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30 Days of Pokemon Challenge

30 Days of Pokemon Challenge

I saw this blog challenge and just had to do it! It combines two of my favourite things, after all - kitschy nostalgia and the survey format...

Day 1: Favourite Pokemon


Day 2: Least Favourite Pokemon

Unown. What a disappointment they were when you opened a new pack of Pokemon cards. Or just in general, to be honest.

Unown Alphabet

Day 3: Favourite Starter Pokemon

Well, Pikachu, obviously, because Pokemon Yellow was my jam. But, if I couldn't have Pikachu, I'd start with Charmander because at the beginning you're up against a load of plant based green Pokemon. Fire is going to make that vegetation burn.

Day 4: Favourite Eeveelution


Day 5: Favourite Legendary Pokemon



Day 6: Most Terrifying Pokemon

Cubone. I mean, Cubone itself is adorable, but the concept of it is pretty terrifying - a kid wearing it's mother's skull and staining it with its helpless tears. It's supposed to be a kid's show!


Day 7: Most Adorable Pokemon



Day 8: Most Amusing Pokemon

Poor old psyduck.


Day 9: Favourite Pokemon Type

The purple psychic ones. They had lots of cool powers.

Day 10: Least Favourite Pokemon Type

Earth. They were vulnerable to a lot and their background colour was brown. Who wants a collection of brown cards?

Day 11: Favourite New Pokemon From Black & White

What are these newfangled games of which you speak?

Day 12: Favourite Pokemon Card

It has to be the Ancient Mew you got with the first film. It was just so shiny.

Ancient Mew

Day 13: How Did You Store Your Cards? 

I had a couple of the official card albums, then I moved onto a binder with plastic pockets because it was easier to rearrange them. After I quit collecting them I literally decorated a wall (well, part of a wall) with them!

Day 14: Favourite Companion

I liked all of Ash's companions. Well, maybe not that weird Ritchie kid he travelled around with for a bit, but the rest of them were cool. Brock was a lech, but it probably ran in the family given the endless siblings he was caring for at the beginning of the series, and Tracey was shy and had a kick ass Scyther. Misty just inched them both out for top spot though. She was never afraid to speak her mind!


Day 15: Prettiest Pokemon

Ponyta and Rapidash.

Ponyta and Rapidash

Day 16: If You Could Live Anywhere In The Pokemon World, Where Would It Be?

Anywhere but that city destroyed by giant Tentacruel. That episode was nightmare fuel.

Day 17: If You Could Be Any Pokemon, What Would You Be?

Snorlax. What a life.


Day 18: Favourite Gym Leader

It's a toss up between Erika and Sabrina. Sabrina was kind of goth, but Erika had the prettiest trainer cards...

Day 19: Officer Jenny or Nurse Joy?

It has to be Nurse Joy - she had better hair.

Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy

Day 20: Favourite Pokemon Professor

Professor Oak. I didn't realise there were others, to be honest.

Day 21: Favourite Pokemon Bad Guys

Team Rocket.

Team Rocket

Day 22: Favourite Rival

Gary Oak, of course.

Day 23: A Pokemon Which Reminds You Of A Friend

Er, pass?

Day 24: A Pokemon You'd Find Useful In Real Life

Mr. Mime. All he wanted to do was cook and clean for Ash's mum. Now, that's my kind of pet!

Mr. Mime

Day 25: A Pokemon Based On Your Favourite Animal



Day 26: A Pokemon That Is Your Favourite Colour



Day 27: Favourite Pokemon Game

Pokemon Yellow. I hated the tiny little screen of the gameboy though - don't get me started on mobile phone gaming... - so I had Pokemon Stadium for my Pikachu N64 with the pad extension so I could play it on the TV.

Pikachu Nintendo 64 from The Museum of Play

Day 28: What Did You Nickname Your Rival?

Gary. I was unoriginal, okay?

Day 29: Favourite Pokemon Tune or Song

Gotta Catch 'Em All. The original and best.

Day 30: Most Nostalgic Element of Pokemon

We rewatched the first series recently and it took me right back to the carefree summer when I was ten years old.

30 Days of Pokemon Challenge

#01 - Favourite Pokemon
#02 - Least Favourite Pokemon
#03 - Favourite Starter Pokemon
#04 - Favourite Eeveelution
#05 - Favourite Legendary Pokemon
#06 - Most Terrifying Pokemon
#07 - Most Adorable Pokemon
#08 - Most Amusing Pokemon
#09 - Favourite Pokemon Type
#10 - Least Favourite Pokemon Type
#11 - Favourite New Pokemon From Black & White
#12 - Favourite Pokemon Card
#13 - How Did You Store Your Cards?
#14 - Favourite Companion
#15 - Prettiest Pokemon
#16 - If You Could Live Anywhere In The Pokemon World, Where Would It Be?
#17 - If You Could Be Any Pokemon, What Would You Be?
#18 - Favourite Gym Leader
#19 - Officer Jenny or Nurse Joy?
#20 - Favourite Pokemon Professor
#21 - Favourite Pokemon Bad Guys
#22 - Favourite Rival
#23 - A Pokemon Which Reminds You Of A Friend
#24 - A Pokemon You'd Find Useful In Real Life
#25 - A Pokemon Based On Your Favourite Animal
#26 - A Pokemon That Is Your Favourite Colour
#27 - Favourite Pokemon Game
#28 - What Did You Nickname Your Rival?
#29 - Favourite Pokemon Tune or Song
#30 - Most Nostalgic Element of Pokemon

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