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Marianna Q&A

An interview with Marianna. :) What Is Your Favourite Colour?   Blue. What Is Your Favourite Food?   Strawberries. What Is Your Favourite Treat?   Bubbles! What Is Your Favourite Subject In School?   Playing in the home corner. There are cups and food. What Is Your Favourite Sport?   I don't know. What Is Your Favourite Hobby?   What are hobbies? [Explains - gets nowhere...] Apples. I'm making them at school. We're doing 'ah' for 'apple'. What Is Your Favourite Movie?   Mary Poppins. What Is Your Favourite TV Show?   Midge! [1960s kids' classic  Mary, Mungo and Midge ] What Is Your Favourite Book?   Hmm. It's... Charlie Rascal! What Is Your Favourite Animal?   Giraffes. What Is Your Favourite Song?  Katy Perry. I like the one where she's wearing a lollipop dress. What Is Your Favourite Vegetable?  I don't really know. What Is Your Favourite Fruit?  Grapes. What Is Your Favourite Place To Visit

Fake It 'Til You Make It

I have been avidly following the story of Threatin this week, a big American rock band responsible for the smash hit 'Living is Dying'. Never heard of it? Well, Threatin are actually just a dude named Jered Eames who faked his way to a European tour. Seriously. You can read the full expose at Metal Sucks , but the short version goes like this:

Christmas Gift Appeals

I don't think anyone would argue against the idea that Christmas is more commercialised than ever. The average spend per child is now nudging £200, and research suggests that most of us won't finish paying for this Christmas until at least next April. For some this kind of spending - or anything like it - simply isn't an option though. Across the UK over 120,000 children will spend Christmas homeless in temporary accomodation, or worse, and over 70,000 in the care of their local authority. In Torfaen, social services run an annual Santa Appeal to ensure some of our most vulnerable children and young people don't miss out at Christmas. To take part you need to ring 01633 647539; you will be given the first name and age of the child, and a reference number to put on your donation. Gifts must be left unwrapped so they can be checked, but a donation of wrapping paper or gift bags is very appreciated! Once your gift is ready, you need to take it to one of the three dro

Review: Angel & Rocket

Angel & Rocket is a family run childrenswear brand with an online store and a boutique in Marlow. Launched in 2014 the brand has gone from strength to strength, with a babywear range and party pieces available at John Lewis, Next and Coast. I was lucky enough to win a £50 voucher recently from The Frenchie Mummy and couldn't wait to put it to good use! Marianna has been, er, gently reminding me for months now that she wants a 'Pollyanna' dress. I've only myself to blame for introducing her to Hayley Mills' back catalogue. Still, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to fulfill the request. There are some absolutely gorgeous party dresses on the website, but the most Pollyanna-esque was deemed to be the Agnes Check Dress with Detachable Sequin Collar (£38). The dress is so cute, and I liked that the detachable collar meant it had added value. The collar does up with popper fastenings and can be worn under any dress. 100% cotton, the dress is also mac

This Week - Nov 4th 2018

It was half term this week so I had a few days off - which was probably harder work what with Marianna home all the time too! I was hoping to get a lot of writing done but it just didn't happen. Anthony fell down the stairs on Thursday and sprained his ankle, so any hope of getting some time to myself over the weekend went up in smoke. We had a little party at my mum's on Wednesday evening for Halloween - you can see the pictures HERE - and Saturday was pretty busy, with a daffodil bulb planting session in Pontnewydd Park in the morning followed by our monthly councillor ward surgery. In the afternoon I took Marianna back up to Mt Pleasant Hall for Holy Trinity Church's Christmas Bazaar. I spent about £12 and came back laden down with goodies. The vicar at Holy Trinity, Canon Harald Thomas, was my chaplain when I was Mayor (as well as delivering many fondly remembered assemblies back when I was in primary school) and is generally just the nicest guy. He played the

Halloween 2018

Marianna and me, all dressed up for Halloween... Northville Community Group were hosting a party at the Working Mens club but we had to give it a miss - Marianna is still absolutely terrified of just about everything associated with the holiday. 'Mascots' (i.e. anything in a mask/costume) are her number one fear, which made for lots of tearful screaming fits as we made the rounds of local fetes, fairs, and festivals over the year! So we had a little party at home instead, and got her involved with doing the face paint, etc, to see that it wasn't real. Anthony did her make up in the early afternoon, as a zombie princess, then after it had mostly rubbed off through play I redid it as a creepy doll before the 'party'. Then I got to paint my mum green and give her warts and a monobrow. :D Even Bracken got into the spirit! By the end of the evening Marianna was opening the door herself to trick and treaters, and announced that next year she wanted to