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Administrative map of Wales from inews

Anthony got a mention in a piece in Wales Online earlier after pointing out a lack of proofreading in the local Reform UK candidate's leaflet... 

The Reform UK candidate for Torfaen published election material which featured a map of the wrong place. 

Ian Williams, from Pontypool, is standing for the party in Torfaen and recently published an election leaflet called "The Torfaen Voice". 

Within it he said: "I am a Torfaen Man born and bred in Pontypool, I have lived here all my life, with the exception of my military service." 

He goes on the stress the need for the voice of Torfaen to be heard. 

Reform UK Torfaen 2021 leaflet

Alongside his comments is a map marked "Torfaen" with an arrow saying: "Just to let the politicians in Cardiff Bay know where Torfaen is". 

Unfortunately for Mr Williams, the map actually shows the outline of the neighbouring county of Caerphilly. 

Anthony Bird of Cwmbran Community Council noticed the error and tweeted a response.

Commenting on the error Ian Williams said: “In my rush to reach out to the electorate I clearly made an error, but I am sure people will see the funny side of it #WhereIsTorfaen."

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Welsh UFO Sightings - 1981

Welsh UFO Sightings

Welsh UFO sightings from 1981. For sightings from other years please click HERE.


Three school children - Michael Williams, Huw Hughes, and Kenneth Roberts - saw a UFO land on the sand dunes near Bwlan Farm. They told their headmaster, Mr Arwel Hughes, who put them in separate rooms and had them draw the object. They all drew an oval shaped object with a dome emitting flashing yellow lights. 

The object made no noise, circled twice overhead, then made a vertical landing on the sands. They didn't see it rise again, and their view of the object was blocked by the dunes. 

A RAF Valley spokesman said they had Hawk aircraft on a flying exercise, but Mr. Hughes told the North Wales Chronicle: "The boys are used to seeing Gnat and Hawk aircraft in the area, and I know of no reason why they should make up a story."
North Wales Chronicle 05/02/81

Wednesday April 1st, 23:00
South Wales

Numerous calls were made to police and the coastguard about orange, green and white lights in the sky. Cardiff airport dismissed them as aircraft landing lights, the Royal Observatory said it was probably a freak meteorite storm caused by the break-up of a satellite.

Western Mail 03/04/1981

June 29th, 17:00

Clayton Blight (11), Ian Scommell (11) and Stephen Scommell (10) were playing cricket on Greenway Park in Rumney when they saw a "plane without wings". Two younger Scommell siblings, Jonathan (6) and Paul (4), were also present and saw "something" according to their mother, Sandra.

Clayton said:

It was completely black and it was really low-flying. It came over with a sort of whirring noise and we thought it was a jet - but then it turned in the sky and we still saw no wings. It came over the tops of the houses and over the college. It was going very, very fast. 

We just looked at it and when we got back to the house we drew it and wrote about it. Later we reported it to the police.

South Wales Echo 01/07/1981


Mr Raymond Davenport, of Yellow Cottages, The Rhiw, Oakdale, said he saw lights in the sky several times during the summer of 1981 .

"The last time was in November. I saw a blue light in the sky that didn't look like an aircraft or a firework. It rose vertically before disappearing."

Source: South Wales Argus, 16/04/1981.

October, 19:45

The witness, an 11-year-old boy, was with a group of adults and children in Risca and reported seeing two huge light-orange-coloured glowing balls moving down very quickly out of the sky in the direction of Rogerstone power station, about 2.5 miles distant to the south-east. The power station was a very visible landmark in the valley and was not difficult to see. There was no sound heard from the objects as they descended, one slightly ahead of the other. They hit the large cooling towers of the power station and the witnesses reportedly watched this for about ten minutes.

Witness: "...both objects sort of bounced off the side of the two large towers one after the other - there was no crash noise or any noise coming from the objects - then the objects shot up in the sky..... i can remember the shock reaction from the people that saw what happened."

The coal-fired Rogerstone power station was demolished in 1991.

