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Administrative map of Wales from inews

Anthony got a mention in a piece in Wales Online earlier after pointing out a lack of proofreading in the local Reform UK candidate's leaflet... 

The Reform UK candidate for Torfaen published election material which featured a map of the wrong place. 

Ian Williams, from Pontypool, is standing for the party in Torfaen and recently published an election leaflet called "The Torfaen Voice". 

Within it he said: "I am a Torfaen Man born and bred in Pontypool, I have lived here all my life, with the exception of my military service." 

He goes on the stress the need for the voice of Torfaen to be heard. 

Reform UK Torfaen 2021 leaflet

Alongside his comments is a map marked "Torfaen" with an arrow saying: "Just to let the politicians in Cardiff Bay know where Torfaen is". 

Unfortunately for Mr Williams, the map actually shows the outline of the neighbouring county of Caerphilly. 

Anthony Bird of Cwmbran Community Council noticed the error and tweeted a response.

Commenting on the error Ian Williams said: “In my rush to reach out to the electorate I clearly made an error, but I am sure people will see the funny side of it #WhereIsTorfaen."

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Welsh UFO Sightings - 1981

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1981. For sightings from other years please click HERE.


Three school children - Michael Williams, Huw Hughes, and Kenneth Roberts - saw a UFO land on the sand dunes near Bwlan Farm. They told their headmaster, Mr Arwel Hughes, who put them in separate rooms and had them draw the object. They all drew an oval shaped object with a dome emitting flashing yellow lights. 

The object made no noise, circled twice overhead, then made a vertical landing on the sands. They didn't see it rise again, and their view of the object was blocked by the dunes. 

A RAF Valley spokesman said they had Hawk aircraft on a flying exercise, but Mr. Hughes told the North Wales Chronicle: "The boys are used to seeing Gnat and Hawk aircraft in the area, and I know of no reason why they should make up a story."
North Wales Chronicle 05/02/81

Wednesday April 1st, 23:00
South Wales

Numerous calls were made to police and the coastguard about orange, green and white lights in the sky. Cardiff airport dismissed them as aircraft landing lights, the Royal Observatory said it was probably a freak meteorite storm caused by the break-up of a satellite.

Western Mail 03/04/1981

June 29th, 17:00

Clayton Blight (11), Ian Scommell (11) and Stephen Scommell (10) were playing cricket on Greenway Park in Rumney when they saw a "plane without wings". Two younger Scommell siblings, Jonathan (6) and Paul (4), were also present and saw "something" according to their mother, Sandra.

Clayton said:

It was completely black and it was really low-flying. It came over with a sort of whirring noise and we thought it was a jet - but then it turned in the sky and we still saw no wings. It came over the tops of the houses and over the college. It was going very, very fast. 

We just looked at it and when we got back to the house we drew it and wrote about it. Later we reported it to the police.

South Wales Echo 01/07/1981


Mr Raymond Davenport, of Yellow Cottages, The Rhiw, Oakdale, said he saw lights in the sky several times during the summer of 1981 .

"The last time was in November. I saw a blue light in the sky that didn't look like an aircraft or a firework. It rose vertically before disappearing."

Source: South Wales Argus, 16/04/1981.

October, 19:45

The witness, an 11-year-old boy, was with a group of adults and children in Risca and reported seeing two huge light-orange-coloured glowing balls moving down very quickly out of the sky in the direction of Rogerstone power station, about 2.5 miles distant to the south-east. The power station was a very visible landmark in the valley and was not difficult to see. There was no sound heard from the objects as they descended, one slightly ahead of the other. They hit the large cooling towers of the power station and the witnesses reportedly watched this for about ten minutes.

Witness: "...both objects sort of bounced off the side of the two large towers one after the other - there was no crash noise or any noise coming from the objects - then the objects shot up in the sky..... i can remember the shock reaction from the people that saw what happened."

