Wednesday, 8 April 2015

New Phone!

The weather was great today, stuff happened and things got done but, really, today was just the day I (finally) got my new phone. I'd had a contract with Orange for years and decided to end it and look for a better deal. ...I ended up back with EE, just with a new handset and £5 extra in my bank account each month. Result. My new number is:  07940 434654

The 13MP camera is plenty decent enough for everyday use.

Choosing which handset to go with was pretty easy. I hate touch screens so, short of giving up and buying a Doro PhoneEasy, Blackberry is always the obvious option. I'd read mixed reviews on the Blackberry Passport, even taking into consideration the fact that most tech reviewers seem to be of the opinion physical keypads should have gone out with the pull up aerial. Then I saw how it handled a spreadsheet. I use my phone mostly for reading - online, offline, plus agendas and supporting docs for work - so the BB's selling points of 60 characters per line and good PDF handling were really big draws for me.

There is also a 2MP selfie camera on the front of the handset.

Size wise, the Passport is big. They say size doesn't matter, but obviously both ways have their pros and cons! The screen is excellent for browsing, watching and reading, and using it feels like having a mini tablet rather than a big phone. On the downside it is a little more awkward to use one handed. But, I did manage to download Instagram, the lack of which was one of my only criticisms of my last Blackberry. I think we're going to get on well. :)

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  1. I'm glad that you're happy with your new phone. I think it really suits you because it has a great camera resolution and you seem to love taking photos. It truly feels great to finally have something that satisfies your needs and wants. Thanks for sharing, Jessica! Take care!

    Caroline Matthews @ Mobility Help


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