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Out West

We had one of those olde timey photos taken at Coney Beach Pleasure Park while we were on holiday in Porthcawl. I look so bad in it! - but Rhys fit right in!

EU Copyright Directive

I'm staunchly pro-EU. I firmly believe that Brexit will be a disaster. And yet the European Parliament just keeps on doing things that force me to sympathise with my Brexiteer neighbours. This week they voted in favour of another example of ridiculous overkill legislation in the form of the new copyright directive . As it currently stands it could mean an almost blanket ban on user generated content ranging from critiques, parodies, reviews, memes, reaction gifs, etc. Article 13 insists upload filters will now automatically search databases of copyrighted material and delete infringements. How these filters will be able to distinguish between 'fair dealing' and outright content theft is anyone's guess. Once you factor in the complexities of local copyright law across all EU member states #13 goes from ambitious to laughable. You only have to look at the problems with YouTube's Content ID to understand some of the difficulties an even larger scale filter wil

First Day of Nursery

Today was Marianna's first day at nursery proper. (She's already been going to playgroup and then Rising Threes for a year.) How cute does she look in her uniform? I can't believe how quickly she's growing up now! For more like this, please click the below image:

30 Days of Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is the latest PS4 release from French game developer Quantic Dream . Set in 2038, Detroit has become the manufacturing centre for CyberLife androids - used for everything from childcare to university lecturers. You follow three android protagonists: Kara, a housekeeper android determined to save her child charge from her abusive father; Markus, a one of a kind prototype destined to lead the android revolution; and Connor, a prototype detective android tasked with locating and deactivating 'Deviant' androids who can think and feel. It's totally immersive and is really forming the basis of my fannish life right now - so many options, so many outcomes! - so here's a 30 Day Tag adapted from one I found on Tumblr .