Illustration courtesy of the witness:

witness illustration

Source: SUFON Files, witness report July 2020.

November 18th, night
Treboeth, Swansea

Night - clear. Mrs Mary Evans of Llwyd Road, Treboeth saw a 'bright fiery light' hovering behind old lodging house ruins on top of hill overlooking Llewellyn Park. She watched it for several minutes before it disappeared into the night sky.

'I thought the house was on fire because the light was so bright. It seemed very hot and I think must have left some form of scorch marks on the ground,' she said.

Swansea Coastguards explained it away as meteorites. Neither Swansea Police nor the airport had received any reports. Mrs Evans's neighbour also saw the object.

Source: South Wales Evening Post - Thursday 19 November 1981.

South Wales Evening Post

Date unknown - could have been 1982
Penlaen, Swansea

Light clear evening.

11 or 12-year-old Adrian was outside his house at 41 Arennig Road, Penlan, Swansea with two friends. Something in the sky caught his eye and he looked up to see a 'gun-metal-coloured' disc-shaped object hovering directly overhead. It was no higher than about 200 feet in altitude and completely silent. The other two boys saw it too.

Adrian said he used to make model aircraft at the time, so he had a good idea what should be in the air and what shouldn't! He estimated that it was about 20 feet in diameter and had a smaller circle in the centre which was turning slowly. The smaller circle had a single, flat line across it like the head of a screw, which was going around.

There were lights on the object, but none of the witnesses could remember if they were solid or flashing. The boys ran off to call their parents to come to see it, but by the time they came back, the object had gone.

The boys did drawings of the object but Adrian no longer has his, but will hopefully produce a new one. He has since lost touch with his friends.

Source: SUFON Files, witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams by messenger June 2020.

Elizabeth Way, Ebbw Vale

In the comments on a post about a sighting by Gavin Weston of a solid white light on 10/06/2013, Paul Defraine said: "We both lived in the same street Gavin. I saw one hovering over our street in 1981."

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Senedd Elections - 6th May 2021

Senedd Elections 2021

Thursday May 6th is election day!

Here's a quick explainer...


Way back in 1997 Wales held a referendum on devolution, aka the setting up of a new legislative body to handle Welsh affairs. The vote was a close run thing, but the ayes eventually came out ahead with 50.3% of the vote on a turnout of 50.22%. 

As a result the National Assembly of Wales officially came into being on May 12th 1999. It has 60 MSs (formerly AMs), elected for five year terms under a proportional representation system which gives 40 constituency MSs elected via first-past-the-post and then another 20 regional MSs.

Originally its powers were very limited, but subsequent legislation - and another devolution referendum in 2011 (63.49% in favour on 35.63% turnout) - have broadened its scope. Today the Senedd deals with health, education, economic development, transport, the environment, agriculture, and sections of local government.



I'm the first to say that the Senedd isn't perfect. There are things it could do better. But, looking at the overall picture, I have never once regretted supporting devolution. 

I don't even think it's a party political thing, exactly. Labour have been the major presence throughout the Senedd's existence, albeit occasionally in coalition with Plaid Cymru or the Liberal Democrats. But it's more about general Welsh values, and actually getting to implement them on a large scale.

It's about fair play (chwarae teg), and inclusivity, and trying to make changes that will actually benefit people. It's about curriculum reform, and the environment, and the Well-being of Future Generations Act. It's simply caring about other people enough that you don't say something so horrific even the Daily Mail runs with it on the front page.

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion on it, of course, but I think the double referenda wins at the very least validate the Senedd's existence. For me, personally, I'm at the point where I truly believe the best way forward for Wales is either independence or full federation, with Wales in control of all its policy decisions, especially the policing and the justice system, rather than having 5% of the MPs and forever being ignored by Westminster...

Future Generations Act


Torfaen has eight candidates standing in this election: 

★ Freedom Alliance. No Lockdowns. No Curfews. - Mathew Francis Ross-Francome.
Gwlad: The Welsh Independence Party - Ryan Thomas Williams.
Reform UK - Ian Michael Williams.
UKIP: Scrap the Assembly - Thomas George Harrison.
Welsh Labour - Lynne Neagle.
Welsh Liberal Democrats: Put Recovery First - Veronica Kathleen German.

