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Welsh UFO Sightings 2006

Welsh UFO Sightings 2006

Welsh UFO sightings from 2006, taken from the MOD records, SUFON database, and good old Prof. Google. For sightings from other years please click HERE

January 6th, 21:10 - 21:20
Llanllechid, Nr Bangor

Dr CB and his wife were driving in the vehicle up a gentle hill in Wales when they saw what looked like a star at first then it elongated to a cylinder shape as it rose higher. They watched this for approximately 10 minutes. It appeared orange in colour and they could see/feel infra sonic or elf radio pulses. The object appeared to come in from the south east, it descended, hovered for 10 minutes then moved slowly westwards and ascended out of view.

The size of the object could have been quite large when it was near the power lines its speed suddenly very fast as it was ascending and they could hear a low frequency throbbing noise. They stated they could hear the noise inside their heads, not so much through their ears. It was a very cloudy night no moon and no stars as the clouds were was too thick. The wife tried to take a photograph with her camera phone but the object was too high.

Source: Awareness V28/N2    

Thursday January 12th, 23:30
Heol Fach, Treboeth, Swansea

Mark Rayworth (31) noted the sky was clear as "he saw what he described as an elongated triangular-shaped object, heading northwards, in the direction of the Llangyfelach, at a height of about 200 feet. Whilst the object appeared to be of a white colour, what made it unusual was the fact that it seemed to be materialising and dematerialising as it moved. The object, which was moving fairly quickly, eventually disappeared from view. No lights or sound was observed."

February, 06:30
The bizarre airborne sighting was made early on Friday morning. [Published Feb 17th.] The Narbeth & Whitland Observer has been contacted by one motorist who was intrigued by what he saw while driving home to Saundersfoot from Pembroke between 6.30 and 7 am. 
"I was on my way home from work when I saw a something in the sky with lights on," explained the motorist. "At first I thought it was a helicopter," he continued. "It followed me all the way home and when I got in I got the binoculars out and looked at it more closely. It was definitely not a star or a helicopter and, as I believe in them, I think it was quite possibly a UFO."

 Source: Narbeth & Whitland Observer.

Sunday March 19th, 16:00

Witness and their friend were looking up at the mountain through a bedroom window when they saw a dark obkect moving very slowly across the side of the mountain, almost as though it were being towed. Witness rushed for their phone to take a picture as evidence, but the object did not show up on screen. Their friend also tried with her phone, to no avail. The object then passed over the top of the mountain and out of sight. Witness reported the sighting to NUFORC later that day:

"well in the efternoon around about 4pm, me and my friend was looking out my bedroom window, and i looked up at the mountain and i seen a dark objeck flowing very slowly across the side of the mountain. so i quickly rushed for my phone so i could take a picture for evidence. but strangely whot i could see wot not show up on the screen of my phone. it was very strange, i asked my friend to try and take one but she couldnt suceed on taking the picture either. funnely it looked asthough it was being toed. it was amazing, i have always thought i have seen a ufo but i have never bin sure, but this time i have never bin more sure, i new egsackly whot it was. it then passed over the top of the mountain. i felt really surprissed,i wonted to call the police everyminute i was watching it but i didnt want to miss a thing. and by the time i realised i shoulda rang them it was too late, it had gone!i was not scared cause i beleave, and i am a huge fan of the x files. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!!!"

Sunday March 22nd, 21:00
Garth Mountain, Pentrych

Rod Graves (72) said: "There were approximately 40 or more lights moving down the mountain at quite a speed. This was cigar shaped in the sky we think. I was called by my partner and a friend to get the camera, but it had disappeared when I got to the front door, then reappeared, I just wish I had taken my video camera, or that the camera was on manual mode." [some photos were taken]

Monday April 3rd

Amskaya #73 reported: One account comes from a Cardiff man left shaken after he saw three lights dancing around each other before flying away in April 2006. He said, "I saw something that I never believed I would. I saw what at first I thought was a plane, until it changed direction at such an acute angle. At this point it was by two more lights - they were very blurry, orange in colour. They danced around each other and then moved off."

The South Wales Echo (29/12/2007) quoted the witness as saying: "I don't make silly claims. Quite frankly this has shaken me considerably."

The NUFORC report was submitted the same day as the sighting, which lasted 20 to 30 seconds:

They sped off in a Northly direction. These were not planes, jets, birds, insects. At first I thought it was a plane until it changed direction, almost doubling back in the opposite direction. 

