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Welsh UFO Sightings 2006

Welsh UFO sightings from 2006, taken from the MOD records, SUFON database, and good old Prof. Google. For sightings from other years please click HERE .  CONTACT January 6th, 21:10 - 21:20 Llanllechid, Nr Bangor Dr CB and his wife were driving in the vehicle up a gentle hill in Wales when they saw what looked like a star at first then it elongated to a cylinder shape as it rose higher. They watched this for approximately 10 minutes. It appeared orange in colour and they could see/feel infra sonic or elf radio pulses. The object appeared to come in from the south east, it descended, hovered for 10 minutes then moved slowly westwards and ascended out of view. The size of the object could have been quite large when it was near the power lines its speed suddenly very fast as it was ascending and they could hear a low frequency throbbing noise. They stated they could hear the noise inside their heads, not so much through their ears. It was a very cloudy night no moon and no stars a

Mary Poppins Returns Dolls

2018's Mary Poppins Returns , for me, was kind of like eating store's own brand crisps. They're still crispy and will do in a pinch, but if you can get anything better you'll certainly leave them on the shelf to fester. Still, the A Cover Is Not The Book song was pretty entertaining, and we got a few cool new dolls out of it.  Mattel released three tie-in dolls: ★ Mary at the Music Hall - back / boxed / box back . ★ Jack - back / boxed / box back . ★ Mary - back / boxed / box back . There was also a limited edition (4,000 pieces) Disney store doll available in 2018: ★ Mary Poppins - back / boxed . For more like this, please click the image below:

Welsh UFO Sightings 1960

Sightings from 1960, largely from contemporary BUFORA bulletins. PRESS February South Wales White and gold spinning disc. The Western Mail of February 9th reported: DOZENS WATCH DISC IN SKY. Process workers at the Royal Ordnance Factory at Pembrey, near Llanelly, were talking last night of the mysterious disc of light they saw travelling across a clear sky. 'It was the most astonishing thing I have ever seen,' said Mr Martin Walsh, aged 43, of Danybryn, Pembrey. 'I would say it was about 3,000 ft. up and measured as much as 400 yards across. The disc was spinning continuously. One moment it was gold, then it changed to white and then back to gold again.' Dozens of other employees also saw it. A friend of his in Pembrey village took a photograph of it. It shows a circle of white light silhouetted against the sky. The Weekly Argus of February 13th reported:  SAUCER OVER GWENT? A strange object similar to the one seen by hundreds of people in West Wales as it tra

A Wrinkle In Time Dolls

A Wrinkle In Time is a Disney live action movie from 2018, based on Madeline L'Engle's 1962 novel of the same name. I totally just lifted that info from Wikipedia because I've never read or seen it, and have no clue what it is about. What I do know is that I am totally here for articulated curvy collector Barbies! Mattel released three dolls as a movie tie-in: ★ Mrs Which - back / boxed . ★ Mrs Whatsit - boxed . ★ Mrs Who - back / boxed . For more like this, please click the image below:

Welsh UFO Sightings 1961

BUFORA August 28th Pentre Meyrick, Vale of Glamorgan   Very bright circular object. From a letter by Mobile P.O. Peter Burford of Glamorgan Police: Whilst on patrol about a month ago I caught a glimpse of something in the sky at Pentre Meyrick. It looked like a full moon and was very bright. Unfortunately it was only a brief glimpse as I was travelling towards Bridgend and it was hidden from my view by tall trees. When I caught sight of it again, it was disappearing rapidly in the distance and was gone in an instant. I had an observer with me but as it was on my side he couldn't see very much and wasn't very interested anyway! I haven't said anything about it to anyone as I didn't see much and nobody else saw it. If you will remember, a few years ago [nearly three] one was sighted in the same area (Penllyn Hill) by two different patrol cars at the same time. Researcher Mrs. B.S. Blundell commented: "This area seems to be one crossed by saucers. A lady, driv

Legally Blonde

Mattel released a Legally Blonde 2 doll in 2003 as part of their Barbie Loves Pop Culture range. With Elle Woods arguably being more Barbie than Barbie herself, it was a match made in heaven! ★  Elle Woods - box front / box back . Madame Alexander also released two 16" Legally Blonde dolls in 2008 as part of their Broadway musical collection - one in a pink dress ('Grand Finale') and one in jeans and a pink jacket . For more like this, please click the image below:

Welsh UFO Sightings 1962

Sightings from 1962. FLYING SAUCER REVIEW  Monday May 21st, daytime Brecon A brown-coloured object of irregular shape and with antennae was seen beneath an aircraft, travelling very fast. Possibly investigated by the MOD. NICAP reported the object seen by the pilot of Irish International Airlines, who watched this spherical UFO pass below the aircraft. SUFON Late July / Early August, 02:15 Oxwich, Gower   During the summer holidays, 1962, 16-year-old Tom James was one of a group of six boys camping at Crawley Woods, between Three Cliffs Bay and Oxwich. The night was windy with clouds blowing across the sky. They had cooked supper and at about 2.15 AM, one of the boys spotted a round white light between the clouds, over the sea to the south-west, moving against the wind quite slowly in a south-easterly direction (right to left). It was somewhere over Oxwich Point direction. As it moved it made slight kicks left and right. Tom estimated it as football-sized. He said it was

Discovering Scarfolk Giveaway

Scarfolk is a unitary authority somewhere in the north of England, stuck forever in the 1970s with all the public information norms that go with it. Whether it's warning households about the imminent arrival of the Council Christmas Boy, or reminding children that not all hypnotising arachnoid demons are friendly, Scarfolk Council has a poster for it. This fits perfectly with the dystopian world in miniature I've been building up over the last few years, so I've been busy scaling down Scarfolk literature and ephemera. Here is the fridge in my Sindy house at the moment: There are currently two Scarfolk books developed from Richard Littler's  blog  - The Scarfolk Annual 197X and Discovering Scarfolk. I have a copy of the latter to give away so, if you fancy discovering Scarfolk for yourself, fill out the Gleam widget below for up to five entries. :) Discovering Scarfolk Giveaway