming from them, it was a power that seemed to him to be forceful and overpowering, but not frightening.  When it receded and he was allowed to awake his companions, they naturally told him he must have been dreaming, but he is quite adamant he never went to sleep, except after they had been to the railway station and everything was locked up.
 - When the three UFOS merged, the first one remained the same size.
 - The burning effects lasted two to three days for all three young men. Why would they, when they were feeling burnt, debate for an hour before going to see if any place was open so that they could wash with tap water?  

The first time Tim told me about this, he thought they went to the Railway Station at about 5.30 am and then straight on to Bunties Cafe, this seemed to me a more logical course of the events after the departure of the UFO.  This would have seemed to imply that he could not really account for about two hours after the Object left.  A couple of weeks later after giving it much thought, he came back and said no, this was not correct.  They had debated for an hour and then went to the Station at 4.10 am.  This again seemed illogical to me, for if your face and hands are burning, the first thing you would want to instinctively do, would be to wash the burning sensation away as soon as possible.  Having read that other abductees have felt controlled by Alien intelligences, I wondered if the same thing happened to them, and he is not now really aware of the sequence of events after the UFO left. Maybe they were induced to fall asleep without realising how long this lasted. 

I did of course ask why they had not simply gone home to wash.  He said all their parents shut the doors at about midnight and after that would not let them in.  Tim himself had very conventional strict parents and he would not have dared to go home at that hour of the morning, still less tell his parents about his strange experience.  They did talk of this and the primary consideration was that they were afraid to walk along the unlit very long coastal road, which was quite a distance from their homes and the direction in which the last huge grey/black UFO had gone. I also asked what Alun’s reaction was to them all being burnt simultaneously, when he appeared to have seen nothing.  He said they were so thunderstruck themselves they did not notice, but they did meet from time to time at other teenager’s houses, his own parents would not have his friends over.  When they did meet, they did tell their friends about this experience.  They did debate too as to whether they should inform R.A.F Valley at Anglesey, but felt too afraid that they would not be believed and it would cause them trouble. 

They were round about 17/18 years of age when this happened and gradually over the years as they courted, then married they had lost touch.  Since discussing all this with me, he felt he should try to trace John and would endeavour to do so. Until he came to me Tim had read no UFO books, he had seen a TV UFO programme.  I asked him if it would help him to better understand what had happened to them if I lent him some carefully selected books.  He said that would be very much appreciated, as he wanted to understand what it was all about.   In my view helping these victims who come to us for comfort and advice is far more important than any research.  Our first concern should be the witnesses, for without these people there would be no Ufology research.  So did they have some missing time, it is very difficult to judge this after such a length of time, especially as it would not have occurred to the witnesses to make notes in 1973 when this happened.  I think it sufficiently strange to include in this Chapter. 

Further Tim did mention that he saw something very strange and unaccountable as a 12 year old boy on the marshes between Kinmel Bay/Rhuddlan, which is very flat land going towards the estuary that outlets at Rhyl harbour.  It is rather dull scenery of flat fields surrounded by hedges, and he was looking for bird’s nests in the hedgerows that surrounded the fields, taking a very narrow track farmers use.  He saw a very small strange looking Object in the centre of an enclosed field, which took up into the sky, it left a trail of fire similar to a fire rocket, with the same sound, as a child he thought this really weird and unaccountable!  He does not now remember exactly what it looked like, it was less than a foot in size, but that was all he has ever seen prior to the beach incident. A further interview Tim told me he had seen a number of ghosts of dead relatives in his childhood, and experienced paranormal events some with his younger brother.  On one occasion he and his brother had been put to bed when they saw their grandmother come into the room holding the hand of a man they did not know, they could see through them.  They ran down the stairs to their parents, but he said his father had always been very harsh, and he yelled at them to go back to bed immediately.  Yet his grandmother was very much alive at the time and visiting them regularly and normally. 

I asked if he associated these events with what happened to him and his friends on the beach. He said he felt that UFOS and what we consider paranormal exist in the same dimension. I have expressed my feelings on this elsewhere in the book. Of course over the years I have read in Flying Saucer Review and other magazines from Australia, the USA and Britain, and had some personal reports previously of one person seeing something or having an experience, that someone close by has no idea of, it is most unusual though for the unaware person to have the same effects as the person undergoing the experience. Tim who did not want his name known would like to hear from other people or researchers who know of something similar. 

Source: Who Are They? by Margaret-Ellen Fry. 

Autumn, 20:55
Gorseinon, Swansea

18-year-old Marion had just recently passed her driving test and was sitting in her D-reg mini, parked in the bus station, West Street, Gorseinon. She had passed her test in September, which has helped her date this event, and at that time regularly run her mother around. She was waiting to pick her up her mother who was about to leave her bingo night at the Lido bingo hall and was due to finish at 9 pm (the hall was located where the Domino pizza shop is now). 

