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Blogging Editorial Calendar for June

Blogging Calendar - Holidays, Celebrations, Awareness Days, and Other Notable Occasions.

Throughout the year there are so many awareness days, commemorative days, special days, celebrations, holidays, observances, etc, etc. These can be great as blog post inspiration, or just for getting a bit of extra traffic to an existing post by promoting it as a tie-in.

Read on for a list of notable dates for June - if the day has its own website or wiki page, I've linked to it. A lot of the weirder ones are USA based unofficial 'national days'; I've included them in the list if they've crossed the pond, or had a fair number of media hits when I googled them.


Children's Day. [Various]
 Gawai Dayak. [Malaysia + Indonesia]
 Global Parents' Day.
 Global Running Day.
☆ Go Barefoot Day.
Heimlich Maneuver Day.
Madaraka Day. [Kenya]
 Mothers' and Children Day. [Mongolia]
Neighbours' Day.
☆ Pen Pal Day.
☆ Say Something Nice Day.
 World Milk Day.


 Children's Day. [North Korea]
Decoration Day. [Canada]
Leave the Office Early Day. (or nearest weekday)
Republic Day. [Italy]
☆ Rotisserie Chicken Day.


Chimborazo Day.
☆ Chocolate Macaroon Day.
Mabo Day. [Australia]
☆ Repeat Day.


Butterfly Education and Awareness Day.
Cognac Day.
☆ Hug Your Cat Day.
International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression.
☆ National Flag Day. [Estonia]
☆ Old Maids' Day.


 Constitution Day. [Denmark]
☆ Constitution Day. [Faroe Islands]
Indian Arrival Day. [Suriname]
 National Fish and Chips Day. [UK]
World Environment Day.


Applesauce Cake Day.
☆ Drive-In Movie Day.
☆ Gardening Exercise Day.
Memorial Day. [South Korea]
National Day of Sweden.
Queensland Day. [Australia]
 Russian Language Day.
Yo-Yo Day.


☆ Chocolate Ice Cream Day.
Flag Day. [Peru]
☆ Ludi Piscatorii. [Ancient Rome]
Sette Giugno. [Malta]
Union Dissolution Day. [Norway]
VCR Day.


☆ Best Friends Day.
Bounty Day. [Norfolk Island]
☆ Upsy Daisy Day.
World Oceans Day


Coral Triangle Day.
Donald Duck Day.
Jerky Day.
TM -Transverse Myelitis - Awareness Day.


Ballpoint Pen Day.
Iced Tea Day.
Portugal Day.


Corn on the Cob Day.
Kamehameha Day. [Hawaii]
Miners' Memorial Day. [Canada]
 St. Barnabas' Day.


Helsinki Day. [Finland]
Independence Day. [Philippines]
Lovers' Day. [Brazil]
Loving Day. [USA]
☆ Peanut Butter Cookie Day.
☆ Red Rose Day.
Russia Day.
 World Day Against Child Labour.


Hungarian Inventors' Day.
Sewing Machine Day.


Baltic Freedom Day.
Bourbon Day.
 Flag Day. [USA]
World Blood Donor Day.


☆ Abor Day. [Costa Rica]
Beer Day. [UK]
Bug Busting Day.
 Global Wind Day.
Magna Carta Day.
☆ Nature Photography Day.
☆ Smile Power Day.
☆ Valdemarsdag. [Denmark]
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.


☆ Dump the Pump Day.
☆ Fresh Veggies Day.
Fudge Day.
International Day of the African Child.
Sussex Day.


Apple Strudel Day.
☆ Eat Your Vegetables Day.
Flip Flop Day.
Icelandic National Day.
Occupation of the Latvian Republic Remembrance Day.
 World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought.


Autistic Pride Day.
☆ Go Fishing Day.
☆ International Panic Day.
☆ International Picnic Day.
☆ International Sushi Day.
☆ Splurge Day.
Waterloo Day.
☆ World Juggling Day.