Quite a spectrum there, I'm sure you'll agree! 

I've linked to all the party pages because, well, we're lucky enough to live in a democracy and be able to make our own choices. Mine will be for the Welsh Labour incumbent, Lynne Neagle. Lynne has represented Torfaen from day one of the Senedd, back in 1999, and has always campaigned on issues I feel really strongly about - health, social services, education, etc. 

She has been instrumental in getting the critical care centre in Cwmbran, and on all kinds of other issues - particularly mental health support - through her chairship of the children, young people and education committee. Beyond that she is just a really genuine person who always goes above and beyond to listen and help.

One of the first times I ever went canvassing door to door was for Lynne, not long after I had moved back home from Cambridge. This time around it's so weird because I'm still really wary of mixing until I get vaccinated, and my mental health has still not improved to the point that the idea of knocking on a stranger's door isn't terrifying, but I'm hoping to get out for the local session at least. 

I'll be leafleting for sure, because that is much easier on the anxiety, and obviously I'll be supporting online and in the polling booth. :)

Lynne Neagle for Torfaen

For an easy read guide on the actual process of voting in the Senedd elections, please click HERE.

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Dragon in Dreams

Dragon in Dreams Palm Hero

DiD are one of my favourite action figure companies because of the amazing detail in their clothing and accessories. Now they have branched out into 1/12 scale with their Palm Hero range. (There is doubtless a joke to be made there but this is a family friendly blog!)

So far they have all been WWII themed, DID's speciality, but hopefully the line will last long enough to expand into new territory.

DID 101st Airborne Division Ryan

101st Airborne Division Ryan

Released in winter 2020, the figure came with a Matt Damon head sculpt and retailed for $80. 

DID Private Ryan

DID Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

The Winston figure comes with two hyper realistic head sculpts - one with cigar and one without - and various accessories including a BBC microphone and a British bulldog on a leash. Mini Winston was released in winter 2020 and retailed for $90.

DID Palm Hero Winston Churchill

DID WWII German SS Hauptsturmf├╝hrer

WWII German SS Hauptsturmf├╝hrer - Michael Wittman 

Scheduled for a summer 2021 release, this figure is set to retail at around $100.

DID Michael Wittmann

British MI6 Agent Jack DID

WWII British MI6 Agent Jack

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This Week - 25/04/2021

The strongest person is the person who isn't scared to be alone

I stayed up half the night to watch all of The Queen's Gambit this week - it's so good! I sobbed buckets, but in a satisfying kind of way.

Other than TV it wasn't particularly notable. I went to the park most evenings with Marianna, did some more UFO research, attended a few meetings, etc. The Entertainer had a sale on and I finally caved and bought a Rainbow Surprise doll. I went for Rainbow Dream and she is so pretty. <3

Saturday was really good. We went to my mum's and all sat in the garden enjoying the sun. 

Today, by contrast, I mostly stayed indoors and nursed my hangover...

Deal of the Week -

£10 off Daisy London Jewellery with referral link / code:

Song of the Week -

You're The One - The Vogues

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Welsh UFO Sightings 2001

Welsh UFO Sightings 
 Welsh UFO sightings from 2001. For sightings from other years please click HERE

Friday January 5th, 17:15 - 17:20
Ogwen Valley, North West Wales
Witness was outdoors, jogging in Ogwen Valley, when he saw an object like a shooting star, but with a burning tail. It was about the size of a military aircraft. It looked like it was heading towards the ground and witness was concerned it was a crashing aircraft, and so reported it.

Saturday January 6th, 18:00
South Wales

Jonathan Jones (15) saw a star-like object far away moving very slowly in an irregular fashion. Then it stopped and quickly disappeared. Duration of sighting: 30 seconds. 