At this point it was joined by another light. They then circled each other once, and were then joined by another light making three in total. They danced around each other at a vast speed and then became a diagonal formation and sped off at great speed. 

They were orange in colour but their shape was undefinable, more of the like when someone has a torch and waves it around. There was a lot of light pollution from street lamps. The moon was half and these objects appeared on the lit side of the moon suggesting a reflective surface. 

There was no background except for the stars, no mountains, houses or anything else. The approximate location in the sky was in and around the constellation of Taurus in a NW direction. They sped off in a Northly direction. 

These were not planes, jets, birds, insects. I have seen things in the sky before and have always identified them as either planes, birds, insects, satellites or space junk. What I witnessed was none of these, they moved too fast and at such acute angles. I have exceptional vision and my imagination is in check.

May 1st, 16:45
I am relaying this story on behalf of my father, who swore my mother and I to secrecy when it first happened because he was very scared by his experience and didn't want to be ridiculed if details ended up in the public domain. Over a year later, he's finally agreed to let me share details of this incident with MUFON because I've convinced him it should be recorded *someplace* publicly, even if he doesn't want to go public himself.
On May 1st 2006 my father had to drive from Chester, England to Porthmadog, North Wales, for work reasons. At approx 4:45 PM on the return journey, he was driving south, approaching the village of Gellilydan when he became aware of a "silhouetted cigar shaped object" flying 'gently' below cloud level in an easterly direction about two miles ahead of him. He lost sight of it a few times due to the landscape, but having passed by the village, it became apparent that it was flying slowly north (towards him). Assuming it was a 'regular aircraft' that he couldn't quite visualize properly, he was more interested than concerned at this point, and due to its apparent flight path over the open countryside, he figured it would clear him by less than a mile to the west when it passed. So, his interest was piqued ("is it a helicopter or a plane?" he wondered) and he reduced his driving speed to approx 20-30 mph in order to get a better view.
As the flying object approached a point about 3/4 mile south west of his vehicle, he realized it was actually 'cylindrical'. It had a reflective convex base and a very subtle (barely noticeable) "electric blue" aura. He could only really see the underneath due to its angle. This took him back ("my heart rate accelerated") and having a camera on him, decided to pull over onto a grass verge and take a photo. 
As he did this and scrambled for the camera, he realised the object had accelerated in his direction (it was very high up) and a huge shadow enveloped the area for about a mile around. "It was like a very dark thundercloud was right over me." He pushed his head forward in the windscreen and looked up (awkward angle) - and to his horror could see that this thing was about 1/4 mile wide and just hovering beneath cloud level directly above the part of the road he was on. He said it had huge tiles on its convex base. He had never seen anything like it in his life. It was "impossibly enormous". He realizes -- due to the sheer size of this thing -- that he probably underestimated how far away it was previously, but in relaying this event we've decided to use distances as he "perceived them" at the time.
Anyway, his heart was pounding, he was truly terrified because he couldn't make sense of the object and he was in the middle of nowhere (Snowdonia National Park) and decided to get the hell out of there. He hastily started up his vehicle and pulled off when he noticed the shadow just disappear, "like somebody flicked a switch and the thundercloud vanished".
He looked around as he drove, pushed his face into the windscreen and looked up but he could no longer see it. Then (within sixty seconds), as he passed the Trawsfynydd Twin Nuclear Reactors, he became aware of it hovering above some high ground to the west. The camera was on the passenger seat so without stopping the vehicle he just instinctively picked it up, snapped, then accelerated to 70 mph intending to get out of the area as fast as possible. He was overjoyed when he realised this 'object' had appeared on the exposure because it proved he wasn't going mad and he *had* actually witnessed something very unusual. If it hadn't, he says he's not sure he'd have told my mother and I the story in case we thought he was cracking up.
Ever since, he has been scared of driving through rural areas alone, and won't drive at night time at all. (Not that it was night time when this incident occurred.) I can understand that. It's a good job he had to retire last summer really because he'd no longer be able to do his job due to the amount of driving involved.