The coal-fired Rogerstone power station was demolished in 1991.

Illustration courtesy of the witness:

witness illustration

Source: SUFON Files, witness report July 2020.

November 18th, night
Treboeth, Swansea

Night - clear. Mrs Mary Evans of Llwyd Road, Treboeth saw a 'bright fiery light' hovering behind old lodging house ruins on top of hill overlooking Llewellyn Park. She watched it for several minutes before it disappeared into the night sky.

'I thought the house was on fire because the light was so bright. It seemed very hot and I think must have left some form of scorch marks on the ground,' she said.

Swansea Coastguards explained it away as meteorites. Neither Swansea Police nor the airport had received any reports. Mrs Evans's neighbour also saw the object.

Source: South Wales Evening Post - Thursday 19 November 1981.

South Wales Evening Post

Date unknown - could have been 1982
Penlaen, Swansea

Light clear evening.

11 or 12-year-old Adrian was outside his house at 41 Arennig Road, Penlan, Swansea with two friends. Something in the sky caught his eye and he looked up to see a 'gun-metal-coloured' disc-shaped object hovering directly overhead. It was no higher than about 200 feet in altitude and completely silent. The other two boys saw it too.

Adrian said he used to make model aircraft at the time, so he had a good idea what should be in the air and what shouldn't! He estimated that it was about 20 feet in diameter and had a smaller circle in the centre which was turning slowly. The smaller circle had a single, flat line across it like the head of a screw, which was going around.

There were lights on the object, but none of the witnesses could remember if they were solid or flashing. The boys ran off to call their parents to come to see it, but by the time they came back, the object had gone.

The boys did drawings of the object but Adrian no longer has his, but will hopefully produce a new one. He has since lost touch with his friends.

Source: SUFON Files, witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams by messenger June 2020.

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Senedd Elections - 6th May 2021

Senedd Elections 2021

Thursday May 6th is election day!

Here's a quick explainer...


Way back in 1997 Wales held a referendum on devolution, aka the setting up of a new legislative body to handle Welsh affairs. The vote was a close run thing, but the ayes eventually came out ahead with 50.3% of the vote on a turnout of 50.22%. 

As a result the National Assembly of Wales officially came into being on May 12th 1999. It has 60 MSs (formerly AMs), elected for five year terms under a proportional representation system which gives 40 constituency MSs elected via first-past-the-post and then another 20 regional MSs.

Originally its powers were very limited, but subsequent legislation - and another devolution referendum in 2011 (63.49% in favour on 35.63% turnout) - have broadened its scope. Today the Senedd deals with health, education, economic development, transport, the environment, agriculture, and sections of local government.



I'm the first to say that the Senedd isn't perfect. There are things it could do better. But, looking at the overall picture, I have never once regretted supporting devolution. 

I don't even think it's a party political thing, exactly. Labour have been the major presence throughout the Senedd's existence, albeit occasionally in coalition with Plaid Cymru or the Liberal Democrats. But it's more about general Welsh values, and actually getting to implement them on a large scale.

It's about fair play (chwarae teg), and inclusivity, and trying to make changes that will actually benefit people. It's about curriculum reform, and the environment, and the Well-being of Future Generations Act. It's simply caring about other people enough that you don't say something so horrific even the Daily Mail runs with it on the front page.

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion on it, of course, but I think the double referenda wins at the very least validate the Senedd's existence. For me, personally, I'm at the point where I truly believe the best way forward for Wales is either independence or full federation, with Wales in control of all its policy decisions, especially the policing and the justice system, rather than having 5% of the MPs and forever being ignored by Westminster...

Future Generations Act


Torfaen has eight candidates standing in this election: 

★ Freedom Alliance. No Lockdowns. No Curfews. - Mathew Francis Ross-Francome.
Gwlad: The Welsh Independence Party - Ryan Thomas Williams.
Reform UK - Ian Michael Williams.
UKIP: Scrap the Assembly - Thomas George Harrison.
Welsh Labour - Lynne Neagle.
Welsh Liberal Democrats: Put Recovery First - Veronica Kathleen German.