Thursday January 11th, 19:30
Llanferres Road

Two men, a 37-year-old company director and his 35-year-old colleague, were driving from Mold to Ruthin when they saw a strange series of lights in the sky. The company director declined to be named but told the Evening Leader:

'They [the lights] moved in a circle and faded from a deep red through the spectrum of colours to a silver-blue. We stopped and watched to see what it was for about a minute, it was hovering and made no sound. It was far too large for an aircraft. Its shape was almost triangular, but appeared to be made of two ovals, one large one smaller. It was black to the point of being a shadow in the night sky. 

After a short time it shot off, at a speed you wouldn't believe. We travelled on, and saw strange lights again, a few miles down the road towards Ruthin. They were moving around the area. I am trying to rationalise what we saw. I thought it was possibly a light signature from a stealth aircraft. It was extremely manoeuvrable. It seemed to be able to stop and go at will in the air and moved at great speeds.'

Evening Leader 15/01/2001

Saturday January 27th
Cockett, Swansea

A 36-year-old supervisor, working the night shift at a local government-run home in Swansea, reported seeing something strange in the sky. 

‘The residents were settled and I was watching television in the lounge,’ he said. ‘The curtains were ajar when my attention was brought to this object by the intensity of its light. I saw a bright emerald green globe with a pale green haze around it. 

When it reached the summit of the hill it looked approximately half the size of a house. There was no sound to it whatsoever and later in the night we could hear planes flying overhead. The sky was perfectly clear as it was a very frosty evening. 

I called to my colleagues just as the object moved extremely quickly over my location before gaining altitude and dropped out of sight over the hill at Cefn Coed. It was too late for my colleagues to catch even a glimpse of it. I felt foolish. 

I am a sceptic, but have never seen anything like this before. Although I wanted to tell, I was worried people might make a big joke about it, but couldn’t help keep one eye out of the window for the remainder of my shift.’ 

Source: Neil Spring UFO Magazine July 2001

Sunday February 4th, 04:00
South Wales

Witness, a paramedic who had previously spent 12 years in the army, saw a triangle shaped object - 'like an inverted ice cream cone' - fly over his car / ambulance. He stopped the vehicle, got out, and watched the object disappear down a country lane.

Wednesday February 7th, 19:40
Caernarfon, North Wales

Witness was sitting in his stationary car in his yard when he saw what looked like a shooting star in the clear night sky. It was a green colour with red on the side. Then it started to come towards him, so that he worried it was going to crash into him. The sighting lasted around 5 seconds and the witness reported it to RAF Valley.


Feb 7th, 19:45
Amlwch, Anglesey, North Wales

Witness and his wife were in their car heading towards Amlwch. They were about 300 yards away from the entrance to Wylfa Power Station when they saw a seemingly large object in the sky. It had no tail and a blue glow, which then became green. It broke up into the glare of the full moon and left smoke.

Monday February 12th, 19:30
Trehafod, Pontypridd

One bright object. Looked star shaped. Rose fast in the sky and then disappeared. The witness was walking dog on the hill above Trehafod and saw a bright star-shaped object rise fast high up into the sky, which then disappeared. It had come from an area far off towards Llantrisant direction from the observer's location (south). Duration of the sighting: approximately 5-10 seconds. There was no sound. It was seen by at least one other person. (SUFON summary)

February 18th, 20:10

Witness was indoors when they saw a very bright white object over the sea. They reported the sighting to RAF Valley.

March 1st, 10:00
Holyhead, North Wales

Witness, an aeronautical engineer, saw what looked like a bright star, pulsating red and green. Witness watched it with the naked eye and through binoculars, and out of curiosity reported it. The report notes that the port controller at Holyhead also witnessed it.


Wednesday 28th February

Witness saw a flashing white light which tapered out then reappeared in a completely different part of the sky, 'as if it were attached to a huge pendulum.' The sighting lasted around 5 minutes and was reported to NUFORC on 18/05/2001:

"flashing white light taperingout as it moved then reappearing in a completely different part of the sky, as if it was attached to a huge pendulum."