Garfield the Cat Day.
Juneteenth. [USA]
 Labour Day. [Trinidad and Tobago]
☆ Martini Day.
☆ Turkey Lovers' Day.
World Sauntering Day.
World Sickle Cell Awareness Day.


American Eagle Day.
 Flag Day. [Argentina]
Ice Cream Soda Day.
International Surfing Day.
☆ Vanilla Milkshake Day.
West Virginia Day. [USA]
☆ World Productivity Day.
World Refugee Day.


☆ Cherry Tart Day.
Day of Private Reflection
Daylight Appreciation Day.
☆ Global MND - Motor Neuron Disease - Awareness Day.
Go Skateboarding Day.
 International Yoga Day.
 Make Music Day.
National Aboriginal Day. [Canada]
Willkakuti. [Bolivia]
World Humanist Day.
 World Hydrography Day.
 World Music Day.


Anti-Fascist Struggle Day. [Croatia]
Chocolate Eclair Day.
Onion Rings Day.


Grand Duke's Official Birthday. [Luxembourg]
International Widows' Day.
International Women in Engineering Day.
 Let It Go Day.
National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism. [Canada]
Okinawa Memorial Day. [Japan]
☆ Pecan Sandies [cookie] Day.
Public Service Day.
 St. John's Eve.


Army Day / Battle of Carabobo Day. [Venezuela]
☆ Fairy Day.
Inti Raymi. [Inca Empire]
Jani. [Latvia]
Jonsmessa. [Iceland]
 Kissing Day.
Pralines Day.
Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day. [Canada]
Saint Jonas' Festival. [Lithuania]
☆ Sânziană. [Romania]
St. John's Day. [Estonia]
☆ Swim a Lap Day.
Take Your Dog To Work Day.
World UFO Day.
 Wrong Trousers Day. [UK]


Day of the Seafarer.
Global Beatles Day.
 Leon Day. [USA]
National Catfish Day. [USA]
Statehood Day. [Croatia]
Statehood Day. [Slovenia]
☆ Strawberry Parfait Day.
 World Vitiligo Day.


☆ Beauticians' Day.
Chocolate Pudding Day.
 International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.
 International Day in Support of Victims of Torture.
☆ Log Cabin Day.
Ratcatchers' Day.


Helen Keller Day.
Independence Day. [Djibouti]
Mixed Race Day. [Brazil]
Orange Blossom Day.
 Please Take My Children To Work Day.
PTSD Awareness Day.
Seven Sleepers' Day.
☆ Sunglasses Day.


Ceviche Day.
Constitution Day. [Ukraine]
Insurance Awareness Day.
☆ International Body Piercing Day.
Paul Bunyan Day.
 St Paul's Day.
 St Peter's Day.
 Tapioca Day.
Vidovdan. [Serbia]


☆ Almond Buttercrunch Day.
☆ Camera Day.
St. Peter's Day.
Waffle Iron Day.


☆ Meteor Day.
Navy Day. [Israel]
Philippine - Spanish Friendship Day.
Social Media Day.

Weeks and Months

African-American Music Appreciation Month. [USA]
ALS - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - Awareness Month. [Canada]
☆ LGBT Month. [USA]
National Dysphagia Awareness Month. [USA]
SANDS - Stillbirth and Neonatal Death - Awareness Month. [UK]

 National Reconciliation Week. [Australia] (First Week)
National Dairy Goat Awareness Week. [USA] (Second Saturday to Third Saturday)
☆ Aromatherapy Awareness Week. [UK] (Second Week)
☆ Child Safety Week. [UK] (Second Week)
Glaucoma Awareness Week. (Second Week)
 Heart Rhythm Week. [UK] (Second Week)
 International Men's Health Week. (Week inc. Father's Day)
Bike Week. [UK] (Third Week)
Breathe Easy Week. [UK] (Third Week)
Cervical Screening Awareness Week. (Third Week)
 Diabetes Week. [UK] (Third Week)
Drowning Prevention Week. [UK]
National Insect Week. [UK]
National Picnic Week. [UK] (Third Week)
 National Pollinator Week. [USA] (Third Week)
National School Sport Week. [UK]
☆ Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Week. (Third Week)
Gifted Awareness Week. [New Zealand] (Week including June 17th)


