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Boyzone Dolls

Boyzone were a five piece boyband from Ireland. They were put together by Louis Walsh in 1993 and soon became a chart staple, churning out hit after hit until they eventually split in 2000. They later got back together and resumed touring, continuing on as a foursome after the untimely death of Stephen Gately in 2009. Vivid Imaginations released a set of 12" lookalike dolls in 1995. If you collected three tokens from the tops of the doll boxes you could send them off, along with a £1.50 cheque or postal order to cover the postage, you could get a 'free' doll. As far as I can tell this was just sent at random from existing stock. ★ Ronan - box front / box back . ★ Shane - box front / box back . ★ Mike - box front / box back. ★ Steve - box front / box back . ★ Keith - box front / box back . For more like this, please click the image below:

This Week - 29/11/2020

This week has just been super stressful. We had the interview process for the new headteacher for Maendy Primary School, plus an emergency school closure due to coronavirus - nothing helps you remain calm and professional for long virtual meetings like a five year old poking you in the ribs and hissing 'MUM' every 10 seconds - and a bunch of other meetings on various topics. The main problem is that my anxiety has been through the roof, magnifying everything into a major crisis. I had a telephone appointment with the doctor mid-week, so they upped my medication to the maximum dose. Hopefully it will help. We put the Christmas tree up yesterday and today I promised Marianna her elf on the shelf would be arriving. So of course I can't find it. I've turned the spare room upside down to no avail so we've had to use the 'stuck in the TV' trick and order a new one on Amazon while Santa attempts to free him... (Anthony went in every shop in town but no joy.)  At

Mini Mart: Karen Baby 8

Supplier:  KarenBaby8 Website:   Etsy Store Products: 1/12 scale miniature household goods, including packaged food, cleaning products, and Christmas decorations. They are really well made and look super realistic. Just check out the little roll of bin liners. Post and Packing:   Starts from £1.80 within the UK.  For more like this, please click the image below:

Friday Five: The Shroud of Turin

This week I've been mostly reading about the Shroud of Turin. There was a documentary about it on Blaze which made me realise that though I'd heard of it, I didn't really know anything about it. So here we are a pile of books later with five important points to remember... #5. What is it? The Shroud of Turin is, well, a shroud that is kept at Turin Cathedral. It is a rectangle of fine three-to-one herringbone weave linen, measuring 4.4 by 1.1 metres - aka 8 by 2 Assyrian cubits, the measurements that would have been used in first century marketplaces. The same kind of marketplaces Joseph of Arimathea presumably bought his shroud from. When it was evening, there came a rich man from Arimathea, named Joseph, who also was a disciple of Jesus. He went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus. Then Pilate ordered it to be given to him. And Joseph took the body and wrapped it in a clean linen shroud and laid it in his own new tomb, which he had cut in the rock. And he rolled

Top of the Pops #9 February 1976

Scream Queens Illustrated UK

   This UK version of the US title Scream Queens Illustrated was launched in summer 1994. Published by Stray Cat Publishing Ltd, the title was A4 sized with 68 colour pages. The first US and UK issues were basically identical but the titles then began diverging - before the UK version folded after just three issues... 1 2 3 x #01. Summer 1994. Full scan available at . #02. Winter 1994. Full scan available at . #03. 1995. ( 1 ) For more like this please click the image below:

Anthony's Gift Guide For Men

"Never knowing what to get for the men in her life, Jessica has asked me to put together this list of top picks for the set to put a smile on the face of any man..." (AKA the post where Anthony lays out how disappointed he is likely to be on Christmas morning!) ENTERTAINMENT Future Perfect- Vintage Futuristic Graphics- Taschen : I've recently been getting reading some classic Doctor Who Comics from the 60's and I love the visions of the future from 60 years ago, its all flying cars, curved skyscrapers, and high walkways in pastel colours.  The Stepford Wives- Ira Levin : A Sci-Fi classic where men can literally create their perfect woman, what could possibly go wrong in this vintage staple of science fiction literature?  The Phantom Atlas: The Greatest Myths, Lies and Blunders on Maps : An Atlas not of the world as you know it, but an atlas as the world was thought to be, with made up mountain ranges, non existent islands and populations that never were.  The Co

Westlife Dolls

Westlife are an Irish boyband formed in 1998 and were rarely out of the top ten until the mid 2000s. 1/5 of the band, Brian McFadden, left in 2004 and the band eventually disbanded in 2012 - only to reunite in 2018.  Yaboom Ltd released two sets of Westlife dolls in 2000. Basic Dolls ★ Bryan - box front / box back . ★ Shane - box front / box back. ★ Kian - box front / box back. ★ Mark - box front / box back. ★ Nicky - box front / box back. Singing Dolls ★ Bryan - box front / box back . ★ Shane - box front / box back . ★ Kian - box front / box back . ★ Mark - box front / box back . ★ Nicky - box front / box back . For more like this, please click the image below:

This Week: 21/11/2020

I'm sure I did stuff this week, none of it is springing to mind as particularly memorable...  Today we've been doing some Christmas crafts with Marianna. I can't believe the big day is only a few weeks away. Which means that Brexit will be here in 40 days. What a depressing start to the new year... What really galls me about it is that as much as I was against the idea of it, it could have been, well, not great but not awful if they had dealt with the negotiations and preparation competently. Now we just have yet another total shambles to heap on top of our struggling economy and Covid death toll.  Further afield, I've been really enjoying Kenyan cartoonist/columnist Patrick Gathara's alternative US election coverage in the style of western reports on elections in African countries. It highlights a) how important language is in shaping our views, and b) just how low our expectations of politicians have fallen... #BREAKING In a message conveyed by their polit

Mini Mart: Maroon Mamma

Supplier:  Maroon Mamma Website:   Etsy Store Products: 1/12 scale miniature bags, baskets and household accessories. I bought an awesomely realistic looking shopper (£3.50), and a cute little pot plant (£4).  Post and Packing:   Starts from £1.50 within the UK.  For more like this, please click the image below:

Friday Five: Anthony's Pranks

Anthony lives to annoy me. Or, you know, at the very least make me look stupid. Here are five of his best (worst?) attempts... #5. It's Behind You! It is no secret that I am terrified of spiders. Anthony does his best to play on the fact at every available opportunity, claiming to see a spider just behind, beside or above me. I guess those times I wake him up at three in the morning to dispose of an eight legged fiend are karmic recompense. #4.  Oh, No It Isn't... Anthony loves to creep about the house. Rather than clatter about the place like any good god-fearing soul, Anthony prefers to move with stealth, wandering and waiting and loitering to suddenly appear from some unforeseen corner and frighten the living daylights out of me. If I'm wearing headphones for anything I make a point to deliberately check on his whereabouts every now and then, just to try and head one of these riotous attacks off at the pass. #3. Too Cool For School Nothing br

Infinity Magazine Guide

Infinity was a monthly magazine launched in August 1996. It lasted five issues. Editor Allan Bryce later revived the title in 2017. 1 2 3 4 5 x x x #01. August 1996. #02. September 1996. #03. October 1996. #04. November 1996. ( 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 | 33 ) #05. December 1996. For more like this please click the image below: