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Choirs in Torfaen

Torfaen is well blessed with choirs - no matter where you live in the borough you won't be far from one, trust me! If you are interested in joining, or even just listening, to a choir, check out the options below. ☆   Cwmbran Male Voice Choir . ☆   Garndiffaith Gleemen . ☆ Pontnewydd Male Choir . For more like this, please click the image below:

Cwmbran Male Voice Choir

Founded in 1964, Cwmbran Male Voice is probably the Torfaen choir I'm most familiar with. My granddad, Ralph Powell, has sung with them for many years so we've been to watch them on a fairly regular basis! Cwmbran MVC has about 40 members who practice at 7:30pm on Monday and Thursday evenings at the Salvation Army citadel in Old Cwmbran. Find out more about the choir on Facebook and Twitter . Their website,, seems to be down at the moment. For more like this, please click the image below:

Garndiffaith Gleemen

We've been to see the Garndiffaith Gleemen a few times this year, and we always really enjoy their programme. They tend to be a little more adventurous with the material they choose than a lot of male voice choirs in the area! The choir was founded in 1948 by Horace Carter with the aim of competing at the national Eisteddfod. Over the years the choir has performed at all kinds of events, across Europe and beyond. Today they have a busy schedule of events and concerts, and an annual showcase held at the Garndiffaith Millennium Hall. Garndiffaith Gleemen at their 2017 Remembrance Concert - this picture comes from Cllr Giles Davies' blog post about the evening, check it out HERE . The Gleemen practice on Mondays and Thursdays, 7 - 9pm, at the Zion Hill Community Centre in Pontnewynydd. If you're interested in having a go, you're welcome to just pop along! Find out more about the choir at their website, . For more like this

Glow Tanning and Aesthetics

I was really pleased today to officially open the new Glow Tanning and Aesthetics salon in Oakfield. It's the brainchild of best friends Heidi Perchard and Lisa Williams. There was a really good turn out for the opening, with a crowd of around 50 people! Marianna, of course, had to help me cut the ribbon. We couldn't stay long as we had to go on to another event, but I wish them both the best of luck with their new business! The videos come from the Cwmbran Life blog - check out their post on the opening HERE . For more like this, please click the image below:

Red Cross First Call

I attended the official launch of First Call last week, a new service from the Red Cross which supports vulnerable people in the community. At the last minute I was asked to make a speech as the Welsh Government rep couldn't make it, so I was given a short statement and told I could add whatever I wanted to the end. The presentations were about how recipients of the service had gone on to become volunteers themselves, so I spoke a little about my own experience of depression and anxiety and how volunteering helped transform me from a shut in who life was passing by to somebody who was able to get up in the Chains and give a speech to a room full of strangers. First Call is a fabulous service, and the launch will always be a special memory to me for having the scope to make that little speech and talk to people afterwards about the kind of difference such support can make. There was quite a bit of media coverage for the launch - I even managed to get on ITV Wales evening n