Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Whipped Cream Day

Cooking with Children

When Jessica told me that today was whipped cream day I had to tell her that it would be me Handling the blog post for today.

You see, as sort of an expert in matters domestic, especially in the kitchen, whenever I can I like to Dine out on my experience, especially when that experience can be of use to various family members, Other than myself. So here is a look at one of the culinary masterpieces that I’ve come up with in Four decades in the kitchen.

Our Daughter wanted to learn this secret, secret recipe hand down from generation to generation Over through the years from grandfather to father to son, and from grandmother, to mother to Daughter.

Before I get to that chocolaty portion you should know the background to this piece of heaven. Long Long ago in the kitchen of my grandparents in that wonky old house high on a hill perched looking Over the city, I learned everything from how to peel potatoes, to make toast, to perfectly Grill steaks, and even how to cook the perfect roast, make gravy and how to rock any kind of creamy Sauce you could think of.

During this time I developed a love of food, and cooking, and being a bartender, and some of the Other talents that I’ve spent my spare time pursuing.

This is something that I’ve tried to impart on my daughter. Cooking with my child really has become my favourite Hobby, especially as we’ve been locked down for most of the year, it's been a real bond builder that I am thoroughly enjoying.

So, on to the recipe...

Chocolate Mousse Recipe

What You Need:

★ 350 Grams of Milk Chocolate
★ 200 Ml Whipping Cream
★ 3 Eggs
★ 3 heaped Table Spoons Caster Sugar

What To Do:

Step One: Melt Chocolate in Microwave.

Step Two: Mix Sugar and Eggs, beat until stiff.

Step Three: Fold sugar egg mix into melted chocolate.

Step Four: Mix Cream in the egg, chocolate, sugar mix, stir until completely brown and smooth.

Step Five: Pour into serving dishes and refrigerate overnight (or put in the freezer for a couple of hours if you’re impatient). Serve and Enjoy.

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