Saturday May 6th / Sunday May 7th
Brecon Beacons

Witness was part of a hillwalking club doing outdoor activities at the black mountains. They took a number of photographs and, when developed, there appeared to be 'a triangle stealth bomber shaped UFO' hovering over a mountain range. They reported the sighting to NUFORC, who proposed the small blurry images were actually birds in the distance, on Wednesday 10th May 2006:

"I am part of a hillwalking club and we took photographs at the black mountains and on the sunday went kayaking and rowing. it was a v sunny weekend. I did not notice anything strange or hear anything in the skies until i developed the photographs. There is a traingle stealth bomber shaped UFO in one picture hovering over a monutain range in another something seems to land and in one of the teams photos the object is also there. I have inverted the negatives and it shows that the object is a solid. I have contacted the MOD to see if there were any low fliying aircraft that day and i am waiting on their reply. Another thing was as we were camping outside our inflatable pillows that evening gave off static when touched which was reproted to the campsite owner. ((NUFORC Note: Objects in photos are tiny, blurry, and indistinct. Our first guess would be that the objects may be birds in the distance, but that is only a guess. In any event, they are not distinct images.))"

Monday May 8th, 13:11

The object looked like a black square hanging in the sky.

Wednesday May 31st, night

Witness was standing at their open back door to smoke a cigarette. They and their mother saw an extremely bright yellow/gold light that looked about the same size as the moon. It slowly fell to the ground, its size meaning the witness was waiting for an explosion or similar but nothing happened. They reported the sighting, which lasted around 40 seconds, to NUFORC shortly afterwards:

"Extreme bright light falling to the ground slowly. It was a clear night and the moon was visable in Wrexham. Just over our garden we noticed a large very bright light falling slowly to the ground until it was no longer visable. This light was not a white light like the moon and stars but a yellow/gold light and extremly bright making the moon and stars look dull. It looked the same size as the moon. I have never seen something so bright. I noticed this light as I opened the back door to have a cigerette and myself and my mother noticed it straight away. It was so big that we were literally waiting for an explosion or something to follow as it went out of sight, but none came.((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain semi-anonymous; provides no contact information.))"

Friday June 2nd, 02:00
Gowerton, Swansea
Peter Lane (48) submitted his sighting to the UFO Watch website

The object was larger than a satellite as seen with the naked eye. At first I thought it was a satellite, moving at a steady slow pace. between the space station and the moon, traveling roughly south to north. Within 30 seconds of spotting it I saw what looked like an explosion at first, then a beam of light erupted from it (white light) the beam instantly touched ground on the Lougher estuary at the same instant the beam swept in a straight line across and directly at me. It stopped on me on the porch of our house and held me for about 2 seconds. It then blinked off. The craft then slowly at first begun to bend it's course toward the moon, once the turn was made it instantly increased speed and was gone in a blink.

The entire sighting lasted around two minutes. Peter also noted he had seen something similar in the October or November of 2005 while sitting in a parked car facing north. "Again the space was involved no lights. I spotted a satellite watched it for around 3 mins. before it suddenly swung toward the space station and disappeared in an instant."

Llanfyllin, Powys
Witness saw a disc shaped object with four different colours - blue, green, white and orange. They did not date the sighting but the Workhouse Festival ran from Friday June 30th to Sunday July 2nd, so presumably they saw it on the Sunday night and made the call on the Monday morning.

DEFE-2082 89 DEFE-2082 90 DEFE-2082 88

Thursday July 27th
Pembroke Dock

Witness recorded the sky using their webcam for about 20 minutes, looking over Pembroke Dock. At about 18 minutes in they viewed a black, round disc shaped object fly across the sky, visible against the cloud for about 5 seconds. Witness reported the sighting to NUFORC the same day:

"Black disc shaped object flying across Pembroke Dock. I read previously today on the internet about people using their cameras to capture a UFO so i took my webcam from my computer, placed it outside on my window ledge pointing upwards towards the sky and recorded for about 20 minutes and left the room. I came up when i finished recording and viewed the video. It was at about 18 minutes through the video that i got a result. A round, disc shaped object flew across the sky but does not resemble a plane. It is on visible when seen across the cloud and its black."

Summer, 00:30

Rhyn Williams reported their sighting to the UK UFO website on November 18th 2011: "Walking down the beach in Pwllheli and I laid down on the sand to gaze at the stars because it was so clear, and I saw 5 red lights in the horizon roughly 20 miles into the sea and the same size as my arm from where I was at."