As she sat there in the car, facing north towards the crossroads in the centre of Gorseinon, about 50 yards away, she suddenly saw something hovering over the High Street, just to the right of the crossroads, roughly behind the West End pub which is located on the corner of West Street and High Street (strangely, West Street actually runs south from the crossroads). The object was hovering just above roof-height, directly over High Street. It was motionless and the area below it was lit up in white light, which shone down to the street below. Marion described the object as about the size of a bus, disc-shaped, just like the sherbet sweets called 'flying saucers', basically two domes joined together, with a central rim running around it. The body was dark and the only light on it was what was coming from below it, flooding the street with white light. 

 Marion got out of her car and stood there to see it better. She noticed a man, who was also waiting for collect someone from bingo had got out of his car too to look at the amazing spectacle in front of them. There was no sound coming from the object as it hung there just over the shopping street. As it was the late evening, there were no shops open. 

 After a little while, suddenly the light extinguished and the craft immediately starting moving to the right, horizontally and headed along High Street in an easterly direction and the two witnesses lost sight of it due to the buildings along the street. Marion said she had the impression that there might have been a second craft the other side of it, and mostly obscured by the one they could see, which also moved away at the same time. After the craft had departed, the man turned to her and said something like, 'did you see that?' to which she replied, 'yes I did!'.

Source: SUFON Files: Marion interviewed by Emlyn Williams June 2020.

A family on holiday in Freshwater, Pembrokeshire, snapped a souvenir photo while out walking. When the picture was developed they noticed a UFO in the left hand corner for the first time. Randall Jones-Pugh forwarded the picture onto BUFORA for further investigation, though he noted "since I was the one who investigated this particular incident, I must confirm that I was quite unable to contact the person who actually took the photograph, so positive details are almost completely absent."
  Freshwater UFO Photo 1973 
In BUFORA V4/N10 (Nov 1975) Omar Fowler wrote up a short report on the "interesting photograph" that had "been the cause of much speculation." He explained: The photographer gave only brief details of the circumstances and the camera - a Kodak Instamatic. At the time the photograph was taken, no object was visible in the sky. Did the photographer miss the object in concentrating on the group? It seemed unlikely that a disc of such a size would not be seen and this gave prominence to another question - was it a hoax ? The group of people were distinctly arranged on the right of the photograph, which could have been a safeguard if a double exposure was to be attempted on the left hand area of the scene. However, it was decided that because of the difficulties involved, some other explanation must be sought.

As there had also been a suspicion that the object was a light reflection in the lens, we sought the opinion of an optical physicist, John Adams, BSc, FRMetsS who is a consultant to BUFORA. He commented that the lack of information was frustrating and in studying the 'saucer', he noted there was a lack of shading, although the light came from the left. It was too sharp for a cloud and the emulsion showed no sign of a defect. John also agreed that to 'doctor' an instamatic slide would be a difficult task and so the mystery deepened.

Finally the slide was submitted to the RAF Farnborough for a thorough examination. This produced the following response: The Kodachrome slide exhibits a relief image of the scene. Although this is present for all of the general scene, there is no sign of any relief in the region of the oval blemish. This suggests a fault in the film emulsion rather than a processing fault. This then appears to be the solution to the mystery-or is it ?

Randall Jones-Pugh followed it up in V5/N4, suggesting that perhaps it shouldn't be written off as a case of mistaken identity in view of Major Donald E Keyhoe's book Aliens from Space perhaps having some significance in confirming that UFOs, although detected and tracked by radar, can remain invisible to the human eye,

BUFORA V4/N12 had a cartoon of it:

Wednesday November 14th

Thirteen-year-old Brian Jones of Llanelli saw a low-flying cigar-shaped object, yellow in colour at both ends and emitting some kind of fluorescent glow, with a bright red light in the middle. The object had hovered at a distance of no more than 250 metres from the witness, directly over the supermarket in Llanelli.

Source: The Welsh Triangle, Peter Paget, 1979.

Skywatch #26 (1978) carried a fuller report:


Reported to us by Brian Jones, one of the witnesses. He says:

I'd like to say I became interested in UFOs when I saw a cigar-shaped object moving slowly and silently directly over the roof top of a small minimarket shop in Llanerch, Wales. At the time of the unforgettable incident, it was going dark and my friend, Stephen Paynter, then 14 years old, also witnessed the object. (He was standing/walking several yards behind me as we were both on our way to the shop which was still open.)

As I crossed the road towards the opposite pavement near the shop, I noticed the object, approx. 100 feet long. It had 3 coloured lights, one yellow light at each end and one large red light exactly in the middle. In fact the yellow lights blended in with the street lamps and road lamps, which were on at that time of the evening.

As I watched the strange object move silently across, I had a feeling as if someone was watching me from inside the Cigar UFO. I also at the same time felt a very faint feeling go through me, like electricity. 

There was also a woman putting a box of goods in her car, at the front of the shop, but she did not notice the object as she had her back to it. (I thought of shouting out to her but I couldn't, due to the astonishing sight of the UFO over the rooftop.) It was not an illusion as I took my eyes off it for a few seconds to look at the woman. 

When the UFO finally travelled away over Lliedi River, and moved over a group of trees, I ran over to my friend to ask him if he had seen it. He said he had seen it. The object made no sound.

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