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Royal Correspondence

Royal Correspondence

Did you know that anyone can write to the Queen? And that if you do, you'll get a reply back from her. Well, not her personally, but one of her ladies-in-waiting. Apparently the Queen does get shown the majority of the post she receives each day, especially letters and pictures from children, and then her staff get to work answering them all, sometimes incorporating her personal comments.

Back in November, Marianna decided she wanted to send a Christmas card to the Queen and - more importantly - the corgis! Actually there are only the two dorgis (corgi / dachshund crosses) left now, called Vulcan and Candy. So Marianna drew a picture of the Queen walking them, in full royal regalia (and upside down), of course, and wrote a little note to say Merry Christmas.

christmas message

I stuck in a label with Marianna's name, age, and address because even with the best will in the world reception handwriting is, er, difficult to decipher! Then we just had to wait a few weeks before a letter landed on the mat with a very regal looking crest on it. Marianna was so excited to get home from school and find a letter addressed to her.

Letter from the palaceLetter from Sandringham

The reply came from Sandringham House and was written by one of the Queen's ladies-in-waiting, Jennifer Gordon-Lennox. It's a really sweet keepsake to put in Marianna's reception year memory folder, and - along with the Royal Mail reply from Santa - has been really helpful in explaining to Marianna how the postal system works. Marianna was so pleased with it she even took it into school to show her teacher. :)

Reply from the Queen

Definitely worth the price of a stamp!

If you fancy getting your own royal reply, send a letter to:

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

In fact, you can write to Royals of all varieties. There are even websites devoted to the hobby of collecting royal responses. Check out the blogs Gert's Royals and Writing to Royals for some more inspiration.


  1. Great Letter! I would like to point out to little Marianna that replies from Sandringham House are extra special. Not everyone who writes from Christmas gets a reply from there or one personally signed by a Lady in Waiting.

    1. Oh wow, that's really cool! Thanks so much for filling us in. (Also, looking at this post makes me realise I really need to stop editing without my glasses... Blurriness everywhere!)


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