Quite a spectrum there, I'm sure you'll agree! 

I've linked to all the party pages because, well, we're lucky enough to live in a democracy and be able to make our own choices. Mine will be for the Welsh Labour incumbent, Lynne Neagle. Lynne has represented Torfaen from day one of the Senedd, back in 1999, and has always campaigned on issues I feel really strongly about - health, social services, education, etc. 

She has been instrumental in getting the critical care centre in Cwmbran, and on all kinds of other issues - particularly mental health support - through her chairship of the children, young people and education committee. Beyond that she is just a really genuine person who always goes above and beyond to listen and help.

One of the first times I ever went canvassing door to door was for Lynne, not long after I had moved back home from Cambridge. This time around it's so weird because I'm still really wary of mixing until I get vaccinated, and my mental health has still not improved to the point that the idea of knocking on a stranger's door isn't terrifying, but I'm hoping to get out for the local session at least. 

I'll be leafleting for sure, because that is much easier on the anxiety, and obviously I'll be supporting online and in the polling booth. :)

Lynne Neagle for Torfaen

For an easy read guide on the actual process of voting in the Senedd elections, please click HERE.

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Dragon in Dreams

Dragon in Dreams Palm Hero

DiD are one of my favourite action figure companies because of the amazing detail in their clothing and accessories. Now they have branched out into 1/12 scale with their Palm Hero range. (There is doubtless a joke to be made there but this is a family friendly blog!)

So far they have all been WWII themed, DID's speciality, but hopefully the line will last long enough to expand into new territory.

DID 101st Airborne Division Ryan

101st Airborne Division Ryan

Released in winter 2020, the figure came with a Matt Damon head sculpt and retailed for $80. 

DID Private Ryan

DID Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

The Winston figure comes with two hyper realistic head sculpts - one with cigar and one without - and various accessories including a BBC microphone and a British bulldog on a leash. Mini Winston was released in winter 2020 and retailed for $90.

DID Palm Hero Winston Churchill

DID WWII German SS Hauptsturmführer

WWII German SS Hauptsturmführer - Michael Wittman 

Scheduled for a summer 2021 release, this figure is set to retail at around $100.

DID Michael Wittmann

British MI6 Agent Jack DID

WWII British MI6 Agent Jack

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This Week - 25/04/2021

The strongest person is the person who isn't scared to be alone

I stayed up half the night to watch all of The Queen's Gambit this week - it's so good! I sobbed buckets, but in a satisfying kind of way.

Other than TV it wasn't particularly notable. I went to the park most evenings with Marianna, did some more UFO research, attended a few meetings, etc. The Entertainer had a sale on and I finally caved and bought a Rainbow Surprise doll. I went for Rainbow Dream and she is so pretty. <3

Saturday was really good. We went to my mum's and all sat in the garden enjoying the sun. 

Today, by contrast, I mostly stayed indoors and nursed my hangover...

Deal of the Week -

£10 off Daisy London Jewellery with referral link / code:

Song of the Week -

You're The One - The Vogues

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Marianna's Manifesto

My Manifesto

Inspired by this awesome post I saw on @CountBinface's Twitter account - and the relentless drive to find something to blog about - today I present you with Marianna's Manifesto. If she were in charge, Marianna would pledge to...

1. Ban all spicy candies.

2. Give children the coronavirus vaccine.

3. Have people stay two metres apart forever because it's a very good idea.

4. I wouldn't let anyone have half days in school, but there would only be four days instead.

5. Give houses to homeless people for free.

6. Have at least five flowers in your house.

7. If you're over 89 you don't have to go canvassing.

8. Make everyone eat fruit at least three times a day.

9. Put Boris Johnson in prison. And Donald Trump.

10. You can't teach about scary things to children.

I was honestly kind of surprised with what she came up with. #9 is basically a straight copy from the original post, but the others seem to have come from her own imagination. #7 especially cracked me up because she was asking me the other day at what age you're too old to go electoral canvassing, and I said you could be 110 and it still wouldn't exempt you. It clearly made an impression! xD

Sadly #3 means the human race would die out in a generation or so but, hey, at least we'll all have some nice flowers to look at...