In December 2012 Vomanomalous blog posted video footage and other info about a friend's UFO sightings during the summer of 2006. The poster went on to write about their own experience that summer for the June 2014 edition of Phenomena Magazine

Phenomena Magazine June 2014
Phenomena Magazine UFO over Anglesey
Phenomena Magazine June 2014 UFO Wales

October 4th
Moel Famau

Sally Gavin and her boyfriend saw a very bright white light flashing just above Moel Famau Country Park. It then grew wider and consisted of three flashing lights. Other witnesses saw it and it was reported to police who suggested it might have come from somebody out hunting, or else an army exercise.  

The Denbighshire Free Press of October 14th 2006 reported:

Was This A UFO Sighting Above Moel Famau Or Just A Military Aircraft?

It could easily be a scene from the Spielberg fantasy Close Encounters of the Third Kind with strange bright lights, too large to be car lights, suddenly appearing above a mountain side and then disappear just as quickly. But this isn't Hollywood, it's the latest in a string of UFO sightings in Denbighshire.

On October 4 Sally Gavin of Llanynys was spending an evening with her boyfriend watching a film when they spotted a very bright white flashing light just above Moel Famau Country Park. According to Sally: "It grew wider and wider and consisted of three lights which flashed on and off like Christmas tree lights before disappearing. I called a friend who lives in Gellifor and would have a better view and he confirmed that he, too, could see the red light."

Sally saw the strange phenomena a month ago when it was hovering just above the mountain. Five people, including Sally's brother in law, saw the strange light and reported the details to North Wales Police who told them it might have been caused by the Army or someone out hunting. But Sally is sure this wasn't the case. "It definitely wasn't a plane or a helicopter. The lights were far to big and bright," she said.

The sighting is only the latest in a long history of reported UFOs that have been spotted across Denbighshire over the last 50 years. The BBC has even set up a web page called "Weird Wales" to document each sighting and where possible provide visual evidence. In one of the earliest recorded incidents in 1964 a women allowed her dog out on to the grass near Denbigh Castle only to hear it yelp as if in pain minutes later. The woman said she saw a beam of light focused on the dog and as she picked up the animal she said she received a burning sensation on her arm which had come into contact with the light.

In March 2004 pictures were taken of strange white swirling objects in the sky over the Vale of Clwyd which the contributor photographer described as a very bright light in the night sky. In another incident two friends had an unnerving ride from Bodelwyddan to St Asaph when they saw a UFO which approached as they shone a torch at it. The object, which was described as being shaped like a biscuit tin, hovered silently over the car before moving on to Berwyn Mountain in complete silence.

Maragret Fry, a member of the Welsh Federation of Independent Ufologists and expert adviser on BBC weird wales said with regard to UFO sightings, said: "Everyone seems to see something different. It can be bright lights or something more familiar like the classic saucer shape objects. I think that they are spacecraft from other planets. I've been seeing them since the 1950's. to say that we are the only inhabited planet in the universe is ridiculous." Anyone with a suspected UFO sighting can contact Maragret on 01745 833310.

Sunday November 26th, daylight

Witness was driving home through Llanrhos, approaching the roundabout on the A470, when they noticed an object in the very clear sky. They initially took it to be a low flying silver passenger jet - but it was moving very slowly and had no wings. They stopped the car not from Craig-y-Don to look more closely, and noticed a dark surface/object in the centre of the craft. They reported the minute long sighting to NUFORC on Tuesday 28th November 2006:

"silver cigar shaped craft daylight llanduno north wales. I had just drove my little brother to the trainstation in llandudno junction on return after calling at a freinds house in deganwy (who wasnt not in)i was returning home through llanrhos and as I aproached the round about of the A470 I noticed an object in the sky which I believed to be a low flying silver looking passenger jet aircraft, the sky was very clear, sunlight and blue sky. I kept looking at the object as I was driving and I was trying to look for wings to establish it was a passenger aircraft or something of that sort.

I eventually stopped the car not far from my home in craig-y-don only to realise that the craft was not moving or ''FLYING'' as a normal plane would be it was moving in a North to South direction very slowly over the nant-y-gammer hill range. To scale it looked the size of a very low flying pAasenger jet but with no wings like a cigar shape with a very shiny silver body the sun was glaring at one point of the craft but I did notice a dark surface/object in the centre of the craft, There were two other aircraft in the area at the time one normal passenger plane at normal altititude like im used two seeing and another light aircraft that I have seen many times before but not so common to the area, however this object was like nothing ive ever seen before.