March 23rd, 19:30

"After having been visited by our nephew, RJ, my wife and I were seeing him to the door, when upon opening, my nephew exclaimed, 'What is that?' The open view from my front door in Graigwen, includes the Eglwysilan and Meio mountain ranges. 

Stepping outside, we observed an orange light travelling down the Eglwysilan mountain, at a leisurely speed and momentarily stopping over the Mynydd Meio range at Upper Boat, then a second or two later instantly shot off in a south-westerly direction at great speed. 

The object on that trajectory would have passed near the northern slopes of the Garth Mountain. The night was clear and calm with no noticeable breeze."

Source: SUFON files via Michael Hopkins.

May 12th / 13th, 22:00
Swansea Bay

Witness, an amateur astronomer, was in the back garden of a house in Townhill, Swansea, when they observed a bright white light resembling a satellite approach from the south over the Bristol Channel, heading north, when it stopped. It was then approached by another which travelled around the first and then went away at 20 degrees west of north. There was no sound. The first one remained in the sky until 1 AM. There were other people present, but they were not spoken to.


May 14th
Porth Rhondda

One tennis ball sized object. Was round at the front and had a triangular back. Was rainbow coloured and very bright. 6.50 AM. Clear sky. A husband and wife, at their home in Porth, Rhondda, together with their milkman, saw a ‘tennis ball’ sized object, described as being round at the front, with a triangular back, rainbow-coloured and very bright. It was higher than a plane and was moving in a northerly direction at an elevation of about 45 degrees. They saw it for about 5 seconds, as it crossed approximately three roof-top lengths in their field of view. There was no sound or smell associated with it. (SUFON summary)


Wednesday May 30th

Witness watched a large bright light come from the south, then stop for around 30 seconds before carrying on in an arc heading NNE. The object then began to climb rapidly until it was no more than a pinprick of light, before disappearing. The sighting lasted around 6 minutes and was reported to NUFORC on 01/06/2002:

"Large bright light rapidly climbing in an arc into a pinprick then vanishing. Large bright light seen coming in from South. Stopped for about 30 secs then carried on in an arc heading North North East. Object the began to climb at a rapid rate finally ending up as a pinprick then vanishing by Ursa Major."

Monday June 25th, 21:00
Llanelli, Wales

Witness saw a large black disc shaped object which then changed to an oval shape. It had no accompanying sound or smell, but moved at 'lightspeed' in a westerly direction. Witness reported the sighting to Swansea Police via Mumbles Station.


July 18th, 21:15
Milford Haven, South West Wales

A family, outdoors in Hakin, Milford Haven, saw eight star sized objects, with lights that were red, white, blue and yellow. Six of them were following two. There was no sound or smell. The sighting lasted 30 minutes and they reported it to Contact International, who then submitted it to RAF West Drayton.


August 4th, 00:40 - 00:50
Port Talbot, Wales

Witness, a keen UFO watcher, and her husband saw 'two large shining golf ball like objects' from their back garden in Port Talbot. The objects came in over the beach, moved down from the cloud layer, hovered, then moved back into the clouds. They made a camcorder recording of the object and reported their sighting to South Wales Police, RAF St Athan, ATC Cardiff Airport, and ATC Swansea Airport.


August 16th, 21:30
Witness saw one large, round shaped object for two to three minutes. It was white and very bright, and moved fast upwards in the sky. Witness rang RAF West Drayton but did not want to give their address.


Another anonymous witness submitted a report to NUFORC for that day, on 15/09/02, claiming they had been watching the sky in Abersoch when they saw a large orange oval shaped object high up in the sky, surrounded by six smaller objects. Something then came from the large oval and hit one of the smaller objects, causing it to disappear.

