Monday, 27 April 2015

Magazine Monday: Photo-Love, March 31st 1979

This week we have the very first issue of teen magazine Photo-Love. Photo love stories - romance told through the medium of photo strips - were wildly popular back in the 1970s and Photo-Love promised a veritable 'photo-novel'. It was aimed at older teenagers and young women, and lasted into the mid 1980s before disappearing from the shelves.

Offerings in this issue includes a story about a bridesmaid who snogs her sister's groom on their wedding day (#20), the start of a serial about a pretty nurse named Ann Wilson (#25), and an informative piece on anorexia (#31).

Click on the thumbnail pictures below to enlarge. (If it just goes into picture viewer mode, right click and opt for view image in a new tab so you can enlarge it to its fullest.)


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