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Friday Frivolity - Wine

May 25th is National Wine Day in the US, so it's the perfect time to celebrate the beverage! I don't drink much these days - the last time I went all out on wine it resulted in a broken laptop and a near death experience! - but I still have the occasional glass. For this week's post, here are some characters who never have any intention of taking it easy on the wine... Bernard Black really loved his wine. Like, really really loved it. As did Father Jack. And even Del Boy gave it a go...

Mayor Making 2017

It was the Council AGM today (webcast HERE ) - electing the Leader, Mayor, etc and confirming appointments - followed by the Mayor Making ceremony. I'm so pleased to say I'll be Mayor of Torfaen for the coming civic year! :) My charities will be: Torfaen Mind. Based in Pontypool, Torfaen Mind promotes better mental health and wellbeing throughout the borough. You can read more about the good work they do at their website . Cyfannol Women's Aid . Based in Pontypool and Abergavenny, Cyfannol provides support and services to women and children in Torfaen and Monmouthshire affected by domestic abuse. Find out more at . Lincoln's Legs . This appeal is raising money for a life changing operation for Lincoln Hope of Garndiffaith. For more info, check out the Facebook page . Fingers crossed for lots of successful fundraising! I am looking forward to getting out and about and speaking to lots of people this year. You can fol

Jeremy Corbyn Style A-Z

Volume 50 of This Week In Fandom introduced me to 'Maylennials', the name given to fans of Theresa May, the UK's Conservative Prime Minister. The fandom mostly consists of fangirling the PM's fashion choices on Tumblr, Instagram, and blogs like Political Style . The latter is currently running a series on an A-Z of May's sartorial decisions, from jaunty hats to oversized accessories. It inspired me to redress the balance and celebrate the real political style icon of our times: Jeremy Corbyn.

Friday Frivolity - Museums

History has always been my passion - it stems right back to being a little kid and being amazed at the very idea there was a world before I was a part of it! This week #FridayFrivolity is celebrating International Museum Day, so I figured I'd dig up some of my favourite history songs. :D Horrible Histories is the best! Epic rap battles of history are always, well, epic. The history of the Vikings set to soft rock. xD

Friday Frivolity - Food

First things first, I want to apologise to everyone for being so flaky over the last few weeks. It feels like I've just got through the longest job interview in history! Last Thursday was local election day here in Wales and we spent the night at the count. (Well, I spent most of it in the toilets literally sick with nerves.) It was a long hard slog of campaigning but it paid off and all three seats in Pontnewydd went to Labour. :) Anyway, now life is settling down again and I'm back with Friday Frivolity. This week's theme is food because May 11th is 'Eat What You Want Day'! I'm celebrating with some of my favourite food jingles... McDonalds first arrived in the UK in the 1970s but it wasn't until the late 80s that it really started to threaten homegrown franchises like Wimpy Bar . With jingles like this one, it was always inevitable! This jingle is a classic - even if I don't actually like Milky Bars ! The Chewitsaurus likes

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