"I was in Wales on holiday, lying on the grass watching the stars with my friend, and i happened to see this orange bright oval shape really high in the sky, a plane could never reach taht distance because it was above the clouds (it woz a clear night) but this large orange oval shape was surrounded by 6 in a circle, and i watched as they hovered for about 5-10 mins and then i saw something come out of the lafge orange oval shape and hit 1 of the smaller crafts, and the craft that was hit disappeared, I was freaked out((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. Source elects to remain anonymous. PD))"

Sunday August 19th, 02:00
South Beach, Tenby

Witness thinks date is correct. Between 2 and 3 AM. Sarah (21) was with four friends (two female, two male) and had been out to a night club in Penally and decided to walk back to Tenby as there were no taxis available. They went via Kiln Park (holiday park), through the sand dunes and arrived at South Beach. As it was a warm summer night her friends decided to go for a quick dip in the sea. Sarah decided she didn't want to walk the rest of the way wet and cold, but would just sit in the dunes and wait for her friends. But something else was bothering her:

"So I was sensible - it just didn't feel safe. I sat in the dunes at the top of the beach with some of the clothes my friends had shed while they went into the water. I could just about see them from where I was (maybe 25 ft away) and could hear that they were in the water. It must have only been a minute or so later that I became uneasy - I felt like I was being watched and began to wish that I had gone in the sea with them! Just then what I thought was the moon coming from behind a cloud lit the area."

She looked up, expecting to see the moon but was taken aback to see light like moonlight was coming from an object above them. She couldn't see a shape to the object and described it as being like a bright star, at a high altitude. It wasn't intensely bright, but like looking at a large bright star. There was no noise and the object shone a wide beam of light like a torch down onto the beach. It illuminated an area of beach and sea encircling about 30 metres, Sarah being on the landward side of it. Where her friends were in the water was about in the centre of the circle. Except they weren't.

"I suddenly realised at this point that I couldn't see or hear them in the sea - I was alone on the beach! I could still hear the waves and could also feel that I was alone! A panic came over me - I began to sit up to try to see them and blinked my eyes to strain to see them in the sea. I felt if I moved any more I would be in danger. Just then in one second the light was swallowed up into the object above and I could hear and see my friends again in the sea. I remember feeling relief."

The object then moved from above them in sharp fast zig-zagging movements towards the east over Carmarthen Bay. As it moved it stopped for milliseconds at each point of the zig zag, before it suddenly shot straight up into the sky at high speed.

"My friends took a few more minutes in the sea before I could hear them coming back up the beach - I was saying to them, 'did you see that light? What was it?' as they approached and, 'didn't you see the light when you were in the sea?' - they all seemed really unaware and unconcerned. I was getting ratty with them as they were so blaze about what I was saying to them - they didn't even want to listen. It was all very odd! We all continued to walk to Tenby with me keep asking them 'what did you do in the sea? Where were you? I couldn't see you!' But still it was all shrugged off. We got to Tenby and after waiting at one of the friend's house while a taxi arrived for us girls they all continued in a very odd manner - not really there."

The next day all seemed well and Sarah continued to ask the two girls about what had happened and what had they seen. They just said they remembered me asking about what had happened but that they just went in the sea. To this day, if Sarah asks the two girls about that night they are very blaze and say, 'Oh yeah - that's the night we all got abducted!' 

Thinking back on her experience, Sarah said: "I felt that they had tried to include me in this area [illuminated area on the beach] but that I was on the limit of what they could cover with the friends near the middle. The circumference of the light stopped on me if that makes sense. I do remember it well. There were glow worms in the dunes of the beach that night that I have never seen before or after - I remember my friends bought drink cans from a vending machine at Kiln Park. I remember how wet the friends clothes were and how sandy they were and what a long time it took to walk along the beach to Tenby. I remember feeling puzzled and calm about what I had seen and witnessed but not frightened. My concern was for my friends in the sea and how I would get help if I couldn't find them."

Source: SUFON Files: from witness emails, September 2020.

Tuesday September 11th
West Wales

Ben Evans (25) saw a triangular-shaped object. It hovered for a bit then started moving slowly away - no other information. Duration of sighting: 2.5 minutes. 


Autumn, c. 19:30 - 20:00
Penlan, Swansea

Clear sky. One evening Mark Judd was walking along Heol Hermas in Penlan. He had just turned into Crwys Terrace, facing north, with a full moon on his right, in the east. 

