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Mini Mart: Angelkellet0 Books

Supplier:  Angelkellet0 Website: Ebay Store . Products: Range of 1/12 scale sewing accessories, chocolate bars, and lots of children's books. They have so many contemporary titles so I had to try and restrain myself and go for stuff that would fit in with my retro theme. In the end I went for a pack of six Spot the Dog books - because Spot, or Smot y Ci as so many parents here suffer, was first published in 1980. The print quality is very good, and the books come with little paper bands to slot over them to keep them flat when not in use. Though advertised as suitable for 1/12 scale, they're really pretty big so I think they look better in 1/6. Still awesome value though at £2.99 for six; I'm really pleased with them. :) Post and Packing:  Free! For more like this, please click the image below:

Cutie Pops

Jada Toys launched this line of super customisable dolls in 2012. Their hair, eyes, lashes, and accessories could all be 'popped' out and swapped over, hence the 'Cutie Pops' name. The articulation was limited, with none in the arms and a simple hinge joint at the knee. This was one of those dolls that I always thought looked cute, but never actually got around to checking out. Then, of course, they were discontinued. The website is now leading to a 404 so it seems like a good time to make a guide post before it becomes more difficult to get the images from the Wayback Machine... ★  Candi . ( back ) ★  Chiffon . ( back ) [Also sold as Eclair .] ★  Cookie . ( back ) ★  Starr . ( back ) [Walmart Exclusive - came with pet dog, Popcorn] This initial wave of dolls each had a pet dog available separately for $9.99. ★  Candi's Lolli . ( back ) ★  Chiffon's Dott . ( back ) ★  Cookie's S'Mores . ( back ) Cutie Pops Sweets ★  Candi .

This Week - 28/04/2019

It seems like only yesterday I was complaining about not knowing how to fill the Easter holidays, and now they're already over! I've been AWOL from the blog for most of the week because my laptop charger gave up the ghost and I had to wait for the arrival of a new one. Still, Marianna was more than pleased to have my undivided attention. We've done the craft kits she had for Christmas, painting nesting dolls and a unicorn money box, and sorted through my miniature collection to stock up the kitchen of her Sindy doll house. We also received a Munchachos snack subscription box to review, which prompted lots of fun with maps and toy animals. On Friday it was a step back to work with staffing committee at Bron Afon, and then a Labour Party fundraiser Anthony had arranged up at Mt Pleasant Hall. It was a cocktail party so yesterday, unsurprisingly, I spent nursing my hangover... Frugal Five  - a new feature whereby I document the details of five wins / bargains / e

Munchachos Review

Munchachos is such a cool concept - it's a weekly subscription box that sends out five healthy snacks, each inspired by flavours from a different country around the world! Living in the South Wales Valleys, we're not exactly surrounded by a diverse range of scents and tastes. I mean, sometimes, going for a pizza is downright exotic. So I loved the idea of getting a curated range of new flavours delivered direct to our door, complete with a set of learning resources designed to ignite Marianna's curiosity about the world beyond our borders. The snacks are designed to be as healthy as possible, with no added sugar or salt, and are sent out with full nutritional values for each 10g serving. The little packets all come with a collectable stamp sticker of the country of snack origin too which is great because a) it appeals directly to my inner philatelist, and b) it adds an extra element of fun to trying out something new. Marianna is quite a fussy eater so I wasn

Storing Your Store Cards

Chances are, you've got more store / loyalty card than your wallet has room for. I keep my most used in my purse, but that still leaves dozens I've amassed for occasional out of town shopping, or needing a membership number to enter competitions... So the question is, what to do with them all? Digital Switchover There are a number of apps these days specially designed to replace loyalty cards. I use Stocard and it really is a fantastic piece of technology. You just bring it up on your phone when you get to the checkout and they scan the barcode on the screen. It also allows you to check your points balance, etc, with just a couple of clicks. But. (There's always a but!) Some stores insist on the physical card - Boots and Sainsburys spring to mind - and if your battery goes dead you're kind of stumped. Still, it's great for lesser used cards you might otherwise forget about. The only remaining problem is what to do with all the physical cards you hang on to

Prettie Girls

Prettie - an acronym for Positive, Respectful, Enthusiastic, Truthful, Talented, Inspiring and Excellent - Girls were the brainchild of Stacey McBride-Irby, a former Mattel designer who was behind their So In Style dolls. The dolls stand 12 inches high, have rooted hair and are jointed at elbows and knees. They originally retailed for $24.95 each. Alexie Box Front / Back. Dahlia Box Front / Back . Kimani Box Front / Back . Lena Box Front / Back . Valencia Box Front / Back . Cynthia Bailey Box Front / Inside / Back . See review at ToyBoxPhilosopher . The line branched out into signature celebrity dolls, with the first being model and actress Cynthia Bailey. It originally retailed for $69.95. For more like this, please click the image below:

Hi: Glamm

Giochi Preziosi launched the Hi: Glamm doll line in 2007. Distributed in the US and Canada by MGA, and in Russia by Amigo Toys, the dolls stood 12.5 inches tall. They had rooted hair, stylized face paint, and an extreme leg to torso ratio! Only the first 'signature' wave and two fashion packs were sold in the USA, but the line ran to five waves in Europe. The gorgeous concept art for each wave was the work of illustrator and toy designer, Paola Ravioli . Signature ★  Alex . ( back of box ) ★  Julia . ★  Kit . ★  Pam . See review at Toy Box Philosopher . ★  Nicole . See review at Black Doll Collecting . Springtime ★  Alex . ( back of box ) ★  Julia . ( back of box ) ★  Kit . ( back of box ) ★  Pam . ( back of box ) ★  Nicole . ( back of box ) Fitness ★  Alex . ( back of box ) ★  Julia . ( back of box ) ★  Kit . ( back of box ) ★  Pam . ( back of box ) ★  Nicole . ( back of box ) Boutique ★ Alex. ( back of box ) ★ Julia. ( back of