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Welsh UFO Sightings - 1954

Welsh UFO Sightings

UFO sightings from 1954. For Welsh sightings from other years please click HERE.

This was the busiest year of the decade for Welsh reports. 

Flying Saucer News reported that their Cardiff rep, Miss W. B. Knowles, arranged a talk by Desmond Leslie at the Cardiff Temple of Peace on February 19th.

July, 11:00

A male witness saw a black circle in the sky over Newport, which when it turned sideways, it looked like a silver saucer. It was moving across the sky.

Source: MOD Files - witness reported it 3 January 2008.

July 27th, afternoon
St Athan, Glamorgan

Brilliant sphere which changed to a 'pancake' shaped object before making off at speed - watched by RAF control tower at Airfield, through high-power binoculars. "Not an identifiable aircraft." Seen in afternoon. Est. height 10,000 ft. No balloons up at the time.

Source: Flying Saucer News #7, winter 54/55.

August 6th, 19:00

Large number of people witnessed a "very bright mushroom-like object" west of Barry. It was stationary long enough for observers to call witnesses from nearby houses and was pulsating. It changed shape a number of times before assuming a 'pancake' shape and making off at speed.

Source: Barry Herald and South Wales Echo, 7/8/54.

The Western Mail of Saturday August 14th reported that on the same day at 7.15 PM. Mr. W. G. Weeks, a photographer, of Lincoln Street, Canton, Cardiff said he saw "two silver balls" hovering in the sky.

Peter Paget wrote about the Barry sighting in his 1980 book UFO-UK:

5.45 PM. Clear blue sky. George Hortop and his fiancee were sitting on the pebble beach at The Knap, Barry, when their attention was drawn to a stationary object to the south-west over the Bristol Channel in the direction of, and well out past Rhoose Point. He said it was a brilliant silver colour and “conveyed the impression of a strong light reflecting on a chromium or silver-plated body.” They were struck by the fact that there was a slight westerly wind but the disc-shaped object was not moving.

At the same time members of the RAF Gliding School were completing a series of flying operations from St. Athan airfield at the time. All were witness to the object, including the commanding officer, several instructors and a number of air cadets. A flying officer took off in a glider with a pupil t investigate the object from a closer position. He stated:

"The form I observed was that of a large double-convex lens viewed in vertical profile. It was not possible to estimate its true size or distance at which it was stationed, but on the southern and eastern legs of the first circuit of which I flew, the object was perfectly clear against a blue sky and very sharply defined and a bright silver colour."

He was also impressed by the fact that it was so immobile, despite the wind.

They landed after one circuit and took off again with the same pupil for a second circuit similar to the first. The object was in the same position but had changed its shape to that of a silvery dumb-bell. Again there was no movement apparent during the course of the glider’s flight past. This ruled out the possibility of it being light reflected from a conventional aircraft, or of it being a weather balloon.

George Hortop and his fiancée watching from the beach at The Knap, could not see the shape-change, but could pick out the RAF glider near it. During this second approach by the glider the obect suddenly vanished. It had been in view for about two hours prior to this.

It had also been seen by observers at Rhoose Airport.

August 13th

Many Cardiff residents, including the Lord Mayor and Mayoress, reported "two silver spheres" or discs at 7.15pm which remained still for about 5 mins. It was like "two huge spheres suspended one above the other and joined by a bar," said the Mayor. 