He suddenly saw a silver /dull grey sphere moving fast left to right (north-south) just below the moon. 

Duration of sighting was very transient, only about a second. There was no sound and no trail. he had the impression that it was close. 

 Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams August 2016.

October, 01:00
Cockett, Swansea

One night in October 2001, weather dry and clear. Mark Rayworth, aged 26, was driving his car up Heol-Y-Gors, towards Cockett. 

He saw what he described as a large orange ball, similar to the sun, high up, in the direction of Cefn Coed Hospital. 

He continued his journey up to Townhill, and towards Cockett, where he had a good view of the object. He stated the object was almost as big as the height of the Cefn Coed tower building which was below it. 

As he watched, the object shot up vertically, turning colour to white as it did so, leaving a swirling, quickly evaporating white vortex in its wake.

Source: SUFON Files: Witness interviewed by Steve Drewson 17 March 2016.


The Portsmouth-registered fishing boat 'Fin Ar Bed' struck an unidentified floating object shortly before 1130 yesterday morning, holing so badly that the three crew were forced to abandon ship and take to the liferaft. The vessel sank within 45 minutes of the collision. 

Holyhead Coastguard received a Mayday call at 1130 on Monday morning. The Fin Ar Bed had been potting in deep water, 15 miles NNW of South Stack off the Holyhead peninsula, when she hit - or was hit by - an object at 53° 34N 04° 47W. A large hole was carved in the side of the hull and she started taking on water quickly. The crew had just enough time to send a Mayday call before abandoning the vessel in liferafts. 

Holyhead Coastguard immediately alerted RAF Valley's SAR wing, requested the launch of Holyhead lifeboat and prepared the Holyhead Coastguard rescue team. The call was also relayed on Ch 16 and several nearby vessels responded with offers of assistance. A rescue helicopter was scrambled from RAF Valley and the three men were winched to safety and taken to Holyhead Coastguard Station where the men were found to be shaken and cold but otherwise well. 

"The three fishing vessel crew were quickly retrieved after their ordeal and were in some ways fortunate in that the weather was reasonable for the rescue with south westerly Force 2 winds, good visibility and blue skies," said David North, Watch manager at Holyhead Coastguard. 

"It is a mystery as to what the vessel could have hit in the water, however it must have been quite substantial to have made such significant damage in quite deep water." Gales have prevented any reconnaissance of the area but everything points to a collision with a lost container. 

Source: Yachting Monthly , 27 November 2001.

November 9th, 18:00 - 18:30

Three callers rang Gwent Police to report a slow moving triangular shaped UFO with lights. 


November 26th, 11:20
Briton Ferry, West Glamorgan

One silver object, long cylinder hanging from a parachute or balloon, drifting SE. It was very big and very high. Witness reported the sighting to RAF St Athan.


December 10th, 18:15
Pontypool, Torfaen

Female witness saw a UFO with the naked eye and through binoculars. There were three bright lights, forming an elongated triangle shape. The sighting lasted around 5 minutes. She reported it to Gwent Police.


Thursday December 13th

Witness and their neighbour observed what they first thought to be a twin roto helicopter. However as it came closer they realised it was silent and moving too quickly, it now resembled '2 saucers connected by a cigar'. It then changed course and began to gain altitude 'until it was merely a dot in the sky'. The sighting lasted around a minute and was reported to NUFORC the same day:

"2 saucers connected by a cigar. As the light was failing this afternoon in the winter's sky my neighbour and I witnessed a UFO. from a distance it looked like a twin rotor helicopter, but as it got nearer I realized it was silent and moving too quickly. It chnaged course and then began to gain altitude until it was merely a dot in the sky. all of this happened in about a minute. Neither myslef nor my neighbour have ever been beleivers in UFO rumours, but I must say we have both changed our minds!"

Alan Williams, then MP for Swansea West, intervened on behalf of a constituent who wanted to know if UFO sightings over the Bristol Channel were the result of US test flights. The MOD replied and said they were not.

defe-24-2033-1 7
defe-24-2033-1 8

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