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Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

Nobody seems to know why January 31st is designated 'Inspire Your Heart With Art Day' by all the online calendars. All we know is that it is. Today is the day for visiting an art gallery, enjoying the artwork around you, or even busting out the supplies and getting creative. I'm celebrating the day by posting some scanned doodles from my old school sketchbook... All of my 15 year old self's interests gathered into one place, really! For more like this, check out my blogging calendar masterlist .

Hair by Kiaya

On Friday 19th I attended the business launch of Hair by Kiaya, a new mobile hairdressing business based in Two Locks. I've attended a few launches with the Communities First and Communities for Work teams, and I've always been so impressed with all the work that goes into getting something from the drawing board to a viable business idea. I wish Kiaya lots of luck and, if you're looking for a hairdresser, check out her business Facebook page . I mean, just see how glam she is in that picture - you can trust that your hair is in safe hands! :) The South Wales Argus covered the event in their January 29th edition : A CWMBRAN hair stylist has put her dreams of self-employment into motion by setting up a mobile hairdressing business. Kiaya Watkins of Two Locks. has launched 'Hair by Kiaya' after receiving support from Communities First and Communities for Work programmes, with the 24-year-old launching her business at Cwmbran's Power Station on Friday, Ja

Fire Fighting in 1/6 Scale

May 4th is International Firefighters' Day , the same date as the feast day of Saint Florian, the patron saint of firefighters. JJ Edmondson was inspired to create the recognition day in 1998 after the tragic deaths of five firefighters working to contain a bushfire in Austrialia. Today it is a time of both remembrance for those who have lost their lives in service to their community, and celebration of the work done by firefighters and other personnel. Following on from the recent series I did on 1/6 scale police officers and miniatures , this post looks at what's available in terms of firefighters. I've used promo pics wherever possible, but some of these pics came from ebay / pinterest - I claim no ownership. Hot Toys Hot Toys released two Modern American Firefighter figures in 2002 - there's a review over on Toyhaven with lots of detail. Then in 2006 they released version 2.0 - there's a great review of the Lieutenant figure over at MWCToys . For

1/6 Scale USA Cops - LAPD

LAPD patrol officers in Adam-12 , c. 1970. The LAPD is the third largest police department in the States, and is also one of the most familiar in the world thanks to its ubiquitous appearance in TV, film, and crime (non)fiction. The great thing about LAPD uniforms from a modelling point of view is that they haven't really changed since the 1940s. You might need a few extra bits and pieces on the duty belt but, essentially, pick up any figure and you're good to go for whatever character you're looking to create. LAPD patrol officers in Southland , 2010. This post looks at the figures, uniforms and accessories available in 1/6 scale. The focus is chiefly LAPD patrol officers, but there is also info on SWAT, LASD and California Highway Patrol merch. I'll be talking about all the generic US police stuff in a post on NYPD miniatures. ZC World LAPD 'Tiger' and 'Jack' (2012) LAPD patrol officers, sold seperately. Police Woman was a

Full Council Meetings

'Full Council' is the big formal meeting held each month, with the Mayor presiding and - hopefully - the full set of councillors attending. TCBC webcasts all their meetings , but I sometimes write up an overview of the meeting too. For the most part full council is a show piece, giving formal ratification to decisions which have already been hashed out in committee or political meetings. Sometimes they can inspire genuine and vocal debate however, which is when the Chair needs to keep things on track. I've been chairing full council since May 2017 and it has given me a whole new appreciation for the work chairs do! ☆   January 2020 . ☆   October 2019 . ☆   June 2019 . ☆ December 2016 . ☆   October 2016 . ☆   July 2015 . ☆   June 2015 . For more like this, please click the image below:

Council Business Explained

I've been an elected Labour councillor for Torfaen County Borough Council since 2012 now, and I've also served as Mayor of the borough and a term as a community councillor on Cwmbran Community Council. The aim of this series is to bust some of the myths surrounding how councils operate, and demystify some of the committee work and suchlike done by councillors. ELECTIONS ☆   Purdah Explained . LIFE AS A COUNCILLOR The most visible aspects of a councillor's work are the monthly full council meetings. Torfaen's are webcast , along with all other main committee meetings, and you can read my overviews of various full council meetings HERE . In addition to full council, you will sit on a range of committees - both statutory and scrutiny. Read more about them by clicking the links below: ☆ Licensing Committee . CIVIC LIFE I've written a separate series on civic life , explaining who's who in the civic hierarchy and what they do. For more li

Wedding Invites

We're getting married in less than a month now! Anthony is organising it all - thankfully he did spot that typo before he actually printed them ;) - so fingers crossed everything goes to plan...

1/6 Scale UK Police Figures

There is no shortage of police figures in the 1/6 scale world, it's true, but the vast majority are based on NYPD or LAPD officers - complete with shades and firearms! The British bobby has a much tougher time of it when it comes to plastic representation, particularly as figures aimed for the UK play market still tend to be dressed in USA style uniforms. (For more on the differences between UK and USA policing, check out the post on Law and Order in the UK I wrote last year.) Anyway, here is everything relevant I know of in 1/6 scale. Please let me know in the comments about any I've missed - especially female figures / uniforms! Modeling Toys Metropolitan Police Service Constable For reasons best known to Modeling Toys this Metropolitan Police Service figure has a Wayne Rooney head sculpt. But it also has a very cool custodian helmet, duty belt, radios, and hi-vis jacket. (See more pics over at Toy Haven .) The most obvious problem is that side handled baton -