Later, the RAF Met Station at Rhoose issued this statement: "At 18:50 GMT a bright object was sighted. Bearing 190 degrees, elevation about 70 - visible for half a minute, being lost behind cloud. No obvious movement. The object was similar in appearance to a balloon."

Source: Western Mail, 14/08/1954. 

7.15 PM. Mr W.G. Weeks, a photographer, of Lincoln Street, Canton, Cardiff said he saw "two silver balls" hovering in the sky after his wife drew his attention to them. He said he saw them the Friday before also (6 August) "at exactly the same time, I made a note of it." He said he saw the objects against a clear blue sky.

"They were a little farther apart than they were last week, they hovered in the sky for about four or five minutes and then made off in the general direction of Barry at a rapid speed."

Many other people in Lincoln Street and other streets looked up to see the 'saucers'.

The discs were not seen by the coastguards at Barry or Llantwit Major.

Shortly after two discs were seen over Cardiff, the RAF Meteorological Station at Rhoose issued the following statement:

"At 18.50 G.M.T. a bright white spherical object was sighted. Bearing 190 degrees, elevation about 7 degrees, visible for half a minute, being lost behind cloud. No obvious movement. The object was similar to a large white balloon."

The object at Rhoose was sighted 25 minutes after the two 'silver discs' were seen over Cardiff.

Saturday August 28th, 23:30
Crumlin / Pontypridd

Bryn Lewis, of Bronybryn, Crumlin, saw a cigar-shaped object having an orange glow over Crumlin.

"The glow seemed to go on and off. The object was quite a size, about 8,000 feet up and stationary. The light could be seen going on and off for a little while and then the object just disappeared".

Source: Western Mail, Monday 30th August 1954. The following day, Tuesday 31st August, the Western Mail reported:

Mr. C. Rae of Thurston Road, Pontypridd saw an object in the sky. 

"It began as a dull orange glow with a white cone of light piercing the centre, and was in view for about a minute. Suddenly it started to extinguish from the top downwards."

Tuesday 31st August

The Western Mail of Wednesday 1st September 1954 reported that in the late afternoon, Mr. R. Bennett, of Grand Avenue, Ely, Cardiff saw a silver disc which went in the direction of Barry. 

"It was at least a couple of feet long," he said.

In the evening five youths who had just returned from a trip to the seaside and were talking near Albany Road, Roath Park when they saw a strange object in the sky. One of them, Brian Murphy said: 

"It was a long shape and of a pale blue colour. It was moving fast in the direction of Newport, and we had it in sight for well over a minute." 

His statement was supported by his four friends.

Friday September 3rd, 20:30

Mr. L. Bailey of David Street, Porth, who was with his wife and child at the time said that the object was flying in an easterly direction over the top of the Rhondda Valley. He described it as having a yellow head and a red tail. His wife was the first to see it and then Mr. Bailey saw it for "just over a second" before it disappeared.

It came back, however, and he saw it again.

Source: Western Mail Saturday 4 September 1954

Sunday October 3rd, night
Cathays, Cardiff

A couple were getting off a bus near Gladstone School, Cathays and saw an object in the sky. It appeared to be oval with an orange glow, alternately dim and bright, and with "a sort of searchlight ray" at the front.

It disappeared in a south-westerly direction, but after the couple had walked through a side-street to Fairoak Road the object was again visible in the south-west. It was motionless for about seven minutes, disappeared and then reappeared as a bright light moving very slowly towards the west.

Source: Western Mail, Monday 4th October 1954.


Mr D. Evans, caretaker of Parc Beck Nurses Home, Swansea, described an object he saw pass over the town. "Long black pencil-shaped-glowing with an orange light. The speed of the thing was fantastic. It travelled so quickly it seemed to eat everything up in front of it."

Source: Western Mail, 5th October 1954.

Friday November 12th, night

A strange blue light was seen in the sky over Llandaff by Mr. Spencer Thomas, a farmer of Gwernigeddrych Farm, Peterston.