Ambubachi Mela. [India]
 Queen's Official Birthday. [Commonwealth] Various.
 Vat Purnima. [India]
Whit Monday.
 Yhyakh. [Sakha Republic]

 National Moonshine [alcohol] Day. [USA] (First Thursday)
 Labour Day. [Bahamas] (First Friday)
 National Doughnut Day. [USA] (First Friday)
Saio Matsuri. [Japan] (First Saturday)
Cancer Survivors Day. (First Sunday)
☆ Father's Day. [Lithuania, Switzerland] (First Sunday)
 National Cancer Survivors' Day. [USA] (First Sunday)
China's Cultural Heritage Day. (Second Saturday)
World Doll Day. (Second Saturday)
 World Gin Day. (Second Saturday)
☆ Canadian Rivers Day. (Second Sunday)
☆ Children's Day. [USA] (Second Sunday)
 Father's Day. [Austria, Belgium] (Second Sunday)
 Mother's Day. [Luxembourg] (Second Sunday)
The Big Lunch. [UK] (Second Sunday)
 Blue Monday. (Monday before Father's Day - beginning of International Men's Health Week)
 Father's Day. (Third Sunday)
 Bomb Pop Day. [USA] (Last Thursday)
 Handshake Day. (Last Thursday)
Seersucker Thursday. [USA]
☆ Armed Forces Day. [UK] (Last Saturday)
 Inventors' and Rationalizers' Day. [Russia] (Last Saturday)
Veterans' Day. [Netherlands] (Last Saturday)

Check out other months, HERE.


  1. Wow there really is a day for everything here. What's wrong trouser day all about? #KCACOLS

    1. I know! It's based on the Wallace and Gromit film, to raise money for charity. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, so many different days!!Quite a few of these made me laugh, who comes up with them all I wonder?xx #KCACOLS

  3. Oh my goodness, how many things are there lol. My son will be happy to know it's chocolate pudding day on his birthday :)

    1. I think birthdays should be chocolate pudding days by default! ;)

  4. wow, what a comprehensive list! i had no idea about a lot of these things so some inspiration right there. thanks for linking up to #KCACOLS this week, hope to see you again next week

  5. Wow who knew that so many days were marked for something particular - great list though, maybe something to aim my tweets at through June. Thanks for sharing #KCACOLS

    1. I was surprised by just how many there were once I started putting these lists together x

  6. This is great! So happy I found this! Let the post inspo begin :)

  7. This is really useful, thank you! x #kcacols

  8. This is awesome thank you!! #KCACOLS

  9. Haha! Some really weird ones here! love this list! xx


  10. Straight off the bat, Heimlech Maneuver Day is the best things ever. Also, this is really awesome.


    1. Thank you! :3 I kind of want to get badges made for some of these!

  11. Nice job on the list! I love how different countries are included. Thank you! #KCACOLS

  12. This is really useful thanks! I like that it's a hug you cat day tomorrow, and looking forward to peanut butter cookie day too. Thanks for sharing! #KCACOLS

    1. I'm looking forward to ice cream soda day :D

  13. Some of these are so random!! Like the sound of chocolate ice cream day! Thanks for sharing, always interesting to read #KCACOLS

    1. They really are - I think anyone can just make one up and get some media interest around it!

  14. Such a fab, random list! I'm looking forward to chocolate ice cream day though, haha! x #KCACOLS

  15. Thank you for the helpful post. I found your blog with Google and I will start following. Hope to see new blogs soon.Check it out Hanuman Images


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