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Book Reviews for July 2018

Morgan's Magic Moon by Christopher Parry My rating: 5 of 5 stars Fiction, 2016 . A sweet wholesome story that flows easily and really lends itself to young readers following along. Check out my full review post HERE . Man-Eater: The Life and Legend of an American Cannibal by Harold Schechter My rating: 3 of 5 stars Non-Fiction, 2015 . I found this one a bit of a slog. It's a very - perhaps overly - detailed account of the trials of and mythos surrounding 'Alferd' Packer, possible multiple murderer and certain cannibal. The Golden and Ghoulish Age of the Gibbet in Britain by Sarah Tarlow My rating: 5 of 5 stars Non-Fiction, 2015 . Fascinating subject and written in a very accessible manner. Wicked Children: Murderous Tales from History by Karen Maitland My rating: 3 of 5 stars Non-Fiction, 2016 . Interesting but very short essay on 'wicked children', followed by excerpts of research and writing from Maitland's novel. I

What I'm Listening To In July

My Top Ten tracks of the month! Don't Play Nice - Verbalicious (2005) Verbalicious, later going by Verse, Natalia Kills and then Teddy Sinclair , was best known at the time of this release for starring in the Jasper Carrott sitcom All About Me . I distinctly remember going out and buying trainers and knee high socks on the back of how cool I thought Natalia looked in this vid! The song peaked at #11 in the UK - her highest UK chart position to date and probably ever, given that her career kind of crashed and burned after being kicked off the judging panel of X-Factor New Zealand for bullying a contestant. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift (2012) 100% Marianna approved. Swifty peaked at #4 in the UK with this one back in 2012. For more Taylor Swift fun, check out THIS CLIP of Brit boyband Union J explaining to their junior member that Swifty's bearding doesn't involve facial hair... xD The Model - Kraftwerk (1982) I've be

First Interracial Kisses on British TV

Hot Summer Night This play by Ted Willis premiered on the stage in November 1958. A few months later ABC (Associated British Corporation), an ITV franchise which broadcast to the Midlands and North of England on the weekends, adapted it for Armchair Theatre. Starring Lloyd Reckord and AndrĂ©e Melly , it aired on Feb 1st 1959. You In Your Small Corner Granada, another ITV franchise, adapted this play by Barry Reckord for Play of the Week. It aired on June 5th 1962 and again starred Barry’s brother Lloyd, alongside Elizabeth MacLennan . Emergency Ward 10 The popular medical soap aired a kiss between surgeon Louise Mahler ( Joan Hooley ) and Dr. Giles Farmer (John White) in July 1964. This one resulted in lots of press interest and complaints, with Joan’s character being written out not long after. A/N: repost from my now defunct Tumblr blog.