Ive lived in this town for 22 years and am fully aware of the air traffic that travells over here and have never seen any aircraft like it, very strange. By the time i had driven home the object had disapered even though the same area of sky was still clearly visable. I have read up about ''silver shaped cigar objects'' since and read a fair few articles describing almost a submarine shape craft and most sightings seem to be near water or on the coastlines very starnge if you ask me!

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Weird Wales

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Mary Poppins Returns Dolls

Mary Poppins Returns

2018's Mary Poppins Returns, for me, was kind of like eating store's own brand crisps. They're still crispy and will do in a pinch, but if you can get anything better you'll certainly leave them on the shelf to fester. Still, the A Cover Is Not The Book song was pretty entertaining, and we got a few cool new dolls out of it. 

Mattel released three tie-in dolls:

Mary Poppins Returns Mattel Dolls

Jack - back / boxed / box back.
Mary - back / boxed / box back.

There was also a limited edition (4,000 pieces) Disney store doll available in 2018:

Mary Poppins - back / boxed.

Mary Poppins Returns LE Doll

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Welsh UFO Sightings 1960

Welsh UFO Sightings

Sightings from 1960, largely from contemporary BUFORA bulletins.

South Wales
White and gold spinning disc.

The Western Mail of February 9th reported:

DOZENS WATCH DISC IN SKY. Process workers at the Royal Ordnance Factory at Pembrey, near Llanelly, were talking last night of the mysterious disc of light they saw travelling across a clear sky. 'It was the most astonishing thing I have ever seen,' said Mr Martin Walsh, aged 43, of Danybryn, Pembrey. 'I would say it was about 3,000 ft. up and measured as much as 400 yards across. The disc was spinning continuously. One moment it was gold, then it changed to white and then back to gold again.' Dozens of other employees also saw it. A friend of his in Pembrey village took a photograph of it. It shows a circle of white light silhouetted against the sky.

The Weekly Argus of February 13th reported: 

SAUCER OVER GWENT? A strange object similar to the one seen by hundreds of people in West Wales as it travelled at great speed across the sky has now been reported over Monmouthshire. It was on Sunday that the huge brilliantly lighted disc was seen by people in Llanelly and district. One astonished eyewitness took a photograph of it and the print has revealed a circle of white light in the sky. Shortly afterwards, a South Wales Argus reader Miss Rita Hatch of Broadhaven, Ton Mawr, Blaenavon, was waiting for a bus in Market Street, Blaenavon, when she saw a large spherical object, golden in colour and with a tail, speeding across the sky from South-West and in the direction of the North-East. Although similar "flying saucer" mysteries are often easily solved with the explanation that weather balloons sent up to record atmospheric conditions reflect in the sunlight, the Air Ministry were not able to say what was seen over Monmouthshire.

June 5th
White light with flares.

June 28th, 23:00
Hovering flashing light.

July 5th
Roath, Cardiff
Fireball falling.  

The Western Mail of July 5th reported:

MYSTERY FIREBALL IN SKY. A mysterious light which cross low in the sky above Cardiff early today was described by one observer as 'a brilliant ball of fire with bits falling off', and by another as 'just like a plane in distress'. 

"A huge white ball, with red flares coming from it, passed over us," Mr. Robert Cowan of Jellicoe Gardens, Roath, said. He watched the object from his house with seven other people. "At first we thought it might be a plane because of the flares," but said, "it was falling in the direction of St. Mallons."

A spokesman at the Royal Air Force Station at St. Athan, said that no reports had been received of missing aircraft.

And at Cardiff (Rhoose) Airport, a meteorological spokesman said, "We have not seen anything in the sky, and no reports have been made to us." He added that it could have been a meteorite.

People who saw it said there was no noise. "Just a silent ball of fire sailing through the sky," one said. 

Another man who watched the object through binoculars, Mr. George Rigby, of St. Isan Road, Heath, said it disappeared after two or three minutes... It was traveling rapidly.

Cardiff police received reports, but could not identify the object.

Gronant, Prestatyn

Friends who know my story may remember that my sister and i were abducted from the beach at Gronant near Prestatyn when we on holiday with my parents. We were missing for 4 hours which are a blank to us, we found ourselves walking down the single track through the campsite in a disorientated state. The bright sunshine of the morning had somehow gone and we were now being rained on, my sister even remembers the exact clothes she was wearing.  We were taken in by a family who were staying on the site and our parents were found, naturally they thought we`d been naughty. We had no explanation for our disappearance.