Mr. Thomas was driving his car towards Cardiff, and was near the Star Inn.

"I thought it was a falling star at first, but then it levelled out over Whitchurch golf course and went away in a northerly direction. As it went away from me the light was flashing still the same colour, at intervals of about one second."

An officer at St. Athan RAF Station said that flying there ceased before nightfall, and they had no reports of anything unusual in the sky.

Source: Western Mail, Saturday 13th November 1954.

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Welsh UFO Sightings - 1950

Welsh UFO Sightings

UFO sightings from 1950. For Welsh sightings from other years please click HERE.

May 7th, 09:45
Llantarnam, Monmouthshire

An object 'resembling the planet Saturn' was seen in the sky.

October 25th, 20:00

Mr. David Morgan, of Lampeter, wrote to the Western Mail (04/11/1950):

"I was standing in the village of Bwlchyllan, overlooking the vale of Aeron. I saw what I thought were five or six stars in formation flying towards Cardigan Bay in a north-westerly direction. The lights were bright and distinct."

Sunday October 29th, morning
Killay, Swansea

Mr Bevan of Dunvant Road, Killay, was returning home from church with his son during the morning, when they saw an object in the sky. "It resembled the tail end of an aeroplane and when we first saw it the sun had caught it and it was shining like silver. The object was flying along very slowly, then turned in a slight arc. While we gazed open-mouthed at it, the object seemed to dissolve in mid-air."

Source: South Wales Evening Post, Thursday 2nd November 1950.

Monday October 30th, 23:00
South Wales

Numerous witnesses saw two lights travelling in the night sky. Most said the objects were travelling at high speed and made no sound. After the report hit the press many more wrote in with their corroboration. 

 The South Wales Evening Post of November 1st 1950 reported:

Following a report by a member of the public of two lights travelling across the sky, Detective Sergeant Ambrose Davies, of Gowerton Police Station observed a single white ball of flame. 

It was much brighter than any star and after a few seconds was seen to break into two pieces.  A shower of reddish sparks were seen to the rear of the objects. 

The officer ruled out planets and meteors stating that there were definitely two objects in the sky and that they were joined by some kind of tether.

Western Mail November 2nd 1950

Western Mail

Friday November 3rd, 23:30

William George Johns, a newsagent of Tonna, with his wife, saw a brilliant flat disc like a plate in the sky over Llandarcy oil refinery at 11.30 pm. It was giving off rays like a chandelier and appeared to be about a foot wide. Even the clouds passing over did not blot out the object.He watched for about ten minutes, and the disc moved gradually towards Port Talbot (south-eastwards), its light becoming dimmer till it disappeared.

Three or four minutes later, looking in a south-easterly direction, a brief white glow appeared, like a shell burst at a tremendous height.

Mr Johns has frequently seen the sky glow from the furnaces opened at Port Talbot, but says this was quite different – indeed the characteristic furnace glow appeared later.

Source: South Wales Evening Post, Saturday 4th November 1950.

December 2nd, c. 16:00
Towyn, near Rhyl

A yellow object emitting sparks. Watched by several observers. Others saw a cigar shaped object. Over the Bristol Channel and from Llandaw a flash of light was seen in the sky about 16:05.

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Beatrix Girls Dolls

Beatrix Girls

The Beatrix Girls were launched by Popstar Club LLC in 2013. The concept was four girls in a band, supported with webisodes, music videos, and all the kinds of online content you'd expect with a modern doll line. 

Business Wire reported on the line: 

With fully developed personalities, band members Brayden, Ainsley, Lark and Chantal live and interact in the human world—producing real music, real hits, and real fans—kids can collect their music, join their fan club, and vicariously live the fantasy of being a pop-star through play.

The line was conceived and is being brought to the market by Sherry Gunther Shugerman, a two time Emmy-Award winning producer and veteran media executive with an unparalleled track record of over two decades of experience producing smash hits such as The Simpsons, Rugrats and Family Guy. Sherry is also a pioneer in digital media content for kids having launched two children’s online virtual worlds.

