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Anthony got a mention in a piece in Wales Online earlier after pointing out a lack of proofreading in the local Reform UK candidate's leaflet...  The Reform UK candidate for Torfaen published election material which featured a map of the wrong place.  Ian Williams, from Pontypool, is standing for the party in Torfaen and recently published an election leaflet called "The Torfaen Voice".  Within it he said: "I am a Torfaen Man born and bred in Pontypool, I have lived here all my life, with the exception of my military service."  He goes on the stress the need for the voice of Torfaen to be heard.  Alongside his comments is a map marked "Torfaen" with an arrow saying: "Just to let the politicians in Cardiff Bay know where Torfaen is".  Unfortunately for Mr Williams, the map actually shows the outline of the neighbouring county of Caerphilly.  Anthony Bird of Cwmbran Community Council noticed the error and tweeted a response. @reformu

Just Seventeen - 08/05/1985

Welsh UFO Sightings - 1981

Welsh UFO sightings from 1981. For sightings from other years please click HERE . PRESS January Aberffraw Three school children - Michael Williams, Huw Hughes, and Kenneth Roberts - saw a UFO land on the sand dunes near Bwlan Farm. They told their headmaster, Mr Arwel Hughes, who put them in separate rooms and had them draw the object. They all drew an oval shaped object with a dome emitting flashing yellow lights.  The object made no noise, circled twice overhead, then made a vertical landing on the sands. They didn't see it rise again, and their view of the object was blocked by the dunes.  A RAF Valley spokesman said they had Hawk aircraft on a flying exercise, but Mr. Hughes told the North Wales Chronicle: "The boys are used to seeing Gnat and Hawk aircraft in the area, and I know of no reason why they should make up a story."   PRESS Wednesday April 1st, 23:00 South Wales Numerous calls were made to police and the c

Senedd Elections - 6th May 2021

Thursday May 6th is election day! Here's a quick explainer... WHAT IS THE SENEDD? Way back in 1997 Wales held a referendum on devolution, aka the setting up of a new legislative body to handle Welsh affairs. The vote was a close run thing, but the ayes eventually came out ahead with 50.3% of the vote on a turnout of 50.22%.  As a result the National Assembly of Wales officially came into being on May 12th 1999. It has 60 MSs (formerly AMs), elected for five year terms under a proportional representation system which gives 40 constituency MSs elected via first-past-the-post and then another 20 regional MSs. Originally its powers were very limited, but subsequent legislation - and another devolution referendum in 2011 (63.49% in favour on 35.63% turnout) - have broadened its scope. Today the Senedd deals with health, education, economic development, transport, the environment, agriculture, and sections of local government. SO WHAT HAS IT DONE FOR ME? I'm the first to s

Dragon in Dreams

DiD are one of my favourite action figure companies because of the amazing detail in their clothing and accessories. Now they have branched out into 1/12 scale with their Palm Hero range. (There is doubtless a joke to be made there but this is a family friendly blog!) So far they have all been WWII themed, DID's speciality, but hopefully the line will last long enough to expand into new territory. 101st Airborne Division Ryan Released in winter 2020, the figure came with a Matt Damon head sculpt and retailed for $80.  Winston Churchill The Winston figure comes with two hyper realistic head sculpts - one with cigar and one without - and various accessories including a BBC microphone and a British bulldog on a leash. Mini Winston was released in winter 2020 and retailed for $90. WWII German SS Hauptsturmf├╝hrer - Michael Wittman  Scheduled for a summer 2021 release, this figure is set to retail at around $100. WWII British MI6 Agent Jack For more like t

This Week - 25/04/2021

I stayed up half the night to watch all of The Queen's Gambit this week - it's so good! I sobbed buckets, but in a satisfying kind of way. Other than TV it wasn't particularly notable. I went to the park most evenings with Marianna, did some more UFO research, attended a few meetings, etc. The Entertainer had a sale on and I finally caved and bought a Rainbow Surprise doll . I went for Rainbow Dream and she is so pretty. <3 Saturday was really good. We went to my mum's and all sat in the garden enjoying the sun.  Today, by contrast, I mostly stayed indoors and nursed my hangover... Deal of the Week - Song of the Week - You're The One - The Vogues For more like this, please click the image below:

Welsh UFO Sightings 2001

   Welsh UFO sightings from 2001. For sightings from other years please click HERE MOD FILES Friday January 5th, 17:15 - 17:20 Ogwen Valley, North West Wales   Witness was outdoors, jogging in Ogwen Valley, when he saw an object like a shooting star, but with a burning tail. It was about the size of a military aircraft. It looked like it was heading towards the ground and witness was concerned it was a crashing aircraft, and so reported it.   UFOWATCH Saturday January 6th, 18:00 South Wales Jonathan Jones (15) saw a star-like object far away moving very slowly in an irregular fashion. Then it stopped and quickly disappeared. Duration of sighting: 30 seconds.   Source: PRESS Thursday January 11th, 19:30 Llanferres Road Two men, a 37-year-old company director and his 35-year-old colleague, were driving from Mold to Ruthin when they saw a strange series of lights in the sky. The company director declined to be