In my original account i stated my age as 7 and my sister 5, having discussed this at length with my sister we are now absolutely certain I was in fact 8  and my sister 6 years old. On returning home there followed a month during which i suffered terrible nosebleeds, something of which I never experienced with before or since, i`m convinced they were caused by an implant being placed in my nose.

There has been a further development in this story/account, my good friend VW who was one of 3 women taken by a UFO at Wrekin near Shrewsbury in the summer of 1981 has recently informed me she was also taken from a beach at Rhyl in North Wales. She was missing for several hours without any good explanation, the beach at Rhyl and at Gronant are a few miles apart, it now turns out our periods of missing time are both from 1960, we might of both been on the same craft. I believe that this once again shows how people who have these experiences are followed by the others throughout their lives and most certainly beyond.

VW - I don`t think i was missing for hours, I can remember playing on my own just a few yards from where  my mum, dad and sister were sitting. Then I was suddenly on my own with no family anywhere, like I was on a different part of the beach. We were in Rhyl visiting my Aunt & Uncle who were there for a week  in a caravan sited yards from there, I can remember feeling lost, crying, feeling upset and confused. A lady came over to see what was the matter. She took me to the main office on the site which had a room for lost children, i could see people walking past when I noticed my Aunt and Uncle walking past so i shouted to them. They took me back to the beach to look for my mum, dad and sister and they seemed to be still happily sat there unaware I had gone missing at all. Thinking back on it it was pretty weird ,do you think heir memories could of been tampered with, if so I could of been missing for a couple of hours or so. Other missing time periods had lasted about half hour or so.

Quoted from the SUFON listing, not sure where they got it from.

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Weird Wales

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A Wrinkle In Time Dolls

A Wrinkle In Time

A Wrinkle In Time is a Disney live action movie from 2018, based on Madeline L'Engle's 1962 novel of the same name. I totally just lifted that info from Wikipedia because I've never read or seen it, and have no clue what it is about. What I do know is that I am totally here for articulated curvy collector Barbies!

Mattel released three dolls as a movie tie-in:
A Wrinkle In Time Dolls

Mrs Which - back / boxed.
Mrs Whatsit - boxed.
Mrs Who - back / boxed.

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Welsh UFO Sightings 1961

Welsh UFO Sightings

August 28th
Pentre Meyrick, Vale of Glamorgan  
Very bright circular object.

From a letter by Mobile P.O. Peter Burford of Glamorgan Police:

Whilst on patrol about a month ago I caught a glimpse of something in the sky at Pentre Meyrick. It looked like a full moon and was very bright. Unfortunately it was only a brief glimpse as I was travelling towards Bridgend and it was hidden from my view by tall trees. When I caught sight of it again, it was disappearing rapidly in the distance and was gone in an instant. I had an observer with me but as it was on my side he couldn't see very much and wasn't very interested anyway!

I haven't said anything about it to anyone as I didn't see much and nobody else saw it. If you will remember, a few years ago [nearly three] one was sighted in the same area (Penllyn Hill) by two different patrol cars at the same time.

Researcher Mrs. B.S. Blundell commented: "This area seems to be one crossed by saucers. A lady, driving herself home from Cardiff about 6:30 in the evening, saw one travel across the sky, again over Pentre Meyrick, about two years ago."

September, 14:00
Penmaenmawr, Conwy

An elderly couple, who have retired from ownership of a Vegetarian Hotel, recall this sighting one summer on the sand hills above the beach. They feel that the 'humming top' which they saw for five minutes would have landed if not for the presence of an unknown woman and child on the beach. The couple claim to have had telepathic contacts at the time. The silent, grey metallic disc which they observed on this occasion appeared suddenly at the sea's edge, sending up spray and disturbing a flock of birds. It cruised over the waves at about 50 feet and appeared and disappeared twice very suddenly. Eventually it vanished from sight.

Monday November 20th, 18:15
Flying craft with dome travelling very fast and trailing flames.