“We set out to develop a well-rounded entertainment brand rather than just another doll, by creating original music, innovative webisodes and an integrated digital presence, and then working with leading animation designers and top doll sculptors to reimagine the look of dolls. The Beatrix Girls’ larger than life personalities are reflected through their large heads, abundant hair and hyper-stylized design,” said Sherry Gunther Shugerman, President of PopStar Club Inc. “Where else other than Toys“R”Us, The World’s Greatest Toy Store, would The Beatrix Girls make their first shelf-topping performance? The buzz has been building for months and we are excited to finally introduce the band to our fans.”

The Beatrix Girls’ songs are written and produced by a Platinum winning song-writer and producer who writes for some of the top pop-stars today, and mastered by a Grammy winning engineer. The Beatrix Girls have already generated a huge amount of momentum securing early strategic deals with licensing partners such as Peavey Instruments, along with nine other licensing partners covering every major category, including apparel, accessories, back-to-school stationary, footwear and more.

“Kids love to laugh, sing and dance along with their playtime pals, and with the Beatrix Girls, young girls can do just that,” said Melody Young, Vice President, General Merchandising Manager, Toys“R”Us, U.S. “Children of all ages are sure to fall in love with each dolls’ individualistic and vibrant personality. We are excited to be the first retailer to bring these collectible pop-star dolls to store shelves this holiday season.”

The Beatrix Girls collection of dolls, which is recommended for ages 5 and up, will be available in October at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide and online at

The dolls stood 12 inches tall, with rooted hair and screened faces. They were articulated at elbows and knees - but not wrists and ankles. Check out The Toybox Philosopher for a really in depth review of the dolls.

Beatrix Girls Articulation

The Beatrix Girls


Lark - box front / contents / box back.
Ainsley - box front / contents / box back.
Brayden - box front / contents / box back.
Chantal - box front / contents / box back.

Although you could get the dolls packaged with their instruments as Justice exclusives, as linked up above, most stores sold the dolls without - 

Beatrix Girls Wave One

The instruments were sold separately: 

Bass Guitar - box front / box back.

In 2015 the instruments were also available as stage playsets consisting of instrument, microphone, and cardboard stage backdrop:

Lark's Bass Guitar - box front / contents / box back.
Brayden's Guitar - box front / contents / box back.
★ Chantal's Keyboard - box front / contents / box back.

Beatrix Girls The London Tour


Lark - box front / contents / box back.
Ainsley - box front / contents / box back.
Brayden - box front / contents / box back.
Chantal - box front / contents / box back.

Beatrix Girls London

Beatrix Girls The Country Tour


These were shown at 2015 Toy Fairs and announced on various websites, but I haven't found any pictures that suggest they actually made it onto shelves.

Beatrix Girls Country Tour

Beatrix Girls Red Carpet Dolls


Brayden - box front / box back.
Chantal - box front / box back.
★ Ainsley - box front / box back.
★ Lark - box front / box back.

Beatrix Girls On The Red Carpet

Beatrix Girls Chibi Dolls


Again, these five inch dolls were shown at toy fairs but I don't think they were actually released.

Beatrix Girls Chibi Dolls

Beatrix Girls Pyjama Party


Lark - box front / contents / box back.
Ainsley - box front / contents / box back.
★ Brayden - box front / contents / box back.
★ Chantal - box front / contents / box back.

Beatrix Girls PJ Party

This 'casual wear' fashion line was another one showcased but didn't seem to make it into production. 

Nevertheless, the brand was supplemented by all kinds of other merchandise which did make it to store shelves, from bedding to jigsaw puzzles. There was also a range of plush dolls called Pillow Pals (see: Ainsley, Brayden, Chantal, Lark).

Beatrix Girls Merchandise

Beatrix Girls Biographies

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