The Western Mail of November 22nd reported:

...Alan Williams, aged 14, of Hazel Road, Uplands, Swansea, said he was in bed at 6:15  on Monday night looking out through the window. He saw a strange object flash across the sky from the direction of Mumbles and travelling towards Port Talbot. He said, 'Looking at it side-on, it was oval shaped, and had two windows in front - one fully in view and the other partly in view. On top of the object was a dome, and behind were a number of long red flames which illuminated the whole thing. It was travelling very fast and was out of sight in five to seven seconds. It was not an ordinary aircraft, for it did not have wings or tailfin.' 

Mrs. B. S. Blundell sent the report into BUFORA. They recorded that she also obtained a report and sketch from the boy himself.

The South Wales Evening Post featured the story on November 21st. They reported that Alan had been home from school, ill, when he saw 'a round thing going through the air from Mumbles in the direction of Port Talbot. It was cigar-shaped, with a dome on top and two glass panels in front. There was a flame coming out of the back which lit up the object itself. It was travelling pretty fast, faster than an aeroplane. I watched it for about two minutes and called my father to see it. But by the time he came it had gone. I have never seen anything like it before, and nobody else appears to have seen it.'

Alan returned to school the following day and told his headmaster about it. The headmaster then reported it to the police. 

On November 22nd the South Wales Evening Post followed up on the story, reporting that at 6.20 PM Mrs Mabel Groves of Black Drive, Lonlas, was waiting for a bus and saw the object which looked like it was in the Swansea Docks area from her viewpoint. She described it as a 'cigar-shaped flame'. She thought it was a fire at the docks.

Bishopswood, Meliden, Denbighshire

The witness, a 45-year-old local bank manager, was taking his dog for a walk and he stopped to clean his muddy walking stick against a metal post road sign. A small man, about three foot tall, dressed all in green suddenly appeared. The being had a very ugly brown face. The witness became frightened as he felt an air of malevolence from the being. The dog growled and moments later the being vanished. The dog acted scared and strange sometime after the encounter.
Source: 'Humanoid Encounters 1960 - 1964' Albert S. Rosales 2016 page 56 citing Richard Holland, 'Fate', December 1993.

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Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde 2

Mattel released a Legally Blonde 2 doll in 2003 as part of their Barbie Loves Pop Culture range. With Elle Woods arguably being more Barbie than Barbie herself, it was a match made in heaven!

Legally Blonde 2 Barbie

Madame Alexander also released two 16" Legally Blonde dolls in 2008 as part of their Broadway musical collection - one in a pink dress ('Grand Finale') and one in jeans and a pink jacket.

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Welsh UFO Sightings 1962

Welsh UFO Sightings

Sightings from 1962.

Monday May 21st, daytime

A brown-coloured object of irregular shape and with antennae was seen beneath an aircraft, travelling very fast. Possibly investigated by the MOD. NICAP reported the object seen by the pilot of Irish International Airlines, who watched this spherical UFO pass below the aircraft.

Late July / Early August, 02:15
Oxwich, Gower
During the summer holidays, 1962, 16-year-old Tom James was one of a group of six boys camping at Crawley Woods, between Three Cliffs Bay and Oxwich. The night was windy with clouds blowing across the sky. They had cooked supper and at about 2.15 AM, one of the boys spotted a round white light between the clouds, over the sea to the south-west, moving against the wind quite slowly in a south-easterly direction (right to left). It was somewhere over Oxwich Point direction. As it moved it made slight kicks left and right. Tom estimated it as football-sized. He said it was definitely not a helicopter, plane or balloon. The boys watched it for a few minutes until it as lost in clouds.

Source: SUFON Files. Interview with Tom James 15 September 2015.

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Monday, 4 May 2020

Discovering Scarfolk Giveaway

Whatever You Do, Don't

Scarfolk is a unitary authority somewhere in the north of England, stuck forever in the 1970s with all the public information norms that go with it. Whether it's warning households about the imminent arrival of the Council Christmas Boy, or reminding children that not all hypnotising arachnoid demons are friendly, Scarfolk Council has a poster for it.

This fits perfectly with the dystopian world in miniature I've been building up over the last few years, so I've been busy scaling down Scarfolk literature and ephemera. Here is the fridge in my Sindy house at the moment:

Sindy House

There are currently two Scarfolk books developed from Richard Littler's blog - The Scarfolk Annual 197X and Discovering Scarfolk. I have a copy of the latter to give away so, if you fancy discovering Scarfolk for yourself, fill out the Gleam widget below for up to five entries. :)

Discovering Scarfolk Giveaway

Discovering Scarfolk Book
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